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Sears Completely Sold Out Of Both Wii U Models

A few days after Nintendo announced its upcoming console’s price and release date, another retailer runs out of Wii U supply. American retailer Sears has now sold out of its Wii U stock, including both the Wii U Basic Set and Wii U Deluxe Set. However, in Australia, EB Games and JB Hi-Fi are still accepting pre-orders for both models, as is Game in the UK.

61 thoughts on “Sears Completely Sold Out Of Both Wii U Models”

  1. Damn it… Everywhere? I am going early to bestbuy tomorrow in West covina California. I hope i can get one. Please God let me be the First to get one tomorrow.

    1. Good luck gamer!!! Godspeed to ya…..I pre-ordered mine a gamestop an hour after the nintendo conference was over…. I had a gut feeling that the wii u will fly of the shelves and my gut did not disappoint………out!!

      1. Yea thanks. I heard that if you go in the store you can pre order for just 5 bucks so am going there early in the morning. I came to america to buy my 3dsxl and to pre ordered the wii u. One mission as already accomplished. I need to accomplished my latter tomorrow.

          1. Nope, Best Buy has an in-store policy that only allows you to put down $5 towards any preorder. I got mine on Saturday after they around annouced they were sold out on the website. They might be out now, though. I’d call and check.

    2. Best Buy online is sold out, not about in stores.

      I know WalMart still has preorders in stock, and they’re offering their own bundle which basically gives you a free WiiMote+ and 10 bucks off a game.

    3. Awesome, I live in west Covina too! Your best bet is to call if they have any room for you to preorder. It would be a waste if you go to best buy in the Westfield Mall and also go to gamestops. Best to call at all locations.

    4. go for it asap. They still have quantities in store for reserve not online tho. and its 5 bucks just did mine yesterday he told me he only had a couple left for his store and all other stores within 50 miles were done. So pray to your god and go to a gamestop brother.

  2. I have a question.. In order to buy must I preorder one?… I really wanted to get mine from target cause I get a discount .. So can I still go to target in the morning when it comes out and buy it?

    1. Pay no attention to this username

      You don’t have to preorder to buy one but there’s a possibility that they might run out of consoles on launch day. Pre ordering guarentees that you will get one on launch day.

    1. Well I hope the Wii U is successful cos I’m sick of the graphic whores going on about the PS4 and 720. I’m done with Playstation after GTA V comes out. Who knows it might release on Wii U and if it does I’ll wait for that version.

      1. Trolls and haters just fap when they see amazing HD graphics… yet they don’t have the brains to realise that the gameplay on most of those games that might be on the PS4 and 720 will probably be so terrible that the gaming industry starts to crash again, and it will be up to Nintendo to fix it… again.

        I for one don’t care if the Wii U isn’t going to be as powerful as the PS4 and 720 because I’m really just glad Nintendo has a HD console now, plus, the PS4 and 720 will only be a small 9% better (in graphics) than the Wii U anyway. You can’t get any closer to amazing graphics like the PS3 and Wii U.

        Photo-realistic graphics would just take the fun factor away from games and it could get boring after awhile. I believe we are almost getting to a point in which video games will look like a Pixar film.

        1. Yeah, just like the terrible gameplay on PS3/360 while the Wii has the best gameplay.

          Owait, that’s just your Nintendrone bias. Because that sure as shit did not happen and will not happen in the next generation yet again.

          The PS4/720 will be beasts that effortlessly crush the Wii U in specs, it WILL happen no matter what idiotic fanboys like you try to water down the truth with.

  3. Just imagine how well it will do in Japan…if this trend continues in NA…dearest me…
    All japs will buy 2 Wii Us each xD
    Hope so…

    1. I didn’t think the Wii U would be this big, holy crap.

      Looks like parents know best and the Wii U is gonna be good! :D

  4. GAME UK still has pre-orders available which is fortunate because I ordered the premium pack today, cannot wait for November 30th but you lucky Americans get it almost 2 weeks before us!

  5. Wow. Thank God I preordered my deluxe edition shortly after the Wii U Preview! I cannot bear to think of what would have happened if I wouldn’t have done so.

  6. if you live in the nyc area and want the deluxe wii-u go to nintendo world store they have plenty of deluxe wii-u’s for pre-orders

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