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Ubisoft Says ‘When Wii U Becomes Hot, We Will Be Well Positioned’

Tony Key, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Ubisoft, has told Venture Beat that when the Wii U becomes the must-have item, they will be extremely well positioned. Key also said that they’re committed to the machine, and they fully believe in Nintendo’s vision for the console.

“We have a lot of titles, a lot of upside on the Wii U for Ubisoft. We’re going to be the number one third-party publisher. When Wii U becomes a hot machine, Ubisoft is going to be well-positioned. We have Rayman Legends in Q1, and we haven’t announced any other games beyond that, but… All we can say is that we’re all in on the machine. We believe in it.”

58 thoughts on “Ubisoft Says ‘When Wii U Becomes Hot, We Will Be Well Positioned’”

    1. Was watch dogs actually confirmed as a current gen game? As in for 360/PS3? I thought there was speculation that it was next gen

      1. Actualy it was confirmed only for pc and ubi soft said wiiu is not out of the question and because haters thing wiiu is current they though it was 360 and ps3,those versions are comming but they be way lower of what wiiu can do :)

  1. ”and we haven’t announced any other games beyond that” I’m hearing ”We’re going to announce more games beyond that” :)

      1. Hopefully some god stuff. Ubisofts wiiu support so far is Half casual Half Hardcore bare in mind.

        So they will announce both casual and hardcore titles. I Have nothing against casual titles, everyone knows the ultimate console would be Half Hardcore and half casual.

        1. Agree. Good luck explaining that the the “hard-core” gamers though. A real hard core gamer plays both casual games and hard core games.

          1. Excactly!!! Can you imagine playing M rated games permanently ??? Sometimes some NSMB or Wii sports or resort or what ever can bring a huge smile to your face. Hardcore games make you frown with determination and casual games make you smile , that’s the difference.

            One needs both types to live a pro active gamer lifestyle.

            1. I don’t understand how some people can only play one type of game. I play many different types of games, from Assassin’s Creed to Mario Party, Skyrim to Kirby, and sometimes I play a bunch of old games from the Super Nintendo and N64. I have just as much fun playing Pikmin and Pokemon as I do playing GTA and Dead Island. It just depends what games I feel like playing. I also can’t understand why the only thing some people care about are graphics. Graphics aren’t everything. To me, a game can have the ugliest graphics, but as long as it’s fun, I’ll still play it. As I mentioned before, I still play SNES and N64 games. Those games obviously don’t look as good as PS3 and 360 games, but that doesn’t matter to me. I still have fun and that’s what counts.

              1. I Pitty the idiot who can only play M rated games. I can’t imagine how much that would suck ass.

                Kirby and Mario etc put a smile on your face in contrast to the hardcore frown.

  2. I hope ubisoft releases the rayman demo that’s in stores right now as a digital download. Nintendo better start giving us demos also instead of trailers we can find online. It’s so stupid you could play Mario 3d land and nsmb2 in stores but never download them in the eshop

  3. i am so fkin excited
    got my 3ds xl + wii u soon

    nintendo franchises (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), third party games – sega, capcom namco blabla and lots of other fkin amazing stuff, fk you all, i love nintendo <3

    fk youuuuuuuuuuuu yeaaaa

  4. Watch Dogs coming to WII U, Spliter Call Blacklist coming to WII U, Far Cry 3 will be there aswell….tis all my friends…tis all

    1. We should support ubisoft hardcore titles, the way i see it is that ubisoft is testing the sistem now that most of the pre ordered games are for ubigames they are very happy

      1. Precisely why I am going to be buying Ubisoft games…with their variety, they have something for everyone, and when its a toss-up between this game and that game, Ubisoft is gonna win out, for being the company that fully supports the system I play. I tire of these third parties who half-ass their Nintendo games…take notes EA, when you half-ass games, you receive half-ass sales. I hope Ubisoft does fantastic with their games on Wii U, just because they took up the torch when so many others wouldn’t and led the charge, and thank you for being so supportive of us and of Nintendo…we will show our appreciation.

  5. I would love splinter cell on wii u. Haven’t played the last couple. I stopped at pandora tomorrow. I loved the stealthyness of it. Shooters don’t tickle my nuts anymore. I need something that gives me that tingle in my no nos.

          1. My ps2’s keep breaking =( I’m on my 4th one. My ps3 hasn’t been plugged in in over a year. Too busy humping my wii and being nasty.

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