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Nintendo 3DS Designer Would Prefer A Bigger Screen For Nintendo 3DS

The man responsible for the Nintendo’s 3DS, Hideki Konno told Engadget that while he couldn’t confirm if the rumour was true that Nintendo is planning to release an extra-large version of the Nintendo 3DS, he did express his love for the Nintendo DSi XL super-sized screen – which he says he finds it much easier to play video games on.

57 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Designer Would Prefer A Bigger Screen For Nintendo 3DS”

    1. Both are good tbh, but let the vita take its time in games, pretty sure it’ll be just as good in sales like the PSP. But 3DS FTW


    1. I am, too. I am an older gamer and loved my DSi. The one problem I had was Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution. On the smaller screen, it was a little hard for me to discern between armies on the same spot. When the XL came along, it opened it up beautifully. I can also read books on it and it’s more like holding a book. I still have my DSi, but I also have my DSi XL and my 3DS. I will be there day one for the 3DS XL!

  1. no offence sickr, but he never said he would prefer a bigger screen on the 3DS. the title is misleading but I get how you refer to it.

    1. While you’re correct that he never said that, the title does not say that he said it, it only states that he would prefer a larger screen on the 3ds, which was inferred by the dsi XL comment. I think it’s a reasonable assumption. I know the one thing keeping me from getting anything past my original DS is the tiny screens.. Then just before I bought an XL, they announced working on a new system, so I decided to wait again.. But the screens are so tiny!!! What a waste of good games. Now I’m waiting for the 3ds XL!

  2. Department of Agriculture

    For near the same size screens as the DSL or DSi, everything seems tinier for some reason. Is it the higher resolution? Either way, everything appears much smaller than it did on the DSL screens. And as such, makes it unnecessarily difficult to play.

    I’m used to playing Punch Out by being able to see the opponent’s visual cues (eyebrow wiggle, facial expression change, or some other body language cue), but it’s very hard to play on the 3DS without having my face right on the screen.

    3D Classics Kirby is similar, and so is the Rayman Origins demo. Too tiny to really tell what’s going on.

    1. I think the 3DS’s screen was small to begin with. It actually looks kind of weird. The top of it is mostly a black border. They could’ve pushed the speakers a bit more to the side and made the screen at least 4 inches.

              1. wait a sec! how can you say sony copy peoples ideas and make them better? correct me if i’m wrong but sony invented the cd. That then went on to become the dvd then hd and blu ray. They are the developers of the most universal method of data storage and the proof that im right is attached to every home and work pc/mac and all home games consoles.

                FYI; I am not poor like most fan boys who settle for on or the other. I own all consoles because I can xD

  3. A 3DS XL would be nice but some people are going to complain that its too big to fit in their pockets like they did with the PSVita.

  4. @realgamers real gamers dont support a company that soldout for casuals had a shitty system with a bunch of shovelware and ports and top it off makes u beg to get foreign games

  5. Real gamers dont buy a JUNK system just becuse the trash is cheap and defend a company that sold out to casul=shovelware and where granpa can play

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    1. I’m proud of being white! If it wasn’t for white people, computers, television and radio wouldn’t exist. Tell me something your people have done!
      Feel free to respond in your native tongue. Oh wait, you use my worthless language LMFAO

  7. Its not about graphics…REALLY? than why are u buying supermario 2 its just updated graphicswith minimal gimmicks shit they still using tanooki suit from nes and why ya buying remade zelda huh its not even portable for 3ds lol full of shit fags

  8. Wow loving a company that has money to take risk but half ass consoles cheaply made with minimum effort who dont want to port over games & region lock=dickmove yup ya sum freaking tools thats A real textbook difinition of being a tool

  9. Hey shitendo why u no put foreign games via virtual console to minimize cost or give ppl option to buy it oversea? Why do you region lock the system smh bunch of assholes lol we love nintendo though we weeaboo white garbage race tools

  10. I love shitendo they sold out to casuals, diliberately lied calling wii next gen while hiding specs AS USUAL,cant port games vis virtual console and region lock it so that i cant play Sailor Moon on my handheld luv big n keep fucking me im a tool

  11. Well I agree it would be amazing to have a bigger screen! I love my 3ds though (my family has three, yup we a nintendo and sony family) and i plan on getting the purple one for my Birthday today :)

  12. I love how silly ps vita fanboys always start a thread of how “3DS> Vita.”…Hahahaha Vita is for hardcore gamers..lololol yet ads outsells it 13 to1 and thats just in japan!!! Hahaha Im a hardcore gamer..I love my pc games, n my 360 n even ps3 at one point.. but the vita is really expensive garbage.. not worth it ..nothing catches my attention and the 3DS may not look as nice but its way more damn fun and has a way better library.
    But back to the topic at hand…a bigger screen is a definite plus and would make me upgrade in a heart beat…not just for the screen size but the added battery life..ooh aaaa.. So Nintendo if you make a new 3DS XL or 3DS Pro ..please make the screens BIGGER, and both analog sticks, and battery life please. and make the hinge on the screen stronger, as well as the bumpers between the screens…as it is now that lower screens marks the top.

    Your fellow Hardcore gamer..or not so psvita fan boys say..hahahaha

  13. Since it didn’t get announced at E3 they’ll probably wait until after the Wii U is out. They want Wii U to sell more than anything I’m sure.

  14. the 3ds is fine the way it is. dont mae it bigger, maybe make the screen a little bigger( ds lite to dsi) and a scond anolog( which can fit either above or under the x.b.a.y buttons)

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  16. @alex kent wow ur a moron shit for brains a bigger 3ds will have the same conversion problems like dsxl. If 3ds doesnt look nice that means its garbage btw their library fun lol its same old carp and re-ports like zelda 3rd time and mario you pedophile

    1. lets see play kid icarus, resident evil revelation, shin megami tensei devil survivor overclocked, and a few others but this is enough, but you probably won’t find them fun because they aren’t saying the word shit every five seconds. or heaven forbid they’re “childish” O_o *GASP* no your to cool for that!!! and if you think OOT3D was a port….well then i don’t know why i’m typing this because you obviously lack the mental capacity to understand, or your a troll. if so then i’m a idiot for taking the time to type this.

  17. Shitendo stole from ps3 their ar technology,secound analog, l3,l4 and r3 and r4 clickable buttons. Proof u faggots r braindead…ya keep buying the same old games or experiance smh mario retro 2d part 76 never get tired of that lol cumbucket tool

    1. Okay, i admit it, im selling bricks to bust in these guy’s asses. It’s very good profit so far dont you think? Also Nintendo doesnt steal ideas. They are on their own with games and their consoles and they can make handheld consoles with 2 joysticks and neat software. You cant change the way Nintendo thinks.

    2. if thats the case then sony copied nintendo by creating…… wait for it….. There own games console. Yes that’s right. nintendo was making games consoles then sony copied their idea and built their own console.

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