Official Nintendo iPhone Cases

Video games weren’t the only things that were showcased during this week’s E3 – cases for phones were also on display. Nintendo recently made a deal with PDP to create official Nintendo-themed iPhone cases. The displayed cases featured designs from The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario franchises. The cases are supposed to be released in October.



  1. jaja that is nintendos answer to “ppl want mario and zelda on mobile Devices” nintendo is like “ok, you want mario and zelda on mobile phones,,,, well here you go, we’re not having this conversation again right… ?” lol


  2. I read Nintendo and iPhone in the very same short sentence and I couldn’t believe it haha.
    It’s weird to see the very first case which states to be from Ocarina of Time 3D but Link’s artwork it’s from Skyward Sword hoho!


  3. There you go investers you wanted Nintendo on iphones you got your wish =)…lol Nintendo are a bunch of trolls this e3 lol


  4. This is how it starts. First accessories, then games. This is fine with me, but don’t bring exclusives to the iPhone, that would DEFINITELY kill Nintendo.


    1. Nintendo knows that. Plus it would suck! Ever try sonic on the iPhone? It blows! Bought it and played it once, gaming without physical buttons is terrible


  5. Lol wow they’re sellouts talking shit but now trying to cash in on apples market truly pathtic. Nintendo stick to ur tiresome cliche crap games that these grown up pedophile losers like playing little faggots no wonder whites r homosexuals


  6. These look great but seeing as how I drop my phone all the time, I would have to chose between an iPhone with a bumper or an iPhone with an awesome case … and a cracked screen lol


  7. Keep it up Nintendo, you need to start doing stuff outside of video games, while also focusing on video games, this is why Microsoft and Sony have so much more money compared to you, they are more than video game companies


  8. Market testing. They’re ready to go third party.

    Can’t wait, people shouldn’t be forced to buy their shit consoles just to play the few franchises they have that are still relevant.


  9. Mr. Reggie wheres eartjbound u promised huh fag lol oh welll dana mean nothing just selling out to the casual market smh haitin vodoo preist.


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