A member of the Neogaf forums inadvertently managed to access the debug menu on Miiverse and subsequently managed to uncover a couple of games that have yet to be announced for Wii U. The user found entries for Yoshi’s Land and Soul Hackers – both of which are unannounced titles. The forum member was also able to edit other Wii U accounts and view test messages from Nintendo’s own developers.



  1. “New Super Mario Bros. U: New Yoshi’s Island” Each player would have their own baby with a special ability. And mabey, if possible, five players for baby (Mario, Peach, DK, Bowser, and Wario).


  2. Everyone here ignoring how a standard user gains access to Miiverse moderator controls along with whoever else knows.

    Absolutely HILARIOUS. The PSN hacking is nowhere as big as a fail as that.


  3. There was also Super Mario U, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil. He also mentions reading an email referring to Pokemon. These all sound like they’re ticking the right boxes. And apparently they’re going to announce some of these December 10th :)

    Yoshi is the most exciting though. Hopefully it’s Good Feel or Retro making it


  4. A HD remake of Yoshi’s Island would be fucking epic! That games still looks great to this day. This news also makes sense because they never released this game on the Wii VC.


  5. Oh my god!

    A Neogaf member really said that? then its definitely true. This should be up as news on a Nintendo fan site… Wait a minute… It is!

    Yay! :D


  6. When I read the article on NeoGAF yesterday, I was very pleased to hear he didn’t go God Mode and destroy Universe or delete any moderators account. He instead just displayed pictures as proof and reported it to Nintendo and the security loophole was fixed within an hour. But the funny thing was that it was even a “hack”. He was just messing around with Miiverse and tried to exit and the debug menu just popped up.


  7. I was reading the entire thread yesterday, dude, i almost shit myself laughing!! i was wondering when was this site going to talk about that.

    Master of the Miiverse ahaha


  8. This is pretty interesting, there is a soul hackers for 3ds, (devil survivor: soul hackers). And I think that a new yoshi game I possible, some things have pointed to it somewhat. 3DS ambassador has yoshi’s island, yoshi’s fruit cart in Nintendo land. It could be a way of advertising their games. Also I don’t know how miiverse works yet since I don’t have a wii u but I noticed it also said flip note studio which there hasn’t been any news of for a long time.


  9. Guys, I have a theory, and if true, its disappointing. Remember back at e3 when they showed the miiverse demo? It featured “example” icons for Miiverse, and those could be stored in the Miiverse code, but don’t mean anything, or aren’t real games.


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