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WayForward Would Love To Make A Metroid Game

WayForward, the development team behind Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?! and A Boy and His Blob, have told their followers on Twitter that they would love to have the chance to make a new game in the Metroid franchise. Would you trust WayForward with the Metroid series?

149 thoughts on “WayForward Would Love To Make A Metroid Game”

          1. And yes, I’m busy at work trying to make the wiiu ”Upack”. It’s a backpack with a wiiu and a pwer supply that lasts 40hours built into a compact, safe backpack. you can then play your wiiu on the bus,train,plane anywhere!!!!!

                1. We should really take this idea to Nintendo or a third party company :P.
                  Imagine a compact white backpack with a blue U on the pack !!!!

                  Best Idea ever. It will surely end up as a youtube craze, people making backpacks and I will sleep safely knowing I thought if it first or at least before I was influenced by such an idea.

                  1. A little bit of humility would help. Nobody execpt losers with no friends, like you, want to play Wii U outside their home. If you wanna play games on the go, buy a 3DS!

                    1. Fuckin retard. Your “UPack” idea is atrocious and naive. Serioulsly, ask yourself: how many people want to play Wii U in a backpack in public and look like an antisocial dork? Your idea sucks get over yourself.

                  1. It made perfect sense. Your comment is funny because you’re not funny and nobody cares about what you have to say.

          2. Thats pretty awesome, i never thought about the portable potential. Every console sice is dependant on a tv, but as long as you have 1 power supply, it can go anywhere

            1. Indeed! For car long car journey and long journeys in general all you need to do is buy some sort of reliable , rechargeable power supply from somewhere. I don’t mean a car battery but something like a giant lithium-ion with a plug socket on it and is rechargeable.

        1. Yup. That is exactly what I was thinking. They should definitely be allowed to make one for the 3DS. Good call @Sky Grounder

      1. Me neither.
        Of course they want the chance; it’s a step forward (no pun intended) for them.
        They might want to prove themselves some more first. Nintendo has way better options for Metroid now I think.

  1. nice picture of samus there :)

    anyway if they’re making a 2D platformer metroid then that’s fine. they’re masters on that aspect. i’m not too sure if i want them to make a platformer with 3d models though.

  2. I would love to make a metroid game too :) anyways I think the next game should be made by retro. Those prime games are classics

    1. Metroid Fusion 2, plz? Nevermind that the X Parasites were all destroyed in Fusion, they can say they exist somewhere else too… right? Please?

  3. No! After Other M with team Ninja, I only thrust Retro Studios to develop Metroid games!I’d like to see a Wii U Metroid game with the Retro Studios logo and no one else’s!

      1. I’m blaming Sakamoto for Other M as well. He wrote the plot, and I know it, I don’t think I want him handling Metroid games anymore. He made awesome 2D games for the series, but he just blew everything up with OM.
        I don’t think Other M is a bad game, I think it’s a bad Metroid! I want Retro Studios to take the Metroid Series again, and I think most fans agree with that!

        1. Quite frankly, I’d like Retro use their talents to explore other games and genres. They gave us 3 Metroid Prime games, so give them a break.

    1. Other M was a great game. Yah voice acting might not have been the best but boo hoo. And as for her showing emotion again boo hoo. Master Chief did in Halo 4 but people loved it. Seriously Other M was a solid game.

      1. Haven’t played Halo 4, but maybe people liked Master Chief’s emotions because because they were done with dignity unlike the atrocious mess that were Samus’s?

        1. So you think of her as a crybaby? I think of her as a woman with some emotional trauma and KICKS ASS. I also found Other M’s story as a great way to lead up to Fusion and future titles.

          1. Yeah, it was a GREAT way to lead into Fusion (not). WOW!!!!! another space station where something went wrong, so exciting!!!!!!!!!! and even better, it has less areas than the one in Fusion!!!!!!!! ANOTHER Metroid breeding program?!?!?!?!?! WHAT A TWIST!!!!!!!! ¬.¬ The only good lead-in to Fusion the game had was explaining how Ridley’s frozen body got on the B.S.L ship.

            1. Oh, yes. Let’s all forget about Samus’ struggles with the new admin, the X-parasites, how the Galactic Federation wants despises her, and how many illegal breeding compounds the FD has.

    2. Well you cant just expect Retro to only make Metroid ever. Metroid WAS good, always has. Other M for me was crap because of gameplay, it was just shit

  4. They could totally do it. Just have to treat it like they would their beloved Shantae franchise. But just give it a very large Metroid make over and feel to it. They pretty much nailed how Shantae felt in Risky’s Revenge being linear but you being free to do what you want which is almost like Metroid Fusion. Always be optimistic.

  5. Nope. Adventure time and Mighty switch force isn’t exactly the A grade experience you need to even consider making a Metroid game. No offence to Wayforward, But I think the Wayforward for Metroid is Someone on the level of Retro studios.

