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Assassin’s Creed 3 Wii U Will Be Playing Catch-Up To Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3 Versions

Assassin’s Creed 3 Lead Game Designer Steven Masters has revealed that due to the limited development time they’ve had on the Wii U version of the game it will be missing a few features including lighting and particle effects. The game will be roughly 99% similar, and the visuals for the game are meant to match those of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. However, this is all dependant on how much development time they have.

313 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed 3 Wii U Will Be Playing Catch-Up To Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3 Versions”

    1. Eh, I was always going to get the PS3 version since that’s where I played most of the AC games and AC 3: Lineage will have cross-game content that I can link up with my Vita and PS3. Plus Wii U has no guarantee of being out by Oct 30th.

      Still, for those who do get this for the Wii U, I really doubt they have much to worry about. The game still looks great on the system and I’m sure gameplay itself will not be lacking. The differences between systems will be very minor.

        1. Well that certainly renewed my hopes, though I’m not interested in AC, reading that does remove a bit of worry of my shoulders. Thanks for that link, might even get the game ha

    2. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      LISTEN TO THIS TROLLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      fifa 13 for wiiu has been 100% CONFIRMED to have superior graphics than the 360 and ps3 version .
      the crowd is twice as detailed and the pitch has been made to look a lot better than the 360 and ps3 version .
      now this is where the part that is hard for 360 fans to comprehend .comes in . bare with me now. the wiiu’s version of fifa 13 has to ASYMETRICALY run 2 different angles of the game at once . DUAL RENDERING .
      it has better graphics than the ps3 on the tv and it also has better graphics on the gamepad at the same time .
      this means the wiiu’s RAM IS HUGE!!!! probs the rumoured 1.5gb .
      the detail et confirms a healthy GPU .
      the wiiu will definitely have better graphics than the ps3 and 360 and it will be ablle to DUAL render better graphics than the 360 and ps3 simultaneously .
      so work this out .
      if a dev decides to hardly use the gamepad at all , the wiiu will have a huge amount of spare power to make games run at say 1080p 60 fps without even breaking a sweat .
      sure they wont be some magical leap like from the ps2 to 3 .
      but it will look better .
      dont worry nintendo fans . dont use launch titles as a means of graphical showcase .
      they are rushed games .
      we will have to w8 for the wiiu’s ‘resi revelations’ game before we can see what it is indeed capable of . until we get a game that proves the power . we are going to have dual rendered ps3 and 360 graphics .
      which in my books is very exciting anyway .,

      1. Hot damn! say that shit! On Aug 23, 2012 1:06 PM, “My Nintendo News” wrote:

        > ** > Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 . commented: “LISTEN TO THIS TROLLS > !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fifa 13 for wiiu has been 100% CONFIRMED to have superior > graphics than the 360 and ps3 version . the crowd is twice as detailed and > the pitch has been made to look a lot better than the 360 and ps3 version . > now”

        1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

          the EA developer Matt prior . confirmed this . iwatched the EA . showcase live . so the specs of the wiiu are indeed gunna be better .
          its the the Asymetric Dual Rendering of the gamepad which will hold its full potential back . but will be amazing new tech in its self anyway .

        1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

          thank you . i had to defend my company , my country , my wife and most importantly my none existent children .

          1. The xbox 720 will shocase this year and its confirm to be way stronger. But graphics aside I like what microsoft ceo said during an interview he said microsoft are shifting there main focus to graphics and heading towards social Media interfaces that you find on the pc and mobile gaming. thats got me excited becuase graphics are good enough as they are and they need to improve other aspects that consoles are lacking. garphics are decent enough but consoles are way behind what a pc can offer or mobile gaming. and microsoft understands This and said thats what theyre working on. the said xbkx live is nothing to what they have in mind in terms of mobile,social media,apps and what pc offers in verity. they also mention that theyre intrested in a tablet and have been looking at andriod but theyll experiment with smartglass. well am already hype for microsoft i have a feeling it will be beast.

            1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

              i will keep an eye on 720 . nut if sony and microsoft try and copy nintendo . i wont touch them .
              they should do something unique .
              microsoft have kinect and and their comfy controller .
              but i agree the next gen is going to be very download friendly . and in the wiiu’s case miiverse could provide the social stimulation consoles need .
              no doubt microsoft will copy miiverse , vus they dont have any imagination of their own .
              so will sony . but i am losing faith in sony .
              its time for them to die .
              they barely have a clue what they are doing .
              nobody wants overly expensive crap . is that too hard for them to understand ?????
              and the only reason their precious ps2 sold so damn much was because of all the casual party games it had .

            2. actually its confirmed to have a kinect two which takes away from the power, its supposed to be the same price as wii u, and devs havent even mentioned being in the slightest way excited about it with kits in possesion.

              we will see tho

                1. Bro Kinect is not that bad microsoft is experimenting with augmented reality. You remember the virtual boy? Well if kinct can make glasses that work similar like smart glass theyll have a perfect virtual reality add 3d to glasses and its gold. Have you seen the recent technologies out there? Is microsoft play their cards right than it will be like the movie minorty report. I love that theyre teaming up with appl and nokia besides that 99 dollar plan assures they wont have to sacrifice technology nor power to get mass consumer buying.

