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Satoru Iwata: “You Shouldn’t Be Expecting Call Of Duty-Like Games To Be Offered From Nintendo”

During a recent interview, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was asked whether he felt that Nintendo is lagging behind rivals when it comes to online multiplayer. Iwata claims that local cooperative play is Nintendo’s strength. Through local multiplayer, Iwata says, people can play and enjoy games together in the same room. Iwata believes that Nintendo shouldn’t try to compete with developers who make “Call of Duty-like games,” but instead invite them to develop their games, that are heavily reliant on online, for Nintendo platforms.

“The strength of Nintendo is definitely creating game experiences for people who can play in the same room together and enjoy them together. I think this is the strength we are coming from and if you look at our games and how they’re structured; this is the starting point (for our games).


“But we also have titles like Mario Kart that are heavily reliant on online and support online multiplayer. But you shouldn’t be expecting Call of Duty-like games to be offered from Nintendo. For that type of game my belief is that, if there are companies out there who can do this very well, then instead of us try to do it this, or to compete with them, it would be better to have them do it on our platforms, so to invite them and to support them to offer this kind of entertainment on our platform.

225 thoughts on “Satoru Iwata: “You Shouldn’t Be Expecting Call Of Duty-Like Games To Be Offered From Nintendo””

    1. LOL Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo…still producing kiddy games…what ever happened to making goldeneye? or perfect dark for N64?

      They dont wanna tailor the wiiU to the core. They still wanna make casual games … when will you all learn…

          1. it actually is relevant..Nintendo never do mature games… and since wiiU will lose 3rd party when true gen comes…. well its only kiddy games and shovelware left…

            in the meantime watch this… watchdogs for wiiU

            1. you realise mature and violent don’t mean the same thing
              in my opinion playing mario and sonic is more mature than some game where you blow peope’s heads off just because its funny to see people die

              1. “Critics who treat ‘adult’ as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”
                ― C.S. Lewis

                1. Why the hell does a game need to be mature for you to play it? A game should be FUN first, the other shit comes second. Nintendo is known for putting out fun games, they don’t need people shooting at each other with gallons of blood coming out. Nintendo can leave that to the 3rd parties, concentrate on the type of games they make, and there will a wide variety of games EVERYONE can play. Not just the teen to pre-teens that flock to every FPS mature title solely because they think only mature games are fun, and playing those types of games makes them feel “grown up”.

            2. LOL not that “Nintendo ain’t mature” bullcrap again. Things like Mother 3, Fire Emblem and arguably Zelda are way more mature than those shooters for 14 years old kids that just grew two pubic hairs.

            3. COD is for kiddies or at least for people with mental handicap.. If you play the game as is its to easy its short. If you play mario galaxy its a hard long game.
              Just because there are good players playing COD doesnt make the game hard, Just because the competition is hard the game doesnt become hard or complex or “hardcore”.

              There is always a person better in anything than you are so even farting can be a competitive “hardcore” thing if you find people that compete with you and if you make it a “game/tournament” Wii sports for example is as hardcore as COD because you can play against a friend or stranger and you can be the one losing because the other guy is better. Just because it has no DICK SIZE COMPARING RANKING SYSTEM its not something different than COD it just works without gore and violence. As soon as people get this they can call themself real gamers. Untill then they are just ranting small babies that care about unimportant stuff and have no real life and are BORED.

      1. you are full of fail mister
        every comment you make is testament to that :)

        neither perfect dark nor goldeneye were developed by nintendo
        and apparently you didn’t even understand iwatas comment

        get your facts straight
        then come back
        or better yet…

      2. Well this is dumb seeing as Nintendo never actually made those games, Rare did, and look how they turned out when MS got them.
        Whether you dont like Nintendo’s first party titles or not, the “mature” content will be there, by 3rd party developers, they already have Ninja Gaiden, ZombiU, Assassins Creed 3, Aliens, CoD (rumoured/leaked).
        Seriously, that pole up our ass it starting to rust.

