Here’s What An HD Pokemon Snap Would Look Like In Unreal Engine 3

Christian Davis, an associate environment artist at Junction Point Studios, created detailed models of the Pokémon Blastoise with UDK, which is a simplified edition of Unreal Engine 3. The image above is Davis’ depiction of what Pokémon Snap would look like in HD. Check out more of Davis’ Blastoise models here.

99 thoughts on “Here’s What An HD Pokemon Snap Would Look Like In Unreal Engine 3”

    1. You Know, I’ve been wishing for a Sequel to Pokemon Snap for years now, and this image has gotten me all excited for the possibilities now.
      Because for all its flaws Pokemon Snap is still in my personal Top 5 of all Videogames

    2. I’m not too fond of this image actually, but I would love another Pokemon Snap, the Wii U is just perfect for it. I don’t care what engine they use, there’s more than enough capable of making nice looking games. I also don’t really get what the pokéball is doing there, it’s not as if you’d be able to catch them.

      1. I believe that model was made by the same person and he either
        A: Just wanted to throw it in there or
        B: Is using it to show off the lighting

      1. Nope, Unreal said it won’t run on any currently announced consoles and I highly doubt it will run on anything except top gaming PCs.

        1. LMAO URE 4 is TOTALLY 100 PERCENT scalable, it even runs on ios games and they said the wii U to but didn’t say HOW SCALE down if at it would be on wii U and said THERE NOT makeing URE4 games for wii Anytime soon , but said if anybody wants to use URE4 to make a game on wii U there more than walkcome to

    1. Because the strengths of a game are determined solely by whether or not it uses the most up to date engine… Definitely… Which makes all games that don’t use current engines crap, so let’s chuck out Ocarina of Time and FFX and Kingdom Hearts and Spyro and all those games. OLD ENGINES? WHAT SHIT.

    2. Lol, the UE4 demo looked terrible to be honest it didn’t eve. Look close to the detail of UE3.9 with the good samaritan demo. Besides that, it was said that the producer is not satisfied with the graphics of any of the next gen consoles and will not be placing as many UE4 games on them. Also, the only UE4 games that would go on them would be scaled down. They also stated how UE3 was nowheres near the end of its lifespan and UE4 wont be used in games for years. So UE4 is not coming anytime soon, the Wii U can handle it the same way as the PS4 and the XBox 720 will, by downgrading, with the only difference being to what extent is it being downgraded.

      1. that doesn’t make much sense either…i’m almost certain that the xbox 720 will have unreal engine 4 and that the Wii U will have xbox 360 graphics….which isn’t bad, but it’s still going to be behind the current generation like usual…

        1. The wii U may be able to handle a scaled version but it wouldn’t be too much of a difference. And the 720 might actually run the full thing or come quite close.

        2. Everything that I stated was from articles, UE3 is not dead and will not be for years most likely. UE4 will only be scaled down versions unless you have the highest end PC on the market. Also, the rumors are showing that the 720 will not be a major raise in graphics and mostly be based on social elements instead of graphics.

      1. Obvious troll… obvious.

        According to Mark Rein, President of Epic Games, developers will be able to port their UE4 games to the Wii U if they wish. However, Rein added that the current Unreal Engine 3 is a “really good fit” for the Wii U. If Retro Studios or Gearbox want to port the Pokemon franchise and use Unreal 3 or 4 for a Pokemon Snap or Battle game, they can do it.

          1. Lol, get cancer retard :”)
            For a while I thought you’d be able to come up with decent arguments, but I guess it was just a flaw <3

    3. Current Engine? The 360 and PS3 couldn’t use the Engine to it’s full potential. Only PC’s at the time could. Next Gen Consoles wouldn’t look a lot more different than the full power of UE3 on the UE4 if you fill in the dots.

  1. A non-turn based Pokemon game with these Graphics could be the best game ever. And I never say that..

    Never. Say. That…

        1. “High” doesn’t start with a vowel, But he didn’t say High. He said H. (Eych)

          You’re the one who needs an English class buddy. If you’re going to correct someone, you had better make sure you know what you’re talking about before you look like a prick. “An HD” is correct.

        2. Actually it has to do with how that first letter of the next word is pronounced. H, when people say HD, is not said the same way as in High. If they said “High Definition”, then yes it would be “A High Definition”, but since its being said “H-D”, it’s “an HD”.

        3. Well, when he says “HD” he’s not saying “high definition”, he’s saying “aych-dee” which is pronounced with a vowel first, so shut up. If you really want to get technical, Go read old literature dipshit. The band “an horse”, though I don’t listen to them, is a play on the fact that words that began with h still used the article “an” rather than “a”. And really, “an HD” sounds more appropriate so it should be used that way. English constantly changes and evolves based on common uses and “exceptions” to rules.

  2. To those saying this looks too realistic, I say FALSE! There are actually some official pokemon card designs where the pokemon looks hyper-realistic. This is possible and we want it.

