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Wreck-It Ralph Trailer

Disney’s upcoming film, Wreck-It Ralph, is about an old-school video game villain who is tired of being the “bad guy.” The main character, Ralph, tries to reverse his role and become a “good guy.” He tries out many heroic roles in other, modern-type video games to see if he can fit in as being someone other than the hated villain. Watch the trailer above and you’ll see appearances of familiar video game villains mingling with Ralph – including Mario’s arch-nemesis, Bowser. The movie is headed to theaters in November.

69 thoughts on “Wreck-It Ralph Trailer”

      1. Non-Specific Action Figure

        If Mario doesn’t show on this movie i’ll be so pissed well i’m kidding this movie will be like the titanic of video games movies

        Together Wii U.

  1. That actually looks good. I like the voice talent they have in it. It’s a great concept too. Leave luck to heaven.

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    1. Umad? Seriously, Anoymous, you should learn to respect Nintendo and their consoles. K? It’s not fair if you go on about “the Wii U will fail”. Nobody, INCLUDING you, will know until one or TWO years later. As I know… Mass (effing) Effect 3 is coming to the Wii U, and so is Batman: Arkham Arkham City Armoured Edition, with ALL the bonus AND plus some new stuff in it as well, including better graphics. Although I support Nintendo (not a fag) I also support Sony, I think Sony is just 0.5 % below Nintendo, all Sony needs to do is lower the prices for the PS3 games and I reckon it may sell quicker. As for my opions in the Wii U GamePad, it should sell for $70, that way, people will be able to buy the Wii U’s games and accessories in a much cheaper way, online, trading or buying at a retailer store. As what I currently know, Sony has just recently copied Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros, although I’d like to see what Sony’s Smash Bros clone looks like (maybe Street Fighter’s style?), I think it’s fair. And as for you buddy, no adult is a fag, or a weak little thing as you call them. It simply does not mean that you can say what is true and what is false. I know you don’t feel excited for the Wii U, but lets put it this way; you’re just trying not to support Nintendo in any way, as I can tell by your reply to this. Also I am uncertain whether or not I SHOULD get the Wii U depends on Nintendo, the company itself, and it’s creator.

        1. SprignEx [spriggax]

          Nevermind, after a quick google search, it appears my memory failed me and there are, in fact, NO purple rhinos in Sly Cooper. The rhino is from Altered beast. My mistake.

      1. “Hey, Mario. Your Princess is in another castle!”
        “Thanks, Sonic. I shall bear that in mind.”

  3. I wonder if they got both Dr. Eggman’s and Bowser’s voice actor. That is if they ever get lines. I hope that scene in the trailer and train is the only time we see them.

  4. why does the movie title remind me of Rack ’em Willie?

    anyway, this movie appears to have good potential. i’ll probably wind up watching this

  5. Ugh. i hate capcom. Dr Wily was supposed to be sitting next to bowser but they took him out of the movie…. stupid capcom.
    theres a picture of it on google you can find by searching “Wreck it Ralph” if ya wanna take a look for yourself.

      1. I looked it up and the design of the Zombie does appear to be taken directly from House of the Dead.

          1. Yup, but in the movie his name is apparently just “Zombie”. I actually remember as a kid I loved playing House of the Dead at arcades, I wasn’t scared at all :) I’m not old btw, i’m gonna be 19.

  6. I’m def gonna see this. What I’m wondering the most is how Disney was able to get the approval to use all those villains in a movie

  7. Wait…
    If the “bad guy” is thrown off the edge of the building in Wreck-It Ralph, then why do you get a game over?

  8. Given that this IS a Disney movie, and this movie is all about video games, there better be atleast ONE visual Tron reference in this movie. Am I the only one who can’t wait for the sequel to Legacy?

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