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Nintendo 3DS Outsells PlayStation Vita, Again

Despite some people claiming that the PlayStation Vita is better than Nintendo’s upcoming console, Sony’s latest handheld game console hasn’t been selling well; last week’s sales weren’t any different. In Japan, the 3DS sold a total of 101,075 units while the PlayStation Vita sold only 7,551 units – the ratio is about 13 to one.

1. Nintendo 3DS: 101,075
2. PlayStation 3: 14,799
3. Sony PSP: 10,547
4. PlayStation Vita: 7,551
5. Nintendo Wii: 5,825
6. Microsoft Xbox 360: 2,719
7. PlayStation 2: 1,106
8. DSi LL: 665
9. DSi: 379

181 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Outsells PlayStation Vita, Again”

    1. Watch all the trolls saying Nintendo is failing…..BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!
      OT:I’m going to buy a Wiiu but which game should I get?I never played Pikman in my life,and I’m not geting NSMBU.

      1. Why not get NSMBU? It looks fun. If it comes at launch look out for Lego City, Project P-100 and ZombiU. It’s a matter of your prefernce though. Do some research and see what appeals to U.

        1. The NSMB Wii really disappointed me,I liked the ds one better.I’m not sure I’ll like NSMBU, but if it’s like Super Mario World , it’s a day one buy.(The little yoshies gave me a SMW vibe.Look , now toy got me all exited for it,and my friend told me he has a copy of pikman.Thanks donzaloog ,you really made me quack for happiness.

        1. Saw Project P-100 it looks like it’s worth every penny.It looks so fun!! All these trolls were making me doubt the WiiU but I’m over it now.I like all consoles I’m going to be a WINNER just like Timms (@Timmzy27).

          1. COWS SAY QUACK. It really depends on your preference of genres and gameplay mechanics and what you look for in a game. If you’re an FPS fan who likes horror (specifically survival horror) buy Zombi U. If you love LEGO and open world games with bits of humor then buy Lego City Undercover. I’m buying both of those at launch plus NSMBU. I understand your doubts about NSMBU based on the Wii game, but I recommend you at least rent it and see if it’s worth buying or not for your tastes. I’ll be doing reviews of all the games I mentioned eventually.

          2. And about Project P-100 if you like that genre and the game looks like a blast to you, buy it! XD. Remember you can always trade it back if you end up not liking it.

  1. this came a little late and now worldwide numbers have been tallied, with the 3DS still being at number 1, and the vita sitting comfortably in 6th place, below the 360 and the Wii. also, the japanese numbers went up slightly from last week, but the overall number went down by more than just a few hundred, meaning fewer people in the west are buying vitas.

    since there’s no price cut in sight from what i’ve heard, the vita is under “sinking ship” status. and for people who like to think of it as the titanic,vita’s not that big. let’s be honest, it’s a sinking lifeboat

    1. Yeah, you’re comparing a system that’s been out for 3 months to a system with a library of games that’s been out for a year…This is why I hate this site. I come for Nintendo news, which this is, but it turns into a frenzy for fanboys and trolls.

        1. I was hoping I could find some sanity down here, maybe have a decent conversation. Sadly all comments are “3DS rulez, Vita DROOLS, LOLOLOL”

          1. @Jio Shut the fuck up, you’re just a Sony fanboy, and if you hate this site why you come here Dumbass

          2. what are you talking about ive only seen like one or two of those. im sure it would be much worse if vita were beating 3ds wouldnt it. but any logical human thats not a huge sony fan would probably agree its not worth it

      1. While I agree with you on the fanboy explosion over these sales numbers (seriously, lets just enjoy video games and not numbers), I believe that the PS Vita numbers are lower than the initial 3DS sales which were considered terrible.

        Now, that might just be because everyone just threw out 300 bucks for the 3DS and don’t intend on spending even more money on another handheld. I think that the PS Vita might have outsold the 3DS in its initial weeks if it were released first, but who knows.

        The 3DS is a wonderful system, and so is the PS Vita. However, just like everyone else apparently, I bought a PSP 3000 instead because of its great library and low price.

