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Square Enix To Reveal Secret Title Soon


Square Enix has started a countdown on its official site teasing that a top-secret title is set to be revealed to the world on the 12th of December. There’s currently no hints regarding what the top-secret game could be, or for which platforms it’s being developed for. What would you like to see announced?

81 thoughts on “Square Enix To Reveal Secret Title Soon”

    1. What? No way! Thats not what Square Enix thinks we gamers want.
      It will be a glorious iOS port of a game you already owned years ago on console but at a ridiculously expensive price.

      Yay ! :D

    1. If SE makes/ports a game to the Wii U, then I will buy. I am not getting any xbox or sony consoles. So if they don’t make/port to the Wii U, then it is lost revenue for them.

  1. I am honestly more interested in the secret title Monolith Soft is making for the Wii U than anything Square Enix can announce (except DQXI)..

    1. Lol, probably.
      I stopped gaming on my iPod months ago. With it freezing, and constantly asking me to update to firmware REQUIRED for new iOS softwarw, yet it also slows my hardware- I’m done with Apple.

      My WiiU issues are nothing compared to the headaches Apple’s hardware has been giving me. I’m pretty much migrating all my gaming to Nintendo platforms. And living in my own little gaming world until Nintendo finally dies (Around the same time Hell Freezes over)

  2. I have no trust in this company anymore. Monolith Soft showed them how to create a great RPG with Xenoblade and I truly believe Square haven’t got what it takes to create a great RPG anymore.
    Perhaps Einhander 2 would get me excited, but i’m already wishing for sequels to past glories instead of looking forward to something new.

      1. I’m right there with you, Faker. I want a Kingdom Hearts HD collection on Wii U and I want KH3 to come the Wii U as well.

    1. It’s worth mentioning that some people who worked on Xenoblade also worked on Chrono Trigger, particularly the music guy. SE really did get rid of their best. Tsk.

  3. *Disclaimer* PS4 being rumoured to be sporting a GPGPU as well with Direct X11 equivalent capabilities. Things are really looking more and more glorious for the Wii U’s future.

  4. The world ends with you sequel for 3ds or wii u. New IP, super Mario RPG HD remake? Dragon quest/ dragon ball z cross over? Pie!?

    1. Any turn-based franchise RPG like DQ or FF for the Wii U..NOT FOR ANOTHER GOD DAMN HANDHELD WITH A 3 INCH SCREEN!!! I am so tired of all of the great turn-based RPG’s for the DS that got remakes instead of being released on TV consoles. I didn’t buy a 73 inch TV to play on a 3 inch screen…How about releasing DQ7 for the Wii U instead of the 3DS..or at least both..

  5. Either a new Final Fantasy or team up with Capcom to make a new Strider (that they unfortunately gave up on a while ago).

      1. Star Ocean is okay but I have enjoyed the KH and FF series more than Star Ocean. I know the game being teased is not likely a FF or KH title but it’s getting a little irksome that Square-Enix (Japan) is handing their game development so poorly this generation.

        Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced way back in what? 2005, 2006? And it STILL hasn’t come out.

        And while KH has had games come out on handheld devices since KH II, everyone has been awaiting the franchise to return to the home console since Sora and Riku made it back to Destiny Island in KH II. But, since the development team that works on KH is also working on FF Versus XIII still, we won’t see a KH III until 2020 probably lol. D;

  6. If you actually click the link it’s very very obvious that it’s going to be a new Star Ocean game. Due to the fact that it says it in the upper right hand corner…. >.>

  7. If Square-Enix would finally pull their heads out of their collective asses…they would give us a true sequel to Chrono Trigger (Chrono Chross would have made a nice game on its own…but doesn’t feel like a Chrono Trigger Sequel, and don’t get me started on Radical Dreamers.)

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  10. Wow this site…

    If you visit the teaser site with it’s countdown, it says “STAR”. This is either some kind of Star Ocean game for iOS or some kind of Star Ocean game. Square Enix registered the name “Star Galaxy” not long ago and countdown sites from Square Enix tend to never yield anything meaningful.

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