        1. and I NEVER SAID NINTENDO MADE GOLDENEYE I said they belong to that system!! Silly boy. Read more carefully. I know your anxious to defend your baby gaming platform

          1. and what kind of control does nintendo have over if there will be another perfect dark? ever? microsoft turned rare into a bunch of kinect goons
            what did your comment have to do with iwatas statement?

            nothing at all? seems about right

            fact is: there will be “core” (or what you like to think is “core”) games for wii-u only they will not be made by
            there’s nothing to argue about

            your comment, as apparently always, did not make any sense

          2. “what happened to making goldeneye? Or perfect dark for N64?”

            Yeah, you cant even rememeber what you wrote.

            1. That awkward moment when Nintendo had Red Steel 1-2, No More Heroes 1-2, the Conduit 1-2.. and I know I’m missing more. These are mature games (though I’m sure that the Conduit and Red Steel T) that came out on the Wii. But Nintendo doesn’t have mature games… you must not be looking…

          3. Eighteen Fourty Three

            >still producing kiddy games…what ever happened to making goldeneye? or perfect dark for N64?

            That is what you ACTUALLY said. And considering the lack of proper punctuation and abuse of ellipsis, it’s little wonder people misread what you wrote.

            Learn to use the english language before you post shit.

          4. I’m starting to believe it will be unfair if the n gets support like the lost twins because that’s all they have not worth the money graphics also the n survived two gens killed another one just with 1st party and maybe 30% support the copycats would’ve collapsed instantly

        1. when did i say violence? stop putting words in my mouth u fanboy… lol third party doesnt av to be violent…bet ur looking forward to ZombiU…. guess what… thats violent… hypocrites

          1. You’re pretty much saying that only fps’s with a lot of gore and blood are ‘hardcore’, since apparently Nintendo ‘only makes kiddy games now’.
            It’s not that I don’t like violent games, (well I don’t really but occasionally I don’t mind them, It’s just I can’t play them all day every day like “hardcore gamers” (10 year old graphic whores))
            You’re just spewing out shit, That had nothing to do with my reply anyway….

            1. graphic whores? fps are not even about graphics lol I recommend you stick to your animal crossing paedophile games. WII HAS NO ELDER SCROLLS

              WII HAS NO RESI EVIL


              of course u dnt care cos u have bowser as your picture..,. FANBOY

              1. Wii does have resident evil actually
                You’re contradicting yourself, Bitching about graphics and saying uncharted has the best graphics, yesterday you said you prefer graphics to gameplay
                I don’t even play animal crossing, but it isn’t a ‘paedophile game’.
                You’re a moron
                Wii has lots of great games, you’re just being a fanboy, you call me one but take a look at yourself
                Oh so having Bowser as my picture makes me a fanboy? Um k

                1. Ha ha, I’m starting to think Aeolus lives for this. He’s only alive to wish upon death to Nintendo. Dude seriously needs to find a hobby or something, I feel bad for ’em. But I have to say I like having you here because it sparks convo. Lol.

                  1. Yeah, appearently his PS3 isn’t entertaining enough, and he has to come troll people that harmlessly enjoy the system of their choice. Its a pretty sad case…really.

              2. if you want graphics play on the new ipad or a pc, because console graphics compare to pcs and the new ipad are shit, people are caring too much about graphics these dayz over the fun of a game, i swear we need to go back to the 16 bit era where all games looked the same but were all fun

      3. i see, you want mature games (with blood and half naked asses) since you are a mature gamer, and yes Nintendo does games for kids, i have completed Kid Icarus Uprising at the 100% and believe me… that´s so a casual game, even a 10 year old kid could achieve this

        1. There’s a huge difference between ”games for kids” and ”games for everyone”.
          Based on your logic, Call of Duty is a game for kids because a 10 year old could easily learn how to play it.
          Honestly, the fact people still can’t figure out the actual difference between casual gaming and hardcore gaming baffles me.