                  1. And in IMPORTANT news the new Nintendo Wii U hits store shelves this holiday season! brace yourself America as we prepare to kick ass and take names. My body is ready…is yours?

    1. Of course they will be.

      Fanboys lying to themselves and everyone else by claiming this would be 1080p native and running at 60 frames per second is total bullshit, though. =P

    1. What standards you have.

      “a band new piece of hardware to compete with current gen HD consoles, at least it’s better than 10 year old tech”

      1. its a multiplatform game its not playing catch up at all its getting games from other consoles and running the better.

        its not competing with current puny hardware either its far more powerful.

      2. It’s funny what people still say “current gen HD”…. Which one? PC? Because PS360 barely do HD, most games are 546p upscaled to 720p or 1280 x 704. I don’t get it, PS360 can’t imagine the new games at 1080p or true 720p anymore.

  1. Well then, that sucks… Unless the Wii U version has great Gamepad features, I’ll just buy the PS3 version.

      1. Eh, I think I’ll wait for reviews then. If the Wii U version plays better with the Gamepad (and as long as it at least looks as good as the PS360 versions, which I am expecting it to exceed), and if I can afford it with going to uni in September, I’ll get the Wii U version.

    1. They have a set deadline to meet. A delay just may not be in the budget. It’s of more importance to business than the product (which is what you and other gamers care about most immediately, the condition of Ubisoft coming second).

      Hopefully future Assassin’s Creed titles don’t face this issue since development will start at the same time as other consoles.

    1. What helps you sleep at night. The difference between 720p and 1080p is minimal. Barely noticeable. Besides, who said this game was going to be in 1080p?

      Not saying it was said, I am just not aware.

            1. “coders found it easier than expected to make Wii U games”…“Wii U can display games at 1080p without breaking a sweat.”

      1. 720p-> less than 1 million pixels
        1080p-> more than 2 million pixels

        barely noticeable? mayhaps if your visual acuity is at 20/40
        when i switch my screen back and forth between 1080p and 720p it’s definitely noticeable even from 10 feet away.. and my screen is not as big as a TV

          1. why are you even talking to me?
            please tell me if you will: where did i claim that there’s any proof? you’re ridiculous you know that? ;)

            1. Im almost possitive the full HD line up for the Wii U so far is:
              Batman Armored
              Scribblenauts Unlimited
              Mighty Switch ForceHD

              You wanna see beautiful graphics? check out the Wii U exclusive Trine 2 Directors cut!

              1. Dude, trying 2 director’s cut looks fuckin’ awesome bro…I’m definitely gonna get that when it hits the stores.

    2. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      they arent used to the architecture yet . simple .
      but if we find out the wiiu is indeed more powerful than the ps3 and 360 and it looks that way. this means a few devs are being lazy Ass holes just because the ps3 and 360 have the big install base . so they throw all the money into their version or some shit .
      dont really care anyways . as long as the wiiu ends up being nice and powerfull , i really dont care .

      1. it is more powerful, nintendo would have to put effort into making it less powerful to be less powerful, the 360 uses a graphic card thats over 7 years old and ps3 aint that much more powerful, hell the 360 has never even had a retail game running in full 720p

    3. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      indeed it will . 1080 60 fps was confirmed by a nintendo REP at chicago gamescom . so maybe they are just strugglein to max it out at those speeds . who knows , who cares .
      not me . wiiu day 1 please . RIP sony .

      1. No it was not, no such thing was confirmed by anyone, nor can anyone prove it without posting that stupid Wii-U gamer article that actually mentions 0 quotes.

        1. thing is however that a simple quote isn’t proof either
          and i’m sure you’d be the first one to point that out if there was one ;)

          1. Except there’s no proof of it, period. that was literally the only site claiming it, then everybody else kept reposting it, but that “buzz” died down because…?

            It was utter bullshit.

            1. um right.. read again what i wrote.. because your reply, yet again, made absolutely no sense
              or are you way too squirrely now jumping up and down in your seat to actually read the posts you’re replying to? because i’m getting that impression

                1. ah of course i do

                  care to elaborate then how this here relates to my post?
                  “Except there’s no proof of it, period. that was literally the only site claiming it, then everybody else kept reposting it, but that “buzz” died down because…?”

                  surely with your firm grasp of the english language this should be an easy task?

  2. Cue the graphic whore trolls running in here with their “OMG ITS INFERIOR HAHA TOLD YA” bullshit.
    Nobody who matters is going to care about some lighting and particle effects being missing.
    Besides, what the article here doesn’t mention that the source does, in a roundabout way, is that the devs are glad that the Wii U’s release date hasn’t been set yet because they are still working on these things.
    There’s no guarantee that this article will remain relevant once the system and game are both released.

  3. WOW, Talk about Lazy development. They should postpone the game then and GET IT RIGHT! Where is the pride in your work?

  4. “However, this is all dependant on how much development time they have.”

    Want to stress this part. It has nothing to do with weak hardware, just how much time they have to work with it.

    “The game will be roughly 99% similar”

    That too.

