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Official Wii U Packaging Reveals Feature Called ‘Wii U Chat’

A few interesting, albeit blurry tidbits written on the side of the official Wii U packaging, which was first seen on September 13th, have been deciphered. A feature called ‘Wii U Chat’ will enable Wii U owners to communicate with each other in real time. Through Miiverse, Wii U owners can interact with friends, family and strangers from around the world.

Once zoomed in on the side of the Wii U box, this list can be read underneath the ‘Connect’ header:

  • Make and share new Mii characters
  • Easily interact with friends, family and people around the world with Miiverse
  • Download add-on content, full games, classic games and applications from Nintendo eShop (all contents sold separately).
  • Communicate with other Wii U owners in real time with Wii U Chat

94 thoughts on “Official Wii U Packaging Reveals Feature Called ‘Wii U Chat’”

    1. lol Vylash, this time you did it yourself. Usually you say something cool, then somebody like me will say “Nice. I like what you did there.” lol.

      1. err mic chat…/ online chat? obv not the mii sharing but who cares?

        welcome to 2005 Nintendo…. now the ball is in your court and show us the online for the U

          1. how is he a graphic whore? he is just saying that people could talk over mic for ages now and Nintendo finally join in.

            God you are the worst fanboy I have ever seen. HE NEVER MENTIONED ONCE about graphics or games… just a feature like voice chat…

            1. You could talk over a mic on the DS 7 years ago , sorry to put the ice burg infront of your vita there jim bob .

              Nugga , The gamecube was online with PSO , so don’t start lecturing . I have been playing online on Nintendo consoles since you were neatly tucked away within your dad’s testicles .

        1. And they’ve had communication features long before the PC? But I’m hoping they go all out with the Nintendo Network, so far they’ve impressed me with the Wii U.

        1. Yeah that’s why it’s out if stock on Gamestop, Sears, Toys R Us and Best Buy. Wii U is gonna fuckin’ rape the other consoles this Black Friday.

    1. Based on what I’ve seen, the Wii U can do in game voice chat for games like that. One example being Ghost Recon Online. So I think it comes down to the publisher’s decisions. But remember that Black Ops had voice chat on the Wii so it’s likely that Black Ops 2 will also have voice chat on the Wii U.

              1. no, look at the hour bro, im watching porn 720% more important lol

                also im from nintedo and i claim gamecube is the best console ever :3 and now that i said it on the internet is pure true

                  1. i’ve chek it and i read a full article about a popular world magazine who claims ps2 was the best console ever but just in atlantis, then the gamecube became the most popular vodeogame in history because i watch a program in discovery chanel :3

              2. “so get a life”

                “whats the metter?Scared to reply?”

                You said get a life when you are on here raping and abusing the refresh button? Well played sir, well played.

    1. The fact that you spend so much time on a website dedicated to something you don’t like, you’re in no position to give life advice.

  1. I vonda vats next?
    Broken promises like starfox for viiu or a metroid prime
    Broken promise for a F-0
    Weaker console has been revealed und its viiu

      1. oh wait, handguns with chainsaw, bullets with minichainsaws, ballistachainsaw, armor chainsaw, knife chainsaw, gernade chainsaw, scope chainsaw, a chainsaw. Enjoy da best game evah!
        the party is on fire babe

      1. D: I have a brother?! This is the happiest day of my life <3

        Yeah I know I'm a fanboy, my Nintendo branded VITA get's used so much!

            1. Smotty you need to get a life kid i bet your one of those gets that get a pc and automatically think your better than everyone else wii u is next gen doesnt matter about graphics the wii is 7th gen and the wii u is 8th is not rocket science

                1. ps360 had 6th gen control and the wii’s graphics are better than the hd twins if you by the launch price every game on the boxstation would’ve. been better with the wiimote imo

  2. I realise you linked to the original source on the word deciphered, but a shout out for the wonderful wouldn’t go amiss, y’know. They did reveal the story that you’re getting so much attention from after all.

  3. Your gravatar looks like a Wii little cock’n’balls. It is adorable how you push your problems on to people who have more money than you.

  4. Dear Nintendo,

    Can you give us specifics of how the chat will be used in gaming? I’m still not sold yet on the wii u. I may have to wait until your next generation console before i see real online gaming. I can’t believe I have waited sooo long and still nintendo does not have a good online integration yet. The 3ds online is pathetic and not structured enough to enjoy, so I hope the wii u doesn’t turn out like the 3ds.

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