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QA Tweets Photo Of Revised Wii U Controller

A tester over at Traveller’s Tales has tweeted a photo of a slightly revised Wii U controller. The redesigned controller comes complete with twin Analogue Sticks, rather than Circle Pads, and features other minor tweaks. Nintendo has always maintained that we will see the final version of the Wii U controller at E3 2012, as the design which was revealed at last years E3 wasn’t final.

259 thoughts on “QA Tweets Photo Of Revised Wii U Controller”

        1. thats exactly what i did without even looking at this comment

          im so trhilled for this moment….now i just need the confirmed price

          1. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

            WOW! This is the final version of the Wii U controller!


            It’s been leaked before E3 2012! THIS IS AMAZING! The circle pads are replaced with control sticks to make it more like the controllers from previous consoles. And the + and – buttons are put on the controller. In the older one, it didn’t have them. I’m so glad they’ve put them on. ^^

            1. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

              I’m gonna share this on Facebook with all of my friends. We’re gonna spread the word about it so that everyone will know about it. ^^

        2. Oh thank god. I was dreading those circle pads. I realise it’s necessary for the 3DS, can’t really have a giant analogue stick jutting out, but I’m sick of my finger slipping off if I play for more than 10 minutes.

      1. I am in love with the fact that the 4 face buttons are not dicectly under the right analogue like they used to be. Now they’re at an angle. Looks much more comfortable.

        1. In other words,

          “Here is a pointless video that says the exact same thing as this articles, only with bad music and hard-to-read white front plastered over the image!”

          Get bent.

    1. hmmm… do those small squares (below the D-Pad and beside the power button) have a function or they are just part of the design?

      1. Maybe this is a long-shot but perhaps when you press down on those buttons you will be able to be remove the screen from the rest of the controller to use as a stand alone tablet – or perhaps a screen for a VR headset!!? ***wishes*** :P

    2. What are those 2 square buttons for? Anyways, for the people still complaining about a tablet controller there’s a rumor that Wii U will have a revised classic controller. So no excuses lol.

      1. I think those square pads may be for NFC. But who knows? Also, does the margin on the side of the controller look bigger?

    3. Yeah, the position of start/select are a lot better. I’d like to see the back though, and I would have preferred concave analogue sticks but this is good too. Is the screen smaller or is that just me? Headphones are still on the top, so they might drape over the screen which is a shame, and it confirms that they’re sticking with the name Wii U which also sucks. Wow, it sounds like I’m being really negative. I’m not, I like it… I’m just gonna stop typing now…

      1. I like the name it just the confusion other people will have is what I’m worried about. (cause of the DS, 3DS is a 3D version issue.)

        1. I agree completely, I have no problem with the name. But the elitist freak gamers will just compare it to the Wii and casuals will most likely think it’s just an add-on to the original Wii. But if Nintendo wants to market their new console that way then so be it.

          1. The screen will look bitchin at 480p anyway! That rayman legends video proved that! I’m fuckin HHHHHYYYYYYPPPPPPEEEEDDDDDDD!!! E3 NEEDS TO HURRY UPPP!

            1. @ncfanboy1 why tell him to butt out? Just because he disagrees with your stupid idea of screen being 1080p? It’s obvious that it isn’t going to be 1080p, do you realise how much more power they would have to put into the system to have 2 screens both outputting 1080p? And on top of that multiple sources have already said it’s most likely going to be 480p. But with the screen being 6 inches 480p will still look great on it.

          2. LOL… stop being silly. How much you think a controller with 1080P resolution would cost. I am looking to buy the Wii U also but lets not let our fanboy tendencies make us think illogically.

        1. since it is a smaller screen, it really wont matter if it is in 480p, i mean seriously you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference on a 7 inch screen

            1. If the Big N had the investment (and they always do) in creating 3D (without glasses) on the uPad’s touch screen, it would be a dream come true.

    1. They already confirmed it’s not HD. When it’s nowhere near as large as a TV, as long as it’s good quality it would be harder to tell the difference.

      1. Nintendo haven’t confirmed that it’s not HD. You’re using double standards and denying the fact that the Wii U is in HD.

    2. I doubt it, streaming HD video to the controller from the console aswell as the console displaying HD to the TV would be too much to handle I reckon.

