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Star Fox Developer Talks About Shigeru Miyamoto & Star Fox Wii U

Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert, who has worked alongside Nintendo on the majority of Star Fox titles has likened Shigeru Miyamoto to the late Steve Jobs. Cuthbert says that although Miyamoto is slightly more friendly, he’s just as cutting

“Shigeru Miyamoto is like a slightly more friendly Steve Jobs but just as cutting. His private face is different to his public face.”

“His style of chasing ideas and cutting through bulls*** is brilliant. Internally he’s kind of like a slightly more friendly Steve Jobs, but just as cutting.”

Dylan Cuthbert also went on to say that he has a number of ideas of how the Wii U GamePad could be used in a new Star Fox game, but admitted it’s down to Nintendo to decide whether his idea works.

“Those questions are best geared towards Miyamoto. I know what I’d try and do with that tech, but at the end of the day, the ball’s in Nintendo’s court.

“I like to work on a variety of games, or life gets a little boring! Star Fox is a great world and series of characters, and one day I’d definitely like to go back to it and expand it further.”

33 thoughts on “Star Fox Developer Talks About Shigeru Miyamoto & Star Fox Wii U”

    1. But it is from Miyamoto so it has to be good. But I do not like shooters at all.
      I do not know if I would enjoy it.

    2. I was only 7 or 8 when I played Star Fox 64 but I only have awesome, fun memories. Maybe it was because 3D was still sort of new and impressive but who knows…

    3. @Blackabe: You should find and play a Star Fox game right now! Go for the original on SNES or Star Fox 64 or its recent 3DS remake. You’ll love it.

    4. I hope u can control the arwing with the gamepad/wiimote for the wiiu version itd be awwwweeeeessssoommmaaa


      Its a great game :) try 64/Lylat Wars on VC, after that there 2 on the gamecube, Adventure and Assault. Pretty different games haha both good though

    6. Pretty good, try playing Star Fox 64, Adventures, or Assault. I wouldn’t suggest starting with Command, though.

        1. I didn’t exactly like adventures too much, the start is very boring, it gets better later on, but it is almost completely on foot battle.

  1. I loved Starfox! This game would be a HUGE seller if it is actually picked up and developed! The one thing I always loved about the Starfox series, is that it has always pushed a console to limits never before seen!

  2. If they do Star Fox, it would be like bringing back Pit! Just not from as far back as Kid Icarus was…The question now is it going to be old school SF where you fly strictly in the airwing? Or will it be like Dinosaur Planet where you actually run around as Fox?? Personally, I like Dinosaur Planet playing style so I hope it is that!!!

  3. NEVER compare Miyamoto to Steve Jobs. Jobs was a horrible man who treated everyone he knew like crap and doesn’t deserve any credit for what he did.

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