      1. Good! But their Curriculum Vitae is still way sub metroid level.

        They have the potential to Make such games the way they are pumping out these games with good critical acclaim, but not yet.

  6. Hhhhhmmmmmm….seems like a 50/50 from the response on here…… I have no clue who ” Way Forward” is but sounds interesting……….

    1. Just watched a trailer for Hey ice king… And Please do not even let them think that they can make a Metroid game…Hey ice king looks like a throwback to Zelda II….

        1. – Shantae: Risky’s Revenge: Great game, no qualms there.
          – Mighty Switch Force: Uhh…which version? Wii U or 3DS? Personally, the Wii U version looks to be the best version of the game on all merits and far more intense.
          – Contra 4: Don’t agree with you here. I really didn’t see the appeal in this game, AT ALL. They did nothing innovative with the series to make it worth buying.

          Now, Wayforward does have a decent track record, but numerous games they have made have utterly sucked and failed in comparison. On top of Contra 4, Aliens Infestation bombed, A Boy and His Blob ruined one of the games that made up my childhood, and the first two Mighty games were pretty clunky and gimmicky to play (though they had innovative ideas piloting them), and several of their other games are just plain.

          Before anyone keeps talking up about Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage!?, know this: Not only is this one of the longest, eye-gouging titles I’ve ever seen, but it’s also modeled after one of the worst Zelda games in history (face the facts, people, no one truly ENJOYED Zelda II: The Adventure of Link nearly as much as its prequel, The Legend of Zelda). Then, to make matters even worse, everyone seems to be heralding it at some high level because it’s Adventure Time—it’s an awesome show, but the game’s interpretation is bland, boring, not fluid in any regard, and lacks any sort of originality or innovation that could lend to the series or future of adventure games as a whole. It’s playing off of an old, long-rusted, decaying formula that adventure games don’t use anymore. Stop talking it up like the game is gonna be the next Zelda. It sucks, it’s not revolutionary, almost everything about the game is hideous and throws the actual show itself–which was a great show until I experienced this game that has salted my tastes towards the show–into the Little Inferno (if you catch my drift).

          Either let Team Ninja, Retro, or Platinum work on it instead. If not, one made by Nintendo EAD would satisfy me the most (and it better be a 3D game for the Wii U–Metroid should get a 2D download from Nintendo eShop’s exclusive games for 3DS and Wii U at a later date).

          1. I’m waiting to play the demo of Adventure Time to see if i’ll actually get the game or not. If they ever make another Adventure Time game though, there are some things I would like to see:
            1. An art style that perfectly mimics the show.
            2. Animated cutscenes done by the shows animators.
            3. Voice acting.
            4. Console versions (Maybe Wii U exclusive like how this game is DS/3DS exclusive?).

            Another thing, although I haven’t beaten Zelda 2 yet, I do enjoy the game. Not my favorite Zelda ever, but still kind of good.

            1. A Wii U exclusive may have suited it better, but I still don’t expect much from this game due to the issues imposed by its gameplay, art style, graphics, music, and overall entertainment value (no voice acting is another very harsh negative because it’s the voice actors who also make the show so amazing to begin with). Don’t get your hopes up for a good demo.

              A game that has less than a year of actual development is usually destined to fail when it hits retail stores. Can’t remember the last time a successful game came out of such a short development period. :/

          2. Legend of Zelda is not a prequel to Zelda II. I just hate it when people don’t understand what the word “prequel” means.

      1. Now this is the console I grew up on (this and Game Boy). I only rellay played games I owned, though, and I never owned a crazy amount of games.1) Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island2) Donkey Kong Country 23) Super Mario Kart4) Super Mario World5) Final Fantasy II6) Super Mario All-Stars7) Donkey Kong Country8) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past9) Donkey Kong Country 310) Monopoly11) Kirby’s Avalanche

  7. They can make a 3D metroid for all I care. I think they can pull it off.

    Hell, no one expected Retro to make Metroid either, and the games they had planned before work on Prime were far from what anyone would have expected Retro to make.

  8. I love WayForward. If they work on a good ol’ 2d platformer for the 3DS with stunning pixel art and animation, LARGE maps to explore and great replay value, then yes, I’d drown ’em in cash.
    However, I think Retro Studios is far more suited to make a full HD 3D Metroid game, be either another Prime game or something with Other M gameplay.

  9. Um…no thank you. I know them well enough to hand them one of the great pillars of Nintendo’s 1st party titles…they can help themselves to a Wii Music sequel, screw that up, not Metroid

  10. Um…no thank you. I don’t know them well enough to hand them one of the great pillars of Nintendo’s 1st party titles…they can help themselves to a Wii Music sequel, screw that up, not Metroid

  11. Hmmm…I would have to see if they are trustworthy. I would never ever want to see Metroid destroyed in the hands of whoever gets it. By the way, That picture of Samus is badass.

