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New Animal Crossing 3DS Details Revealed, Plus Japanese Release Date

Animal Crossing: Jump Out! for Nintendo 3DS will launch in Japan on November 8th for 4800 yen. During today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed new details regarding the game, which are listed here:

  • You decide what shops to build
  • You can change store hours
  • Adjust the town to fit your style
  • Exchange characters via QR Codes
  • Furniture colors can be changed

32 thoughts on “New Animal Crossing 3DS Details Revealed, Plus Japanese Release Date”

  1. So Europe and America probably won’t be getting it in 2012. Too bad. I’m really looking forward to this game and can’t wait to finally get it.

  2. Nov 8th? So we’ll get it around Jan/Feb next year. So i have this, Luigis Mansion, Castlevania, and Paper Mario to come in the Q1 next year? Awwwwww yeeeeeeah

  3. I played this game already guys….on the gamecube… not buying the same game again. Gamecube one is the best one.

    1. Because playing a single game in a series totally means you can make judgements about later games that you’ve never even played before.

      Screw logic, right?

      1. check out animal crossing wii and 3ds…. it was hardly any different.

        Gamecube one is better with NES games…

        1. I’m not going to argue with someone who hasn’t even played the games. If you want to claim that the games are the same, then start by comparing the DS version with the Wii version.

          1. I actually had the ds version and bought the wii one. The wii one was hardly any different and a waste of my money

            That’s why the wii version got a lower rating by critics…

            1. It’s true, the biggest difference was the city, and I was hardly inclined to go there. Although it was nice how Nintendo would send us new furniture every so often.

        2. Do you even know how HARD it is to get the fucking NES games? Playing a game and only liking it because you can play a completely different game is fucking retarded.

          And if you haven’t seen the trailers for the 3DS version, you’d acknowledge the fact that it IS “hardly” different. Jesus Christ, you can completely edit the entire fucking town, create your own stores and set your own opening hours, you get to be a mayor, you can wear pants, the characters are different, there ARE new characters, you can completely change the model of your house, there are now items you can place ON the wall, etc

          Also not to mention there’s been fucking hair for the last 3 games.

    2. I think the point is all the new stuff that comes with it. “Oh, i played Super Mario Bros on the NES, dont need to play another. -___-

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    1. Im glad they added that, i work night shifts so im always up durin the night except for my days off, so id never get to do anything on this game xD unless i changed the internal clock (but then weeds, weeds everywhere)

  6. I’m looking forward to the Mall. It looks much bigger an better than the City was in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

    1. The thing that disappointed me about the City in City Folk was that we couldn’t go there with friends online.

      I wonder if we can shop with friends on AC 3DS this time around.

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