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Baird Analyst Says Nintendo ‘Isn’t Building Up Enough Hype With Wii U’

Robert W. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian is under the impression that Nintendo isn’t building enough hype for Wii U even though the console is expected to launch in the coming months. Sebastian thinks that the machine will most likely be purchased by dedicated Nintendo fans, while other gamers will opt to wait for Microsoft and Sony’s next generation offerings in 2013.

“We remain concerned that Nintendo is missing an opportunity to build greater mind share ahead of the Wii U launch on November 18. While initial strong sales are likely given the Nintendo fan base, we believe there may be a narrow window of opportunity to generate broad consumer interest before next-gen Microsoft and Sony platforms are announced in [first half of 2013] and launch in Q4 2013.”

172 thoughts on “Baird Analyst Says Nintendo ‘Isn’t Building Up Enough Hype With Wii U’”

          1. You are exactly right, sir; so neither of them are qualified to claim a date. I mean, personally, i’d believe the EA guy over some kid(s) on the internet.

          2. Also, considering that Sony’s had over a 1.8 billion pound loss from the Playstation brand over the last year, chances are they’re gonna extend the PS3’s life as much as possible. As much as possible, considering if they cut off Playstation as a branch, Sony would almost be profiting.

    1. its still too early for hype. after they anounce their shit on 13th of this month.
      we will see some huge wiiu adverts on TV. and we will see the U on the news.

      this is when the massive hype will be generated. when we see the likes of penelope cruz playing wii fit u AND nsmbwii. this is when all family’s will go BESERK over the wiiu. for me , the wiiu will be a bigger hit than the wii.

      dont start saying ”everybody is playing ipad”. because IPAD will never be able to replicate the feeling you get off a wii/wiiu.

      the wiiu will sell to family’s and hardcore gamers and will completely dominate the industry. whilst microsoft and sony will go head to head to compete for the ‘horsepower’ console .

          1. Your damn right ill buy any playstation and nintendo. im just waiting on Wii U til it has games I want. Ill get the next xbox too.

          2. I don’t think you know what “double standards” means, your post in no way conflicts with what Aeolus said…he said that fanboys buy anything from their respective fandom. Goes for any company really, everyone knows that.

            1. See that proves my point ANYTHING NINTENDO jealous The onlything sony has is the system as well as the xbox. Besides MAYBE some action figures theres only the love of the system. Nintendo has a more culture like fanbase because thers so much more to Nintendo. It’s not so much Nintendo name being on it, but because its interesting Take a trip to the Smithsonian and see what I mean. Seems lke the PS360 drones only cherish violence, war, and bloodshed. Something that doesnt even seem right when you think of where video games started at. Astroid and Centerpede had shooting. But there werent brains hitting the screen evertime you killed one.

          1. I got the original XBOX and was kind of disappointing,
            So i haven’t gotten an xbox 360 yet,
            But if the next XBOX is on-par with PS4,
            I’ll get that over PS4 any day :0

        1. If you think “hype” is spending time trying to explain to people this isn’t an add-on, then I’ve got some news for you if this keeps up…

      1. I agree too. I know after the price and release date have been announced it will be advertised all over the place, but the only advertising I’ve seen so far- excluding Nintendo magazine- is a small display in my local Gamestation. They need cool banners on big websites with gameplay reels, more big game reveals, more store advertising, and some tentative “coming soon” TV ads. I’m excited, but in regards to building hype in general, they’ve been shooting themselves in the foot thus far.

      2. ITS TOOOOO EARLY . THATS WHY!!! when the wiiu hits the television , which it will in full force. it will cause a huge stir. nintendo knows what they are doing.
        we should start seeing adverts after september 13th.

        thats when people start wii-ing themselves.

        the wiiu will hit 100,000,000 units in its lifetime. either the ps4 or 720 will do the samefigure and one will fail. which one will fail the ps4 or 720 ??? i hope its the 720 but i think sony are going to go under off the vita :/

          1. i do . i am like the oposite of micheal patcher. ie , my predictions about revies , tech , gaming , sales are almost 90% true , everytime i bother to predict something.

            as soon as i saw the DS and WII back in 05/06 , i knew nintendo was going to blow everybody away . and i knew microsoft and sony would be tugging it out in a pull of war of cross platform games and exclusives. which both company’s arguably won and lost.

            nintendo is nintendo . and now its microsoft vs sony . and pc’s stand alone aswell like nintendo.

            its useless you xbox and ps fanboys (like yourself) saying the wiiu’s graphic’s are gunna be shit compared to ps4 and 720. we know this. but the wiiu will have a large amount of great exclusives not found anywhere else.

            nintendo is doing their own thing. and yes the wiiu is in the same GEN as 720 and ps4. but the wiiu is about its gamepad etc etc , and we dont know what the 720 and ps4 are about yet. presumably sub par pc graphics and exclusives.