      4. Aeolus I love your comments. Because of you every one has decided not to buy Nintendo products and feel the way you do. I love the way that you come here every day no matter if on your smart phone, your pc or hell even your pc or x box and comment on everyones post. Hell I know you knock down the Nintendo faihful to rungs. It’s awesome that your post are wild rants to cause arguments. The best part is is i don’t have to read up on material to get the jist of the info because your not one sided arguments give me all the perspective I need.
        It’s awesome that You clearly have no faith and hate Nintendo but you always come to a dedicated nintendo site and bash everyones thoughts. I bet that because of you no one is buying a wii u. I normally don’t post on peoples post but you inspired me. I mean if anything your post have made me see the light. So Sir you win the award for the golden di** rider. Now I would love to hear your speach.

        1. SPEECH* and thank you :) I actually own a Nintendo console just not the garbage wii! Just telling you how it is

          1. I have read a lot of news post trust me i know what you own more than you do. I made that online connecion with you.I just love the fact that it doesn’t matter what kind news article you see you post something negative. Now i’m not telling you change your perspective on Nintendo and how you feel. But to bash or dog another for how they truly feel come on dude your doing to much. I’m not going to get into the history of of your post because we know what they are I’m not going to tell you to sensor your post because you have feedom of speech. But just know that you look really ignorant spitting that venom we call hate.

          2. right
            because this right here: “I actually own a Nintendo console ”
            gives your flamboyant and polemic posts so much more credibility
            wait no.. it doesn’t

          3. Wii was more advanced in my imo until the clones copied the wii has call of duty same game as the hd systems but until the move precision aiming wasn’t possible on the wreakbox and gimmickstation

      5. Goldeneye 007 and perfect dark are Rare games. LOL Also, Metroid Prime it’s more hardcore than all your CoD shit.

      6. Nintendo didn’t really make Goldeneye or Perfect Dark. That was rarewere, their 2nd party dev…

      1. Let me say whoever posted the first comment is a retard for thinking that he can post a negative comment about Nintendo on a Nintendo fan site also not everyone has to like cod and shit I like resident evil and stuff but you don’t see me saying that all games that are not rated m are horrible or they are a kiddie game heck I play Zelda Mario and metroid still and I don’t say they are bad. So main point either start posting some positive comments and actually read the article and you probly won’t have a huge arguments like I see on most of your comments on this site so yhea

    1. Name one friendship that was actually “ruined” by New Super Mario Bros. Wii….just because you didnt like the game doesnt mean ALL of Nintendo’s online multiplayer is awful.

      1. Nintendo online sucks altogether. I’m as big of a nintendo fan as the rest of you, and even I can acknowledge that they’re years behind everyone else in terms of online multiplayer. Brawl was laggy, Mario Kart was… decent… I guess. What other games from Nintendo had any kind of online multiplayer? WiiWare sucked. Virtual Console was… okay I guess. Games were released too sparsely, and we never did get our Earthbound. Still. Besides all of that, I’m still really looking forward to the Wii U. They better get it together this gen with online.

        1. You have yet to see the full potential of Nintendo online stuff, you’ll see. –– You judged the book by its cover, now it’ll prove you wrong.

          1. If using the book as a metaphor, it’s more like:
            ”You’ve judged the book by reading it, now you’ll get another book”
            Don’t act like Nintendo did a good job with online gaming and everybody knows/should know it. Don’t make excuses for them because they will simply have to prove themselves with Wii U. No rocket science.