  5. Why does Nintendo ALWAYS get downgraded versions of games?! Sonic Gen. 3DS could’ve been almost identical to the console versions with only different stages! We’ve seen what 3DS can do with KH3D! Wii U is even more powerful than PS3 and XBox 360 and now they’re downgrading games for that?! Development should’ve started when PS3 and 360’s did… gonna get the PS3 version…

              1. How do you know that wii u games that are released within a year wont look better than uncharted 3? Nice try though loser.

        1. That video was entirely speculation and stating the obvious about the card’s specs. It all falls apart when he can’t prove that’s what the Wii U is using.

          Stop reposting it.

  6. Didn’t anther developer say the Wii U lacked shaders awhile back?

    Maybe Nintendo’s new system really it’s more powerful than the current gen consoles. I’m stil getting one but that will be a shame if it’s barely able to compete with two consoles that are over 5 years old.

    1. no one said it’s not able to compete
      the article very clearly states that they lack time to port all the features, not that the console lacks the resources

      1. Read is hard I know…..

        This is the second time this shaders comment was made by two different developers. Just sayin…seems like a pattern is developing.

        1. i’m not aware of another “shader” comment

          and this is still not a shader comment.. they said they’re lacking time.. not that the shaders are not up to the task

          the ps3 had countless of these issues when the system launched despite being vastly more powerful than the xbox360.. but back then it wasn’t time that was the issue but rather the unusual architecture

  7. 1080p native @60FPS they said.

    It will be the definitive version they said.

    This is why Nintendo fanboys need to shut the fuck up and let the real gamers talk. I was ALWAYS right. If this game was running at those settings, Ubisoft would be bragging the ever loving fuck out of it. They’re doing NO SUCH THING. There is absolutely NO “confirmation”, let alone MENTION of it running at such. I’d advise you guys to look up what “confirmation” means, because “lolnintendoreps” without any sort of quotes to prove it, is not “confirmation”.

    1. “However, this is all dependant on how much development time they have.” Fail. You dont know it wont be released in 1080p @60fps. Fail once again. If you know it for a fact give me a source.

      1. If you think they’re going to practically re-do this game’s graphic’s engine from scratch in mere months from release just for the Wii U to be running at those settings, I’d advise you to stop posting, get a cup of coffee and wake the fuck up. That is by far the most stupid, ridiculous, heap of shit I’ve ever read in a long time.

        No source is needed, there is something called common fucking sense, no, not even common sense, HUMAN FUCKING INSTINCT, will tell how you stupid that was.

          1. My argument is indeed based on facts. Look at the fucking article, now back to that comment, now back to the fucking article, now back to that comment. As you can see, the article shows that it won’t be 1080p and 60fps.

            There is absolutely, positively, no credible source claiming this game will be 1080p @60 fps in the retail version. Zero, nill, zip. And that’s a FACT.

            1. How about you clone stop wasting time and play some games. Really. I see you spend more times here than playing games.

            2. Are you seriously that retarded. Just because the article doesnt mention it wont run in 1080p @60fps doesnt mean it wont.

            3. “As you can see, the article shows that it won’t be 1080p and 60fps.”

              did i miss something? where does it say that?
              the original article mentions graphics and that’s it

              graphics != resolution and graphics != fps in case you didn’t know that
              a game that i crank up to 1080p instead of 720p doesn’t suddenly have better graphics

              you’re not stating facts you’re making them up through misinterpretation

                1. Pay no mind to that troll Aeolus/Amir/TheDragon234 (clone). He’s just angry because the developers of WipeOut (PSVitanic) have closed down forever (SCEE Liverpool Studio).

                  1. They aren’t even the original developers of WipeOut, which still happen to be around, but that shows how much you don’t know shit you stupid piece of crap fanboy.

                    1. SCEE’s Sony Liverpool (formerly Psygnosis) were responsible for developing a WipeOut 2048 for the PlayStation Vita. How’s THAT for a fact, Pussylus.

                    2. Once again, the DEVELOPERS from the start of that series are STILL with Sony, YOU MORON.

                      Jesus fucking christ you’re out of the zone. Lucky I’m not around you to cave your fat fuck face in, Jose.

              1. Graphics very well go hand in hand with resolution, you cannot have one without the other and they certainly compliment each other. I sincerely hope this was a joke post, because I will post this shit everywhere just to embarrass idiotic Nintendo fanboys like you.

                In fact, I will. This post seriously made my day. LMFAO.

                1. they go hand in hand yeah
                  gastro-enteritis (which you very much remind me of) goes hand in hand with diarrhea and vomiting
                  does this mean gastro_enteritis=diarrhea? or diarrhea=vomiting? i suppose not
                  if you want to change the subject of comparison to “aeolus” tho i might be willing to let it slide for the sake of argument

                  none of this changes the fact that no developer worth his salt would equal resolution or fps with “graphics” and thus steven masters was beyond the shadow of a doubt not referring to the resolution of the game when he said “planned to match the graphics of ps3/xbox360”
                  and even if there was even a hint of doubt it would certainly not be enough to call it “fact”

                  post it anywhere you like i don’t mind
                  you know why? because all of it is correct ;)

            4. Show us links to your “facts”.

              “As you can see, the article shows that it won’t be 1080p and 60fps.”

              How so? I see no confirmation of that in the article.

