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Gifting A Wii U For Xmas? Nintendo Says Open It Now, Download System Update, And Wrap It


Nintendo of America has Tweeted informing those of you that are gifting a Wii U this Christmas to open up the box, handle it, set up the console, and download the lengthy system update that can take roughly an hour to download before wrapping it and placing it under the Christmas tree. Of course, this could simply be resolved if Nintendo had the initial update pre-installed on the system. Don’t forget that you can download the update in the background if you press the cancel button when prompted to install the update.

Giving #WiiU as a gift? Pro-tip: Perform system updates before wrapping so it’s good to go as soon as it’s opened!

88 thoughts on “Gifting A Wii U For Xmas? Nintendo Says Open It Now, Download System Update, And Wrap It”

      1. Nintendo doesn’t have any plans to sell it out their? I thought it was out everywhere. It’s such a great collection but not cool if all Kirby fans can’t enjoy it.

        1. Nothing good gets sent to Australia, hence why I hate Nintendo’s new approach. I can’t even import anything decent because of the stupid region locking.

      1. You know I love Nintendo. But telling people to unbox other peoples consoles to update it is just stupid lol…. I love the wiiu , its awesome its epic , its one of if not the best consoles I have ever had. But Nintendo Have rushed it out a bit Like Microsoft did the 360 . It’s no way near as bad as the RROP disaster xbox was selling , But They probably should of delayed it and Ironed out some of these kinks. Same with some of the games , they’ve been rushed.

        I was in Town today , and I played the rayman Legends demo on a demo wiiu. It was the ”teensie troubles level” But the demo in store was nothing like the demo I have on my wii u. The level layout was different , there was less detail , the sound effects were different etc etc etc. Basically Ubisoft were going to release legends unfinished…. The demo I have on my wiiu shows a vast improvement to the ones in store…

        The same applies to most of the other launch games , they needed more time and work.

        The wiiu is 95% perfect and I am exstatic to have it right now. But they probably should of delayed it…. That being said , all the updates are coming and making it up to scratch…

            1. Its smart advice if your giving it to young kids.. The last thing you wanna do to an impatient kid waiting hours for an update. :) Just sayin’. But yes I agree that all this stuff should have been pre-installed onto the system itself. Oh well.

            1. Nah it wasn’t me. But if I did get a Wii U it would be one of the first games I get. I do many people who have it. They mentioned something about an audio issue (Which is an activision problem, not Nintendo) that doesn’t happen on other platforms and there is a weird fix (apparently). Apart from that, they enjoy it.

        1. I agree. Opening it before Christmas spoils the fun. Nintendo shouldn’t expect there customers to open it to perform a update. Especially saying this to people.
          Maybe they want as few people as possible to download it on chrismas day so that the servers don’t get crowded and slow it down for everyone.
          On the bright side, waiting for a update might make it more exiting when you eventually get to play it :P

    1. ”Pro tip update any fucking game you have aswell , because you will need to do a big ass patch for all of them and you won’t even notice what has changed” lol….

      1. Well for me, the Tekken update took maybe a minute to update and even less for New Super Mario Bros, so it doesn’t really matter about that so much.

          1. i love that feature SO much. like, while im download a game, i can just go back to the main menu and start playing another game or browse the internet. the only downside is that you have to install the game after downloading and you can do anything while it’s installing. but installing doesnt take nearly as long as downloading it so it’s not too bad.

  1. Yea, because having a username set by someone else is so awesome, right?
    I don’t know about everyone else, but I’d like to choose my username myself.

  2. Im getting mine for XMAS, I’d rather just wait and leave the enjoyment for XMAS. evenif it includes waiting for an update.

    1. Mayans were never wrong. They never predicted the end of the world. It’s the crackpot losers who predicted it. Mayans just said it was the end of their calender cycle and had to be renewed.

  3. Open the Wii U, download the update, try it out (to be sure it’s working), have a pretty good time, even a great time, realize that you love this, have second thoughts about giving this to them, try to think of what you will give them instead, figure they probably have everything they want anyway, keep the Wii U for yourself.

