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Pixar Films Should Be A Part Of Kingdom Hearts

The co-director of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Tai Yasue, spoke with Kotaku during this week’s E3. Yasue revealed that he wants Pixar movies to play a part in the next Kingdom Hearts game. Yasue made it clear that he is only stating his wishes for Kingdom Hearts, which is by no means a confirmation. He also said that his favorite Pixar world is Toy Story. Which Pixar worlds or characters would you like to see in the next Kingdom Hearts game?

76 thoughts on “Pixar Films Should Be A Part Of Kingdom Hearts”

  1. Oh great, that’s cool! :D Disney movies are awesome, but they’d run out eventually, and it’d be great to see new things!

          1. look heres some ideas for the next kingdom hearts games if they put cars sora can be a race car ps if your wondering how to make him hold the key make it snap on his rim and donald could be a forklift and goofy could be a tow truck and if they put toy story they should make sora a action figure donald a rubber duck goofy a pupet bugs life sora should be a bee and donald should be a moth and goofy should be a flee and monster inc i would love to see in the game heres some indeas sora could be a monster like sully and donald could be a goblin and goofy could be that monster of of the movie thats orange and has no hands but only legs

          2. Great review guys.. I have loved every Pixar movie that has come out so there was no doubt that I was going to love this movie and I did. Toy Story 1 & 2 are some of my fotarive Pixar movies, for that fact they are some of my all time fotarive movies.. and part 3 has joined them. It’s one of the best Trilogies around. Part three was well written, well acted and was a prefect end to a prefect story. I laughed, I cried, I was moved by the plight of these animated characters. It’s amazing to me that Pixar can put so much life into these characters that you instantly fall in love them. Their facial expressions, their actions are so moving. I got teary eyed throughout the movie but the last third of the movie tears where rolling down until the very end.

    1. Lol yea Disney kind of owns Pixar….watch the history of Pixar on Netflix its very interesting Steve jobs helped start the company.

  2. I really don’t see how they would make the Incredibles or cars work out. All the other ones would be enjoyable and if this were to be confirmed I can’t wait to see how they work with Wall’e or in Monsters Inc. How can they work with ratatouille haha!

    1. Marvel is differet than Pixar. Those characters have long histories with just Marvel before they became “Disney characters.”

      So no to Marvel

    1. The main console Kingdom Hearts are the best ones. KH1 was good first starting out. KH2 was amazing and a huge upgrade from KH1. I could play KH2 over many times

      1. they are on gamecube right? if so i could just download them and try them out again i guess. who knows i might like it now even though i didnt back when they came out

          1. However, there IS that rumor that they’ll put the whole collection on Wii U (or maybe Wii?) and PS3.

  3. Monsters Inc. and Bug’s Life would be really fun levels, and even Finding Nemo (if it wasn’t too similar to Arlantis) but Cars would be retarded. No way around it.

  4. Some would work. Others not so much. UP I could see working really well. I just hope they don’t do a High School Musical level. Although…Air Buddies would be an awesome summon

  5. My kid has dementia and adhd so i was looking for games he could beat well we bought a 3ds and wii with zeldas & he managed to beat both of them in a month even with his mentl handicaps :’) thank u nintendo you provide games for my kid.

  6. Well imho pixar type graphics can only be handled by xbox360 processor. Ps3 is close. Wii u although equel to xbox the controlls have terrible framerate and has srs battery issues

  7. @anonymous yeah i agree that and the wii u games are rumored to be $99 dollars not to mention the price of the controllers. Also the battery ion replacement are expensive ill just buy an xbox i can keep replacing the ion batteries.

  8. @anonymous #1 yeah i also have a mentally handicapped child who enjoys playing mario,zelda,kirby and metriod and he can beat them pretty quickly. Funny my son cant tell that ninty 1st party are all re-ports or remix same crap, oh well he is special

  9. Toy Story would be the one to have in the game. Would be fairly cool. And Monsters Inc. would be okay too. I think Finding Nemo would be too similar to Atlantis though.

  10. wow this is possible for Wii U i already see the “Project P100” and the whole thing looks like a Pixar movie.

  11. Sure, as long as you give us less Sora, Rikku, and co. Terrible, terrible characters that suck all traces of fun out of an otherwise decent series of games.

      1. It could still have the Final Fantasy characters (would rather have more TWEWY, Vagrant Story, and Chrono Trigger but whatever) I agree that Sora & Rikku are really annoying, but it’s their game. They’re not going anywhere, as much as youor I would like them to.

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  12. They should have Sora go into the Wreck-it Ralph world, which would be REALLY funny. Sora could have a bunch of funny dialogue saying stuff like, “Video…game? Riku, do you know what this…videogame… is?” It would be HILARIOUS!


  14. There’s no way this would happen if Steve Jobs were still alive. Now that he’s gone, though, I’m not sure. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  15. I would love to see a Kingdom Hearts world on Toy Story 3. This is what I’d love to see:
    World: Sunnyside Daycare
    Forms: Wind-Up Toy Sora, Rubber Duck Donald, Viking Figure Goofy
    Enemy Theme: Broken/Evil Toys
    Enemy Boss: A giant Puppet Master spirit that can possess toys with tendrils
    Bosses: Demo Buzz, Lotso’s Gang, Lotso
    New Party Members: Buzz Lightyear
    Locations: Caterpillar Room, Butterfly Room, Playground, Dump, Incinerator, Bonnie’s Room
    Key Item: The path is revealed by Woody’s Hat in Bonnie’s Room.
    New Keyblade Name: Friend in Me

    1. But other then that, I hope to see the Pixar Lamp somewhere on Yen Sid’s desk, a mini-game world of Cars where Sora must race, and worlds based off of Monsters Inc. (with Sora in a costume), the Incredibles (with Sora and co dressed up), and WALL-E.

      I’d definitely buy the next Kingdom Hearts if Toy Story was in it (and done well), but these would be icing on the cake!

      Please consider these Mr. Yasue. Thank you for your time and good luck in Kingdom Hearts :)

  16. Outside of Pixar worlds, I hope to see a world based on The Emperor’s New Groove (called The Groovin’ Empire), Wreck-It Ralph (with Ralph as a party member), Rapunzel, Pocahontas, Phineas and Ferb (maybe), and Princess and the Frog. I hope it also shows a teenage Max Goof somewhere in Disney Castle, fighting on a skateboard as a Knight-in-training.

    I also would love to see Oswald have a prominent role in the game as well. He could have been Yen Sid’s first apprentice who fell into darkness and sided with Xehenort. Or, he could be Mickey’s Heartless/Nobody/Unversed/whatever. He can wield a Keyblade as well, and has a deep hatred from Mickey, Yen Sid, and their allies. He could show up multiple times in different worlds like Pete did, but is much more competent. Near the end, Oswald sees the error of his ways after being beaten by Sora (in-game) and then by Mickey (in a cutscene). To show his apologies, he gives Sora a new Keyblade modeled after him (called Twice Lucky).

    I hope you take these into consideration Mr. Yasue. And I wish you and your team the best of luck in Kingdom Hearts III.

  17. I just thought of something. If Roxas is made playable, perhaps he could have Oswald in his party? Assuming Oswald and Mickey have a similar relationship. Oswald’s personal key blades (he can dual wield) could look like a black and blue version of the Kingdom Key D and Star Seeker, in reflection to Mickey’s.

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