              There is also absolutely, positively, no credible source claiming this game won’t be 1080p @60 fps in the retail version, so your argument is baseless.

              1. If it was 1080p @60fps, you would not have this sort of article claiming that it would be playing “catch up”, you MOTHERFUCKING IDIOT.

                By default, it would look BETTER, STUPID.

                You don’t have an ARGUMENT. You don’t have your common fucking sense. Stop trying to act like you’re smart and use your fucking brain, IDIOT.

                Looks like I have to cuss you stupid FUCKS out, because you guys seriously are not fucking thinking. This game will NOT be running at those settings on Wii U. End of the discussion.

                1. “If it was 1080p @60fps, you would not have this sort of article claiming that it would be playing “catch up”, you MOTHERFUCKING IDIOT.”
                  the titel was created by mynintendonews so what’s the relevance? exactly.. none

                  “By default, it would look BETTER, STUPID.”

                  i think we’ve already established that higher resolution != better graphics

                  a game on an ipad can look like absolute jizz and still have a higher resolution than any PC game

                  your posts still show a remarkable lack of facts

                  1. Higher resolution =! better graphics? Lol, fucking okay.

                    Play Metro 2033 in standard def then play it in full HD, and tell me that again. You’re a fucking retard. A big one.

                2. Your use of language, name-calling, and all caps just confirms to me that you don’t have an argument at all, kid.

                  You say: “This game will NOT be running at those settings on Wii U.”

                  But you don’t really know that do you? Unless you have worked with the console to see what it can do, or if you have some super secret intel on the Wii U, but you don’t. All you have is an opinion just like the rest of us. It is not factual.

                  This article does not confirm that the Wii U version won’t be running at 1080p at 60fps. We all had read that it would be running at such settings from the mouth of a Nintendo representative.

                  The Wii U version is playing catch-up only because it hasn’t had as much development time as the other home consoles.
                  Not from a lack of power, but from a lack of time.

                  You’re a pretty good troll Aeolus, but it’s time to go back under that cozy little bridge of yours.

        1. they dont have to redo the graphics engine, both the 360 and wiiu are based on power-pc architecture and amd radeon hd family graphic chips yes the Wii U’s is more powerful but if they wanted to they could almost plop the 360 code on a disc and make it playable on wii u .

          1. wii-u’s cpu is based on POWER architecture not powerPC
            also the game has to be adapted to more than just the changed CPU
            right they don’t have to redo the graphics engine.. they don’t have to so that for pc ports either

      2. So he has to prove your wrong about a claim you’re making that you have provided no source for?

        That like saying “prove that you don’t beat your wife”.

        You Nintendo fags on this site are amazingly stupid, childish and petty.

          1. So because you say heal full of shit that automatically makes you more credible?

            “dddrrrrrrr teh failz…”

            I got that about right?

              1. Keep up the damage control, it’s so entertaining and all the more satisfying knowing I’m 100% correct when this version is released.

      1. Not really, I always knew it. This was the perfect article to fully confirm those beliefs, instead of waiting for launch with people to prove that the benchmarks are anything but that.

        It’s disturbing you idiots actually bought that rumor. You know how fucking intense full HD and 60 frames per second is on current consoles? Wii U can “support it”, doesn’t mean it’s going to be that GOOD at it, especially with inevitable GamePad functionality.

        What’s more disturbing is thinking a launch/launch window title of this caliber would be doing it. That’d effectively have the Wii U version alone at a higher budget than the other consoles. If you -thought- Ubisoft was going to pour money into a vastly better looking version for a console that has no clear future, you are merely kidding yourselves.

        As Hideki Kamiya would put it: “Use your brain”.

        1. You seem to forget that developers have had WiiU devkits for a considerable amount of time, and 60fps/1080p is definitely possible with this title on the WiiU

          It seems that you are the one not using your brain…oh wait,it’s missing, just like your social life ;)

          1. Uhm, no it is not possible. 1080p games at 60fps on consoles would take a very fucking long time to accomplish properly within the likely scenario that the Wii U version was nowhere near in development as long enough. Nor is the budget remotely big enough to do that. What is the point in only this version doing that? What are they accomplishing that 720p 30fps like ALL THE OTHER CONSOLE VERSIONS by doing this? More importantly, why don’t they ever mention this? You don’t know how major those settings are on consoles, do you?

            I bet you don’t, because you’re a mindless Nintendo fanbitch who only wants to talk shit to compensate for his utter stupidity on these subjects.

            Learn game development, and come back to me. You’re as out of the zone as the other fanboys pretending to know what they’re talking about.

              1. and while I may not be an expert in gaming development (and not pose as one either) I do now that a company like Ubisoft has the resources necessary to get 1080p at 60fps if they feel it adds to the game.
                Stop trying to present your opinions as facts, because they are not. Unfortunately, this seems to be a common trait amongst Sony fanboys, along with their hypocrisy (calling other people mindless fanboys for example)

                1. LOL, please. They are not going to randomly waste additional time and money just to get one fucking version running at that resolution. Stop bullshitting yourself. You don’t know shit, and you don’t know the first thing about development. You probably can’t even write two lines of code.

                  Conclusion, shut the fuck up.

