Nintendo DS: Junichi Masuda Reveals N’s Full Name and Other Information From Pokemon Black & White

Junichi Masuda, one of the developers at Gamefreak who make the Pokemon games, has revealed a lot of information regarding the mysterious N from Pokemon Black and White. These could be considered spoilers if you haven’t had a chance to play either games yet.

N’s real name is Natural Harmonia Gropius, with “N” coming from the term natural number.
With his high IQ, N exceeds humans.
A genius, N excels in math enough to be called a math wizard.
N is quick-witted and has extreme mood swings.
N can see the past and future of people.
According to Masuda, rumors have it that N was born from Pokémon; the parents are unknown.
N loves Pokémon but keeps his distance from humans.
N believes he’s perfect.
Always putting Pokémon first is N’s ideology.
Given how he is, he has been shunned by humans. In effect, he has a very strong connection with Pokémon.

70 thoughts on “Nintendo DS: Junichi Masuda Reveals N’s Full Name and Other Information From Pokemon Black & White”

  1. Some news spreading round is regarding some comments on Junichi Masuda’s Twitter Account. When asked about making remakes of the GBA games Ruby & Sapphire, he responded by saying that the original games were important to him and thanked the user for his input, not that he’ll “consider” it as spreading around the internet. While this isn’t an indicator of Ruby & Sapphire remakes actually coming out, anything is possible. :)

      1. Yes, that translation was an early, optimistic, and above all /inaccurate/ version that spread around real quick. It’s not correct.

        1. c’mon, we all know that it wasn’t a strong confirmation, but if he answered a fan about this topic, it could be a hint for what we can wait in a nearly future

    1. Been awhile since i picked my copy up but if i remember right he was just using N for his own purposes or something like that.

        1. In the Japanese version he called him his son and in the English version he just said that they share the same last name. He might me adopted though. :P

      1. He’s a badguy but not a bad guy.
        (from Wreck-it Ralph)
        He thinks Pokemon are abused by humans.

        “N’s heart is pure & innocent. But there is nothing more horrid & terrifying
        then innocence.” -Concordia

  2. I hated N’s character. I don’t really like many of the characters from Black/White and the story didn’t do it for me – far too deep for my tastes.

      1. Really, more or less shallow than RedBlueSilverGoldRubySapphireDiamondPearl? Because this one’s story was by far the deepest for a non-3rd game so far, by far.

    1. This one doesn’t like to question his or her assumptions. The future of the series depends on interesting stories. If you don’t want interesting stories, play the Pokemon Side-Games like Pokemon Snap. =P

  3. [Spoilers!]

    Dammit, I wanted N to remain a mystery. Also, if he can see people’s past and future, he should have known he was brainwashed by Ghetsis and that the player would defeat him in the end. PLOTHOLE!

  4. God, with a name like that no wonder he has issues. I was pleasantly surprised with the story of B/W, I certainly wasn’t expecting something like that, it’s the first time they’ve been able to make the larger scale story (as opposed to 1st and 2nd gen) work. Although to be honest I think that this diminishes it a bit, it was better as more of a mystery, and makes it possible to find inconsistencies in the gameplay mechanics, if he coul tell the future, why did he have the same predictable AI? Also, it would have been better to reveal this kind of thing within a game.

  5. Personally? I thought he didn’t have a legit name and was just called “N” for the sake of the versions’ names (Black N’ White). I think Silver, the Johto rival, has a better name and he’s only ever been known as Silver. lol;; And they really make N out to be near perfect which… bothers me. That knowledge ruins his character for me.

  6. This… really ruined N’s character for me. It’s like the same effect gained by watching a movie adaption before you read the book, now this will be the only way I can picture N from now on. And they made him a narcissistic Gary Stu.

    I liked his character before. It seems unnecessary to kill his mystery so soon.

    1. Well, he’s not really a “Gary Stu”.. It said he BELIEVES he’s perfect, not that he actually is. Also, it does state a few character flaws..

      I don’t know, this makes me like him more. Maybe i’m interpretting it differently, but it makes him sound more insane. As if he’s got some sort of psychological disorder. Extreme mood swings and narcissism? Also, born from pokemon strikes me more as “born among” as opposed to “out of the uterus of one”..

      1. Nintendo said before 2012 and i’ve heard rumors of november.

        Whens nintendo annoucing the release dates like with the NES ambassador?

  7. When I told my friend that N’s real name was Natural Harmonia Gropius, she burst out laughing and then said “That’s stupid!” Say the last part out loud and you’ll know why…

    My other friend and I have started guessing what Pokemon N’s parents were. We’ve come up with one serious answer: a pair of legendaries of some description, but we have heaps of stupid ones:
    -Skitty and Wailord
    -Graveler and Tropius, hence ‘Gropius’
    -A Ditto transformed into an attractive man and a Jynx
    -Two Gyarados who thought they were having a wimpy Magikarp, but had a weird human kid instead

  8. Hmmmm… Who else here found the 5th Generation a disappointment?

    I mean, this is only my humble opinion, but if you look at the new Pokemon……. A chandeler? A ice cream? A snowflake? Cogs? Mushrooms? And the ridiculous look of Beartic (that thing is too much out of proportion.) The land/ wind/ lightning legendaries all look they have some kind of fatal skin diesease……. And we didn’t even get any new exciting Eeveelutions or new Pokemon evolutions! Admittedly, the storyline is good and Braviary is a good Pokemon, but thats all thats good about Generation 5 imo.

    *Grounch over*
    If you really want to see good Pokemon, visit DeviantArt: PEQUE-VELVET and look up his album: Outpherm Region…… I tell you, once you see these, you will fall out of love with Gen 5 Pokemon. They are that good! Then check out his Eeveelutions and his evolutions of already existing Pokemon!!!

    1. yeah im seriously the specias name of trbbish is th trsh bag pokemon
      generation 5 may be the last one i mean gotta catche em all means nothing you cant catch them all without dongling or cheats just make a new game where you really can catch em all

      1. I caught them all in Pokemon White without cheating so… And I really doubt this will be the last generation, it’s too big of a franchise for Nintendo to just say “sorry guys were done with pokemon, go play legend of zelda”

    2. Well… You do make a compelling argument about the design of the pokemon but honestly if you look back on the Gen one pokemon…. Most of them are pretty uncreative… For example Pidgey, Spearow, Farfetch’D there all birds… Meowth and Persian are cats… Shelder and Cloyster are clams… Krabby and Kingler are crabs…… Need I continue?… Also you have to think Chandelure is a chandelier that practically eats people’s soul… In my opinion Gen 5 has some pretty creative pokemon…. Except for Darumaka and that’s only because people put it’s poop in their pockets to keep warm… I don’t even

  9. Junichi masuda responded to a message about ruby sapphire remake by saying thanks for your support ill do my best so lets hope so :P

  10. i hate N i ’cause like im at nimbasa city and when i go to the amusement park he keeps on beating me and im sooo tired of battling him its so hard!!!
    And now im about to start it over and get new pokemon because i have a servine on lv.28 and a liepard on lv.21 a herdier on lv.24 a timburr on lv.20 a roggenrola on lv.21 and a panpour on lv.21 its hard to believe i got to the third gym right?

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