            1. to add to this. i am very very very interested in ps4. cus i like sony’s exclusives (not psas) . and i want the wiiu to be great and i want the ps4 to crush the 720 .
              my xbox 360 was such a dust collector i just gave it to my little bro. an elite 360 with about 17 games.

              the ps4 and wii on the other hand i play nearly everyday. and i love to death. the wii has my favorite games this GEN , skyward sword , smash bros, galaxies , prime trilogy , xenoblade , muramasa , monster hunter , etc etc etc.

              and the ps3 , although its games arent my favorite games. it does have an endless amount of great games (way more than wii) and i love playing it.

              microsoft deserve to fuck off away from gaming.

              i will probably pick a vita up when its library thickens.

              for me its 1.nintendo 2. sony 3. microsoft. – who i really despise . shit faces with no soul and no place in gaming.

      1. *You’re
        But I agree with you. If you’re going to bash game console, at least do it because you don’t have with it, not because of something so trivial like graphics!

        1. Yes!!! Geez people!!!!! What about the 3do??? Sega CD??? The “64 bit” Atari jaguar!!!!!! PEOPLE!!!! Graphics DO NOT make a great console!!!! Look back on all the consoles and such that totally suck cuz the games bombed!! Nintendo has some excellent, and memorable games and characters and, when it comes down to it, nobody will play a game that looks good, but plays like shit.

          Let that simmer in your heads before you dumbasses go back to your little rants about graphics and next gen bs.

          1. this is so true. this is why i would rather play a GBA or a ds than a ps vita ATM. cus it has much more fun nd better games.

            the sort of idiot graphicswhore who would think playing the vita’s tiny shitty library is more fun than enjoying a game such as metroid fusion or minish cap on the gba.

            its about games. graphics DO further the experience when used properly. but they are only as important as story,sound,gameplay etc etc etc .

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  2. Ill be buying a wii u on release day and so will the trolls on this site they are the ones that cant wait to play it the most :D

        1. Really? because it seems to me that these trolls are in fact jealous of the dedication fanboys have. The only time they get mad is when the ps360 fans say meaningless crap about Nintendo THAT I know will get you cussed the fuck out, but I must say respectfully so. This IS A Nintendo based page! I cant say I blame them. And the fact that Nintendo HAS so much extra mechandising, as well as a rich history ie. collectable figures worth BIG $ Thats why ps360 drones hate Nintendo and by drones I mean the SUPER ignorant ones that waste time screwing around on here instead of PLAYING the systemsTHEY CLAIM to be so awesome it shits on Nintendo. I love ps360 but I like Nintendo more. From the artwork and visuals to the gameplay and replay value they are just a bit better Im getting a Wii U at launch. And Ill grab one of the OTHER 2 when they come out. Which one I dont know, but if it costs more than $400 I wont buy it! Im a fan but not that big of a fan! I feel pretty confident Nintendo wont go over that unless its a bundle of some sort.

  3. These analysts are useless, instead of keep criticizing all the time why they don’t give good advices or encouragement to nintendo for future success in their products.

    1. Because the likelihood of their advice doing much of anything is extremely slim.
      The analysts are correct in my opinion. Nintendo has given little effort to increase awareness of the Wii U and what it has to offer.
      Maybe a new trailer here and there would have helped.

      Also as a quick FYI, this is advice that they are giving. They’re worried people won’t be interested in the Wii U thanks to lack of hype.

      1. It’s because Nintendo doesn’t want to add more information about the Wii U because they believe Microsoft and Sony will be copying their ideas and innovation. Sony have copied the Super Smash Bros formula and made PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale while Micro$oft tries to copy Nintendo’s Wii U Game Pad and call it the Xbox SmartGlass. This is one of the reasons Nintendo have given their third party supporters a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

  4. Am I the only one who read “ahead of the Wii U launch on November 18”? Has to be speculation though. Anyways, I do think Nintendo needs to show something cool on September 13, if they want me and many others to get the Wii U at launch.

  5. I would be hyped if they had good games at launch like mario kart or a zelda but nope we get games that already exsist and fucking pikmin…..

        1. what is your problem ???? you really dont like nintendo do you ???

          pikmin is one of the best and most creative game series of all time. lets leave it there noob.
          skyward sword , ocarina 3d and mario kart 7. ever heard of them ??? they are all perfect masterpiece’s . go and buy them .

              1. I tolled you I like nintendo but its #2 to me. I have always liked playsation more because of the games for it. I dont compare them to nintendo games no because they are all different. I am glad that playstation is making a brawl clone amd making it there own with there characters because you would never see them super smash bros.