                  1. Oh so we have a game development expert here.
                    Tell me more about how you learned this from spending all day, every day trolling on mynintendonews

                    No really, I’m intrigued

            1. enabling full HD on any system isn’t exactly a challenging task, the systems hardware merely has to be able to stem it
              a jump from 720p 60hz to 1080p 60hz or a jump from 30hz to 60hz at the same resolution will roughly take twice the processing power thanks to unified shaders

              features such as mentioned by steven masters however are an entirely different ballpark and require more time to be adapted to a new system

              1. “enabling full HD on any system isn’t exactly a challenging task, the systems hardware merely has to be able to stem it”

                lol okay.

                Explain why very few games this generation on consoles have been running at full HD and 60fps, and why virtually all of them don’t actually require much hardware power to do it.

                Like I said before, stop kidding yourself.

                1. “Explain why very few games this generation on consoles have been running at full HD and 60fps.”
                  that’s a trick question right? or some kind of joke

                  if you crank up the resolution or the framerate you have to cut back on polygons, particle effects, post processing and anything else that costs performance

                  that’s your explanation right there

                  in order not to let their games look like utter shite most developers opted for the 720p or less approach

                  “and why virtually all of them don’t actually require much hardware power to do it”

                  consoles could just pull the additional frames out of their asses then is that about correct? they don’t require any performance at all i suppose

                  the fact that these games you cited lack in all of the aforementioned aspects or are in most cases actually 2D games ist just a lucky coincidence of course

                  maybe you should educate yourself about how individual frames are rendered and then you’ll understand why twice the frame rate or twice the resolution will also require roughly twice the perfomance of a system and not much else

                  1. “if you crank up the resolution or the framerate you have to cut back on polygons, particle effects, post processing and anything else that costs performance

                    that’s your explanation right there”

                    Precisely, you successfully got suckered into proving that this game will not be running at that framerate or resolution.

                    “consoles could just pull the additional frames out of their asses then is that about correct? they don’t require any performance at all i suppose

                    the fact that these games you cited lack in all of the aforementioned aspects or are in most cases actually 2D games ist just a lucky coincidence of course”

                    LOL, no it fucking isn’t. That’s taxing on those system’s performance you stupid piece of shit. You try playing any intense PC game on an underpowered turd at higher FPS, guess what happens? You won’t get those frames; it’ll suffer. YOU BLOODY IDIOT.

                    Maybe you should stop posting, you’re literally a joke. A big joke. It’s funny seeing Nintendrones with the most retarded explanations of what they think is an explanation. And also very stupid.

                    That’s funny shit, if you think system performance wasn’t the reason. That’s very funny shit.

                    We can take this very argument on, by the way. I’ll enjoy watching you make a gigantic laughing stock of yourself if you think they can just crank up the framerate to 60fps, render it in 1080p natively and call it a day.

    2. So people who are Nintendo fans aren’t ‘real gamers’? That’s bullshit!
      Yes I love the big titles like Assassin’s Creed etc, but I also love Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Mario, Legend of Zelda and many other Nintendo games. Does that mean i’m not a gamer? NO!

      The work ‘gamer’ isn’t a uniform term, there’s no standard you have to reach before you’re classified as a gamer. You are on once you start playing games, even if those games are iOS apps!

      1. Nintendo fans don’t know game development, and spread lies from rumors as if they’re fact. They’re fake gamers.

        Evidence by how they claim graphics don’t matter, but look at them throwing a bitch fit right now, or claiming that this game will be running at ridiculous settings based on a single source’s “report” of Nintendo representatives claiming this and Batman will be such.

        Look at them throw bitchfits when titles they think are coming to the console, miss it entirely and then claim that the game “sucks”.

        Nintendo fanboys are the worst fanboys in gaming; nobody likes them. They’re a running gag on message boards everywhere. True fake gamers.

        1. “spread lies from rumors as if they’re fact”
          I’m guarantee you this has been done many times in the past by other fan groups.

          And I agree that graphics don’t matter, it’s the gameplay and story that does. (Look at Minecraft for example, not a pretty game but is still fun!)
          And the rumours of the high specs for WiiU doesn’t change the fact that graphics don’t mean much, if a game has good gameplay, a good story AND great graphics then that’s a cool bonus!

          But I do agree that most Nintendo Fanboys take it too far, but that’s what everyone that’s passionate about something do. I’ve see Sony and Microsoft fanboys do the same many times in the past!

          1. I know it doesn’t change much. But there’s nothing wrong with good graphics and good gameplay, something that Nintendo -seemingly- continues to not deliver after their previous console. When I purchase a next-gen system, I expect it to be looking better than something I previously own, rather than just “on par” or “slightly less” than the other. It feels like a waste purchase, which is precisely what the Wii felt like.

            In any case, from my experience, I’ve very rarely come across Xbox or PS fanboys this deluded, maybe this site is unique, since they have a completely new breed of them.

            1. Maybe because… YOU SPEND ALL OF YOUR FUCKING TIMEE ON THIS SITE ARGUING WITH PEOPLE AND GETTING ARISE OUT OF PEOPLE!! You don’t go to other websites, hell, for all we know you probably dont even play games!