      1. Yea, i bet you’ll see latency/lag problems.
        And besides Nintendo can cut cost, then hopefully price will drop enough that they’ll they will allow multi-Ucons per console.

        1. Ugh, guys. The screen will look somewhat bad at 480p. You forget that your only a foot or two away from the U screen while your more like ten feet from the TV. The resolution will have to be 720p if you don’t want to see pixels. But regardless of pixels, seeing home console graphics on a portable screen will be amazing no matter how many black dots there are!

    1. that’s were you can unscrew the controller to take it apart, its the same look at the wii console (side)square there.

    1. hey nintendo did it for you guys complain about it circle pad on the prototype control. i believe there more improve to go.

  1. I like it. Looks a lot more sleek and trim than the previous version. Only time will tell if this is the final.

    1. ??? “Firsty”? dude that dosen’t make sense, don’t use an overused trolling comment if it dosen’t make any form of sense.

          1. Yeah just one of the images in the newer patent pic made it look like only had triggers. Just didn’t scroll down enough to see other angles. :)

  2. YES! I don’t really like the Circle Pad on my 3DS, so THATS a big improvement in my eyes! :) Can’t wait for E3 and aaaall the truth about WIi U!~

        1. hence why he said not smart alot of my friends analogue sticks broke on the vita very small and flimsy. Your almost required to buy a case to truely make it mobile. otherwise you gotta baby sit it

        2. and that probably wasn’t smart. I’d hate for the joysticks to get loose or bust with it in my pocket, then again I don’t know if that thing would even fit in one’s pocket D:

          1. But they’re still raised parts of the handheld. Since that elimates the option of storing it in one’s pocket, keeping it in a bag or backpack still puts those things at risk.

    1. Of coarse its still Wii U they bought those two letters on the top right hand corner of the symbol so they weren’t going to ever change it
      P.S. It was the TM is was talking about

        1. Same. I find them much easier to grip. My thumb keeps sliding off most normal thumbsticks, when playing something like brawl.

          1. as long as they have the option of aiming with the gyroscppe in fps’s, i couln’t care less what the thumb-sticks are like.

    1. 1st we wanted analogue sticks, Nintendo heard us. Then we bitch about how they should have just kept the original concept. Sometimes I understand why NIntendo doesn’t do everything that we ask for.

      1. No some people liked the original design and some people like this design. It’s not about the same people going back and forth on the design, it’s that different people want different designs

  3. Read a commnt on neogaf that those small squares could be for the NFT functionality and that’s where you place the items.

    Another thing pointed out was it looks like a 3DS power cord in the top left.

    Brave guy posting that, unless he’s using someone else’s account.

    1. But in the leaked rayman video you saw people putting objects right on top of the screen in order to use NFC. I think it’s probably something else

  4. YEEEEEEEEEES. nintendo got my email haha i really hated those slide pads idea, analog will fit much better with a home console (in my opinion). And where i was considering skipping buying at launch, this may change my freakin mind (depending on price).

        1. I believe that $350 will be the price or even $349 to make it look cheaper to consumers.

          Nintendo had better market this thing as a next-generation system whenever it’s released.

          “This isn’t Wii, this is Wii U!”

      1. @astro ya I’m sure nintendo changed the whole layout of their controller just because of your email.

        As for the $300 thing that was just a rumor that is proven false. Nintendo says they aren’t going to announce the price for this thing at e3 which means they don’t even know the price.

        1. One is for charging, the other is for dev kits… nintendo haven’t got developers using the controller wirelessly yet… rest assured, you won’t see that wire upon release

          1. ok i forgot about that this is dev kit, i think that they have it wire because, my believe is stealing because is not out yet show it to public and stuff.

          2. I think this is the updated controller from the new v5 developer kits that are being mass produced.

        1. Yeah I can understand why, I just personally liked the circle pad better. However analog sticks are probably for the best.

          1. The Circle pad is much more fitted to the Portable consoles. The Analog sticks are just generally easier to use and more accurate.

      1. yeah i know but i hope it is thats cheaper when the cable breaks you kan charge it with one of your 3ds/dsi cables

  5. Also seems like they pushed the analog sticks closer to the edges of the controller and the d-pad & abyx buttons closer to the screen.