        1. from a non biased standpoint

          Though you’re right that one has had more time on market newer consoles tend to sell pretty well compared to older ones. In fact the first month of sales the vita was out sold by PSP. And the vitas library has all the so called “hardcore” titles everyone wants. Yet its not outselling ds
          Why because video games aren’t about graphics or being “hardcore.” Its about fun new experiances, which the 3DS delivers. BUT I like the vita a lot and I hope it picks up.

      1. nintendo has always been doing the best innovations with already existing tech that really isnt popular until they use it( ds, wii ,ds , and maybe even wii u) sony shoudve just made a console similar to architecture to the 3ds since it came out first because third partys would have no problem porting their games to it

    1. existing handheld>existing handheld

      existing console not yet on market<consoles about which the public knows nothing

      sounds legit

    2. How do you know the next Sony and Microsoft consoles are going to be more powerful? because they haven’t even announced any specs for those systems yet and PS4 won’t be out for a long while

    3. wii u is gonna kick ass. plus we know nothing about ps4 and the xbox8 so you cant say that with concrete info.
      and since your anonymous it kinda shows how good your logic is

  2. Games sell consoles. I have both the vita and 3DS and by far 3DS has better games. The only one worth owning for the vita is uncharted and soon mgs hd when it comes out but I rather get that on consoles since the vita version doesn’t come with peace walker. Nintendo is dominating. Besides during and after their conference, nintendo actually advertised games for the 3DS. Most of Sony’s games you could get on the ps3 as well as the vita. Playstation all stars is coming out on both. The only “new” ones are black ops and assassins creed 3 since they are different versions sort of than what is on the ps3

    1. You realize Vita’s been out for only 3 months, the 3DS’s first 3 months were full of nothing but ports. I played SSFIV on my 3DS for almost a whole year until Zelda…

        1. Except the Vita’s launch had the superior lineup and far more worthwhile games than the 3DS did during the same time period.

          1. that’s apparently not a very commonly shared opinion. if there were so many games worth getting, a lot more people should’ve bought the system on which to play them, but they didn’t. is it because they’re all holding out until some kind of price cut that’s not coming anytime soon? how cute. so while 3DS fans already have their enjoyment, with thousands upon thousands joining them everyday, tons of vita fans are just waiting around, praying for a day when they don’t have to empty their wallets just to be able play games that might as well just be on the PS3? LOL

            1. Both are good consoles for different reasons I think that the 3ds has sold more is down to its backwards compatiblity with previous ds. Vita may have had the stronger launch line up of the two, but the 3ds had a more extensive back catalog to fall back on. At the end of the day people will buy what they are familiar with and what can be considered best value for money. On that particular note Nintendo ticked all the right boxes.

          2. except there no games on the vita and there’s no games now, why complain on a console with no games.

  3. So while is bitching and crying doom for Nintendo, they’re secretly dominating the world. I like that. I like when people/companies are silently dominant. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. true dat. it’s always the ones that are the worst off that have to talk down about the competition. it’s pretty sad really.

      1. hey i was just about to say that myself!

        it brings me back to the old saying “wise men talk because they have something to say. fools talk because they have to say something” or however it goes

  4. it’s 3d without glasses,its something that people have never seen before.Nintendo is… never mind for me nintendo is the top 1 game company in the history.I hope Nintendo of greece (nortec) will do something to increase the sells in Greece

    1. I have a question.What’s so good about Castlevania,it looks cool,but do I have to play the GBA ones too?

      1. I didn’t. I started with the DS games and understood everything pretty well. I’m sure it will be the same with the 3DS game.

      2. Just study on wikis is what i do when i get into franchises but nothing beats the exp but its up to u

    1. This arent total sells, and i bet that if we do somekind of comparative sells, the 3ds qould be higher in sells than the vita, no doubt about it

        1. You’re right, the 3DS sold more so it must surely be better than the Vita! Like how the CoD sells more than any other shooter, so it must be the best shooter ever!

