Nintendo 3DS: Trailer For Level 5’s Forthcoming RPG Fantasy Life For Nintendo 3DS

Level 5 has revealed the first trailer for its forthcoming RPG Fantasy Life for the Nintendo 3DS.The game is being co-developed by Brownie Brown and Level-5. The game was previously being developed for the Nintendo DS. Fantasy Life is due out next year.


  1. @Maxthekittykat. Usually, Level 5 releases their games in Japan, and then release in other areas whenever they get around to it. It usually takes around, well, they sort of do it randomly. Some games only take a couple of weeks, while one game took almost a year.

  2. I’m digging the art style. It’s not really anime, but it’s not exactly cell shaded either. I think developers have found a way to make games for the 3DS in ways that the 3D effect won’t look flat. Just look at all the games announced for next year, and Nintendo games such as Kid Icarus and Luigi’s Mansion as schedule for an early release along with RE Revelations. I just wish they would make more games for the west. These will be great games in Japan, but sometimes they just don’t release them in the west. The Wii is still getting a lot of support over there, but we’re left in the dark except for Kirby, Skyward Sword, and some low profile titles.

  3. WTF?? why this looks like a DS game? it´s for 3DS right?? So why companies keep on releasing games with that kind of graphics!?!

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