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Mutant Mudds For Nintendo 3DS May Get 20 Additional Levels As DLC

Renegade Kid’s Mutant Mudds launched on the Nintendo 3DS eShop earlier this year, and a PC version of the game that includes 20 brand-new levels will release on August 30th. The game’s designer, Jools Watsham, says that although it takes time to add the levels to the 3DS version, and Nintendo needs to approve them before they are released, Renegade Kid is hoping that the 20 levels will be available for download from the Nintendo eShop.

“But, the reality is that it takes time to add the levels to the 3DS version and it requires approval from Nintendo. I don’t expect Nintendo to have a problem with us adding the levels to the existing game (they allowed Wayforward with Mighty Switch Force), but I cannot say for certain that they will simply say yes, because I am not Nintendo. And besides, once we have added the new content to the 3DS version, we will have to resubmit the game to the ESRB and through Nintendo’s approval process, which just takes time.”

39 thoughts on “Mutant Mudds For Nintendo 3DS May Get 20 Additional Levels As DLC”

          1. The game was a little to slow paced and boring for my taste but if you like games full of tribute homage and retro feel youll love this game. though id advise that instead of wasting that money you should purchase metriod return,wario land, kid icruis, or buy some ds games and build that libraryby visiting gamestop or amazon. personally id recommend you buy metriod fushion or contra 4. ME Im going to a forum to build a pinball arcade mame nowthats where your money should gothey have a youtube video on pinball arcade mame some people did good jobw others were meh but its fairly easy if you hqve the cash just buy xarcade tank,have a pc, some cable connector and two flat screen televsion and your own either built counter or flat table with speakers now thats better than money spent !

            1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

              thanks for the advice lucifer , i have played every game you recomended :).
              i have downloaded a ton of vc games on my wii and 3ds .
              but i will take your advice on mutant muds and pass . it doesnt soud essential .
              just a tribute .
              cheers i will spend my money on better things for my library .

            2. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

              my ds library is huge lol . although there is still TONS of ds games i could never afford and still want to play.
              there is tooooo many good games in the world .
              you see i like all platforms (except the vita cus it doesnt have enough ‘standout’ games ‘yet’ .
              but i am down with everything else.
              although i seem to be in love with nintendo and everything else is awesome but i just dont have that love for them,
              gaming is wierd isnt it .

    1. free I hope *crosses fingers*
      Nintendo has said once before that when they release a game they want customers to feel like they’re paying for a full game and that they don’t wanna charge for add-ons, I just hope that the 3rd party developers that release their content on Nintendo consoles use the same philosophy, or that nintendo forces it
      I honestly felt that this game was unfinished and could use more levels, but they do honestly make up for that by making it hard as shit.

    1. Yeah, I think the same. I already have played it, and I don’t think it have nothing special, besides be very boring.

    2. Just because many people enjoy it and you happen to not, doesn’t make it overrated.

      But i see where you’re coming from. It’s sounds like this big amazing game when it turned out to be a simple platformer. But sometimes the simplest things in life can be the most interesting and entertaining.

      1. You got me wrong. I was only waiting for a simple but cool platformer, and believing to the hype, I bought this game on day one….
        …And besides the difficulty, it has NOTHING which would make this game live up to the hype. NOTHING. Hell, I can find better platformers than this even on smartphones….

  1. Hey guys im trying to know how must get eshop games. I heard pushmo is good, can someone tell me what u do in there?

    and any recommendations towards eshop games will be nice :)

    1. pushmo is a clever block pushing puzzle game.. im not a fan of puzzle games but by-god it is so addicting..! worth the money bro i say get it..!

        1. Siegfried Von Schroder

          Did you get Mutant Mudds? it’s a great platformer. Also VVVVVV ( The letter V six times) is also great.

            1. Siegfried Von Schroder

              The original Siegfried Von Schroder was stupid enough to give me his email address. So, yes i am a clone.

        2. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

          sakura samurai , ketzals/potzols corridors , art of balance touch , colors 3d , marvel pinball , pushmo and dillons rolling western and vvvvvv :) all great games .

          1. I never played vvvvvv is it great to me it looks game that i tried based on artwork and reviews was cavestory i loved that game it was really great. Heres my question should i buy a vita or a laptopl? might be stupid but its one of those things i need peoples opinion weighed. i know the vita has utube and to me thats pretty much it. cant i hack laptops to play vita?

            1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

              well it depends how satisified with what ever you are using now. if its a pc or something that has good internet usage. i would go for the vita.
              the vita is under selling. but there is a handfull of good games.
              uncharted , stardust , mgs hd , rayman , wipeout , gravity rush .

              i am thinking of getting a vita some time soon . but for me it needs some rpgs and platformers.
              but LBP vita , ACL , and persona 4 golden and ragnarok odysey are coming out soon . i am interested in all those games.
              so if i was you i would go for the vita , considering you are using something to post internet comments with already.
              3ds is my baby at the moment. and i love my XL with its awesome collection of games.
              i will buy a vita soon , but i am just w8ing for the library of the vita to thicken out a bit.
              LBP vita , will be the must buy reason for the vita.

            2. Get a Vita.In my eyes ,it’s a very good system.You should get Gravity Rush with it too.People in this site would go for the laptop,but hey,the Vita has Youtube,Facebook ,and Twitter apps on it.The Vita is Practically a computer on the go. But its your decision that counts.hope I helped you.

      1. definatley might switch force, that game is friggin fun also kid icarus 3d classic, it took me forever to beat it

    1. Of course, its DURING school on a SCHOOL DAY. Nintendo, i wanted to watch it live! :( i might skip lunch and watch it at the library

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