          1. As much as I love the 3DS, I must admit you provide a valid point. I’m sure Vita will sell better as soon as that Assassin’s Creed 3 game releases, I don’t remember what it was called I just remembered it was an Assassin’s Creed Vita exclusive.

  5. let’s see, the 3ds is about 80 bones cheaper than the psv and doesn’t require an expensive mem stick to save your games so it’s SUPPOSE to outsell its competition.

    1. Sony isn’t worried and they do not need to be worried. The media spreading doom and gloom has NO clue about business, obviously. Trolling for webpage hits and using sensationalism to stir up the readers.

      The Vita is fine, Sony Computer Entertainment is fine.

        1. Sony – The multinational conglomerate has been at a loss as a whole. However, different subsidiaries have not necessarily.

          Remember this next time you look at these Sony “figures” you read on gaming “news” sites: Sony at a loss doesn’t necessarily meant that SCE is at that loss.

          Yes, it is true SCE has sold items at a loss from time to time. Even Nintendo has. Especially this previous year. That’s business for EVERY company.

          So remember: Those figures are not representative of Sony Computer Entertainment but of Sony Corporation.

      1. I would’ve said, A winner is Matthew Timms! I agree with you sir, I’m a console collector, and even though I prefer Nintendo by a loooooooooooooong shot, I’ve found it my collecting that all systems have something great and unique to offer. (Even 360 which I still find is the biggest waist of money I’ve ever spent.)

    1. Indeed. I own every current gen system. Every handheld, and loads of systems from previous generations.

      Fanboy wars are idiotic, mindless, and unreasonable beyond compare. Fanboys are not gamers, they are company brown-nosers.

      True gamers enjoy good games no matter what system they are on. There’s no need to put down any other system, hope for them to fail, raise one above the other, etc. It’s stupid and immature.

      I actually feel a little sorry for fanboys from time to time. They are missing out on truly great games because they have determined in their minds that they will only support one company like a sheep.

      It makes you wonder: What have these companies done for these people that they feel they must raise them up like gods? You would think they gave them everlasting life and the secret to eternal happiness.

      1. You make a good point but not all of us can afford all of the consoles. I do have a PS3 and a Wii, but I honestly enjoy Wii more. (mostly because of Smash Bros. Brawl)

        1. And that’s understandable, not everyone can afford or even have time to play games from all systems.

          However that still gives no reason or right to be intolerant of other systems and games.

      1. Ninty. I just own a PS3 for other gaming experiences. Just pointed it out to show I’m not too biased. I try and give them as little money as possible though. I do own 8 nintendo consoles/handhelds : ]

  6. Give Vita monster hunter or other nerdy japanese games and see what will happen. Vita is great handheld tbh. It lacks games that’s it.

  7. i will only buy one if the price drops i really love my psp and i really want a vita but at the same time im just waiting until they have ps one classics and youtube. The 3ds was worth paying 250$ :D (my opinion)

  8. This is week after week. It’s no different than DS vs PSP so I don’t know why people thought Vita would kill 3DS in the first place. Vita has the potential to be far better, (as did the psp) but sony is satisfied with using it as a supplement to the PS3. If I had a PS3, I would want a vita.. but I got a 360 instead so the cross play thing they’re pushing does not appeal to me at all

    Nintendo just knows handhelds

    1. It’s not a typo in Japan. They call it the Dsi LL in Japan (which the 2 L’s stand for ‘Large’ and ‘Really Large’) and everywhere else it is called the DSi XL.

        1. I think you and me are the only non-fanboys here. I like Nintendo, but these people are extreme that they can’t take like another system.

          1. Make it 3. The members of this community are not able to accept that there are other good systems outside Nintendo’s as well, nor can they face facts and accept that Nintendo isn’t doing everything perfectly good without any faults. Ridiculous.
            It’s nice to see that there are actually people here who seem to enjoy video games as a whole.

              1. This is amusing. How many people would be willing to type a few words in a vain attempt to lie about their opinions?

      1. I love both Nintendo and Sony cus I do own all their consoles and handhelds but I fucking HATE Microsoft..

        1. Xbox Live = shit
          who rhe fuck would like to pay to play online, just fucking make Gold free and remove XBL Free/Silver..

