Pokemon Director: “It Would Be Very Cool If You Could Play Black 2 And White 2 On The Wii U”

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 director, composer Junichi Masuda doesn’t seem interested in an HD Pokémon Snap for Wii U, because most people own a camera that can take photos of whatever whenever they want. The thought of a core Pokémon game on Nintendo’s upcoming home console, however, intrigues Masuda. “It would be very cool if you could play Black 2 and White 2 on the Wii U,” he says.

70 thoughts on “Pokemon Director: “It Would Be Very Cool If You Could Play Black 2 And White 2 On The Wii U””

  1. “Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 director, composer Junichi Masuda doesn’t seem interested in an HD Pokémon Snap for Wii U, because most people own a camera that can take photos of whatever whenever they want”

    that has to be the dumbest thing i’ve heard all day

    1. Hehe, I was thinking just the same thing. Using that mentality, most video games become pointless. Why play football, basketball, or any sports games when you can do that in real life? Why grab coins in sewers when you can do that in real life? Except, you can’t freaking photograph Pokemon in real life because they don’t exist.

    2. True that. I think it is safe to say that Pokémon Snap 2 is the most demanded Pokémon spinoff. Plus with the 3DS and now Wii U, both with cameras and gyroscopes, a cool cross collaborative play between systems would be sick.

        1. DS emulator aint that good tbh lol. Still got so much to fix it on cause you can’t give it full on graphics yet like other emulators

    1. Not doing and HD Pokemon Snap on the Wii U would be a big missed opportunity. With what the console can do with the game pad, Pokemon Snap on Wii U would be a very immersive game. They should reconsider that lack of interest.

      1. I certainly agree with that, With the Gamepad’s 360-Gyroscopic abilities Pokemon Snap would be the perfect game to introduce that ability across to players. Just imagine sitting in your living room shifting your Gamepad around to view a virtual world of Pokemon through its Touchscreen.

    1. He meant take pictures of Pokemon whenever in Japan. They’re everywhere there…crapping in yards, on cards, chewing electrical wires, rooting about in gardens, knocking over trashcans, blocking paths.

      Sure you could just jump over or climb Sudowoodo or simply walk through the hedges on the side, but you can’t jump over Snorlax. You could climb on it, but would you want to put in the effort if you were late for school or work?

      …boss isn’t gonna want to hear “There was a Snorlax blocking my path, that’s why I was 15 minutes late.” Big problem in Japan…but fun here.

  2. The system is perfect for a new Pokemon Snap, though! And sure maybe we can take photos whenever we want, but not of Pokemon, and not in a way that is vast amounts of fun! That’s like saying “people can play with their pets whenever they like so there’s no point in releasing a pet emulator.” Then you look at the success of Nintendogs.

  3. yeah they need to make up their damn minds. Because I remember them saying something to the effect of ” Core games will never be on the console, because POCKET MONSTERS will stay in out pockets… go figure.” But no pokemon snap because everyone can take pictures…. THIS IS HORSE APPLES. These are pictures of POKEMON…. ughhhhhh….

  4. Pokemon snap wasn’t all that boring, but with new advanced in technology Nintendo should find a way to play 3DS/DS games with the touchscreen gamepad for Wii U. If anyone know where im going with this then Nintendo needs a 3DS player.

    1. that’d be so awesome.. and technically possible i think.. put the cartridge in the 3ds/ds and connect it to the wiiu (maybe via some download-play-app from the wiiu), and then use that as interface between the 3ds/ds cartridge slot and wiiu.. or: make an adapter that you put in one of the usb slots on wiiu.. something like that.. oh i’d so love that… well, no 3D on main screen then, but i don’t really use that anyway…

  5. I would gladly throw away every camera in my house, then walk up to him and say “I have no way of taking pictures. Can I have an HD Pokemon Snap now?”

  6. Just make a Wii U true Pkmn game and it has to be a big fat ass world online and then Wii U will be the most succesfull console in the history of gaming.

  7. I just want a new real pokemon console game like pkmn colloseum or gale of darkness but I woould be happy with pokemon stadium 3 to.

  8. sigh again everyone wants a hd pokemon snap, hd is nice but what about asking for a game using the gamepad uniquely and with lots of levels and pokemon but no all you all want is hd

    1. This would be the best. Pokemon Snap would be okay at best, but playing against other players around a HUGE (all regions including the Ranger regions) world without having to go to the Pokemon Center or whatever would be perfect.

      …plus Pokemon has a world ready-made for MMO action. There should’ve been one years again, honestly.

  9. I have never played pokemon but it looks ally fun but I don’t get why people want that over some of the other console pokemon spin offs.

  10. I think that with all the demand, they’d be stupid to be disinterested in a pokemon snap for the new console. I cant stop imagining all the possibilities.. The console itself screams pokemon snap

  11. I don’t really care lol I’m not getting a Wii U until Smash comes out. However, being a gigantic Pokemon fan (My all tine best gaming series) if they make something good with Wii U concerning Pokemon, I may be getting a Wii U sooner rather than later.

  12. It sounds like to me he’d rather have a full on Pokemon game on the Wii U compared to a Pokemon Snap. Pokemon Snap was good, it was real good, but c’mon, over a full-on Pokemon game? I’d take the latter any day on Wii U.

  13. His rejection of Pokemon Snap HD makes no sense. Yes people have cameras that they can use to take pictures whenever and of whatever they want, but NOT POKEMON!

  14. This would be very interesting to see, maybe he’s hinting at the Wii U being able to play DS and maybe 3DS games like the Gamecube and GBA? That would be very cool!

    Also, you see that Bulbasaur in the article picture? That was me before I turned evil >:)


    1. Also, stop complaining about Pokémon Snap 2. Even though this is a missed opportunity, I don’t really care, Snap was fun but got boring fast.

  16. I’ve been saying this for a longtime if Pokemon was a MMO for the wii u, it could easily take over the gaming community and sell millions. I think that would b the next step for the franchise

    1. I agree. A new Pokemon Game design from a ground up for the WII U. This will really sell millions and the pokemon fever will be back!

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