          2. POTENTIAL, it hasn’t happened yet. As of right now, Nintendo’s online is shit, there’s no arguing that

        2. Mario kart was brilliant online for me compared to the one match I played on brawl mario kart lagged less than BF3 for me

        3. Their online was fine, it just wasnt as vast as the current, mario kart wii was awesome, i dont remember lagging at all (although it wouldve slightly on occasion). Brawl was, ok, but i spent more time in that punch bag waiting room sometimes

          1. The current Nintendo online doesnt suck and the previous Nintendo online wasn’t too weak at all!

            1. Compared to the online infrastructure of the Ps3 and Xbox 360 it was lacking. But the games that had online were mostly lag free (apart from Brawl) and nintendo have tried to fix the problems and i am looking forward to the innovations made by Miiverse

          2. Are you fucking kidding me? The Wii almost has no online compared to that of the 360 and PS3. Don’t try to tell me you’re talking about WiiU, because that hasn’t happened yet. For all you know, it could be the worst online ever

        4. Kid Icarus Uprising and Mario Kart 7 both had online connectivity that was above Nintendo’s Average. It’s not on par with the 360’s and PS3’s games, but it’s something.

        5. I think its pretty safe to assume Nintendo’s online is going to be solid this go around. Thats by far the largest complaint I had for the Wii (like many others) and Nintendo is aware of it. Despite the fact that we don’t know too much about Miiverse, its pretty apparent they are taking online seriously, and giving it a Nintendo touch.

      2. Oh my God dude he was fucking joking. Let a person actually realize Nintendo has faults once in a while. Seriously dude, you need to realize Nintendo doesn’t need some random guy on some random site defending them. Its his opinion, let him have it

        BTW, Nintendo’s online IS terrible, you can’t defend that because there isn’t anything TO defend

      1. Um isn’t the wii more focused on playing and communicating with real people and family just saying

    1. thenintendoreviewer

      Now I’m curious of how that would turn out. If it were to have all the charm of a mario game that could actually be pretty awesome haha

  1. Very misleading title as I have seen from other sites. He is talking about online mulitplayer no COD itself.

    1. Yeah, this site is starting to bug me with some of these misleading titles and titles that seem to be just worded to fuel arguments.

    2. he’s talking about CoD like games and that’s how it’s written in the title “CoD-like”.. why would nintendo develop a CoD anyway? seems pretty obvious that this will never be the case unless they somehow get to buy activision thus owning the franchise

      needless to say that 3rd and 2nd party developers are free to bring such games to the wii-u

  2. I never really did expect those kind of games from Nintendo. After years of not doing so I just figured they weren’t going to do that. So long as they keep bringing stuff like Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Rhythm Heaven, then I’m good.

    1. They aren’t and it should probably be for the best. Nintendo is doing fine as it is with their recent online multiplayer games(MK Wii/7 and Kid Icarus Uprising to point a few).

      1. I was gona say that, they already have online. Im thinking he directly meant, no online fps. Which, im more than okay with

        1. He never said no online fps either. He’s talking about the online multiplayer structure of the games themselves. “Call of duty like games” don’t have to be an FPS as other games of other genres have a similar multiplayer structure, Recent Need for Speed games for example.

          1. Hmm….i still cant wrap my head around this, so basically, its going to either a more deeper, social online, or simplistic, like brawl/MK Wii

            1. “The strength of Nintendo is definitely creating game experiences for people who can play in the same room together and enjoy them together. I think this is the strength we are coming from and if you look at our games and how they’re structured; this is the starting point (for our games).

” that means local multiplayer first online multiplayer second (thats what i think he means)

              1. Well, as long as i have MK, Brawl and Star Fox online, im fine.
                Wouldnt mind a bigger version of Metroid Hunters MP.

    1. He’s talking about the multiplayer online method and not the genre itself. For example, Nintendo(or Retro maybe) might release an FPS Metroid w/ online multiplayer in the far(or near, who knows) future but It wouldn’t have the same structure as most other 3rd party devs do online multiplayer.