  9. Instead of ‘celebrating’ a company’s monopoly on a whole market, we should rather hope for the PS Vita to pick up in sales… Because Nintendo is going to get sloppy otherwise.

    Think about the Wii. Its a great system, no doubt about that, but Nintendo did take their time making first party quality games after the initial start-up year, because it was selling gazillions without those anyway.

    Be happy that something happened between then and now, because we would have never seen a Wii U or a 3DS. In the end, all we Nintendo fans want is more Nintendo, right? There won’t be more Nintendo if they are just dominating everything, now would there? Its quite ironic, but the bigger Nintendo gets the less Nintendo we get, basically.

    Or am I wrong? I don’t know much about how a business is run, but I think we are all looking at these sales numbers from the wrong perspective

    1. You are right. However, there is no reasoning with blinded fanboys. They do not understand how any business works. Or life for that matter.

    1. How the fuck do you know, Blanche? You’ve failed to realized that Sony is finished. $6.4 billion loss on Wall Street.

  10. ok i love that 3ds is selling well in japan but what about the rest of the world is the vita doing any better i know america 3ds might be a bit better than vita in terms of sales

  11. Despite the fact that there isn’t any good game for the Vita yet, it sells good enough. I mean, there’s actually no single game that is really good but it still sells
    As soon as games like Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Fifa, Final Fantasy and all that start getting released, I believe the sells will shoot up like hell. Of course nobody can know that but that’s what I’m assuming.

    1. good enough ? even if theres NO games, NEW console selling 7k its beyond bad… and no, AC, CoD doesnt appeal to the jap market, so unless something happens this kind of numbers wont change till next year… and thats its some bad news for sony

      and fifa its already on the vita and it didnt move too many consoles, and about CoD, its beyond me while someone would like to play cod on a portable (wich its heavy on multiplayer, so that means most of the people would play it on their house) if they can play it on their 32 inch FullHD, better controll and better graphics for all that matters (if someone got a vita, im pretty surethey already got a home console, 360 or PS3, and a big TV by now)

      the 3DS and the DS are great and sold great because they are portable and games were portable, psp games were too “console” for a portable system, and it looks like the vita its going the same road

  12. Of course by sales the 3ds is a supperior tech just look at the price as an indication of its worth. Also unlike vita 3ds cant play utube and has 5 min limit on nintendo videos YES IM HAPPY

  13. @anonymouse 3ds portable? Wtf r u talking about zelda,kid icurus,mario tennis and more were console games u shit 4 brains just because the 3ds has a 2inch screen and the games r rehased casual games dowsnt mean there portable unless u think zelda is lol

    1. i think that he said that most of the games are done to be played in short burst, not like most psp/vita games who are meant to be played on long periods

      if thats the case, than i agree with him, i do own a DS/3DS and by all means most of the games while “long” (like zelda) they are made in a way that you can play them in shot periods of time…

  14. sony fanboys are the worst, they cry all day that WiiU its not going to sell anything, nintendo its doom and all that shit, but when they see this kind of post (3DS > VITA in terms of console solds) they just say “Who cares about numbers, the vita its still better” “numbers dont mean anything” “call of duty sells so that means its the better game ?”

    Sony fanboys are anything but consequents

  15. Didn’t bother reading through all the posts, but why is it that you only choose numbers based off in Japan? Can you provide worldwide numbers? Or maybe just a few other countries for comparison?

  16. SHOCKER!!!

    A less expensive, more established piece of hardware out sells its more expensive and newer counterpart.

    Flame harder fags.

  17. Sales are not a measure of quality.

    Not only that the Vita already stomps the 3DS lineup that it had during the same age as the former. It’ll be just like PS3, starts off slow, only to have the unanimously better lineup in the long run and quality online service to boot.

    Where the 3DS will just get mobile phone and PSP ports, since dual analog can’t play the true games properly. Hurr hurr.

    1. DO you even realize how few games Vita has? Also, 3DS truly differentiates their games. Vita tries to be just like it’s older cousin the PS3, and fails in every respect.

