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Fifty Minutes Of High Quality Footage From Level 5’s Time Travelers

Tilmen from NintenDomination has uploaded 50 minutes of high quality footage from Level 5’s Time Travelers. Most of the captured footage takes place on the top screen of the Nintendo 3DS XL. Time Travelers is out now in Japan for the PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

35 thoughts on “Fifty Minutes Of High Quality Footage From Level 5’s Time Travelers”

          1. Unation Enric agreed with you he just said that he preferred the Vita version of the game over the 3ds version Why do you have a problem with that?

          2. Now please tell me what the fuck console sales have to do with game expierience… Oh that’s right: nothing.
            That guy also likes Nintendo but this game he’d rather have on Vita (and why not? Lets not try to act that they both give the same image on screen, which – before you start again – has nothing to do with the sales of the Vita)

            I hope that when you read your comment again you come to the conclusion that’s it’s very, very idiotic, but fanboys usually don’t see that kind of thing.

            Also kinda faggy that you have a problem with someones choice considering such a serious matter as VIDEOGAMES(!) in the first place…

            1. Actually, if a console doesn’t sell well, people won’t make games for the console – affecting the experience.

              1. …Christ, I knew somebody would say that, but that’s not relevant when talking about one single game at all. That is relevant when talking about the complete line-up; definately! But not in this case at all.

                1. Neutral Perspective

                  Hey! Chill out guys. This person is obviously a graphics lover, and you should respect that. But seriously, this is a movie that I would rather see in HD than 3D!

                  Also Enric, you should probably refrain from posting about the Vita on a site full of Nintendo fanboys.

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              1. Quit being an absolute fanboy and leave people to enjoy what they want. You seriously complain about people like Aeolus, then you post a comment like that? Hypocrisy at its best.


    Nintendo fanboy: Looks better on 3DS
    Sony fanboy: Looks better on Vita
    Microsoft fanboy: Fuck that shit we got Halo
    PC fanboy: Well, at least we have Crysis

    1. FoolyCoolyUpInHere

      PC fanboy: 1080p EMULATOR SON!!!
      hahaha, that’s still great though. I personally just think the game looks really good

      1. I think it more like, PC fanboy: No Steam, no more sales! Look what you did to my wallet last time!

  2. We appreciate you posting this video but 5 minutes would have been enough.

    I got bored and switched it off after 7 minutes ….

    1. Eh, while five minutes would have sufficed, a few (or lot) of use would want to continue watching. Nonetheless, by uploading fifty minutes, people like you would be satisfied with five minutes while other people with bigger cravings would also be satisfied.

  3. …….
    So it’s basically a Visual Novel without any ecchi content, right?
    Well…..hmm…….I dunno. I think I’d rather play a VN, ecchi or no ecchi.
    When I hear RPG, I think combat alongside great story, not just the great story.
    I’ll keep it on my to-watch-for list, but so far I’m not really hyped for it…….

  4. FoolyCoolyUpInHere

    So wait, is this being western localized. I’d love to play it… or, watch it. Very movie-like and about time travel, and I can’t resist time travel stuff

  5. Is it coming stateside? This looks great and like a blast on new XL screen. I wish XL was out already as I sold my old 3DS for it already.

  6. Is that Hiroaki Hirata as the scientist? He really does end up playing all of the “ojisans”. Haha, Kotetsu and Kyugo Shindo even have the same hair. xD If Level 5 ever brings this game to North America, they should keep the Japanese track because Hiroaki Hirata’s voice needs more appreciation.

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