    1. We just got Mario Kart 7 and Skyward Sword not even a year ago. Be patient. They confirmed already that they are working on unannounced first-party titles, and given how criticised Nintendo get for showing a game long before it’s released (Twilight Princess and Uprising were almost 2 years to name a couple), I think we’ll just see them closer to their launch period. My guesses are Mario Kart, Metroid, Miyamoto’s new IP, Smash Bros, and maybe some others are all being developed as we speak- some further along in the process than others.

    2. Well skyward sword just came out at the end of last year, I think I also read that they delayed it a whole year just to make sure everything was perfect (as far as bugs, gameplay etc).

      That being said I was still hoping for a big major title (at least a 3d Mario) but I think retro is working on something big so they might spring that on us at the last minute.

    3. Then look at it like this, they’re using games that’s already been released as a way of showcasing how unique the gameplay is compared to another gameplay style. Instead coming out with a brand new game that everyone doesnt know the gameplay of and can only speculate, they instead opt to release a game that everyone is familiar with and want to show the WiiU side of the gameplay.

  6. Who knows what Nintendo will do on the September conference, I think/hope they know that they have the potential to generate tons of hype for the Wii U, now they just have to show it.

  7. Well it is true. But maybe retro’s project will help bring more hype. Im d be hyped to have a new metroid fps with great online!

  8. Dude’s got an official release date and everything. Calm down, dude. Nintendo knows what they’re doing. Let them handle their business and you go back to being a professional guesser. Leave luck to heaven.

  9. Everyone keeps acting like Nintendo is being quiet for no reason. After September 13th we’re going to see a hype explosion complete with TV commercials running 24/7 and new first and third party games announced left and right. Wii U is Nintendo return to the hardcore scene. The casual scene is done with consoles since they’re just playing apps and free-to-play games now. Wii U is gonna be big. BIG! Just you wait and see!

              1. Im not sure where your getting that from if I own three systems and dont bitch about them. Im bitching about the lack of intresting games the Wii U has right now announced and bitching about single sighted you nintendo fanboys are.

              2. I also didnt say I was never going to buy a Wii U, ill get one once it has games im intrested in. Im not wasting my money on it where I wont even touch it until it has a game I want. I made that mistake with my Wii, 6 months of nothing but Wii sports gets boring as hell after the first 2 weeks.

                  1. I wanted theWiiU after they announced it last year and I was crazy excited.Myhype has ran dryafter thepoor listof launch games. I do notwant any one currently announced because A. I gotit or will getit formy360 or PS3 and B. Im noti that zombie ban wagon and I dont give a fuck aboutpikmin.

                  1. twilight princess is actualy my favourite zelda game. At the time I got my second Wii I had no money for another 6 months to get games for it. It was a gift. My first Wii I tradded in for a DSi which was originaly going for a new PS3 because my old one broke but I changed my mind.

  10. …Yeah, ‘cuz the U’s launching tomorrow and I’ve yet to see a single commercial for it.
    -___- I do think they should start with the commercials soon, but there’s still months…

          1. Wow. I think the dumbass here is you, sir. DrNo0 has the right to an opinion.

            This analyst isn’t even bashing Nintendo for Christs sake.

                  1. oh so 15? if you are truly older why dont you act your age and stop calling people idiots because they agree with what this guy said. Many people comenting are so they must all be idiots in your eye’s.

                    *insert your come back about my gramar*

                    And no im not a fan of that, I dont get this whole zombie obssesion out there now adays.

                    1. Troll whisperer

                      Cant have them ;D but I am protective of my 9 year old bro. I spoil him with nintndo stuff too.


                      I enjoy my time trolling you as I get good rise from you.

                      1. Troll Whisperer that is none of your buisness but I will say medical condition.

                        WiiUNation I dont think anonymous would be so happy to hear you call me that.

                          1. It suit you more cause meg and you are both just trying to fit in but we(peter) keep knocking you down.

        1. That is true, to some extend. I think people comparing it to the Wii too much, that really shook up yhe gaming industry. Hopefully September will change that and
          Reggie will show somr mew games too

        2. I read these articles just about everyday and the comments always make me lol. so props to you guys :D but yeah I’m on the fence about the Wii U’s success. I’m buying one anyway, but we’ll just have to wait and see about how well it’s going to do.

        3. Have to agree. There just isn’t enough hype. A lot of people I know don’t even know what it is. I’ll still buy one, but I hope Nintendo know what they are doing.

        4. I know he’s just another analyst, but he blatantly said November 18th in his direct quote. Sweet. :) Also, regarding the article- once September 13th rolls around, I’m sure that we’re going to start seeing advertisements.

        5. once the other consoles launch. people will think ” oh look, the graphics are the same, and the wii u has all the best games!” thats what a smart gamer would say anyway

          1. So just because someone might prefer XBOX or PS3, that makes them “stupid”?

            Funny, I though games, like music and movies and such, we’re subjective and all about personal preference.