    That is definitely a MAJOR improvement considering how thumbs work.

    1. Bingo. I was always worried about that with the original design. It looked like taking you thumb off the right stick would be wonky when you have to press the A B X Y buttons. Thumbs work (with a controller) on a rotational basis, which is why XBOX’s buttons are not DIRECTLY above the right stick.

      The only thing I don’t like, and that Microsoft got right, is the placement of the sticks being offset. In other words, XBOX has them at different heights on the controller, which just feels more comfortable to be. But that’s more an ergonomic preference. It’s the reason I HATE the PS3 controller.

  6. Sickr… it’s “Traveller’s Tales Games” or “TT Games”… not “Tales Games”. Anyways, I hope that rumor is true. Using twin analog controllers on the uPad is a much better alternative… especially when playing core shooters like Aliens: Colonial Marines, Assassin’s Creed III, and Batman: Arkham City. If Nintendo showcases the finalized uPad with analog controllers, it’s a winner. If they decided to use uPad with circle pads, it’s still a winner. 2 more weeks until the Big N drops the A-Bomb!!!!!!

  7. The controller revisions do look better, I admit, but I think it will still feel awkward holding an iPad-sized device for a controller…

  8. Damn it! I loved that they were going to use Circle Pads.. I find them to be FAR better than analog sticks..

  9. AWSOME! Btw, I hope Nintendo also makes a wireless nunchuck, classic controller and CC Pro. That would make my day…

  10. Absolutely gorgeous. I liked the original but this one looks even better. It should be even more comfortable that it was before now. Leave luck to heaven.

  11. I hope they also added some ergonomic grip/curves and another camera for AR gaming on the back side

  12. Am I the only one who thinks that the position of the analog sticks, which is above the buttons, seems rather awkward ? Even the analog pad of the 3DS feels a little weird to me, I can’t really imagine how 2 of them could feel comfortable. Well, maybe it’s just because I’m used to have the analog sticks below the buttons, I guess I’ll just have to wait until I can test it out. But that’s just my first impression.

    1. You’ll get use to it, but i think it’s better.
      I never liked the offset style asymmetrical position of xbox/gc analog stick and the ps bottom stick positions. My left thumb feels at home with but my right thumb feels akward. I mean symmetrical hands but asymmetrical controllers? Something’s not right.
      The dualshock sticks were the worse for me, it seems i have more control on the stick at the top rather than the bottom.
      The 3DS stick fells weird cuz the dpad is directly below it, i think this new WiiU Con is a step in the right direction.

    2. I thought about that. I’d heard from last year that it was fine to hold, so I’m not concerned. However, just try and “draw” the placement and try it out, I think you’ll find it OK.

  13. I wonder if they made this smaller than it was at last year’s E3.
    If it’s like in the same size I am fine with it anyway.

  14. I was wondering about the analogue placement, so I held two controllers next to eachother to try and recreate it, compare it to Xbox. I think it’ll be fine, especially because it seems like you could shift your whole right hand down a bit in order to use a b x y.

    1. What I like about the analog sticks being on the top, rather than on the bottom, is that you have more control over them.

    1. In this case, wider is actually better, in an ergonomical sense.

      See, to hold small classic controllers like the PS, Xbox, and Wii Classic controllers (and handhelds), your arms have to be bent inwards toward each other with your wrists bent the opposite way, away from each other. All of this bending causes stress on the joints and causes hand and finger cramps and stuff like carpal tunnel.

      With the wider design, you hands are further apart and more in line with your shoulders, keeping your arms/hands parallel to each other and you joints straighter/more relaxed. This lessens the amount of strain on your joints, especially the wrists. It can also improve the range of movement of your thumbs since your wrists have room to bend in more, if needed.

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        1. Maybe just as a notification light?

          Like say you were playing a game (or even if the system was off/asleep) and you got a system message. Instead of lighting up the disk slot like it did for the Wii, it would light up the home button. It would make sense because you’d press the home button to go to the home menu to read the message.

