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Nintendo Europe President Converts His Wife From iPad To Wii U GamePad


Satoru Shibata, the president of Nintendo Europe, has revealed that he turned his wife from a prospective iPad buyer to a fan of the Wii U GamePad. Shibata said that until recently his wife refused to try out the Wii U GamePad for unspecified reasons. Instead, she really wanted an iPad or a similar tablet device, but these were sold out. So Shibata casually asked his wife to try out browsing the web with the GamePad and she now appears to be a convert.

“Until recently, my wife did not want to try out the GamePad. But there has been a change lately and she began using the Internet browser on the GamePad. Actually, we went to buy a certain tablet one weekend, but what we wanted was sold out everywhere, so we gave up on getting one. Back home, I said, “Why don’t we try using the GamePad instead?”. I let my wife manoeuvre the GamePad and because she picked it up so effortlessly, I ended up having to watch Nintendo Direct on December 5th on the TV in our living room with her.”

83 thoughts on “Nintendo Europe President Converts His Wife From iPad To Wii U GamePad”

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  1. I can’t believe that anybody would have to be “converted” from an iPad. What’s so great about all of these gizmos with an i at the beginning of the words? I
    ll NEVER care about them. Especially not as much as I love Nintendo.
    Oh, and it’s GREAT to be first!

      1. fakku dolan pls cum lol hello hen plus corbata if u kno what i mean BRONIES UNITED CAN RULE TEH WORLDS GO PINKIE GO PIE GO GO GO GO GO YAOI

        1. Why do you come on here just to hate? Do you have no life? Or are you just tsundere for Nintendo and buy their products while keeping up your public image? Here’s a suggestion, ho about you shut up, get your PS3/Xbox 360/PC or whatever you enjoy, and LEAVE with GUSTO. You rip on Nintendo and not expect a Nintendofag to hate on you? Whats the point!? Get a life. Hate from a Nintendofag. P.S: Gamepad > Kinect, PS Move and anything Sony and Microsoft try to muster in response to it.

      1. Was actually the result of Apple putting all the money, love letters and barrels of semen they got from consumers and putting them on top of iPhones.

          1. Well i don’t know any 10 year olds that know what semen is, or how overrated Apple are, so either you’re the first one, or you’re a shitty father

          2. I hope you know that 10 year olds are pretty smart.And now you are starting to act like Von Schroeder,now you just insult,harass,and douche.

        1. My point is, initially it’s half the price, but you end up paying for a cellphone plan for however long your contract is. If you don’t have an iPhone with a contract, then you pay 700 for an unlocked iPhone, which is about twice the price of an iPad.

          1. Well i’d be paying for a mobile/cellphone contract even if i didn’t have an iPhone, because i need a phone, so yes, it is cheaper, and it still does more than an iPad.
            iPad are just for kids who cant afford iPhone contracts and people who suck off the Apple brand logo.
            Anyone who has both a contracted iPhone and an iPad is a moron.

            1. Wow, thanks man. I never knew I was poor for getting an iPad >_> seeing as it was one of the only decent tablets on the market (Apart from Nexus 10, but they were sold out)

              1. I just dont see the point in an iPad at all. Nexus 7 or 10 is the good tablet, and iPad just does what an iPhone does, but less.

          2. Also, if i pay about £35 for a iPhone contract, and a usual phone contract is about £20-25, i hardly paying £700 for an iPhone.

  2. I find it strange that the wife of european Nintendo president refused to use a Nintendo product.
    But it is a cute story

      1. Erm… Are you the real aeolus or just one of these arses who throw shit over his name by pretending to be him and make stupid comments that are unneccesairy and mean?

        The Aeolus I respect is the one supporting his opinions with facts and who never ever type anything completly unneccesairy and whose only goal is to enlighten his fellow human brothers with the information he knows that they do not know.

        In short, a man who tries to open up the mind of people, a man who goes against the stream… That is not the kind of man who would write a stupid comment like this and some of the comments above.

  3. Saying the wii u gamepad can wipe all aspirations of getting an iPad is just lol. When it comes down to it the iPad does everything better, Except play games. But who gets an iPad for games? I mean really?

    And seeing as she isn’t a gamer (otherwise why tell your husband that you won’t play His companies new game system) she obviously isn’t getting an iPad for games.

      1. Umm, Steve Jobs is dead….and he is right. The Ipad DOES do the multimedia aspect better then the WiiU (I have both). The WiiU’s internet browser….sucks to be honest. Not to mention you can only take it 30 feet from the console itself. Not to mention the Ipad has a bunch of apps and utilities that the WiiU doesn’t have. And….I don’t see the problem with that. The WiiU was made for the games, not the multimedia, where as the Ipad was made for the multimedia and not the games. Now, I know a lot of people here are saying why should you have an Ipad if you have an Iphone (Which has nothing to do with the topic but whatever), and for the most part, you are right, you probably should only have one or the other. But, how’s that any different from the 3DS and the XL. You really aren’t supposed to have both, its just if people want something smaller or something larger. If his wife actually played with the Ipad before the WiiU, I’d think she’d go with the Ipad because she wants it for the multimedia, not the game

  4. The iPad and the Wii U controller are different machines. The iPad has an established os, is way more versatile, and has much more content. You’re telling me she picked the wii u gamepad up, used the internet browser, and than decided the iPad wasnt for her? A middle aged woman xcited about reggie talking about shit that I, being a gamer for over two decades, don’t even care about? Lol.

        1. Pretty presumptuous that just because a woman prefers the Wii U(which you don’t like the company of) to the Ipad,it’s laughable and bad.

  5. Respectfully speaking, I will never understand why people visit websites that talk about products they don’t like, then want to bash everyone that does. Why would anyone waste their time? So sad!

  6. My gf bought the wii u over the iPad. She’s just upset Nintendo land isn’t online multiplayer idk wtf Nintendo was thinking on not making some attractions with online play

      1. At this day and age, honestly, they do. There was NO reason for NSMBU or Ninty land not to have online other than laziness.

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