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New Rayman Legends Trailer For Wii U Features Barbara

Ubisoft has unleashed a brand new trailer for their Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends. The trailer showcases Barbara, the axe-wielding, winged-helmet wearing, red-headed barbarian. Rayman Legends will enable you to play 5-player co-op action on the Wii U when it launches this Holiday season.

65 thoughts on “New Rayman Legends Trailer For Wii U Features Barbara”

          1. Fisrt? Also are you different then peteriuss? Btw who is the real one and what happened to the no more heroes icon peteriuss?

        1. Visually looks nice and hopefully as hard as Origins. This will be the definitive platformer and will always CRUSH Mario U which plays exactly like it’s older siblings.

            1. Why would I be jeolous of a video game character? I hope you realise they dont exist?

              Oh… do you mean should I be jeolous of Nintendo?

                    1. Thank u nintendogamer. You may have a fanboyish name but that comment earns my respect.

                      Donny. Go catch leaukemia

                      1. Interesting how we’re not talking about NSMB2.

                        “Hey, I’m going to jump on a conversation I know nothing about!”, said NintendoGamer.

                    2. This will be a really fun multiplayer game. I want to see how the NFC is used for gameplay. Leave luck to heaven.

                      1. I bet you like her.

                        Please find a real woman. I know the art in this game is amazing but come on…. really?

                        1. So youd rather play as a character who youve never heard of, rather than a reoccuring and recognisable character that people will actually want to play as, bare in mind, all the characters control the same, just have different animations

                            1. I know, but i just because its like that doesnt mean i do it. You think i play as Samus in Smash Bros Brawl, use the final smash, turn into Zero Suit Samus and say, “hang on guys, i just need to beat one out for a second”. No.

                                  1. Again, its attractive, it would defeat the purpose of the character if it wasnt, but im not gona pause the game and tug one out, id just prefer to play as her, instead of some random character.

                                1. Not trying to sound like a troll. This looks exactly like Rayman Origins. The same basic level over and over again. They just add a few elements to make it look different. Same with New Super Mario Bros series. I have yet to see a 2D sidescroller that keeps my attention for the whole game. Is there one?

                                  1. well see this is a trailer streaming off Youtube. You have got to see with your own eye’s with the Wii U streaming off that HD Tv, Then you will notice that this game is Next Gen

                                    1. I don’t. I just like original games. Don’t get me wrong, Rayman Origins was a great game. I don’t think the idea can be improved upon.

                                    2. Have they even shown any footage of an entire level yet? I’m worried about exactly that, Ubisoft freaking nailed it in level design with Origins, I can’t imagine how they’re gonna top that.

                                      1. That’s because you are a fucking fanboy. Enjoy rehash mario bros 2. Rayman actually looks good. Enjoy your too easy game. Core gamers play rayman. And actually have skill.

                                        1. omg guys i m best troll i called some one not a gamer because they dont like the game i like plus i managed to call my least favourite game a rehash someone give me a medal

                                          1. Nah your not, you got the joke. For some other people out there, they will complain it sucks because its not Multiplat. Those are the stupid people.

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