  16. Oh dear god…i bet you after a few months of playing with analog sticks people are going to start bitching about them getting in the way (truly think about it, you have a flat screen and the analog sticks are raised so every time you go from having your thumbs on the screen to analog sticks your going to bump both sticks outwords.) the ergonomics of the flat surface and raised analogs is going to give people sore thumbs and thumb cramps bla bla bla. you all cried like little biotches and nintendo gave in to shut you up…

    1. That’d be pretty neat. Kinda pointless though, as there is a 6.2″ touchscreen at your disposal.

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  18. YES Thank you Nintendo for analog and moving them over too. I sometimes accidently hit “up” on the d-pad trying to pul down on the circle pad of my 3DS. This makes me happy.

  19. I kinda wish they stuck with the circle pads a little longer, just to see how long we’d deal with them ourselves and whether we’d really have a problem with them or not.

    And maybe it’s just me, but I find the idea of moving analog sticks with your thumbs while the rest of your hands are holding the controller level instead of sloped, very uncomfortable. At least with the circle pads, your thumbs could be just as level with the rest of your hands, but with the analog sticks, your thumbs will be straining up more to move them. Doesn’t seem like your hands will like that.

    Not to mention the controller looks even bigger than before. It might even be the same size still, but it just looks so much bigger.

  20. I’m more curious about all the plugs underneath the controller. If we assume that the top left wire is the charge cord and the top left cord is the tethered wire for dev kits, what are all the plugs on the bottom of the controller for?

    1. Bottom port is for extension controllers, it’s the same as the Wii remote port for the Nunchuck. The other 2 slots next to the port are to hold it on a stand.

  21. Wow it looks like shit, those analogs look small and flumsy. My freands 3ds circle pad broke or crack ,heck im on my 3rd 3ds smh things not made for hardcore play.

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  23. Ugh do the anologs sticks have to be at the damn top srsly who does that smh this wont appease the hardcore. Xbox/ps3 put analogs below buttons for peecision control shitendo.

    1. WHAHAHA sticks below buttons???like on ps3(ps2,ps1) and thats normal??? go on retard go play that sonyshit dual stick controller from “97 HAHAHAAH only 360 left stick is good position-normal.

  24. White really really ugh thing will turn yellow within a year. Also why are the camera bar so big. And whos the idiot who put analogs above the buttons wbat numbnuts dumbass dles that….oh shitendo lol so innovated ipad crooks may durango clone ya broke!

  25. I know, nintendo steal the most especally from atari/odessy smh shitendo fans r hypocrates. Btw i have a ipad why i need this srsly itll distract from gameplay cuz ya know gameplay>gimmicks….oh this is mynintards nevermind

    1. An iPad is NOT a freaking game console. You’re making an ass of yourself loser! Loo-hoo… se-her!

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    … Sorry for all that caps, but this is the only thing that has bugged me with the controller so far..

  28. About the flat square area, it could be for NFC(the rayman video was a concept video)’ or more intersting…what about a sensor …who needs a stupid nfc profile card ( like we heard before) when you could use only your ….finger !
    About the square button next to power, i think its to switch from tv screen to upad screen.

  29. Note: The following comment falls under the assumption that this is true. Please don’t use “not confirmed by Nintendo” as a counter.

    Good to see we’re getting the increased precision of sticks. That was the main issue I kept hearing about, anyway. My one complaint is the seeming lack of concave in the sticks, making it more likely a thumb will slip out of place. Could be losing something in the picture, though, with all that white.

    I really hope they also incorporated analog triggers, as that’s generally the standard when it comes to vehicle-based games or gameplay. Seeing as Project Cars is coming to Wii U, I’d think it would be a necessity.

    Finally, it would be really cool if the illuminated home button was for notafications. Seems likely enough.

    1. One more thought: I know this shouldn’t surprise me, but I’m absolutely taken aback by the number of people responding to this news w/ “It’s just another gimmick. Quit screwing around, Nintendo, and give us a real controller and system.” Take away the screen, motion sensors, camera and mic, and you’re left w/ sticks and buttons which is what the apparently want and what multiplat games would generally have.

      I’m just waiting for some new company to enter the picture and make a system that only plays games and has a completely traditional controller so these people can finally shut up.

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    1. Actually, Nintendo of America had informed Twitter to remove the photo and banned the informer on the spot.

      1. I’ll believe that, but PandaStripe and someone of a similar persuasion might call it a convenient excuse because there’s no source where said communique can be viewed and never will be.