            2. ” I’ve very rarely come across Xbox or PS fanboys this deluded”

              You must have not been on the Internet when all the Xbox fanboys were saying that next Xbox will have games of Avatar quality. Not to mention now all the Sony fanboys thinking they will have games like uncharted output in 4k resolution for ps4. Yeah Nintendo fan boys are delusion, at least 1080p 60fps is way more realistic then 4k resolution or having a movie quality game that took 40,000 processors and 104 tb of memory to render and they all think that the power of this will be condensed into a small plastic box

              1. Nobody said any of that shit, stop quoting fucking articles with that headline, retard. And I know that’s exactly what you’re quoting.

            3. Honestly I couldn’t care less if console specs ever get better, as long as good quality games keep being released then I’m happy.
              The console doesn’t not matter as much as the games it plays!

            4. OMG They didn’t have enough time to develop with it!!! And thats the devs fault for not making games with higher graphics. We all know that the Wii U is more powerful than the 360 and Ps3. But some devs don’t feel like making it 1080p with 60 fps. Take Sonice and Sega all stars racing for an example

    3. (Woooo easyy girl. That’s a good girl here have a sugercube) ok ignore my horse. Everone she gets startle quickly when it comes to nintendo. & is full of shit so if you see her with out her trainer ignore it & she run to the sunset

    4. Can’t give many details because you may. Not know this but until the gag order I removed there’s only so much they can talk about. I’m going to go on a limb and say that once nintendo pulls out all the stops at the next conference there’s only so mutch developers can talk about.

      also your copy and paste rant is played out and old. I will give you credit you still know how to piss people off.

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  9. Was not planning to get it, with it’s blasphemous nature. Nor the skirt wearing man Kratos game. Project cars, Aliens colonial marines and Pikmin 3 for me now.

        1. PC version of ACIII will blow everything else out of the water with bleeding edge visuals and immersive graphics that will never be achieved on the Wii U.

            1. You’re implying that I give a flying fuck who likes me or not on this website.

              Because I can assure you, I give 0 of them.

                1. Yes VERY! On Aug 23, 2012 12:42 PM, “My Nintendo News” wrote:

                  > ** > gamer commented: “Yer but comparing PC versions to console versions is > just retarded.”

                  1. Thanks zyxion, but unfortunately, it looks like we’re wasting out breath here.
                    These close minded fanboys cannot accept the truth if it is positive news about Nintendo/games on Nintendo platforms

              1. They will have the same damn gameplay are you kidding me? Yes one uses. Different controls but SAME Game same gameplay!

  10. Well, I don’t think I’m gonna notice anything while playing, so still gonna get the Wii U version. Just the fact that you have the Upad must be much more important than these minor differences.

    1. ^ this person is absolutely right. the source actually states that the devs are happy they still have time to fix those issues.

  11. once again the wiiU is PROVEN TO BE A CURRENT GEN HAHAHAHAA

    BRING ON MORE DEVS. THIS IS FUN TO WATCH. Cant wait for TRUE future gen consoles!!!!

      1. is that so? least it will have CORE games. WiiU just has OLD ports and GIMPED ports like this game PLAYING CATCHUP\


        1. How ho you know wii u wont get core games? Can you predict the future? Its also funny how you get sucked into bullshit articles like this.

  12. OH my fucking god!!!! Can someone please saysomethhing GOOD about the wii U, I would really want to own a nintendo home console that would be able to play games that aren’t inferior to games from last gen. If the wii U is as powerful as they say, these problems need to be fixed! Or else nintendo is going to be ridiculed about how their gamesa are inferior then the games from last gen, fix the damn problem, and you tell nintendo if your game isn’t. Ready, then don’t rush us to finish it, games need to be the best they can be, never release a game if it can be better. Don’t make it inferior on a next gen console. Sorry I’m in a terrible mood today. I used to really be excited for the wii U but now I don’t think ill ever be able to purchase it…..

    1. Actually sorry for my comment, I don’t see why devs would need to say this if they say they still have time to fix this? Its like they want us to go crazy,

      1. You don’t know fucking shit about video games, TheAeolus234. Quit wasting your goddman breath. All you do is whine, bitch and giving heads to Sonydrones everywhere.

  13. “The game will be roughly 99% similar” Modern gamer “This is so layyyyyyymmmm!!!!1!11!! Wii- u’s a fail machine because this launch title is 1% behind! Nintendo Gamer : It’ll still be the superior because it runs one hd level ahead!
    Seriously , there is no hope for gaming with self-entitled , whiny , power-obsessed brats like these composing it’s audience. Go watch Avatar and get over yourselves.

  14. isn’t this to be expected with launch titles? and honestly, when it comes to a console game, i really dont care about the lighting or particle effects. just the fact that the wii u brings a new gameplay experience with the added touch screen makes it a worthy purchase for me. if i want to play a game with better graphics, i’ll play it on my pc.

        1. Trust me, it won’t. Logic alone will tell you that. Ubisoft themselves are saying nothing about it, because it is not doing it.

          End of the fucking discussion.

          1. Have to agree with this, it’s a pretty safe bet that the Wii U won’t be running this game 1080p 60fps. The PC version will probably be DX9 crap too. :(

            1. I disagree on that one. The difference between the Wii U Assassin’s Creed III (PAL) at Gamescon and Wii U Assassin’s Creed III (NTSC) at E3 and The Nintendo Experience is the graphics look even better than the PS3 version and it’s presented in 1080p and runs at 60 fps.

