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Next-Gen Unreal Engine 4 Details

The latest edition of US publication Game Informer contains exclusive information about  Epic’s next generation Unreal Engine 4. There’s been plenty of speculation regarding whether or not we will see the engine running on Wii U. We should find out for sure during E3. Here’s the latest details about Unreal Engine 4.

  • Epic talked with hardware manufacturers like Intel,AMD,Nvidia and qualcomm to workout a tech road map.
  • The demo GI saw was running on a single Nvidia GeForce GTX 680
  • New image based Lens Flare tech,occurs dynamically.
  • UE4 capable of producing one million particles at once with no hit to game performance.
  • Planning to release UE4 dev kit soon
  • Epic wants “to empower game designers,to take charge of as much of the game production process as possible”
  • Next gen will be about alot of things besides just next-gen graphics performance”
  • UE4 being designed for a decade that starts with the advent of next gen consoles
  • Entire creation process streamlined,Designers can edit and recompile source code without leaving the editor,take control of the game anytime they want.
  • New interface empowers designers to tweak basic programming without having to call over a programmer,Tech artists will be able to create complex assets and programmers can expose certain values for designers as needed to give them access to simple tweaks”

60 thoughts on “Next-Gen Unreal Engine 4 Details”

    1. This guy has no life, he replies to himself. Has arguments with himself. Can sickr please block his IP address or something

  1. It looks incredibly… should I say it?… EPIC! I hope Nintendo’s new console is the first to have games powered by Unreal Engine 4.

        1. And the -fact -that they likely won’t be using anything faster than that card.

          You guys don’t get it do you?

          1. Wii U will have Unreal Engine 4 on it. That’s why it took longer then they planned to get the final dev kit finished.

              1. If I was lying, I’d be just like you. There’s a possibility that Nintendo will use a different GPU. From what what know now is they had tweaked the system and adding additional stuff that we (especially you) don’t know about it. For now, let’s just wait until Tuesday.

                1. A different GPU won’t be a better one.

                  Wake the hell up, this console is speculated to cost $350-400. Please tell me how the flying fuck is Unreal Engine 4 going to run on it with these important points in mind.

                  >Cost of manufacturing.
                  >Cost of labour
                  >Cost of raw materials
                  >Cost of HD6770 like the previous poster mention, which is $109. Freaking. Dollars. Good luck remotely running UE4 with that let alone thinking Nintendo is going to stick in a more advanced *and expensive* card.
                  >Cost of an IBM POWER7 *possibly* quad core processor, yep I’m going to guess well over $100
                  >Cost of speculated 2GB Ram — $30
                  >Cost of that STUPID controller — you can bet your bottom dollar that’s $60+ of cheap components alone.
                  >Cost of the very obvious Blu-Ray drive Wii U uses *which does not playback movies* – $50 +

                  OH SHIT, WE’RE ALREADY AT $349 off of those parts ALONE.

                  If Nintendo is taking a $1 loss per 3DS sold and the handheld only costs about $101 to produce, you can guarandamntee they’re not going to be able to run UE4 on it at a reasonable asking price. That’s a total illusion, you’re either getting an affordable console, or an expensive one. And as you can tell, everything I mentioned so far has been expensive while not actually being “powerful”.

                  Remove this silly thought out of your head, I’ll wreck you in any argument you put fourth otherwise.

                  1. well looks like the ps4 isn’t going to run it either considering sony can’t take a loss on another ridiculously powerful console. Microsoft could, but not sony. You’re entitled to your opinion, but if you’re going to troll and call the wii u controller stupid on a pro nintendo site you better leave right now man, because i can tell you right now nintendo fans simply won’t have it with you. Keep in mind I’m not insulting you I’m just telling you the truth in what’s prolly going to happen. Also btw watch the language lets try to keep it clean here I don’t want this ending up being another youtube comment section or another generic forum I see enough of that on the internet

                    1. Tl;dr.

                      Sony can’t “afford it”? …Do you know shit about Sony? Because they still have more money in the Playstation/SCE division than Nintendo does.

                      Get your facts straight, all of you fanboys are assumptions, but in reality. None of you know jack.

                      Don’t even get me started on Microsoft.

                    2. Hey I’m trying to be as civilized as possible here and I’m not being a fanboy nothing I said stipulates that! And yes I do know a thing about sony and they’re situation and it ain’t looking good from any perspective!Yes I know the playstation division makes a lot of money, but grant it if they are going to make a system that runs unreal 4 then they’re obviously going to sell it for less than it cost to make and really sony is not in the position to make that move

                  2. He’s probably right guys if its gonna be under 400$ I’m not trolling and I’m a Nintendo fan that will buy it anyway. Unless Nintendo is gonna take a loss then its not gonna happen. I’m not concerned cause ill just buy a WiiU for Nintendo franchises like always and just upgrade my video card when the time comes on my PC.

