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Iwata Says Social Features In Single Player Games Are Crucial

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata now believes that single player games need social features thrown in to make the experience more compelling and enjoyable. Iwata’s goal with Miiverse is to turn solely single player games into an online social experience.

“We have reached an era where even a single-player game experience [can] have a social component that is very important. And I think … that social component is mandatory.”

“What we really want to do is create a place where folks who are playing by themselves will not feel like they are playing by themselves.”

98 thoughts on “Iwata Says Social Features In Single Player Games Are Crucial”

    1. I think he means like adding leaderboards. Like nsmb2. Adding a global coin count for leaderboards was a really missed opportunity. Oh ninth, atleast you’re getting with the program.

    1. ? Wat ?
      I don’t know about the other Nintendo fans, but as for me, I want social features to stay the fuck away from games like Zelda (and I don’t see the benefit of putting it in a 3D Super Mario game either).

      I don’t mind it in some games, it may be an enormous benefit, but the way Iwata stated this it sounds as if it will be forced in games – something that doesn’t sound nice at all I think.

      TL;DR: I couldn’t disagree more with Iwata.

      1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

        ok mr pesemism . stfu .
        this will revoloutionize gaming . and microsoft and sony will obviously copy this . imagine if we can all socialy network on our games consoles . or in our awesome case right on the gamepad whilst in bed ?.
        the wiiu browser supports everything . so my laptop may aswell be thrown away once the wiiu arrives .
        i will be able to socialy network on the browser and most likely i will be totaly consumed by miiverse . which will be every hardcore nintendo gamer discussing things in one awesome place with O xbox trolls . LET ME REPEAT THAT , THERE WILL BE NO TROLLS ON THE MIIVERSE . JUST A LOVELY PLACE FOR US NINTENDO FANS TO ESCAPE TO . YOU WILL HAVE TO BUY A WIIU , JUST SO YOU CAN TROLL MOFO .
        its possible that miiverse could become HUGE . it integrates face time chat with the game pad and all these features .
        so if like you , you dont want to use this feature on zelda .
        you click ‘the no button’ .
        win win for me , win win for nintendo . prepare for nintendo’s complete domination of gaming and social gaming networks .

        1. 1) This article doesn’t mention anything that Sony and Microsoft don’t have yet.
          2) You have absolutely NO FUCKING CLUE YET as for what the Wii U will and will not support – stop pretending you/anybody do(es)
          3) Why the heck do you immediately feel the need to write me of as a ”troll”? I like Nintendo and am looking forward to the Wii U, but that doesn’t mean I have to praise every single thing about it before even knowing a lot about it (which – again – you don’t either).
          4) ”the wiiu browser supports everything . so my laptop may aswell be thrown away once the wiiu arrives .”

          Lolwat? I’m sure the Wii U will be great, but you’re expecting WAY too much.

          5) ”so if like you , you dont want to use this feature on zelda .
          you click ‘the no button’ .”

          You don’t know this at all yet either. I do hope so though.

          6) “prepare for nintendo’s complete domination of gaming and social gaming networks ”

          Why would that matter? That’s just pathetic. If you care which company is on top, good for you, for me it will still be about the games.
          Main point: looking forward to the Wii U a lot – doesn’t mean I’m not aloud to question certain things about it.

  1. true. even though games like Zelda and Batman are single player, i want to share the experience with friends

    1. well, there is almost certainly going to be an option to turn those features off. so there you go. and i personally think the idea is interesting. like if you’re stuck in a dungeon for example, there could be an item that you can use only once per dugeon and it’ll show you a random hint that an actual player left behind. it would be a great replacement to the stupid gold racoon suit or the sheika stone that just tells you how to do the puzzles.

      1. you’re right sir, and thinking about how Wii got a broader audience for gaming and how Nintendo is definitely looking for deeper experiences with Wii U, it really makes sense to have a community that can help anyone. I can go even further and say that a community also help to change this ”Hardcore X Casual” thing, cause everybody sometimes needs help, even the most expert players, and they gonna be together with Miiverse.

        1. exactly. and i mean, how many people use strategy guides anyway? having something like this would be a lot better than reading a strategy guide or watching a walkthrough

          1. I buy strategy guides more for collector’s value, these days, tbh, so I know what you mean.
            It’ll be really awesome to have people on Miiverse to talk with during a 1P game, whenever we wanna just chat about the section in the game we’re going through for some help or just to share a hilarious moment.

            1. yeah, i mean dont get me wrong i totally got the limited skyward sword strategy guide along with one for marvel vs capcom 3, but wi would be just fan-phuking-tastic to have just little blips from people in the games. it would be awesome in a game like zombiu, with people saying “go in this room, there’s an overpowered weapon” and you go in thee and theres just a horde of zombies.

