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Grand Theft Auto V Wii U & PC Editions ‘Up For Consideration’

Despite the fact that Grand Theft Auto V is currently only in development for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser says that other formats are up for consideration. Houser wouldn’t say any more on the subject, but it does suggest that they are at least considering the possibility of bringing the next instalment of the highly acclaimed series to Wii U and PC.

“Everything else is up for consideration. That’s all I can give you.”

“The main thing is we are not… we are a third-party publisher. We’re not Nintendo, we’re not Sony, we’re not Microsoft. We love all of them in different ways. But we can do what we want wherever there’s the appropriate business opportunity and chance to find a market. If that’s on Apple we put something on Apple. Wherever it might be.”



62 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto V Wii U & PC Editions ‘Up For Consideration’”

  1. ” But we can do what we want wherever there’s the appropriate business opportunity and chance to find a market.”

    And that’s the key. If they find the costs outweigh the gains, they probably will skip it. If the demands outweigh the costs, then they might go for it. It’s all about $.

          1. 1) By assuming I was saying it wouldn’t sell.
            2) Calling me stupid for that assumption.

            I was simply reiterating the sentiments of Houser and his sound business practices; A business 101.

    1. Basically. These are businesses after all so I’m surprised people are actually disagreeing with you. It’s becoming apparent that the Wii-U’s launch and how well core third party titles sell is becoming crucially important as that’ll determine if there’s an audience for their kind of games.

  2. Nintendo really needs to get GTA 5 on the WiiU, they promised us more 3rd party support, now they need to start delivering.

  3. It kinda seems like the only thing they’re considering is the iPhone 5… which would probably have terrible shaders and draw distances

  4. I would love for this game to be on Wii U and I hope Nintendo is actively pursuing Rockstar to make it happen. If it doesn’t come to Wii U….meh, I could live without it. Leave luck to heaven.

  5. They should bring it to wiiU. They don’t even need to bring over Touch screen support on the gamepad. Just bring the game over

  6. Sounds positive to me. It’s understandable that the game has been in hardcore development since way before the wiiu was even Rumored .

    I say we will see wiiu version this time next year. I think third party games will sell well on wiiu and Rockstar may see the light.

            1. Check the unboxing videos on youtube there like 100 on each game and if you check how fast the blops server is filling you will get an idea it just actual look and see research

  7. A Wii U edition of GTA V should definitely come to fruition. It would make perfect sense if Rockstar Games release it on there. If GTA would be on a portable/mobile device, it definitely would not work for iOS and Android considering that the touchscreen controls would not work well. GTA would definitely work well on the 3DS considering that Chinatown Wars was on DS and it worked well on there. I never been a fan of GTA in the first place, but noticing that this is a game that noticeably sells, putting this game on Wii U would definitely drive more Wii U sales. I never seen GTA on the Gamecube or Wii and it would be groundbreaking since it would (possibly) be the first time GTA comes on a Nintendo home console.

    1. They didn’t release it on the Gamecube because of the disc space. They didn’t release it on the Wii because it was underpowered. Wii U is here and both issues have been resolved. Rockstar/Take Two have ran out of excuses. I don’t wanna hear it won’t sell on Nintendo consoles because of it’s userbase. That is one word, “Bullshit”.

      1. Yeh , there is all that bully , manhunt , Table tennis , China town wars etc….

        Now it’s time for the big daddy to arrive on wiiu. GTAv under your bed covers = 10/10.

        *insert gay troll saying * ”funny how Nintendo fanboys only show interest in third party games when they’re on wiiu”

        No no , just no … about 90% of Nintendo fans will be playing GTA5 on other platforms lol

      2. Yeah. That is true. Though, it could’ve been released on the Wii considering that the Wii & Xbox 360 has the same storage capacity on their disks in spite that the Wii was basically more or less a souped-up Gamecube in terms of system power.

  8. Well that good for anyone who wants it, PC and WiiU owners want it, just depends if the demand is high enough.

    I personally dont give a fuck, but you know, good for those who do.

  9. If Rockstar Games were to release Grand Theft Auto Five for the Wii U, this would be an ultra fantastic idea. Imagine using the map, checking inventory, gathering intel, phone numbers, etc. on the GamePad without even pausing the entire game. I hope the developers understand the power and gameplay mechanics on the Wii U to make it one of best in the GTA franchise.

  10. I understood this ”If it gives us $$$ on Wii U, we will get it on Wii U”.
    If they get on Wii U, it of couse will make $$$, so i think it will come to Wii U :) YEAH!

  11. Do people who want all these ports on Wii U only own a Wii or something? They’re bound to run/look better on PS3 and 360 anyways because those platforms are matured and the games are designed for them. Plus they’ll probably be cheaper on those platforms sooner as well.

    I really don’t know why people want these ports. Oh well, I guess early adopters have to have something. And if it wasn’t for them things wouldn’t go so well for any console lol.

      1. Not really, I rather play it on the console it was developed for.

        Just like I wouldn’t like to play Rayman Legends on the Ps3/360 (if it ever gets ported) ports are mostly always buggy.

  12. I was planning to get the Wii U version and PC version, i am NOT going to buy this for my 360, with its gold membership bullshit.

  13. Well they better make up their damn minds so the Wii U version doesn’t come out a Year later like a lot of other 3rd party games for it. I just wish Nintendo can take advantage of GTA V’s Launch like Sony & Microsoft but they keep getting all the games late, which is bad for profits. ):

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