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Zero Confirmed Games Support Wii U GamePad NFC

There are over 50 launch window games confirmed for Wii U but, apparently, none of them will use the Wii U GamePad’s NFC reader, including Rayman Legends and Skylanders Giants. Nintendo prodct manager Bill Trinen thinks developers may start implementing the feature in future Wii U projects.

“That is a new tech, particularly with it being available in the U.S. A lot of the developers are wondering what are the options? How do we leverage it? As they start to come with their ideas, solutions and great content, we will talk more about it.”

“I don’t anticipate it will be too far out.”

-Bill Trinen, Nintendo product manager

68 thoughts on “Zero Confirmed Games Support Wii U GamePad NFC”

    1. just putting this out there , didn’t Patcher tell us burger king are stocking wiiu NFC toys ???? imagine you get a toy and it gives you an item in the game or something (probably nintendo land) !!!!!

        1. Acually I think you can. That’s acually really cool, if you want to add money to an eshop account, you could just swipe it instead of putting the number! Pretty cool!

          1. YEEEH BOOOI!!!!!! well there you go Alba !!! NFC isn’t so useless after all !!! Burker king toy’s (and others maybe) And credit card swipeing!!!! (sure i read that you can swipe credit cards on NFC somewhere!)

      1. hi there buger king wil be offering non specific action figuers from october 25 too november 8 in kids meal soo more lies

  1. “none of them will use the Wii U GamePad’s NFC reader, including Rayman Legends and Skylanders Giants.”
    I don’t know why you felt the need to add that. One would naturally assume when you said “none” you meant “none”.

    1. A trailer for Legends showed the NFC beimg used, and Skylanders does utilise NFC, just through its own peripheral and not the GamePad, so it was worth mentioning.

  2. I don’t think there will be a single Wii U game that will use every of the tools that the gamepad has to offer, but I think that with time every tool of the gamepad will be used.

  3. That seems odd, especially with Skylanders, that was one of the selling points. Most likely we’ll see it come into use with games in the future, no need to make people buy extra things at launch

    1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

      It’s not hard to believe, it is a relatively new feature, I believe it was discovered in the Legends trailer some time before E3, so it’s basically the same case as with the double GamePad support.

  4. I can’t wait for a Yu-gi-oh! game to use either the 3DS’s AR capabilities, or the Wii U’s NFC. Hell, why not both?

  5. I still dont understand (OFF TOPIC)

    Is the Wii U premium a limited edition Wii U? Im referring to the last post made on this site. Will the WiiU premium’s restock or not?

    1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

      It’ll probably restock, it’s a different color, so they can’t have it be limited, otherwise it would just be stupid not to have a black basic set.

      1. Yeah, i guess it makes sense. The premium bundle here is 387 with the lowest shipping method and tax. Tax is $20 and shipping was $12 or so and that was the lowest shipping (5-8days)

        The only thing i really care about in the premium is the color and that nintendo network premium because i love digital titles..

  6. The entire NFC thing looks like a pain in the ass in general. Use NFC and you are basicaly forced to use a Wii remote and nuncuck or a pro controller. Also i’m wondering if the statues stay in place because it looks to me the surface is a little curved so it could slide of and because its so small isn’t it hard to swap them with another one fast?

  7. One thing I would like to know about is what Virtual Console games the Wii U will have. Will we have GameCube games from day one or will all we have are the games currently on the Wii Shop Channel Virtual Console?

    1. The eshop is avaliable on day one (including the virtual console); the wii u can digitally download game cube games. So I guess…yes! Hope that helps.

      1. I know the eShop itself will be available on day 1, I’m wondering if we will have GameCube games available as well on day 1. Also, why am I not getting notifications anymore when people reply to my comments? Is my notification box full or something?

        1. my noticification is fucked aswell!! , but i don’t expect gamecube games on day 1 . But can you imagine the glory of Ninendo doing ‘HD classics’ .
          F-zero GX , Windwaker , Mario sunshine in HD for $20/£15 each!!!!

          1. HD Classics Metroid Prime, I want it so bad. And not just upscaled to 1080p, the game should be COMPLETELY redone to make full use of the HD resolution. I’ve also been thinking this could be released as a retail special edition for the 10th anniversary with new things like bosses that didn’t make it to the original release. Take this guy for example and the fan named “Meta-Kraid” Also with new items like the Screw Attack. What do you think?

            1. Dude , it’s an absoloutly AMAZING idea . Metroid prime would probably benefit the most because of the series’s Perfect Art style.
              But Most gamecube games would benefit from this!!! so would wii games and dreamcast games !!.

              I think they may have a section of the Wiiu E-shop called ”HD classics” it has Gamecube , wii , dreamcast , etc etc In there for all decent prices !!!!
              That would be HUGE , and considering Nintendo has done ”3d classics” with 3ds it won’t be suprising.

              I also wouldn’t mind if they just slapped a load of upscaled or not gaecube games onto the e shop as quick as possible.

              1. On thing is for sure , 100% there will be gamecube games on wiiu eshop . How fast they arrive and what pace they arrive at is a different question . The 3ds VC games arrive slow and few and far between , and also some rogue game you never even played….

  8. It will only be a matter of time – and as somebody above mentioned, pokemon is an absolute given for this particular feature…a pokemon game in combination with elements you can buy from the stores to enhance the gameplay experience whilst playing with other users online?

    If given some thought of application, the NFC has a lot of potential to expand gaming experiences and make money via product revenues at the same time. There’s no way that any developer can’t make the best of this win-win with just a little added thought…we already can guess Game Freak/Nintendo will jump on it like white on rice and skylanders is a shoe-in – would Bandai whip out the Digimon card and do the same there too?

    There’s a lot that could be done here, with the proper planning given!

      how can Nintendo let that happen for letting namco bandai to make digimon games for Nintendo consoles or handlets!THAT SUCKS


      1. You know it’s possible for two related and commercial ideas to exist on the same console right? Just because you dislike it doesn’t mean that it’s not a smart business move for Bandai to make the best of an available tech and pitch a game of that nature – go easy on the fanboy perception there when you reply, that’s the one thing that can undermine your side of the argument the most.

        Supporting franchises is fine – but becoming aggressive and argumentative over the idea that there could ever be competition is a bad idea…the more options available in the market, the better it is for everyone.


    For those who order on amazon, do you think NSMBU will have tax? It already says it has free shipping so the only thing left is tax. In general, does amazon tax their games?

  10. Can somone explain some stuff to me about the wii u? Like can it play any wii games on the pad? Also is the virtual consol going to have gc games now?

    1. Wii games can be played using Wii controllers only (Classic, Wii Remote/plus and Nunchuk) you can’t play Wii games on the Wii U Gamepad. I’ve heard gamecube games will be on WiiU’s Virtual Console, but Nintendo has yet to confirm when and how much will cost.

  11. To be fair, this is the kind of thing Nintendo needs to lead by example w/. As creative as 3rd-parties can be, they generally need a nudge from Nintendo in the launch period.

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