        1. Even though Brawl is one of my top five favourite games ever, there is no denying that the online was absolute garbage.

            1. At least Wii U will improve online. (So do 3DS) So, combine with Namco Bandai’s involvement, and you could get true online.

              (Although, I think the reason people say Brawl’s online isn’t good is likely because of low connection)

              1. yeah, brawl works fine online for me. kinda sucks at times, but i could be playing with a person with crappy internet..

    1. Now when you said ZombiU, and notes in the same sentence with people posting notes in the game… It reminded me of slender man xD. Finding notes that help you out or explain things to you while you roam around in a creepy ass deserted area

    1. Seriously. What is the number one complaint with online multiplayer? All you meet are idiots that ruin the experience. Either they are hiding so they can kill you the moment you enter the game or they are messing with you to ruin the game you are in. It’s exactly why I wouldn’t shed a tear if there was never an online multiplayer option ever again. And there is a need to post you score online? So people you will never meet can see you little score? Why is this a good idea? It will be an option I will definitely turn off, if it doesn’t turn me off from buying the game altogether.

  2. Demon Souls changed the way we play online. It was the first game I played which had social features that really mattered, and even when you were playing single, players could help/interact with you. Sony is so stupid that, in that time, when the game was still a project, they cound’t realise how big it was, and decided to not publish the game, then Atlus did. I see how far those features got, even nintendo is doing something like that, and even better cause now every game will be connected to Miiverse, thats AWESOME!

    1. I can see you’ve never owned a console other then Nintendo, because everybody else was doing fun Social games like this over 6 years ago on other consoles.

      1. and I see you did’t get my message. I said Demon Souls CHANGED the online interations. Play it and you will begin to understand. I didn’t said it was the first game to have social features. and how did you guess I never owned other consoles then Nintendo? Does Demon Souls play on Wii? because, as far as I know, it’s a PS3 exclusive game. I play games don’t matter which console it is.

      2. Oh! I forgot saying… You said 6 years? cause i’m sure that it’s been almost 11 years since the first Animal Crossing game came up with a lot of this Social thing back on N64! (course due to hardware limitations it couldn’t go online, and got restricted to codes to exchange with friends) and look, the same mind behind that game, Katsuya Eguchi, developed the Miiverse and Wii U software!

        1. Hey calm down, calm down. Haha, I misread Demon Souls for that other 3DS game they have in japan, Demon training or whatever. I apologize for my ignorance XD. Though if you really want to go way back, Dreamcast was actually the first to do Social online games back in 1998-2000.

          1. I thought you were just trolling my comment, haha. You right, dreamcast did a great job with online! PSO is still one of my favorite games! But looking how far these social thing got with facebook and smartphones, I think the Miiverse is a way to show somehow, that a console don’t need an app for facebook or twitter, there are creative ways to use the social features for games instead of posting trophies or hanking your score to people who doesn’t care at all. thats why I quoted Demon Souls, in this era that everything have to link with facebook, they were creative to make social features without looking at others applications.

  3. I don’t care what anyone says but Nintendo Land look fun! It’s doesn’t matter wether you consider it a full game or a bunch of mini games. All that matters is that when you play it you have fun.

    1. I admit it looks fun but I’m not paying full price for it when I can use the same money for Pikmin 3, ZombiU, or Darksiders II.

  4. Huh that’ll be interesting. I can ask my friend whose playin the same game as me for tips instead of goin to youtube or somethin to watch the playthrough vid, or I can use it to goof around and brag a little. Nice idea Ninten, you got my support.

  5. The Miiverse looks like a big improvement at the videogame industry. I only fear that, instead of helping, the other people start trolling and make the players die or something like that. But hey, at least it would lead to some good laughs if you’re recording it =D

  6. Iwata-san have truly made the Wii U a very revolutionary game console. Not only it plays video games, but also use their own social networking. In case if you’re stuck trying to beat an ultra-tough zombie from ZombiU, your friend from the Miiverse would text you with advice, tips, rants, etc.*

    Now you’re playing with power– SOCIAL POWER!!!!!!

    *See 0:45 for example.

  7. I’m looking forward to the Miiverse. The idea is very interesting and I can’t wait to see how it’s implemented. Leave luck to heaven.

  8. Why not just have every game have a drop in/drop out co-op mode for online and offline? Of course it should be engaging.

    1. simply because it doesn’t fit with the gameplay of every game. the online must be integrated with the game system, it must make sense to have a drop in/out co-op. the Miiverse is a way to put every game online without changing the gameplay standards.

        1. As I said, in my opinion a co-op doesn’t fit with the gameplay of every game. Some games are made to play alone, but at the same time you don’t want to feel that you are the ONLY one playing that game, that’s why Miiverse is interesting for me.