              1. At the very best it can run just about all of the relevant builds of Unreal Engine 3 (3.5 even). I am almost certain this console is not touching UE4. And if hell freezes over and it -does-, you’re still not going to get good settings off of it. Maybe extremely low fps at 720p MAX.

                Have a nice day.

                1. Still talking out of your ass as always, Uterus. Just wait until Nintendo and Epic Games showcase Wii U games running on Unreal Engine 4.

                  1. I’m talking out of my ass?

                    You have yet to have proven me wrong, and you cant because you’ve just got destroyed above and don’t know shit about PCs at all.

                    You’re a fanboy with wishful thinking, then when the bitter truth surfaces it’s the beaten to death “graphics don’t matter!!!11” retort.

                    Graphics don’t matter? Lol, okay, enjoy your second Wii missing out on all the big budget AAA games while you sit with your New Super Mario Bros Mii with Gamecube graphics.

                    What a loser.

                    1. Ok I get it upadwatcher is bugging you, but don’t take it out on the wii u the fact that both crytek and epic are excited about the wii u means something. Not saying it’s running unreal 4, but I’m sure there are going to be AAA games for the system! I mean thats the whole point of this thing! Also The bird and zelda demo prove that they’re way passed gamecube graphics

                    2. “GameCube” graphics? You mean the same graphics that blows anything on the 360/PS3 out of the water? *Facepalm* The LoZ tech demo alone makes anything on the PS3/360 look like shit and, by going w/ Nintendo’s track record w/ LoZ tech demos, it’s going to look worse than the final LoZ on the Wii-U.

                  2. Oh and by the way? “Just wait FOR Wii U games running Unreal Engine 4”????

                    HAHAHA, I’LL BE BACK HERE LAUGHING MY ASS OFF. And trust me, I WILL be replying to this days from now. :D

                2. Funny how Epic says that the Wii-U can run Unreal 3.9 yet you’re talking out of you’re all by saying the best it can run is 3.5. Besides, do you expect any fucking system to run Unreal Engine 4 w/o it being completely modded and massacred?!

                  1. Epic has said nothing like that. Post your source and prove it.

                    And yes I do actually. The real next-gen consoles probably will. If the demo runs on a single GTX 680, then it isn’t much for Microsoft/Sony to outsource video cards on par with the former for cheaper.

                    No silly tablet needed. Hurr durr.

                    1. Wow, you really expect Sony to release something like that in THEIR financial situation?! *Face-palm* Ntm, if Microsoft made a system with a GPU like that, no one would make games for a system like that as it would be the odd one out. How about you take your fail and gtfo of this site?

        2. FYI… The Radeon HD 6770 is equivalent to the HD 4890 (two generations prior)
          The HD 6770 would be cheaper and more power efficient than the HD 4890.

          Just letting you know.

          Knowledge is POWER. Ultimate Power!

        1. You need to calm your panties and get laid, bro. While you’re at it, kill yourself. Because nobody cares about you.

          1. Superfakerbros is right, Sony dick rider. You don’t belong here. If you continue to stay here, we’ll shove your portable Titanic (PSV) all the way up your hypocritical ass of yours.

            1. You say Sony dick rider, yet there is nothing to suggest I even like Sony.

              Jealous fanboys? Sony & MS actually has games and the Wii doesn’t have any. That’s why the industry didn’t care about Wii games and will continue not to.

              You’re a loser, upadwatcher. And you can never say anything back that doesn’t involve talking shit.

              Because you’re weak.
              You’re socially awkward.
              You don’t go outside.
              You only fanboy Nintendo products.
              You’re a fake and embarrassing excuse for a gamer.
              You have likely dropped out of college to support your habits.
              You should have been aborted at birth.
              You can’t process when someone utterly owns you and instead come up with preschool “insults” as if that’s supposed to affect them.
              You will never amount to anything more than gaming on your Gamecube 1.1.
              You’re also very slow and simple minded.

              I’m willing to bet that 80+ % of what I just said is totally accurate.

              1. Funny how you say that you’re waiting for the “real” next-gen systems and then try to defend the fact that you are a Sony/Microsoft dick rider. Way to contradict yourself, asshole.

  2. I hope we can have greater interaction with the environment. Of course that depends on the developers I guess.

  3. Sounds cool. I didn’t understand most of that but hopefully someone can dumb it down for the layman at E3. Leave luck to heaven.

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