Nintendo of America has uploaded a brand new trailer for the long-awaited Pokemon Black & White 2 which is exclusive to the Nintendo DS. The game has already been announced for both North America and Europe. Pokemon Black & White 2 will be released October 7th in North America, and October 12th in Europe.

Thanks Blackabe111



    • Or do you mean a RPG Pokemon game and not a spin-off?
      Pokemon XD was super fun. I think XD is better than Gold. It is so much fun. XD was awesome. But Colosseum kinda sucked.
      But we saw 2 on the GCN but we did not see one on the WII. I think we might be lucky enough to get one for the Nintendo WII U.


      • why the hell would you think there is a high chance of a pokemon game to the WII U?? there are pokemon B2/W2 coming out soon and also the WII U. pokemon games never comes out the same time as the consoles so game freak takes their time to make something playable.


        • For the GCN we had Pokemon XD, Colosseum, Channel, Box and for the Wii Pokepark1&2, Battle revo, ranch and mystery dungeon (okay Mystery dungeon only in Japan.)
          I think it might take 2-3 years for a RPG Pokemon game to be announced but I am expecting one.
          But I know will see Pokemon on the Wii U but Spin-off. But I really hope for a RPG Pokemon on the Wii U


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