          1. If developers don’t want you to feel like you are the only one playing that game…then make it co-op. Miiverse is needed, I agree. I love the idea. Because a lot of gaming websites are too lazy to put up walkthroughs and post cheats or hints. That is what Miiverse should be described as…a way to do that. Don’t describe it as a way to make you feel like you are not playing the game alone…it just makes you sound lazy as a developer…IMO anyway.

  9. Not they’re not.

    When I play single player I don’t want any rubbish multiplayers crap ruining my games, thus includes this social networking crap.

    So stop putting it in.

    1. Hopefully you can turn that stuff off. I don’t want little stupid notes popping up when I play Mario and getting into my line of sight.

  10. I LOVE this idea! As long as it’s optional…
    Not everyone wants to start World 1-1 to see a message from a friend saying “Bowser’s weakness is falling on the loose blocks”.

  11. Not exactly unexpected – Nintendo has always been more about the social side of gaming.
    In the current day of Social media, it was merely a matter of time until the gaming gurus of Nintendo’s top individuals decided that Social technologies was for them…

    As a matter of fact, one feels that Nintendo as a developer may just be about to redefine themselves as more of a social media/gaming oriented group than ever before, which may just be a good thing for the casual audiences they crave…and whilst hardcore gamers might feel betrayed by this ultimate decision, it makes far more business sense for them to push at being the king of a small but sustaining pond rather than an ocean filled with those whom their ideals are just not strong enough against to survive as they are.

    Nintendo are clearly far more traditionalist as a japanese company, and thus are far more focused on their personal pride as a company, rather than continue to attempt competing on a very uneven and unpredictable playing field!

    1. I don’t think that these social features have anything to do with Casual audiences, I think it’s the other way around. I don’t know exactly were these therms ”hardcore” and ”casual” showed up, but I guess its the Media’s fault, when Nintendo decided to “folow its own path” with Nintendo Wii the same media automatically separated the audiences for the console as casual, due to its simple/fast majority of games and hardcore to show that on other consoles, games were depeer. it’s all a big fat lie.
      The thing is, WiiU social features are there for a lot of motives, one that I think for myself is that Nintendo wants every gamer, casual and hardcore to interact on the system, showing that even the most expert player sometimes needs help. that’s why it says TOGETHER BETTER, I think we had enough of these Casual x Hardcore war.
      That’s also why Nintendo Land presents Nintendo franchise and the elements of it in a casual way, to people afraid of Zelda, metroid and games called Hardcore begin to understand that it’s not hard to play ”deeper” games.
      and secondly Smartphones games and Social games can kill the market of gaming at some point, and Nintendo is the only companie out there doing something to stop it somehow. creating it’s own Social Platform, and making it good for gaming. that’s my opinion, the facts about why they decided to bring these online social features, only Nintendo developers know.

  12. I want to feel like I’m playing by myself when I’m playing by myself. That’s the point of single player. I play games because I want to play games…alone with no interaction from the outside world. If I want to talk to people I do stuff outside, or get my friends over and play multiplayer.

  13. If I can turn the feature off then I don’t mind because I don’t want to be playing Zelda and constantly have people telling me stuff I may already know or even giving out spoilers about the game. Plus I like solving and completing the dungeons and puzzles myself as I feel more proud doing it myself with no help at all.

  14. Lol this is just an excuse for them to make their multiplayer and online suck , Nintendo sucks and do their online and graphics , NINTENDO !! JUST DIE ALREADY !!

        1. You don’t know me, ass hurt Sony dick rider. Just because I had played Bulletstorm, Gears of War (I had an Xbox 360 at the time), Batman: Arkham City, Super Metroid, Dead or Alive series, Tekken series, Street Fighter series, X-Men, etc., doesn’t mean that I’m a casual gamer. You don’t play games, Nessie… you’ve just been fucking played yourself. Get off of my dick and troll someone else, Nessie the Lochness Troll.

  15. I have to agree. After getting lost in WoW, it ruins you. Even though it was basically a single player experience for me, because I was so crap no one wanted to do group stuff with me, the huge social experience it offers left me feeling like single player games were isolating and hollow. I doubt Nintendo will get it right, but it’s a step in the right direction. People need not worry because Nintendo certainly will ensure those who dont want to use the feature, or have no internet connection won’t loose anything of importance.

  16. If it’s optional, fine. Skyrim has proven to me how much more enjoyable modern gaming is when it is just you, the game, and no one else.

  17. This is complete BS. I play SINGLE player because I want to play it ALONE. If I wanted to play with other people or interact with them I would play something called MULTIPLAYER.

    Sorry Iwata, but this is one of the stupidest things that you have said.

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