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YouTube Still Not Working Properly On Wii U Browser, Here’s A Workaround

youtube_logoUnfortunately, Wii U users aren’t able to watch YouTube videos normally on the new console’s browser. However, a workaround is available.

To watch YouTube videos on the Wii U’s browser, select a video, go the URL and add “_popup” after the word “watch.” This launches the video you selected in its own window, which allows you to use the Wii U GamePad’s 6.2-inch touchscreen for viewing.

87 thoughts on “YouTube Still Not Working Properly On Wii U Browser, Here’s A Workaround”

    1. You know what is even funnier, the Wii App (not the Wii U) works pretty well. Out of the 20 or so videos I watched, it had only paused to stream one. And it really only had one glitch in the whole program, when you delete all of the letters sometimes the cursor would only type before the first character.

      I was able to watch and get any video, from the search which was much better, than my Android smartphone and my smart TV version.

      1. The problem is that it has no option to watch on the Gamepad while the browser did. When I use the TV I happily use the app, but if I want to use the gamepad I will do this until they hopefully fix the app.

        I’ve never got the PS3 app to work, so it gets bonus points there for doing it’s job

    1. The one and only thing nintendo has these days is incredible software. I’m hardly impressed with my wii u so far. Ive mostly been playing my 3ds, I would consider it a big successes

        1. no it’s just youtube being mad at how people use the browser to watch youtube videos instead of their app. the first 2 weeks the wii U was out, I could watch youtube videos just fine from the browser then the youtube app came out and “magically” the browser (that has not been updated) can’t play youtube videos.

          1. If you did your research that day, several mobile browsers couldn’t load videos either. This has to be a change of the video player’s script, but I’m no script geru so I can’t give details there. The fact that the fault is on Google still remains however.

          2. Actually, I was able to watch youtube ’till about a week ago on the browser. Now, I can’t even load youtube or google through the browser. I can’t even use the app either(I know it is not Nintendo’s fault as the app loads up until it connects to youtube and then it crashes). I have been frustrated with youtube lately, mostly because even when something is simple and streamlined(Like the channel layout), they change it with a new update and the new layout is often confusing and overly complicated(like windows 8, heh heh) and the update always screws youtube up for about a week and about a month or 2 later they do the same thing again. and to make matters I can’t even use youtube on my computer browser now(it’s not internet explorer as I’ve tried other browsers. So can anybody tell me anything about that?

    2. The fault isn’t Nintendo’s you know. It’s Google that probably wants WiiU users to use the app instead of the browser.

    3. I really don’t believe this is Nintendo’s fault. The same day the video’s didn’t load on the wii u browser was also when several mobile browsers couldn’t load the video’s either so no coincidence there. This is clearly the fault of Google.

  1. @ derpus before you condemn youtube I think the reason it doesn’t work is that they have answered your prayers. I sent an email earlier explaining that there was an update to the youtube app. I’m not sure why it didn’t get posted. But to everyone there has been an update to the app which is a way better experience than the web browser. If you haven’t already try launching the app which will prompt an automatic update. they dashboard is way better than what I have witnessed on every system I have owned.

    1. no update and it still sucks, why would I want to use the youtube app if i cant watch the videos on my gamepad. I mean it sounds silly but half the time I don’t even use my tv when using my Wii U

  2. So are they going to fix it the right way. Hope so. About to give up on Nintendo WiiU. Too many problems. Fix them please.

        1. There is no way to say how many consoles experienced the bricking issue at this point. A lot of those cases was user error (unplugging a device during a firmware update), and were minimal. I would say that less than 1% of the Wii U’s sold had any manufacturers flaw, and those that did would be replaced by Nintendo themselves.

    1. I love how people find every little flaw against Nintendo and use it against them, they must be THAT relevant to our gaming industry, if they weren’t they would be like Sony not people pointing out the flaws of the Vita, PSP PS 1 2 and 3.

      Remember how everyone complained about the battery life of the 3ds and completely ignored the vita?

      What sucks is that people don’t like a company that is actually good at something.

      1. The freezing issue is a major issue sir. It prevents you from playing a game and also loosing your place in game and is very annoying. Also, damaging to the system. Read up on it. Battery life is small issue and happens with all electronics with rechargeable batteries including phones. I have nothing against Nintendo, but they need to take this seriously.

      2. It’s the new thing, people thinks that it’s cool to hate Nintendo. If they really wanted power on their console they would have bought a computer. People doesn’t want graphic they want games. e.g. ps2 compared with ps3, if ps2 sold 153.6 million units then where the hell did 83.2 million people go? That’s 55% of the Sony people disappearing

      3. ^thank you^
        it just people hate Nintendo, by what i mean is, the media loves it when they bash them. It get them hits, it does not matter if they don’t care about Nintendo or their fans; they want your money by ads. So called “professional journalist” are just an excuse to be money hungry bastards to our faces.

      4. Yeeeaaah…. no, the battery life from the vita was taken the same way, same as with any other device, you just seem to focus solely only the Negatives that Nintendo gets.

        Have you seen all the grief that the Vita gets, still to this damn day.