              Let’s hope the European Wii U (PAL) be as successful as the North American and Japanese formats.

              Get N or Get Out!!!!!!

      1. i’ve just gotten really jaded with console fanboys now. i mean seriously, all they do is argue about which one is more powerful, well if you’re really into having the most powerful gaming machine, then why the hell are you playing it on a console?

  15. All these rumors suggesting that the Wii U version will be in 1080p at 60FPS are actually not credible, there’s no credible source that confirms this to be true. No doubt it will be in 1080p though. It’s 2012, there’s no way the game won’t be in 1080p. Newer tech, newer processor, newer GPU, herp derp. It’ll be in 1080p, and eye witnesses confirmed it.

    60FPS on the other hand is kinda hard to believe. No console game has succeeded at being in 1080p and 60FPS at the same time, so such a thing so early in a new consoles life cycle is too good to be true. The Wii U is certainly capable of it, after all it’s using newer tech that is significantly more power than current gen systems, so it makes sense. But in such short time, I doubt developers were able to jump into it yet. It’s still a new console, developers are still going to want to experiment with the hardware before they really try to use it to its full potential. As such, I think the game being in 1080p at 30FPS is more accurate. No doubt there will be 1080p 60FPS games for Wii U in the future, but not this soon. Developers want to focus more on 1080p console resolution first and foremost I’m sure, since 1080p has yet to be perfected on console, and it needs to be before developers try to get 60FPS games working on the Wii U, because 720p is obsolete now. If you seriously can’t tell the difference between 720p and 1080p, you need to have your eyes checked.

      1. It could happen, the Wii U is definitely capable of it. I just dont think developers would jump into that so soon, and as you said, there’s no evidence that confirms it. It’d be great if the game was in 60FPS, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was in 30FPS. Still, it’ll be in 1080p without a doubt. That will make the Wii U version have a far better resolution than the other console versions, which on console terms is still acceptable.

          1. Honestly dude, it doesn’t need to be said by Ubisoft directly. The Wii U is a brand new console coming out 2012, HD televisions have been relevant since 2005, it’s using newer tech. It would be ridiculous to think that the Wii U can’t do 1080p easily. Nintendo is not stupid enough to make the Wii U a 720p system. It’s logical thinking man, you don’t have to be a genius to realize newer tech in a console means better resolution, and the 360 and PS3 are 720p systems, there have only been a very select few that were 1080p on the PS3, but 97% of all its games are 720p. And if you really need proof that the Wii U is a 1080p system, then simply refer back to Nintendos E3 2011 conference when they first revealed the console. They came out, on stage, in front of the world, and said the Wii U will be capable of native 1080p. I don’t know how much more proof you need than an E3 conference man.

            1. It’s still speculation, buddy. The majority of Wii U launch titles are still running in 720p, I don’t see why this has to be any different just because the console “can do it”.

      2. There is no reason to have “evidence” for something that is NEVER mentioned. Why are you so incredibly stupid.


            what a credible source. From Nintendo fanboys…

            Please find another CREDIBLE SOURCE


          2. As predicted and brought up by myself a while back, you posted that bullshit RUMOR.

            So that’s Ubisoft mentioning it to you? NO.

  16. Yet just another reto not get a Wii U at launch. Why would anyone who has a PS3 or 360 in their right mind get a Wii U? From what I’ve been reading, the third party games at the very least look just as good on other systems. One of many reasons Wii U failed at E3 is we still don’t even know if its stronger the PS3/360… which should have been evident after the show. Instead Nintendo focuses 30 minutes on Nintendo Land, a game that could have easily been handled in SD on a GameCube.

    1. How right you are. If the system was capable of next-gen visuals, they would have presented evidence of such. They have done no such thing in any demo.

      1. They dont want to show the world other games they are developing yet. But hey, Nintendo show aelous your next gen visuals cos hes mr important.

    2. I’ve got a 360, and I am getting it. I think it will be amazing. I will be able to play my Nintendo favorites (Zelda, Mario, Metroid, etc), get 3rd party games for both if one doesn’t come out for the other, and get Xbox exclusives (Halo, mainly).

  17. It amazes me just how pissed off some people get discussing something so trivial. A true gamer will never bitch about how a game is until they have played it. 1080p @60fps doesn’t make a game worthy of purchase. The only thing I pay attention to when reading reviews are the control issues and fun factor. What good is a photorealistic game with life-like animation if it sucks to play? None….
    I could care less if the game runs at 1080p @60fps if the game is fun to play.

        1. I am willing to bet these trolls are of the PS2 and after era. Like to see any of them push their way through the original arcade Castlevania or Ghouls and Ghosts.

            1. The good ol’ days of three lives and three continues were the most frustrating and rewarding. There was no greater accomplishment than to defeat the final boss on your last continue using your last guy with one bar of power left.