  12. no. definitely no. They completely clusterf*cked the ever living sh*t out Boy & His Blob, a game I absolutely LOVED on the Original Nintendo but a remake I absolutely HATED on the Wii. Metroid is a fantastic series with unlimited potential to go down in history as one the greatest franchises of all time, so I say HELL to the NO on letting these weedwackers put their hands on it! Other M would have been great if it did away with a couple of features and implemented more from the Prime series, while ditching the helpless bitch syndrome that plagued Samus, so I say… Let Retro and Team Ninja work under the direct supervision of Shigueru Miyamoto and bring in Ridley Scott. That’s the only way it would be done justice. To hell with WayForward… Even their name sucks balls.

  13. No thank you wayforward. And I am not a fan of the old sidescrolling metroid games I prefer prime. I hope I never see a sidescrolling metroid game again.

  14. I dont know about trusting them… but I want a new metroid game really bad! if the creators of metroid and/or if nintendo is heavily involved then i wont worry much about it and look forward to it

  15. I like WayForward games, i’m sure they would do an outstanding job with a 2D Metroid. Also, Metroid Other M is not THAT bad, I agree it lacks the exploration from previous games, but you guys have to remember that it’s not only Team Ninja’s fault, the EAD works close on every Nintendo game developed by others. I’m sure a lot of decisions made on story and gameplay was made by Nintendo itself.

    1. Exactly. More people need to get their facts straight on Other M. Story may have been subpar, but that was Sakamoto’s fault. I think Team Ninja did a good job with the gameplay, so I wouldn’t mind them working on another Metroid, as long as someone else writes the story.

      As for Wayforward, I don’t mind. I’ll take anyone making a Metroid game at this point, considering that it doesn’t seem to be high on Nintendo’s priority list.

  16. I dont trust Wayforward games. I mean they have some very good titles, but I would prefer Team Ninja to do it. They are AWESOME. ’nuff said.

  17. Well, it would probably be similar to the 2D metroid games, and I think we have had enough throwbacks with the past 3 years, its time to do what the gamecube did and experiment with franchises again, you know, like Metroid Prime and Wind Waker and Sunshine.

  18. I literally do not know what to say. Adventure time, and Metroid…. What, the, fuck. ADVENTURE TIME, and METROID?!?

    Something is horribly wrong with you people.

    1. WayForward has made more games you know. Not just Adventure Time. Most of the people that are for WayForward know their past games like Shantae, Mighty Switch Force, Contra 4, and more.

  19. Oh hell yes, Wayforward is my favorite developer next to Retro and Rare so yes, yes I’d love to see a Metroid game from them. Though most likely 2d since they are pros at it. Could be either for the 3DS and if it’s for the Wii U, they could do some graphics like the Bloodrayne game they did on PSN/XBLA, that would be awesome. I also want a 2d Mario game with animation like Rayman Origins, that would be a perfect match for a new 2d Mario game.

    Oh and check out Mighty Switch Force on the Wii U, I’m a huge fan of the 3DS version, it is awesome.

  20. I hope this happens. Way Forward make the BEST 2-d platforming games, and I’ve been hoping for a new 2-D metroid game for a loooooong time.

  21. This is a tough call that would keep me up at night. I like Wayforward but to trust them with my beloved Metroid? Ism maybe if they co-developed it with Nintendo handling the majority of the game which would be a 2D game on 3DS. That sounds a lot better.

  22. So they want to make a Metroid game and Platinum wants to make a Star Fox game. Nintendo, get to work, though leave 3D Metroid to someone else that has a proven track record similar to Retro Studios.

  23. They want to make Metroid. Seriously? The people who are responsible for those LESS THAN SHOVELEARE games want to make Metroid. Team Ninja did a good job but that dev knows how to make good games unlike Wayforward.I’m sure that won’t happen because Nintendo is smart enough to know Wayforward would screw up and is only interested in the money they would get for the development job.

    1. Retro Studios’s Metroid’s after Prime 1 were not that great. Nor were they anywhere near the greatness of Prime 1. They’re best off doing other projects. Give other studios a chance. WayForward can blow you all away just like Retro did with Prime 1.

      1. Metroid Prime 3 was the best in the series, though I can’t say echoes was better than the first. outstanding though it was.

  24. I would love to see a new metroid game but I do not believe wayforward is not worthy to make one leave it to Nintendo EAD

  25. I would love to see a new metroid game but I don’t think wayforward is worthy enough to make those games. Leave it to retro studios or Nintendo EAD.

  26. I would actually trust them, they make some incredible 2d side scroller platformers. I would definately trust them. they are greatly creative and use hardware nicely. I dont get why people are so negative about this.

  27. I don’t understand what everyone has against the A Boy and his Blobs remake. I thought it was a great reimagining. Not much in the way of story, but it had solid game play, good puzzles, and fun graphics. I think the boss fights were the only thing that needed more work.

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  29. There’s SO MANY countless game companies I’ve never heard of these days. WayForward? Back in the NES days, I could name SO MANY different companies. These days, I only know a small handful of them. And I never understood the appeal of Metroid. One of Nintendo’s first-party series’ that I never cared for.

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