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Japan Will Be Getting A Pink Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced at todays Nintendo Direct conference that Japanese gamers will soon be able to get their hands on a pink and white Nintendo 3DS XL console. I assume the pricing will be the same as current models.



    1. Or, you know, girls.
      Or even guys who happen to like pink.
      But I’m sure you can’t fathom such concepts and possibilities.


  1. Lol Pink ? Lol Nintendo cares more about girls and 1direction fangirls more than Nintendo fans and Nintendrones .. Nintendo is a casual game company !! SO SHUT UP ABOUT THEM BEING HARDCORE WHICH THEY ARE NOT !!


    1. Wow, they’re releasing a pink coloured console, alongside their black, red, blue and white coloured consoles, clearly they only care about girls… WHAT BRILLIANT LOGIC!


    2. girld play games to. the vast majority of gamers are boys. but girls play nintendo , sony and microsoft consoles.
      girls even play psp and vita. how do i know ??? cus ive seen them.

      i wont lie tho girls like the wii most because if its party games :/. and shovelware.
      girls just love shovelware.

      but the wii has some excellent games for hardcore aswell.
      its called ‘broader demographics’ and its why nintendo is pwning the world with hardware sales. sony will no doubt try to ‘broaden their demographic’ next gen .
      they tried with the vita. rayman , little deviants , mod nation etc. they are little kiddy girly games.


      1. Wow, sexist. Most of my female friends are hardcore gamers. They can easily kick my ass in Halo.
        “rayman , little deviants , mod nation etc. they are little kiddy girly games.”
        Have you played Rayman? It’s HARD. And to compare “kiddy” games to games targeted at women, well that’s just grossly sexist of you.


      2. i agree with you . my comment was sexist. i know hardcore girl gamers aswell , so yes my comment was largely sexist.
        but , lets say 75% of woman gamers , like party games , fitness games and other such games , you know ???

        where as 75% of boy gamers play cod (sigh) , halo , metroid that sort of thing.
        obviously girls are just as capable as men at anything . but if we were to do some statistics , men are the ones who play the more ‘hardcore’ games overall.
        i dont mean to be sexist , and i apolagise .


  2. One of the reasons I’m not rushing to get a 3DS XL is because chances are NIntendo will release one with an awesome colour, or some cool limited edition one. I’m not too hot on the colours that are out now, but they’re OK.


  3. …………………………….I swear to fuck, this better come to North America, or I won’t buy a 3DS XL. I already can’t have a white one because it’s fucking “exclusive” to Japan. I hate the shit colors we have.


  4. Im a guy and straight , and had the pink 3ds , totally would rock a pink XL. lol I like the color.. its just a color.. i bet most of y’all that are hating on it and gay bashing..lol are most likely hiding some homoerotic tendencies. Haha..Don’t they say the first people usually to bash or show bigotry and usually hating just on themselves.
    This color most likely wont hit USA until February just like the original pearl pink 3ds came out


  5. I, personally, would rather have a pikachu 3ds XL released in the states than get a different color. I’ve got a regular ALL black 3ds, so I’m not rushing it. Esp because in the MoM edition(Kingdom Hearts 3DS), it came w/ a hard shell that’ll only fit a standard size 3ds


  6. Ok everyone pink & white is cool. if everyone bought fords they wouldn’t make Chevrolet . I love the pink & white and I hope it comes here. If u don’t have anything nice to say then shut up. Keep your negative comments to yourself. Just because u do not like it doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same way. They picked the best color pink ever. I bet it will out sell the other colors by a mile.


  7. If Japan is getting or got the pink/white 3DS XL, then wouldn’t we(in the States) get the solid white one? I hope so. I still hope I have time to get the pink handheld though. It looks so pretty. But, if not; then I would like the solid white one.


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