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IGN Awards New Super Mario Bros U Platformer Of The Year


IGN has awarded New Super Mario Bros U the esteemed accolade of platformer of the year. Mario’s latest adventure was put up against Fez, Rayman Jungle Run, Sound Shapes, and Spelunky. IGN praised New Super Mario Bros U saying that it contains brutally twisted bite-sized challenge stages and some of the most insanely creative level design ever seen in the series.

60 thoughts on “IGN Awards New Super Mario Bros U Platformer Of The Year”

            1. NOOOOO!!!!!!! NOT UNTIL HE REMOVES HIS PENIS!!! (I know I am replying a bit late but I had no internet for about 2 weeks now.

  1. Well deserved. But I can not see any real competition in this cathegory which is sad as platformers have a big place in my heart :/

    1. Sound Shapes was probably my favorite out of the category. It was amazing. There were quite a few good platformers this year. NSMBU was pretty good too, so I’m okay with it getting the top spot.

  2. I duno, Fez is pretty epic…
    Plus it has original music, instead of “BWAH BWAH! *same tune for the last 4 games* BWAH BWAH!”

    1. You aint played it yet , amirite ? You will be converted when you play this game. It’s incredible. It really makes the other NSMB’s look like horse shit in comparison.

      1. Meh, i duno.
        It’s probably good, but the setting, the music and artstyle just put me off -.- the only level that interests me is the one based on a Van Gogh painting.
        I feel like when i put in a Mario game, i should feel like im exploring a new world, and they all have their own style, and music, and even enemies, every Mario has had that, but then NSMB came and its lost that, so by NSMBU i just dont care -.-

        1. I WAS in the same boat as you bro. I played NSMB2 for about 13 hours and then sold it , cus it was just not engrossing enough. So I bought NSMBU out of fanboyism expecting the same thing. WRONG! This game is incredible. There isn’t just one level that’s beautiful like the van gogh level , there’s tons like the Giant enemy world the snow worlds with all the stars. The game looks absoloutly stunning aswell. One of the best looking games I’ve played this year . Two screens are always running on single player and you get this crazy 3d sound effect from the speakers of the gamepad and the TV.

          You HAVE to try this game. Challenge mode is what you have always wanted out of the series , Miiverse integration is just awesome , All the star coins and sublime level design provide one of the best 2d mario games ever , The visuals are outstanding , etc etc etc etc

          I Have done about 35 hours on NSMBU now. It is NOT like NSMB2 .

          9.5/10 – My honest review. Give it a try and you won’t regret it :)

          1. Challenge mode is a shit load of challenges ( suprisingly ) where you have to do there almost impossible in some cases missions. Some have you clearing a level without touching the ground , other speed running to collect all coins in a level , others bouncing of the heads of 40 Goombas consecutively , etc etc.

            The challenge mode is one of the best things to happen to mario ever. It’s like The missions off Mario kart DS but better….

            1. Amen to that. I have yet to play this one (looking forward to it) but dammit Nintendo, you’re all about innovation and creativity so why not create some new locations in a Mario game for the old chap to prance around in? Isle Delfino-like levels in 2D would be nice to be honest

        1. Definitely. It’s sad that people are labeling it ”just another NSMB game” Do you think IGN would of gave it that award if that was the case ? Neither do I…

          The game is exactly what you want out of a NSMB game. I loved the remix music aswell. Love t

  3. I would have given it to Mass attack but Kirby came out last year, luckily. That and I have bias since I’ve never been a big fan of side scrolling Mario games. This one was alright though.

  4. Ok, i know this isnt Nintendo related, but did anyone else see or buy that amazing deal on the ps store for Hitman Absolution? ._.

          1. It’s usually £60 ._.
            They’ve had some great deals, shame they only lasted 1 day, and i didnt get paid, missed out on half price NFS:Most Wanted :/

  5. Easily one of the best Mario games I have played in a long time.
    Haven’t completed it yet but I really want to at some point.

    Been glued to Sonic Racing.

        1. Well that’s your opinion,but IGN’s opinion is that NSMBU is that best platformer of the year.If you played it you’d be amazed.So much better than NSMB 3ds.

          1. I have played it (Store demo thingy). Have to say certainly better than any Mario platformer I’ve played. But I still believe Sound Shapes was up there.

  6. Next year it’s gonna be even harder, with the Rayman Legends coming out, and we still ain’t got a clue of how’s it gonna be the new 3D Super Mario game =3 Anyways, it’s a cool victory, rightfully deserved!

  7. I know most of you guys would agree with me in this but I have to say. I own this game ever played it completely twice. It’s good game if you compared to other New Super Mario Bros. However, I think Nintendo needs to step it up a bit. Music in mario games have always been great, but seriously, they need to make some new music because I am getting tired of the same shit over and over again. I definitely love boost and chal

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