  3. Im fine with that when it comes to your games nintendo, except, you better have online for Star Fox.

    And isnt nintendoland online anyway?…

  4. Games I would Like to see.
    -Mario Paint U/ 3DS (with online gallery)
    -A new Mario Vs. Donkey Kong game (where you actually play as Mario!)
    -Another Mario Pinball
    -Mother 3 HD
    -Donkey Kong CountryTrilology HD
    -Another 3D Donkey Kong game
    -A 3D Yoshi game (or another Yoshi’s Island would be fine.)
    -Another Diddy kong Racing game.
    -A F-Zero game
    -A Star Fox game
    -Virtual Boy games on Nintendo 3DS eShop
    I just can’t remember them all. -_-

        1. The roaming the choice of vehicles the elephant the battle modes the turtle (I forgot his name)
          The better question is why do you hate it?

      1. I would love an new 2d yoshi game ive played both Yoshis island and yoshis island DS but there was just something not right about yoshis island DS and it put me off.

        As long as they have the yoshis story theme in it they can do whatever they want.

        1. i agree about yoshis island ds but i really didnt like yoshis story either
          id prefer the 2d crayon art style to the 3d model like ones anyday
          plus the snes one i just prefered the atmosphere of the game and the gameplay more


      Also im glad someone else liked Mario vs DK :D those were pretty tough games from my childhood haha

        1. Ive been thinking that since i saw the gamepad xD i can imagine it being like phantom hourglass too, using touch controls. That would rock my shit so hard. they should at least put the original on the eShop.

            1. No, a sequel…pretty much the only thing thats driven the gaming industry over the past 8 years.

              And last time i heard, the majority of people were bitching because SE wont make a FF7 remake. Go suck a dick.

        2. No, A new Four Swords Adventures with all the awesome qualities of the GCN version, but now with touch capabilities and skyward sword themes and features. But keep it a 2d windwaker/ALttP hybrid

    2. thenintendoreviewer

      A 3D Yoshi game, that would be interesting. But you know who I think deserves a true 3D game, KIRBY! I think that would be awesome! Kirby 64 was closes but it was more of a 2.5D side scrolling game.

  5. Makes sense to me.
    Nintendo recognizes that their strength is not in designing CoD-ish shooters, so they leave that to third and second-party developers while they make the games they are best at making; platformers, adventures, puzzles, etc etc.
    It’s a sign of strength to know what your weaknesses are and a sign of intelligence to work with others who can cover for them.

    1. I took the article to mean the were focusing on local multiplayer more than online only “The strength of Nintendo is definitely creating game experiences for people who can play in the same room together and enjoy them together. I think this is the strength we are coming from and if you look at our games and how they’re structured; this is the starting point (for our games).

”= focus on local multiplayer

      1. That’s true enough, but when you think about it, the 3DS has been offering up some very smooth online performances lately.
        Certainly a grade higher than the Wii.
        If the Wii U can provide even better?
        I don’t think online support for multiplayer is something they’ll do badly, in that case, or heck, even if they manage to match the 3DS’s online capabilities with the Wii U it will be wonderful.
        But nobody can really deny that local multi has always been their strength.
        Who doesn’t remember those endless overnight gaming sessions with pals, playing Goldeneye on the N64 and Melee on the Game Cube, among many others?
        They know what they’re best at as far as multiplayer goes, and even though their online is slowly coming up-to-par with the other systems, their true strength will always be in the home with pals around you to share the laughs.
        Oh, and Mario Party is evil for friendly games between buds, if any of them have any sort of anger issues or too much pride.XD

    1. That picture is all worng. If Peach is to be converted to FPS mode, she needs to have EEE sized tits.

  6. nintendo is missing the point. those games sell like hotcakes because of the massive online community. so if they like making money they should make a game like that if not better.

  7. Please don’t bring explicit games to the Wii U in large quantities.
    I won’t be playing it, but the occasional explicit game like ZombiU, is enough to keep Nintendo true to its roots.
    I’ll be angered if people ask more for explicit games then are necessary for Wii U.

    1. Explicit games sell unfortunately. That means demand for them and if they want WII U to sell to the ‘hardcore’ gamers they will need to put explicit games on it. Nintendo wont be making the games themselves if that is what you are worried about.

