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Single Player Rayman Legends Sees You Take Control Of Murphy, Rather Than Rayman

Emile Morel, Rayman Legends Lead Game Designer has revealed that you’ll control Murphy the frog, rather than Rayman, for a good portion of the single player mode in Rayman Legends. Morel explained that you’ll control Murphy for roughly half of the game, and then you’ll take control of Rayman for the rest of the game.

“Not the whole game is like this – you have specific levels for Murphy and the GamePad and more classic levels when you are playing as Rayman from beginning to the end. Half of the game, maybe not half but a good portion of the game, you’ll have to play as Murphy.”

55 thoughts on “Single Player Rayman Legends Sees You Take Control Of Murphy, Rather Than Rayman”

      1. Really? You think of a Mario game where you can play as Bowser and tower defence comes into your mind first? Its would be a pretty idea, for a couple of levels, but i still want a Mario 2 like game, where we can play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser. Not Toad, hes dumb.

  1. Huh…thats weird…i was gona play this game co-op anyway, but still. Im guessing it’s sort of like how Origins had those wasp levels ect to change the gameplay, so in some levels or other halfs of levels you’ll play as Murphy, which is honestly not that bad in my opinion, keeps the gameplay fresh, and a whoke different play style.

  2. Also, this doesnt mean you play as Murphy more than Rayman, he says its not half, but a good portion, which suggests 40% of the game as Murphy.

    1. I speculate a maximum of a 20% with Murphy. Why? because the french guy at the interview doesn’t speak english fluidly, he clearly just said the first words that came to his mind, and he probably traslated “there will be parts with rayman and parts with murphy” into “the game will be half Rayman half Murphy”. He even corrected himself because obviously he didn’t want to mean that. Obviously the levels with Murphy would be lineal and more focused on “protecting the victim”, like the level with the flying shield.

  3. Well this kills my excitement for the game a bit. I’d rather they just kept Murphy as a multiplayer thing, he shouldn’t be a main part of the singleplayer…

  4. I feel like this is being misquoted… It sounds more to me like he’s saying in single player you’ll have to control Murphy AND Rayman, where some levels will involve them both but others will be more of a standard platformer, and in this way you control them both about half the time each.
    That would make more sense, and be hella more fun.

      1. Well no actually you could just as easily use a Pro controller or a Wiimote and sit the GamePad on your lap if you really didn’t want to play on just the GamePad.

    1. Exactly! this is all a misunderstanding, even the title of this stupid article makes it look like you’re never able to play as Rayman. The game will lower it’s sales for this dumb article…

  5. And I don’t understand why you wouldn’t be able to play with murphy and rayman at the same time and also why couldn’t the game control murphy.

    1. The game controlling Murphy wouldn’t work right, you’d need to specify what you wanted it to do and when, there are to many options for Murphy for it to be smoothly controlled by the game.
      I maintain the opinion this artcile is misleading and in fact you’ll play as both Rayman and Murphy in single player, using the GamePad, as you would in multiplayer, just controlling them both rather than one separately.
      If you think about it, if they didn’t do that, they’d have to have a set of levels for multiplayer and another set for single player, which would cut down on length and quality.

  6. They’ve corrected this; due to the designer’s small slack in english skills it was misunderstood. The majorIty of the game you’ll be rayman, not murphy

  7. I thought he was a multiplayer character. for multiplayer it’s interesting to have a touch control and other player controling rayman, but for single player it doesn’t sound that good. let’s wait to find more about the game.

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  9. eh, I’ll be playing the game co-op the entire time anyway so it doesn’t bother me. I wonder if this is only for the WiiU version though, since Murphy seems to heavily incorporate the WiiU controller…

    1. I think it’s a WiiU exclusive dude…which sucks in this case, I’d rather play a version of game without the Murphy stuff. Unless it’s changed a lot since I played the emo of it at the expo it’s really not that good.

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