      1. How few games the Vita has? Do you realize how many it DOES have? In terms of VITA titles, there are already 39 on the U.S. market. (more worldwide)

        By Tuesday, the mark will be over 40. This is all still in the launch window (although near the end).

        The 3DS did not have nearly the same amount games in the same time.

        In addition, the Vita already has over 60 games that have been announced to be coming soon added to the 40+ already out.

        *waits for you to reply with Quantity =/= Quality argument* – Just remember your initial statement when you do reply. ;)

    2. Yeah…kind of like the DS failed against the PSP, right? *Rolls eyes* Look, they’re all great handhelds yet you seem so happy at the though of seeing another company “fail” w/o realizing that competition is good.

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  19. ^rich & ya are jelouse ya dont own a good tech. Yeah nintendo 3dshit has a bunch of games called shovelware and remakes oh im impressed. Why would grown mwn play children toys hmm pedophiles maybe white guys like the preacher arrested for ds having kids

  20. 3ds differs …how so last time i check they are still shoving marios,zelda ocrarina of rehase and more and some of them where console ports smh bias fags. Also ps3 library is large unlike wii that took 6 yrs to get something that isnt shovelware lol

  21. Yeah differs like bring cavestory 3x jesus. How bout wii u its specks at ign shows it to be inferior to xbox. 3hrs low setting battery with a controller thats been proven to distract might aswell throw away tv smh nintendos for big boy diper sniffers

    1. Oh mighty troll! You have convinced me with your bad grammar to not buy a Wii U or 3DS because it has an estimated 3 hour battery life! Let me join you and your brethren in the bashing of all things Nintendo because it offers inferior graphics and shitty rehashed games! /sarcasm

      Anyways… You do realize that when the Xbox and PS3 came out they looked nothing like they do now graphics wise, right? If the Wii U is able to play games that look as good as Halo 4 now, then that means that it will look much much better in the future without a doubt. It took the Xbox and PS3 6-7 years to look as good as they do now, and the Wii U is looking just as good at its launch. I have very few hopes for this generation of gamers and just this generation in general. If all you care about is what is the very best and what looks the best your are going to go through life missing out on so much because of your one sided train of thought. Got a little off track, anyways. Why hate on something when it’s not even out yet? Also, like many have stated before. What makes you think that the next Xbox/Playstation will “Over power” And “Kill” The Wii U? Sony has clearly stated that they will NOT be having another PS3 incident, such as making a console that almost no one could afford, thus losing lots of money. Even Microsoft won’t make a “Beast” of a machine just for the sake of sales. They are focusing more on Kinect and Smartglass.

      Just for the sake of ending this rant, I ask you to try and prove me wrong with all the things I pointed out.

  22. Nintendos handhelds will always sell. If you had a chance of getting an assasins creed game on the ps3 or the vita why buy it on the vita? I have a ft and pt job and I go to school and only have about 2 days a week to play games. I think I would rather sit in front of my plasma and play assasins creed 3 on my home console to get the full effect. Also I own a ps3 and a wii no hanheld yet if I were to pick up one it would be a 3ds love nintendo quality since the time I lost my game boy in the snow and it played 4 months after me finding it. The games speak for themselves.

    1. In my area using the “Near” function on my Vita, within 1.5 miles from my house there are over 50 people who use a Vita.

      I have talked to many of them and they have told me, they only own a Vita.

      So why not get a game on the Vita, even if it released on another system? Alternatives are good. Not everyone has every system.

      At the same time Assassin’s Creed 3 =/= Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation.

  23. Interesting how the headline just points out the Vita, when the 3DS outsold every system on the market.

    Sensationalism and hit bait at its finest.

    1. That’s mainly because the Vita is the only direct competition to the 3DS. XBox sales won’t affect the 3DS.

    1. What? People aren’t entitled to an opinion anymore?

      Tip: Go away until you respect people’s freedom.

  24. Not particularly surprising. The DS almost always outsold the PSP, now the 3DS will almost always outsell the Vita. Still, it must be worrying Sony how their last gen portable is outselling their latest one.

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