  3. Imagine a Pokemon Snap remake/sequel on the Wii U. The Wii U Gamepad would obviously e you camera, making smooth aiming control. Plus SO many more Pokemon have been created since the original, the game would be HUGE!

  4. I’ve been hoping for a Pokemon Snap sequel for years now, I loved it on 64 and I’d love it on WiiU, imagine using the gamepad as the camera, being able to swing around physically to catch those tricky last minute shots rather than relying on the analogue stick all of the time…
    As for the art style, I personally like the realism of this particular render. If the game is gonna be focused on taking photos, why not make the environments and Pokemon in them realistic and beautiful? I have no qualms.

  5. Bin bang Bop!!! Ummmm… can they start making this game like RIGHT NOW!?! That Blastoise looked soo cool! Bippith Boppity Boop!!!

    1. According to a rep at Epic Games, the Wii U DOES support Unreal Engine 4. Quit being such a fucking nuisance and trolling in every goddamn thread… it’s embarassing. Get a life!

      1. LOL but EPIC isn’t making games for the wii u , and if it does support ue4 than its gonna look like an N64 game …ENJOY YOUR GIMPED PORTS !! NINTENFAG

        1. Whatever you fucking fairy. You are a failure… you’re not even a gamer. According to an Epic Games rep, games on PS3 running on Unreal Engine 3 only shows 20% of its power. Sucks to be you, douchebag. You lose! Good day, sir!

            1. I am a nintendo an PC gamer but I can say you are not a PC gamer if you spend 24/7 on a nintendo fan page BTW troll everybody here is tired of you.

            2. Bing Bang Bop!!! Why the hell is someone who plays PC games trolling on a Nintendo(a company that makes CONSOLES!) thread thread?!? makes no sense lol!!! Bop Bam Boom!!!

          1. Sickr, seriously… I get warned for calmly and respectfully giving an alternate opinion on some things, yet this kind of talk (which this guy does ALL the time) is allowed and unmonitored? Are you kidding me right now? I’ve reported him several times, yet he’s still here, talking this kind of nonsense and being incredibly disrespectful.

              1. No, it doesn’t tolerate flaming. Period. And that’s all you do. It DOES tolerate people like me who respectfully question certain things of ALL game companies, includin but not limited to Nintendo.

                Every post yours is calling someone a “fucking fairy” and it’s not until I call you out for it that you reign it in with “kiss Ness’ BUTT”. I have no idea who that kid is, nor am I kissing his/her butt. I’m simply outing disrespectful people like you and helping to rid this site of your childish name calling and flamboyant, obsessivefanboy raging.

                  1. Oh you don’t?

                    AHEM… here are some of my favourites of yours, just from THIS news story’s comments alone:

                    “Quit being such a fucking nuisance and trolling in every goddamn thread… it’s embarassing. Get a life!”

                    “Whatever you fucking fairy. You are a failure… you’re not even a gamer”

                    All because someone said something about Nintendo playing catch-up. He didn’t curse, didn’t call anyone names, didn’t say “ZOMG NINTENDO SUX DICK!” or anything. He just made an observation he thought was funny, and you got emo-fanboy butt-hurt and raged on him… as per always. You do it every. Single. Story.

  6. Just imagine a 3D pokemon adventure like colosseum and XD gale of darkness with those graphics. That would be awesome in my opinion

  7. I am okay with this. I prefer the sprites for the portables and the soft graphics for the ’3D’ games, but I defnately think a spin off like Pokemon Snap would look lovely in this sort of detail. The question is whether or not it could run and fit all 649.

  8. This looks really good. An HD remake or sequel of Pokemon Snap would be a perfect fit for the Wii U. Especially with what the second screen can do.

  9. It would be so awesome! The pictures could look really beaautiful in HDand with all the plants and stuff! Too bad nintendo would make it all cutesy and cartoony, because this would look so cool!

  10. I don’t understand why people like pokemon snap so much. From the videos I have seen it looks so boring. What’s the appeal?

    1. Its more nostalgia than anything if you would have been 12 and played that game you would have loved it lol

    2. It was like an on-rails shooter crossed with an adventure game, in all honesty it was great fun. Snapping Pokemon in different poses to score the most points, discovering how to make new pokemon and areas appear with new items, it had a genuine appeal and it was quite fun… Perhaps a bit short though. Though with over 600 pokemon now and the WiiU’s power I’m sure they could make it a huge game.

  11. totally would buy a pokemon game if they went this route. Its too cartoony as is.. which is not bad but its been the same for over 10 yrs. lets evolve people

  12. It will not look that good on Wii U. That’s what it could look like on a high-end PC with a $500+ graphics card but Wii U would not be able to handle graphics quite that caliber or as many details vis a vis foliage, etc.

    Running UE3 is one thing. Running it at max capabilities is another.

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