    2. I have no quarrel against explicit games. Most of the ones i play are horror though, like Dead Space, its nesseccary in some way to create the atmosphere.
      But its far from essential, Gears of War is fun on co-op, but its just OTT, i wouldnt mind if it at least had some realism to it.
      When i comes to games i NEED good gameplay, but i can be won over by a good real story its a very high selling point imo (ff 13-2 ending being the most recent)

  8. Nintendo needs to make some MATURE franchises ..all their franchises are kiddy and people dont take those games seriously ..this is why nintendo has been getting alot of hate ..because they dont have any mature franchises except for metroid ..Cmon Nintendo ! atleast make 1 FPS Mature franchise , and a 3rd person action game franchise …THATS ALL WE WANT NINTENDO !!

    1. No one gives a shit about FPSes anymore. Well, except from you 10 year olds pretending to act older than you are.

      1. so your saying i want an FPS ? i dont care about FPS but some people do ..and this is why people people call nintendo kiddy …your just too much of a fanboy to see it …

        1. People call nintendo kiddy simply cause they’re narrow minded. I only know a few mature open people who dislike nintendo for discussable legitimate reasons and NOT because of their franchises and I respect that. Every other close minded gamer I’ve meet, most don’t or ever even own for that matter, a nintendo system for the simple case of judging by the “Mario” label(or just a lost cause cod-fanboy…or both).

      1. i know what mature means ..nintendo has been making so many kiddy shit ..the only mature franchises they have are metroid,star fox , zelda THATS IT !! sony has Uncharted,last of us,killzone,resistance,god of war (btw i hate sony) …so tell me what will an average consumer want ..EXACTLY !! they want mature games .. nintendo dosnt have much now but back in the days they always had mature games …now they make kiddy shit ..i am a nintendo fan but im grown up and i need some mature games ..

        1. Those games are nothing alike. So clearly, by mature, you means core games.
          I think you need to talk to people who played Pikmin, to understand how hard that game can get. Mario is pretty infamous for having very difficult levels.
          F-Zero GX was ridiculously fast.
          And Donkey King Country Returns was awarded as one of the most difficult games.
          But i think you’re missing the point, Nintendo is the not sole developer for its consoles, and neither is Sony for its. Sony are famous for being a very core console, and thats fine, i like Sony, i like their games, but Nintendo its own thing as well, there isnt this on going competition with Nitendo, Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo dont give a shit about competing or doing what everyone else does, because they dont need to. But they encourage 3rd party developers to make fantastic games on their console for the people who invested in a console, because, unfortunatly, games take time, especially nintendo, thats why they always so good.
          What Nintendo develop has nothing to do with them living in the past, they just make their games, the make what the mahority of people want, and what feels fun to them.

        1. I support Nintendo on a Nintendo site. I’m a monster.
          I’m guessing you choose to ignore the times when i defend Sony. Stupid prick.

          1. LOL oooh dragon you make me laugh. I find it hillarious that you defend Nintendo with all your heart… smh

            1. Attacking/targeting “fanboys” can/does make you one no less. I come to the site just to see that 70% are fanboy comments attacking or defending nintendo regardless. This goes with other blogs and sites I go to for even sony and microsoft. Idk but I kinda had it with y’all. I just wana talk about stuff topic wise… I’m lossing what I’m trying to say so I’m just gonna end it here.

        2. Shut the fuck up you troll. What do you know? You mindlessly bash Nintendo on every article. How sad… shithead.

  9. U mad trolls because Nintendo has less FPS franchises?Well hardcore games aren’t only FPS or shooters games if you know that

    1. how would we be mad? hahaha that makes no sense! Least we have MORE THIRD PARTY GAMES ;) u no…. what the wii failed to have!

        1. 3rd party dont mean anything ? OMG LOL !! i am a nintendo fan and i think that statement is fuking stupid ..

