Nintendo 3DS: Level-5 Reveal First Footage Of Guild 01 From All-Star Development Team

Level 5 has showcased the first footage of Guild 01 a Nintendo 3DS project by an all-star team of developers including No More Heroes creator Suda51 and Yasumi Matsuno, who produced Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story among others. Guild 01 is a compilation title composed of four separate games from the four separate creators. It’s due out sometime next year and sounds promising.


  1. The DS got a shitload of awesome RPG’s. So many that we couldn’t play all of them even if it was only a small portion that got released outside of Japan. It seems the 3DS is in the right track for a repeat. This time though, I got my 3DS from the start, so I will try not to miss out on any of these games if they make it to the west.

  2. The first game: Looked interesting.
    Second: It looked good, but I don’t really know what you do…
    Third: The hell? A game about putting luggage on a plane?
    Fourth: The best of the four by far. Can’t wait to see more.

  3. They all looked like fantastic games of their own genre, and I like all four different genres, so I loved all the games. I really hope this comes out outside of Japan.

  4. Did anyone think of of an MMO like runescape when they saw the second game. all of them look sweet though

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