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Pokemon Black & White 2 – July Trailer

Nintendo of America has uploaded a brand new trailer for the long-awaited Pokemon Black & White 2 which is exclusive to the Nintendo DS. The game has already been announced for both North America and Europe. Pokemon Black & White 2 will be released October 7th in North America, and October 12th in Europe.

Thanks Blackabe111



    1. Or do you mean a RPG Pokemon game and not a spin-off?
      Pokemon XD was super fun. I think XD is better than Gold. It is so much fun. XD was awesome. But Colosseum kinda sucked.
      But we saw 2 on the GCN but we did not see one on the WII. I think we might be lucky enough to get one for the Nintendo WII U.


      1. why the hell would you think there is a high chance of a pokemon game to the WII U?? there are pokemon B2/W2 coming out soon and also the WII U. pokemon games never comes out the same time as the consoles so game freak takes their time to make something playable.


      2. For the GCN we had Pokemon XD, Colosseum, Channel, Box and for the Wii Pokepark1&2, Battle revo, ranch and mystery dungeon (okay Mystery dungeon only in Japan.)
        I think it might take 2-3 years for a RPG Pokemon game to be announced but I am expecting one.
        But I know will see Pokemon on the Wii U but Spin-off. But I really hope for a RPG Pokemon on the Wii U


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