      1. I mean seriously, im not buying it because it looks better, im buying it because i want to buy it for the WiiU. I already gave in and bought Darksiders 2 ( very very good btw), so i could do the same with AC3, all depends

  18. whoever runs this site is a moron. if you actually read the fucking link he got the “story” from the guy says that at GAMESCOM those features hadn’t been added in yet but they were working on it. AC3 on the Wii-U was different at GAMESCOM but was going to be identical to the other versions upon release. This isn’t even news. The people who run this site are just looking for clicks and this information is detrimental to the Wii-U and it isn’t even true. Way to go idiots.

  19. im gonna get it for 360 seeing how I have all my assasins creed games on it. And pretty much will buy the other games that are already out for it too but are coming for Wii U like Mass effect 3.

  20. This is getting weird,first sega said that sonic all racing tranformed for wiiU will have simmilar graphics to ps3/360.WHY?Second,developers said wiiU graphics are simmilar to xbox which makes the console a current gen console,third,WHY EA canceled the wiiU games?fourth and now this!

    Don’t be some of U fanboys and let’s talk for this problem which is the wiiU’s specs.I am not a graphic whore but i am worried about Nintendo they might follow sega’s steps (shood wood) and i really don’t wanna see that day coming!I am not trolling,i am just saying that many developers are saying that the U is weak!

      1. However,Nintendo has plenty time to improve the wiiU as soon as they can even they’ll lose money,they will earn more from the U and 3DS

    1. I know what your saying I am terribly worried about the wii U tech not because all games need to be real or whatever, only because certain types of games benifit from more power. And I just don’t want the wii U to miss out because then, well, I won’t buy it.

      1. SHUT THE FUCK UP! On Aug 23, 2012 1:17 PM, “My Nintendo News” wrote:

        > ** > TheDragon234 commented: “I TOLD U FROM THE VERY BEGINNING LOTS OF LOVE > AEOLUS!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    2. Oh my god, shut up. Who the hell cares? Its doing graphics better than a ps3 in its launch. Nuff said. Its just “missing” bits (when this was on about the gamescon demo anyway), due to development times. Jeez -.-‘

  21. If you actually read the article, the developer is talking about the specific versions of AC3 that they demoed at Gamescom. He said they can get the game to 100% match the PS3 version but they basically didn’t have the time before Gamescom. Whoever posted this article like it is actual news is a total douche.



      GLORY TO PS4 AND THE 720!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  24. We all know the Wii U is more powerdul than the 360 and ps3, but I am dissapointed by this. I was hoping to have those extra particle effects. I’m still buying it. And when my friend questions me saying: this game looks exaclty the same as the 360, I will show him this article

  25. I’m still going to buy this game. Maybe not at launch but I will pick it up eventually. Leave luck to heaven.

  26. I don’t care, graphics don’t matter to me, gameplay does. This game to me will be fun and exciting on the Wii-U.

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    1. Let’s see, off screen footage versus recorded footage.

      Yeah, that’s a brilliant comparison. Thanks for your contribution.

  28. LMFAO !! Wii U is weak !! I knew it !! Wii u is just an overclocked xbox360 with a gay controller , PS3 version FTW :)

    1. So, how’d it feel when someone took your name and posted more intelligently than you can, little bitch? Your ass still sore from all that rape they did to your credibility? Wait, don’t answer that; we all know it is.;)

          1. You’re an ass hurt homo, Nessie. The last comment you’ve posted, Aeolus have sticked is PS Move in your anal and cried like a wussie girl… and you enjoyed it. LOL!!!!!!

            1. UMAD ? That your baby toy is weaker than the ps3 ? Lol hell ! And why do you keep mentioning aelous when he dosnt have anything to do with anything I said ? Butthurt Nintendo fanboy you and revolution have gay sex in your basement

              1. The Wii U is more powerful than PS3. You’re angry because the indie developers are making games for Nintendo’s new console while Sony have closed down Sony Liverpool (formerly known as Psygnosis).

                1. And PCs have them both beat. No arguing with that. I dont PC game though, stupid keyboard and mouse isnt for me. I thought the specs werent revelaed yet for Wii U? rumours dont count for shit.

                  1. At least we’re on the same page there, Allison. I hope that Nintendo lifts the Non-Disclosure Agreement to all third party publishers and developers during their press briefing on September 13th. Although I’m looking forward getting the Wii U, I’ve decided to keep my hopes low. Last time my hopes went high at E3, Ubisoft wins best show this year.

      1. Thetruthandnothingbut

        LOL, didja see his response? The little troll faggot got owned by this and now he’s pretending to be a homophobic when everyone here knows he loves it.
        +1 props to ya, bro. Not that we didn’t already know he’s a little bitch, but reconfirming is always fun.XD

  29. Doesn’t matter Ubisoft make shitty crappy smelly French games.

    Well maybe if Ubisoft stop being 100% French they could make some good games but lol nope.

    Also Assassin’s Creed fucking sucks anyway.

  30. Nintendo fanboys who are to ignorant to try a different console, Nintendo fanboys who are to ignorant to try a different console everywhere here.

    fucking annoying as hell too.

    1. The same goes to Sony and Microsoft… but mostly Sony fanboys who always stoop a a very low level. Ness, Aeolus (Amir), and Siegfried von Scrotum are these inferior fanboys and graphic whores.

      1. I used to be a hard core sony fangirl towards xbox but I grew out of it because I relized how fucking stupid it is. The people here have not seen this yet….

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