  3. It’s not just the wiiU browser that isn’t working btw.. If you load up the desktop site on your mobile videos don’t work there either. It’s a problem with YouTube that Google need to fix, nothing to do with Nintendo..

          1. Neither have I, until I used the YouTube app and upon exiting the app my console froze on me. No games have froze on me since the update. Before the update 1 or 2 games freeze on me.

        1. I do agree the WiiU has some problems, I have had it freeze at annoying times, but at the same time all new consoles have them we just have to wait and see what Nintendo do about it. At least we don’t have a RROD to contend with at launch or a YLOD

        2. It’s funny mine never frove before that damn patch. It’s like it took someone elses freezing issues and gave it to me. Wtf 3 times since I got the system 0 times before.

  4. Exactly just like if a game has bugs it’s the console manufacturers fault. What ever it comes down to who puts the software on a system to make sure it performs correctly. Check out this video for the new interface.

      1. Appreciate you posting this video, Jblaze.

        I think I’ll reconsider downloading the application now that I’ve seen the update to it in action.

        You’re right about that, as well.

        It’s not Nintendo’s fault that the browser does not load YouTube videos correctly anymore. This is due to Google’s 2013 update to YouTube, and it should be corrected within the coming weeks.

        On another note as well, it is important to consider the fact that Nintendo states in the Wii U’s EULA that they cannot be held liable for an application or browser feature provided by third parties mishandling your information or not functioning properly. Nintendo states in the EULA that once you browse on the Internet on any other site other than Nintendo, it would do you good to become comfortable with their own EULA as Nintendo has no licensing agreement over what these third parties collect from you.

        ^ And, yes, I read all of the agreements for BOTH the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS the moment I got them. Even the terribly, terribly worded 3DS Internet Browser Manual’s Specifications Page. You wanna talk Ctrl + C and V all over a document, you read that manual. UGH! D:

        1. Well thank you for taking this into a much deeper detail.

          Also i never liked having browsers on gaming devices especially handhelds, they felt a bit slow, haha

  5. The reason it doesn’t work properly in the browser is a recent minor youtube layout update that messed up the Wii U Browser being detected as flash. This is why you get the empty video windows as youtube is expecting the browser to plug it in with flash, which the browser obviously lacks. You can even check in the youtube send feedback product information where it lists flashVersion:0.0.0. hopefully this wasn’t done on purpose just to force users to use the app. Youtube probably wont fix this for a while since they just expect users to use the app.

  6. Ah I love the drinking the tears of dissapointed narrow minded fanboys. That’s what happens when you buy a full priced console with specs worse than current gen…

    1. Gotta agree with that e7yc3 guy. That was weak. Btw it’s too early to judge new architecture(GPCPU) used in gaming. Wait till and if Microsoft and or Sony follow up.

  7. Is there a “mobile version/desktop version” option anywhere in the menu?
    Try switching between them, see if that works.
    If not, Youtube is just being retarded again, or they’re trying to force us to use their shitty apps. If they do this on my iPhone, im gona flip tables.

  8. I know the perfect solution to this. Turn on your computer, click YOUTUBE in the search bar, and there you go. You can use YouTube on your PC or laptop. Amazing eh? Bet you thought that only video game consoles had that ability.

  9. Actually, youtube doesn’t work well on the PS3 lately, either. It has always worked pretty good, but for the past few weeks, it has been “jittery”.

      1. Neither one, actually. I have the phat one and it worked fine until a few days ago, but the slim stopped working fluidly weeks ago. I also noticed that the internet browser freezes up, when I try to f=get onto it on the slim. The phat one works fine. I really never use them, to any extent, but I will use it on the PS3, if I happen to be using it.

  10. I’m seriously tired of all the focus on the workaround. If you want something done then you’ll have to contact Google/YouTube and make your voice heard. I’ve tried to rally people for a spam campaign on various gaming sites as well as Miiverse….but there just aren’t enough people willing to do it. *sigh*

  11. Yep, this annual update to YouTube just keeps getting better. XP

    Yes, we do need to get used to seeing this kind of reformatting every year, since we went through the same mess last year as well.

    1. Maybe because of software (games) etc but we will know in the future.

      But smartphones and PS3 had already troubles with Youtube (yeah, im a owner)…. its nothing strange. My PC had troubles too thanks to flash and new FF/Chrome versions :S but now, its ok.

      So, nothing strange really (youtube at its best)….

    2. If you think the Wii U has failed just because Google messed up YouTube on all gaming consoles and mobile devices then you are clearly mistaken…

  12. I like the youtube app on my wii u and don’t need the browser anyway.
    If people say the youtube app for wii u stinks they havent tried the xbox one obviously.
    that thing has crappy controls, no smartglass keyboard and is slow as hell and it only shows selected videos.
    that are all things I havent discovered with the youtube app on wii u yet and I use it a lot.

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  14. we were all fine untill this stupid update came along , hey nintendo weres our compensation update to fix this problem, whats all this error code 112-2809 we keep getting. to be honest my 6 year old laptop on youtube could beat the wii u browser into a tin can, so put that in your pipe and smoke it. ive never been so irritated in all my life.

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