  10. Iwata’s got the right idea here. Make your platform accessible to the 3rd party devs and let them bring those shooters to your console, while Nintendo keeps focus on doing what they do best. Making the best games in the world. They got the best platformers (Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby), the best action adventure games (Zelda, Kid Icarus, Star Fox) best jrpgs (Pokemon, Xenoblade) awesome survival horror games (Eternal Darkness, ZombiU looks promising). Everything I need. Leave luck to heaven.

  11. Yeah theres a reason your not getting it and it because microsoft is condidiring buying out activision and blizzard awww there goes your wiis third party support except ubisucks lol. U know u want cod too bad keep your shitendo land smh what a joke lmfao

    1. Yeah, Activsion and Blizzard, they’re fantastic, non money grabbing bastards, who make the same games over and over, and clearly control every other game publisher on the planet.

      Also, theres not a chance in hell Activision would do that, they’d loose money in the long run. Not like anyone would give a fuck anyway.

      1. yes because world of warcraft and Warcraft are the same game…. Mario is DEFFO NOT THE SAME…… /sarcasm

  12. Ninty commenting on maturity let me guess its not a toy its called action figure lmfao LOSER! Manchildren pedophile and their excuse

    @bowserkoopa BITCH PLEASE! mature=violence it even inticates on the ratings scale.also when people think mature its graphic content.. Not sutable for kids. Cartoons Are made for kids not pedophile. No matter how you wanna spin it wearing diapers=baby

  13. @bowserkoopa um e=everyone r= mature for graphic violence. The only cartoons to get an adult rating are south park,family guy and teenhungerforce. Mario is not that type of show.he is a cartoon for little kids full of satanic symbols.

  14. @bowerkoopa can you please stop cursing I know swear words get a pg13 rating but still it shows you have no class and are immature smh peasants.

  15. @sickr ban Anononymous or Aeulous or peteriuss evil back clone who is anonymous,they have trolled too much

    1. I just dislike the fact that creating an account here is extremely easy for people.

      You don’t need a password or any other important/unimportant details that are common on most other websites, you just need an e-mail and a name (having a gravatar account/entering a website is optional).

      What makes it’s worse is that there’s no limit to creating accounts, which thus means that one can create an endless amount of different accounts and take on various identities and usernames.

      Of course, I still love going onto this website despite these cons.

  16. I have a lot of friends abroad, so we can’t just walk to other’s houses and play. I do wish NINTENDO would emphasize on the online component. It doesn’t have to be like CoD (truth be told, I love those games, soon wouldn’t mind if it was). But they should take this into regard seeing as how social networks have produced friendships across large distances and the whole “multiplayer with people in your house” isn’t as feasible.

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  18. @menteigen leave sickr alone he got enough of his problems. Just like in life deal with it and grow some balls& stop being such a pussy soilders die for your freedoms that bush took away during the patrioc acts smh. If ur mom got cursed would u hit ignore

  19. I guess depending on how you look at this it could be good as long as they’re talking about an fps like cod. I just hope this doesn’t mean that if Retro is doing Starfox that they won’t have online. I would like an improved multiplayer like assault and with online.

  20. Wait. Does this mean no epic Metroid prime with awesomemultiplayer?! Well I guess retro studios is technically 2nd party, but I’m still worried. That kind of game is a major factor on whether I Buy the Wii U

    1. They’ll still do online, like with Mario Kart and Smash Bros, but they wont make a heavy online game, or at least not for now.
      Metroid Hunters had MP, so could happen :p

  21. well, dos’nt bother me.. nintendo are making the right move’ sticking 2 wut they’re experienced in & leaving those fps shooters to their holders w/the interest of having them develop for the ninty platform.. the only real fps i know is mprime. besides who cares about sum cod franchise whose played by the macho & overconfident crybaby youth, f*** them.. the last cod i played was having U kill nazis as a political idiot.. among the first waves of fpshooters happened on n64 geye, pdark, mim, and sum on pstation, the fps war games hardly evolved from there i’d rather have animalcrossing over sum washed up halo game. thts too bad, they took away those classic games from acrossing on gcube.. oh me brb i wanna play fzerogx

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