  31. So thanks to a persuasive post from Pacman1096 on MyNintendoNews, I think I’ve got what the real story was behind this photo.

    You may recall a couple patents being released around late February on sites like NintendoLife that depicted the Upad as having analog sticks. Along with these, it was said that Nintendo originally intended for the controller to have analog sticks. All these patents predate the E3 2011 presentation version of the controller. Flashing forward, the recent patents showing Wiimote-Upad interactivity use the design we saw at E3 2011, not the one this article is about. Katsuya Eguchi, a senior video game designer at Nintendo, has also stated that the company believes circle pads are the superior choice of analog control for this controller when it comes to aesthetics and ergonomics.

    I’m very hesitant to believe Nintendo would go back to their original ideas for the controller so quickly if they believe so strongly in the new design choices, but I don’t doubt that this was a real version of the controller at one point. This would explain why whoever posted this felt secure doing so, that being because they felt Nintendo wouldn’t care as much about a prototype being posted as a more recent build being posted. However, given how quickly Twitter took the post down, it seems they treat all hardware leaks equally.

    So what’s my take on this (probably don’t care, but I’m saying it anyway)? I’ll eat my earlier words about sticks being the best decision and say I’m not worried about circle pads in the slightest. Reports from people who used the Upad at last year’s show have claimed the circle pads handle more like a nunchuck stick and less like the one on 3DS, and the concave offers a good level of stability. If the rumors of clickable analog are also true, pads would be a much more elegant solution. Too, having a more consistent surface all the way across would be better than the sticks being raised and out of place. The one possible benefit I see for the sticks pictured is the sort of diagonal placement of the right stick, but that would come down to personal preference.

    And then there’s the matter of the button layout. In this regard, the layout on the E3 2011 model is much better than that of the headline picture. All I hope is that there’s still some manner of LED notification system on the controller. As for the two mystery buttons, their absence on the E3 controller makes me think they’re strictly for developers. If that isn’t the case, I’ll agree with most other people and say one’s for switching between controller-only play and controller-TV play and the other works with the NFC functionality.

    1. True all true, but if Nintendo knew those patents would be shown and didn’t want anyone to see the final product so they drew the old one. To thateffect that dev be in some trouble for it. Maybe!

      1. Certainly something I considered, and it could be true. Actually just said the same thing on Nintendo World Report, so good timing.

        It’s also worth noting that Eguchi’s comment was from July of last year, so they could have changed their tune like they did with the 3DS in quite a few ways. I’m waiting for further evidence before I make that my stance, but it’s certainly a possibility.

        1. Forgot to mention this: The “w/ sticks” patents were apparently filed at the time of E3 2011 in Europe, so that could add weight to the stick design being the fresher concept. Again, though, it could work the other way.

        2. Wow really? My phone is so slow I can’t keep up. I just came to that conclusion because that’s what I would do, throw people of like the plot to a thriller movie!

          1. I’ve been alerted that apparently the sticks patent was the newer one, so that may give credence to the argument that it’s the current build. I’m still waiting for something more substantial, but it’s a respectable observation.

            1. Its hard to tell, Iwata stated that they didn’t want anything getting out “for protection of our software, ideas, and concepts” right before reggie spoke in an interview saying “There will be SOME info on the system in the time before E3. We wont keep fans completely in the dark. Butt you’ll never know what to expect!”

              1. Looking forward to said things, now that my semester is over and I have the time to be way too enthusiastic over a press conference. :P

  32. IF those are clickable, fighting games will be a little better on the system (they are goin for hard core) So I hope we’ll see a lot of those!

    1. Sticks that small, positioned like that, would be pretty bad for fighting games though. D-Pad works well enough for a lot of fighters, you just need to develop different muscle memory to make it work.

      The WiiU is supposed to support Wii hardware though, so the TvC arcade stick is still compatible, I guess.

      1. If not I would suggest they come with ALL control options for fighting games, is the TvC stick usb? Because I’m sure it will after all. Anyone who wants to play any DDR titles will have to buy universal dance mats. Woa I wonder if we get compatibility for those universal racing wheels I love the tablet but for racing games nothing beats having pedals under my feet. Or at least they could awireless pedal peripheral.

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