Darksiders 2 Supports Wii U GamePad Only Play


A spokesperson for THQ has told Polygon that you’ll be able to play Darksiders 2 entirely on the Wii U GamePad. The Wii U version of Darksiders 2 will also include the first DLC pack, Argul’s Tomb, plus all of the pre-order bonus content loaded onto the disc. According to THQ that’s roughly five hours of additional content. Darksiders 2 is scheduled to launch on Wii U on November 18th in North America.



    1. Not gonna be getting it for Wii U, pointless if it doesent have the first one (I like having game series complete on one console not on different ones). Ill be getting it for my 360 more then likley.


      1. As someone who played both, you really dont need to buy the first one to play the second one, at all. Theres a couple of references, but thats it. Otherwise, the game is it’s own being, it doesn’t tie itself down to the first what so ever, and you’re not missing any story, as anything important is explained within the first 2 minutes.


      2. Why ??? the wiiu version has better graphics , extra content and you can play on the gamepad . Not being an Ass but it’s not a 360 exclusive so you aren’t limited to buying it on your 360 . I want this game NOW!!! but I am waiting for wiiu ^^ .


    1. Yes!!! I already knew this !! it says thi in UK Official Nintendo Magazine .

      They usualy know some strange things before everyone else though .

      This feature means this means this version of the game makes the others inferior , bot to mention the extra content and better graphcs !


      1. -.-

        Its like Devil May Cry crossed with Zelda, so it plays like a hack and slash, but theres puzzles, you can explore, go through dungeons, customise your weapons and armour loadouts buy finding, winning or buying different loot, upgrade your skills, you can ride a horse that rises out the ground under your feet, its pretty damn good. Its also quite long, about 25-30 hours in my first playthrough, and that i didnt even do all the side missions, or collectables, or arena mode, and then on a New Game + theres secret weapons, so you theres alot to do.
        The game can be tricky for the average player, but there is an easy option, but there are really hard options too.


    1. This, NSMBU, Scribblenaughts, Mass Effect 3, Tekken are the only “true confirmed” games to use gamepad only, but im sure Rayman, Batman, Ninja Gaiden, Lego City, Assassins Creed 3 will use it too.


      1. No it doesn’t, not in the slightest. If it said “Darksiders 2 only supports Wii U GamePad play”, then yes, but “GamePad only play” doesn’t suggest that at all, it suggests exactly what the article then says.


  1. This is going to be the first game I buy for the Wii U. I look forward to spending my Christmas holiday playing this and skyward Sword. Leave luck to heaven.


  2. Someone noticed that Nintendo’s new console, the Wii U, is having many second and third parts (ME3 DarkSiders 2, Bayoneta 2, Assasin´s Creed 3, Ninja Gaiden 3), but not many first parts?

    Some of this one got me really exited to play, but knowing that they´re second or third parts turn me off.


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