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Nintendo To Hold Nintendo Direct Pre-E3 Presentation Tomorrow

Nintendo has announced that it plans to stream a Nintendo Direct presentation tomorrow, a day before it’s E3 press conference. The special Nintendo Direct pre-E3 presentation will be shown tomorrow night at 6.00pm EDT/11.00pm UK. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata promises brand new Wii U information ahead of the company’s media briefing. The show will be streamed via Nintendo Japan and Nintendo of America here.

97 thoughts on “Nintendo To Hold Nintendo Direct Pre-E3 Presentation Tomorrow”

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                          1. Oh my actuals… this convo is getting a bit cuurrrazzyyyy…. and yes i know my grammer in this post is very bad but whatevs I’m not that bothered really, and I know I shouldn’t really have commented since this has nothing to do with me, oh well YOLO and all that lols…

                            1. oh yeah never really thought of it like that! That hopefully means there’ll be tonnes of kwl new stuff to look at!!

                            2. They call me... Mr. Vain

                              oh god… If they are doing a Pre E3 Nintendo Direct… Then they are going to have A LOT of info to show. It wont fit in their Conference!

                              1. Interesting! It’s as though they want to get more Wii U hardware info out there so they can spend more time on games at E3.
                                Just have to wait now for the Europe and US English language conference times

                                  1. Yeah. 11pm for UK, Ireland and others in the time zone.

                                    But as with the previous Directs, there were either regional versions or delayed translated versions. Though the fact he’s broadcasting it as pre E3 probably means it’ll be in English

                                    1. I think Iwata-san will speak in English, but kind of doubt it… If he speaks in Japanese, I’m sure there will be a translator or in captions.

                                  1. They’ll only talk about the concepts behind the Wii U. They might show us Nintendo Network or at least talk about what it has. There is also the possibility of seeing the new controller there. Most likely, they’ll show us some tech demos more in depth of what we know. The real deal will be shown on Tuesday, Wednesday, and at Ubisoft’s Wii U game showcase on Thursday. Don’t expect huge announcements tomorrow or major games for it.

                                    Having said that, this is very exciting. The media has been claiming doom and gloom on Nintendo all this time, and it’s more apparent this week with E3 predictions and stuff. Now Nintendo has even more events to cover, so I’m expecting to see a lot.

                                  2. I’ll just have to wait until their presentation. I don’t understand Japanese all that well and a translated version would probably show up at the eariest the next day.

                                      1. I’m pretty sure it’ll be in English, or there’ll be an English version. This was a tweet from NoA and NoE also tweeted the same, though they said they’ll focus on the games on Tuesday.

                                    1. I’m so excited I don’t even care you said Nintendo’s conference was the day after when it’s two days after.

                                            1. Exactly, and they’re going to intentionally blow it. :P Still really excited. I don’t think we’ll see actual new games until Tuesday, though.

                                              1. They call me... Mr. Vain

                                                they wont show any games. the direct stream will strictly talk about the Wii U only and how it was created and demonstrate what it can. think about it like this.. Nintendo’s E3 year is going to be so big, they need a Nintendo Direct to fit it all in…

                                                1. is there gonna be a roundtable thing like last year – it wasd after the main conference and it was pure 3ds till the end where miyamoto announced pikmin 3

                                                  1. Yeah, there will be the Nintendo Direct, The actual conference, the roundtable and a software showcase too. E3 will be EPIC!!

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                                                3. This is to probably remove the gag order on the developers so that they can talk whatever they want about wii u in E3 before the actual conference

                                                4. I knew it! They’ve got so much stuff to announce they can’t fit it all into Tuesday conference. This is so great. I’m definitely going to be there. Hope my internet connection is up to it. Leave luck to heaven.

                                                  1. “Hi I’m Reggie from Nintendo! Allow me to recap this past year’s 3DS and Wii games and mention how excited we are for the Wii U! See you at E3!”

                                                    Oh, spoiler alert btw…
                                                    I wouldn’t get your hopes up for this Nintendo Direct.

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