Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Is Tipped For Number One At Christmas

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has conducted a survey to find out exactly what retailers believe will be the number one selling console this Christmas. The console that retailers thought would do best during the holiday season is the Nintendo 3DS by a decent margin. Clearly games such as Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land won’t hurt the console.

  • Nintendo 3DS – 63
  • PS Vita – 31
  • PlayStation 3 – 14
  • PlayStation Portable – 5


          1. What do you mean?! Donkey Kong Country Returns, Metroid Other M, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Golden Eye 007, Epic Mickey… There were so many great games that 2010 was an amazing year!!

  1. Is the Vita going to be released in Japan before 2012? I thought that it wasn’t going to be released until then…

    1. The Vita is launching late December after Xmas, i forgot the date but Sony released it.

      If your not in Japan in the other hand you will need to wait until march or feburary which i hate.

      Nintendo released the 3DS a month after Japan got it.

  2. So glad my sis decided she wants to get a 3DS this Christmas. I want Nintendo do do as well as possible.

    1. I’ve convinced maybe about 5 people at school to get one after they played with mine. In the case of the 3DS, word-of-mouth can really encourage sales =)

      1. True. I hardly know anyone who owns a 3DS. But i beleave word of mouth will make people buy. All people think a 3DS is, is a ds with 3D. it’s not that.

        3DS has streetpass,spotpass, shows anyware, Better graphics, better controls. Lots of games it comes with like AR and Face raiders. FACE RAIDERS IS THE BEST GAME THAT COMES WITH 3DS!

  3. OMG when I looked at the 3DS I thought it was yet another new colour but then its like oh, its just aqua blue =/

    Anyways hope to buy me a white one if they come to NA in time along with a xbox360.

    1. I think the PSP was firs at some point during initial release of the DS when the DS was not doing well. Then again, the DS hadn’t gotten any major releases on its first holiday season unlike the 3DS, which is getting two big ones.

    2. Yeah, well not the PSP or the PSVITA, but the PS2 and PS1 have been number 1 consecutively since they were released until the generation ended.

  4. That’s an interesting margin. Before the 3DS was released, there was already a lot of hype, and it was a non-holiday times. The Vita on the other hand doesn’t seem like it’s generating that much hype. Leaving the battery aside, which is similar to the 3DS’s, I think Sony dropped the ball with the memory stick for the Vita and making the games available for PS3 as well. It’s their biggest mistake and it’s going to cost them.

    1. Short answer: Because this is Japan.

      1. Install base already is huge – more difficult to sell even more systems. Above all, sales have decreased quite considerably the last 18 months.
      2. the successor is (probably) coming out in less than a year
      3. Zelda isn’t quite the system seller in Japan like it is in the US and Europe
      4. Kirby is released within less than two weeks and more of a ‘niche’ Jump’n’Run. It doesn’t appeal masses nearly as much as a Mario title, thus will have very low impact on Christmas sales for Japanese Wiis.

    2. 1) almost everyone has a wii now.

      2) Some people know about the Wii U coming next June.

      3) People are not intrested.

      4) some People have a Wii And alredy preordered those games.

  5. I’m shocked at the non appearance of the Wii on this list, although maybe it’s because Zelda isn’t a high selling series in Japan (although there is Kirby, which is). But no surprises as far as the 3DS coming first, I honestly expect Mario Kart 7 at least to be a major sales booster, same with Super Mario 3D Land.

    1. Maybe these were the only options retailers were given. It’s hard to sell the Wii when the Wii U is nearby. Japan will be getting a lot of Wii games this holiday season, so they will sell some units. As for Zelda, pre-order for Skyward Sword skyrocketed in Japan when they announced the release date for the game along with the bundle. Zelda is pretty big over there though not as big as it is in the US.

      And no surprise for the 3DS here either. They are getting a 3DS bundle for Monster Hunter 3G as well as the slider pad bundle, a limited edition bundle for that Gundam game, and 3 limited edition bundles for Love + on the 3DS featuring three different girls on the case, and that game is big in Japan. That plus Nintendo’s own games and the rest of the games announced for coming out this holiday season.

      If the 3DS is still on top of the charts with “no games,” imagine the sales later on. And the 3DS is on top even though the PSP and PS3 have been getting constant support and high profile games.

  6. Woah, Japanese companies think the 3DS will do better than Vita, and it even got twice as many votes? That’s amazing considering the strength of Sony systems over there.
    I had a feeling the 3DS would be the biggest in Japan.

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