  4. Of course, this could simply be resolved if Nintendo had the initial update pre-installed on the system….

    Is this sight even run by Nintendo fans? I’ve seen more and more stuff like this, just negativity, towards Nintendo on this site lately. They also post stuff about Xbox and ps3 that I just don’t care about.

    Obviously, Nintendo knows that people don’t want to do a day one update so there has to be a reason why they didn’t put it on there.

  5. “Of course, this could simply be resolved if Nintendo had the initial update pre-installed on the system. ”

    Pretty dick move, sickr

  6. The correct term is CHRISTmas what are you going to freakin melt if you say it your to scared you might offend someone if you type it or say it stop being wuss and grow some balls!

  7. -_- My Wii U is already wrapped up, in a huge box. Noone told me it’s a Wii U, but it was on top of my Christmas List and the box size looks about the same as the Wii U’s box. Hope its the Wii U :D

    1. Im tempted already to hold the Gamepad in my hands. I felt the box (wrapped), it felt amazing. Even though i gotta update the system+ any game updates, im probably just gonna go eat so i can play for hours :)

  8. It’s hard for me to believe this is an official company line. I have a Wii U, I enjoy it, and I feel a strange sense of pride in knowing all of my fellow Wii U owners had to suffer through the same day one ordeal. It’s bonding. I think this announcement by Nintendo is brilliant. If you gift someone an opened system and they either don’t want it or already have it, it cannot be returned. The agonizing update of doom and shame has become well-known enough that it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone on Christmas Day. Besides, unless you’re giving the item to a small child I have always enjoyed setting up my own systems.

    1. Lol, I don’t know… I suppose I see what you’re saying. It is nice to know we suffered together and it wasn’t just a few of us, but damn… Took me 4-fucking-hours. (live in the country with limited Internet.)

  9. I loved the update. During my update I went to store buying candy, took care of some bank stuff, went home, eating some candy watching the load screen, being totally hyped during the install portion.

    And then after that I have had the 3 best weeks of my entire lifetime :’D (living in Europe)

  10. That is actually what I did. It didn’t take long, but I got it on launch day and wanted to look at Miiverse so I opened it then put it back after I set up and downloaded everything.

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  12. Looks like Nintendo took my advice from a few weeks back. I suggested doing the same thing. It’s just the considerate thing to do. I know I would be upset that someone opened my present before I did, but if it was in order to have it ready for me to play as soon as I wake up on Christmas morning, I can definitely look past it. Leave luck to heaven.

  13. PRO TIP: Do not open before Christmas. Teach them the art of patience.
    1.) Open on Christmas.
    2.) Begin System update.
    3.) Download Little Inferno or pop in Nintendo Land / NSMBU.
    4.) Play Nintendo Land with Family while update downloads.
    5.) Check every 30 min to see if update completed.
    6.) Install updates, join Miiverse, become addicted to Nintendo’s fucking amazing social network.
    7.) Don’t swear like I Do on Miiverse. My first 3 comments were deleted within minutes. :)

    1. Yeah, I think it’s pretty obvious Smash Bros won’t be rushed seeing as it isn’t scheduled for release for a long time.

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  15. i did that with my nephew’s 3ds and ps3 as he had no access to the internet. at lest the Wii U does not have endless system updates like the PS3 did for a while

  16. Or, you know, you can just have the update pre-installed prior to sale, saving us much time. I don’t understand how that bit of common sense is lost on them.

    1. True, but i reckon the reason is these Wii U were already manufactured and sent to retailers as no turning bck for that batch..

  17. I just bought a Wii U last night and spent most of today setting the console up and installing it. I had to deal with a bunch of network connection issues before I was finally able to update it. Luckily, for all the negativity I heard about the update download times it was surprisingly quick! Once the download began, within an hour I had a completely updated Wii U interface. On that note, I was let down by how difficult it was to set up… but in the end it was worth it I feel like. Nintendo Land is much better than I thought it would be, and New Super Mario Bros. U is as addictive as ever. Looking forward to playing Arkham City, Black Ops 2 and others.

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