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Google Maps Coming To Wii U, With Panorama View


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced today during the Japanese Nintendo Direct that Google Maps will be integrated with Panorama View to allow you to pick a location around the globe and view it on the GamePad. You can go into Street View mode and twist and turn the GamePad till your heart’s content. Sounds like a neat feature. Google Maps on Wii U will be free to download for a limited time after its debut in January in Japan.

18 thoughts on “Google Maps Coming To Wii U, With Panorama View”

        1. At least with the PC version, you can hook up a printer and print something out, like directions (which I do not suggest).

          But yeah, most people use Google Maps on mobile devices.

    1. I dont see it as useless. I’ve already taken my wii u on road trips, its almost taken up what my laptop use to do. Now if my laptops low on battery. We could go to a jack in the box parking lot use the wii u in my back seat and use it for google maps. :) Plus the majority of people use google maps to mess around to look with. Or explore places from there home.

  1. Nintendo…What on earth is stopping you from putting these things on 3DS?
    You are putting google maps on a home console and not a handheld…what in the world.

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