            You’re an idiot. A SMART gamer would say, “look at all the awesome consoles I can choose from! I’ll get them all and enjoy each one for different reasons”.

        6. Watch, the moment Nintendo starts releasing tons of advertising on TV and billboards and such, people will say the hype is “too much”.
          And by people, I mean Trolls of varying degrees of stupidity.
          Face it: There’s always going to be that one demographic who are so obsessed with acting “mature” that they’ll look down on anything from Nintendo no matter how fun it is because they didn’t have a shit ton of games, either ports or originals, last gen that were bloody games of the shooter or action genres.
          Oh, btw, the improved version of Ninja Gaiden: Razor’s Edge says hi, haters.

          1. The only trolling going on here are a couple people in this comments section. Outside of Nintendo fansites I hardly see anyone excited about the WiiU. There’s interest and curiosity, definietly, but pretty much everyone seems content with PS3s and 360s for now. Maybe that’ll change this christmas, we’ll have to wait and see.

            And “acting mature” and violence in games has nothing to do with anything here, what the hell are you talking about?

                1. What are you going to do about, pussy?

                  I’ll say whatever I please and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it, whether it be real life or the internet.

            1. I’m aware that acting mature and violence have no co-relation.
              There’s a reason I put the word Mature in quotes up there.
              I’m saying that the pseudo-mature kids who bash Nintendo fans[see example below] use that as one of their many examples of what a “mature game” actually is, among other reasons such as gratuitous language and sexual pandering.
              As for its relation to the article, the more hype something has, the more the trolls are drawn to it to bash the crap out of it. The reasons listed above are an ammo of choice of some of the most pathetic ones.

        7. Cue stupid, mindless fanboy rage because fanboys can’t accent any constructive criticism against Nintendo, even though this guy isn’t even saying anything particularly bad (or untrue).

        8. Yeah I think within the gaming community there is a bit of hype but at a much broader look there isn’t that much, yet. I think with a price and official details and confirmed games (more then what’s already been said).

          That being said if a knew games such as ME3 would be on here I wouldn’t of got it on pc at launch, I’m still waiting on batman. I haven’t preordered far cry 3 yet, seeing as ubisoft is really backing up this system, kind of hoping that might bring it over but meh, this is one of the games that looks like the better experience might be on pc.

          But I think one thing is certain, it has probably the best launch line up then any other Nintendo platform.

          1. You can’t possibly be serious with that last sentence. Its launch lineup is only its strongest with the best Nintendo games, and that honor still goes to SNES.

            1. Just think about it mate, both pikmin and mario will get good scores (they always have and most likely will), batman is a very high scoring gaming same with ME3. Assassins creed 3 will most likely get good reviews, yes they don’t have a Zelda game but darksiders 2 is heavily influenced by the series and has got good reviews already. Not to mention Lego city is basically a GTA with Lego and GTA games are almost always top tier.

              Yes snes was was good, but outside the (2-3?) 1st party launch titles, at the time the quality wasn’t there. Now that we have 2 major high scoring 1st party titles (plus nintendoland and other minor software that may come with it might be a huge hit) people can fall back on high quality 3rd party titles instead of having to look to nintendo for the quality.

        9. This is actually true , the wii u has very little things that interest gamers and the only hype its getting is from the fanboys …no one else cares about the system …and theUnation is fat virgin that cant accept any critizism towards nintendo and is a fucking autistic nintendrone

        10. I agree i only care about the fact that we’ll able to play a HD Zelda… that’s it, other than that , i don’t have any other interest in the Wii U. It’s true that fanboys don’t counts, because they’ll buy anything Nintendo system released.

        11. As soon they start hyping it up, people will be like “OMG LIEK ITZ GETTIN HYPED TO MUCH! AM SICK OF SEEING IT” you can never please everyone, In my opinion there’s still loads of time to hype the WIIU up and maybe people need to start speculating (more) why Nintendo is being so secret about it. Is it because they’re afraid other gaming companies will copy? (which they already have-play station move etc. BTW not bashing on Sony and Microsoft. Just stating the facts and yes i know that Nintendo probably copied of them in some form) That they are still deciding on the hardware (I sometimes think that they’re still changing and moving stuff around, but i may be wrong) or more. What do you think? The full specs or whatever haven’t been officially released and if you go back to E3 2011 and watch the jap-garden tech demo and HD zelda tech demo, it looks like they have really good specs. REMEMBER this is all my opinion (well mostly) and if you disagree that’s fine but don’t become hostile because i have a different opinion. Thanks for reading.

        12. “Baird analyst says Nintendo isn’t building up enough hype with Wii U”
          I may be a Nintendo fanboy, but that is SO true. There weren’t much at E3, they weren’t much last year… where’s the hype Nintendo? Where is it?! ;_;

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