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Pokemon Developer Shows Off New Nintendo 3DS Game


Game Freak, the developers behind the mighty Pokemon franchise, took the time to show off their new game which is titled Harmo Knight for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is best described as a colourful action-rhythm game. No western release date was given.

The game sees a pint-sized knight travelling across a colourful world map, then dashing through stages while hacking enemies with his sword.

Every swipe and move the knight makes builds up the stage’s track – be it dodging flowers or jumping over obstacles – as he progresses through the stage.

109 thoughts on “Pokemon Developer Shows Off New Nintendo 3DS Game”


    1. You can use any Nintendo names or the name “Aleous” but we all know that you are the same stupid troll, who is stuck in a loop and is doom to repeat that patten again and again until you either grow up, die or get banned.

      No one is forcing you to visit this website, no one is forcing you to buy this game and no one is forcing you buy any Nintendo system.

      So stop acting like a jackass or just leave, no ones really gives a damn about what you have to say.

      Hell you make Sony fan and Microsoft fan look bad and I know that they don’t behave like you at all.

      You are not a fan boy you are just a jerk who has far to much time and thus waste his time trolling which is just sad and makes you a pathetic loser who life sucks so much that you only outlet is to bring other people down to your level just so you can feel better about your crappy life.

      1. It’s your response he wants, dude. Don’t give him the satisfaction. Never reply. Besides, he’s going to get a Wii U on day one. Don’t feed the trolls.

    1. What’s not gonna happen?
      To be blunt: this game looks awful. At least, for the 3DS, this looks like it would work well on IOS/Android. I’ll be buying Luigi’s Mansion and Paper Mario before this, and I don’t want to spend more money on a game I’m not all that excited about.

  1. Pokemon is kid shit , it’s been the same game for years ..they only add new shitty pokemon and a new character ..HOW FUCKING INOVATIVE !

          1. Lol sales don’t matter ? Sales is the only argument you Nintendrones have to deffend the shitty wii and 3DS , So what if the 3DS sold more than vita ? Vita is still a better system

            1. better system doesnt mean better games
              its not all about power
              the vita may be technically superior but saying it has better games is only an opinion

              1. Vita has very little quality games. Sales do matter. It tells you what people want and what they like. As long as Nintendo isn’t selling at a loss. They learn from sales and customer review.

              1. uncharted
                exclusive assasins creed
                exclusive CoD game
                modnation racers

                there are more just cant think of the names at the moment.

                  1. Sorry, but most of the the PS Vita exclusives are awful, and the ports all play better on the PS3. Even it’s Uncharted game only got 8.5!

        1. And tell me, what kind of fantastic games do you play where the story is always incredible and the series is vastly different but maintains the core gameplay from game to game?

        2. Kingdom Hearts: Have keyblade, hit heartless. Metroid: In space, kill aliens. You can apply this logic to any series.

            1. Or the part in Halo where you shoot aliens. Or the part in GTA where you steal cars. Or the part in Final Fantasy where you have character classes. Or the part in Mario Kart where Peach is a fucking slut.

  2. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    Not gona happen. The need to be able to check the age of the players thats why they have the championship. And pokemon (pocket monsters) should be on a handheld. But who knows

      1. Gosh, maybe because Pokemon isn’t for kids? Because there are layers upon layers of strategy and depth and oh-so-much number crunching that can be done when you look deeper into the game mechanics? Because you can easily rack up hundreds of hours playing through the game?

      2. Implying that adults aren’t ever allowed to enjoy something aimed at kids. By that logic no one over the age of 18 should be allowed to enjoy Grand Theft Auto or someone over the age of 15 can’t enjoy Persona. This is terrible logic and you need to sort it out.

        1. Wrong answer! Nintendo is a Familly game system, and anyway Adults Rarely play video games. You must never have tried any fighting games for Nintendo like super smash bros.

      3. Just because Pokemon is a cartoon doesn’t mean that any age of a person can’t play the game. Millions of adults watch cartoons on tv still, no matter what age they are.

      1. The way it’s phrased implies it’s a new Pokemon game. This website does it all the time. “Gamefreak shows off new 3DS game, HarmoKnight” would be a better title.

        1. Nah, people just need to use their brains more. The title says “Pokemon Developer Shows Off New Nintendo 3DS Game” I didn’t assume it was a Pokemon game. :P

          1. Well I knew it wasn’t because I watched the Direct but to some people that title could easily be very misleading. You shouldn’t have to use your brains to work out what an article will be about, it should be stated plain and simple.

              1. They’re also not meant to be misleading. I shouldn’t enter an article expecting one thing then finding something completely different.

                Also that “bop bam boom” thing really gets on my nerves for some reason, I find it hard to read any of your comments. Makes you stand out, yes, but in a really bad way. Just a thought.

    They make a new Ip

      1. How is this shovelware
        You don’t know its bad until you’ve played it
        Or are you one of those “HARDCORE GAEMERS” who think anything not violent is shovelware

          1. well that’s not hardcore gamers, thats just violent people
            thats like saying real fans of movies cant watch pixar movies they can only watch the human centipede

            1. I do like violent games like god of war aand I do consider my self a hard core gamer but I play games of all genres. Granted most games I enjoy are rated M so violence is there but I enjoy that more, the creators dont have to restrict them selves to censorship to tell the story. Mass effect does a good job of this I find.

      2. Do u kno what shovelware even means…? Pokemon does require more depth than ppl think so I doubt this will be any different

    1. Was pretty much going to say this.

      Haters can just keep on hatin’. I’ll be enjoying classic Nintendo IP’s such as Mario, Zelda & Metroid.

      …AND enjoying new ones like Pullblox, Steel Diver, Dillon’s Rolling Western…and now, Harmo Knight!

  4. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    And pokemon is for all ages. Its a very fun hardcore game with strategy and fun when you compete with top players

      1. Please god learn to spell.
        I’d expect RS remakes to come out before Gen VI. It’s the apparent trend. Ruby Sapphire, FireRed LeafGreen, Diamond Pearl, HeartGold SoulSilver, Black White… next logical step is… I dunno… VolcanRuby and OceanSapphire? Whatever they call them.

    1. Why aren’t there more comments like this? This game looks like fun. Kinda makes you think of Sound Shapes on PSV, but a bit more entertaining IMO (although the former has the ability to create levels and such) and a little bit of that segment in Rayman Legends they showed at E3, where it’s music based. All in all, a great looking NEW IP (gasp! like Nintendo hasn’t made a new IP on every single console/handheld they have ever released) and I’ll be keeping an eye on it myself. My daughter will probably enjoy it as well.

  5. The video they showed off for this game, it actually looks kinda promising. If there’s enough content and variety, it could be a great title.

  6. johnr754. Not anonomyus, PETERIUSS.

    I have a feeling this will be overlooked by Pokémon fans, unfortunately. And it looks damn promising, too.

  7. Bing Bang Bop!!! Holy Cow! This game looks wicked fun! I love how they snuck in some Pokemon references on one of he levels. I hope to pick up this game soon, rhythem games are my favorite ^_^ Bop Bam Boom!!!

  8. OMG Harmo Knight’s sword is a giant musical note :) This game looks great. Gamefreak brings me the awesome Pokemon games so I believe this game will be awesome as well!!!

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  10. …and why are they wasting time on this game? i don’t wanna hear anything from gamefreak unless its about the new 3ds pokemon game -__-

  11. Glad to see gamefreak make original IP’s, if you love gamefreak aka pokemon company! GO OUT AND SUPPORT THEIR ORIGINAL IP’S and then maybe we wont get soo many pokemon spin offs about rangers, and little children turning into snivy.

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