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Nintendo Power Lists Its All-Time Favorite Video Games

the_legend_of_zelda_ocarina_of_time_hyrule_fieldIn its very last issue, Nintendo Power has ranked its top 285 video games of all time. Of course, every single game on the list is on a Nintendo Platform, and ranked are numerous titles in the Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda franchises.

Below is a list of the publication’s 10 best video games of all time… To view the complete list, go here.

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
  2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES)
  3. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
  4. Final Fantasy III (VI) (SNES)
  5. Super Mario World (SNES)
  6. Mega Man 2 (NES)
  7. Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
  8. Super Metroid (SNES)
  9. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GameCube)
  10. Resident Evil 4 (GameCube)

93 thoughts on “Nintendo Power Lists Its All-Time Favorite Video Games”

  1. First, it’s not “of all time”, just the ones on Nintendo consoles. It’s called Nintendo Power after all.
    Second, I received the last issue almost 3 weeks ago. You guys are slow.

  2. Oh God just stop with OOT. WW and SS are better. Those games improved so damn cool the control skin of OOT. And also WHERE’S MELEE? xD

    1. When you look at a 15-year old game, you can’t straight up compare it to a game from last year. Of course the controls have been improved in what’s over a decade. It would be ridiculous if Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword controlled the exact same way!
      The games are ranked compared to all other games from the time they came out.

      And there is a reason why Ocarina of Time sits on top of so many “best video game” lists. Ocarina of Time was something beyond mind-blowing when it came out, it really was better than any other video game that had come out before it. Time may not have treated Ocarina of Time all that well (graphics…) but I dare say that there won’t be any other games in a long time that offer you an adventure as great as Ocarina of Time did. The game may date, but the adventure and those feelings live forever.

      Wind Waker and Skyward Sword are great games but all in all, they’ve got nothing compared to the moment you saw the great Deku Tree die, the first time you met Princess Zelda at Castle Hyrule, the moment you first lifted the Master Sword from the pedestal, or the moment you shat your pants as you realized Ganon wasn’t dead and the amazing feeling when you thrust your sword in the beast’s face for the last time and knew it was all over…

      Ocarina of Time is number one. And that’s the way it should be.

      1. Of course you can compare newer games to older games. Can I say Pong is better then OoT because in its time it beat ALL the competition by a landslide? No. By today’s standards, OoT is clunky, and has weak exploration. Like you said, it would be ridiculous if a modern game controlled like OoT. On the other hand, games like Mario 64 are still tons of fun to play today, and have held up incredibly well.

        Maybe I’m a minority, but I look at top ten lists are a list of the best, not a list of what was above standard when it came out and I still have a lot of nostalgia for.

        1. I replayed OoT when it was released for the 3DS, and I gotta say, with a new paint job (improved graphics) the game holds up remarkably well.

        2. Oh my god yes. OOT has aged pretty badly. The 3DS is much better, but its still aged badly. If TP had a bit more character it would beat the all easily, but Wind Waker is still fun to play more, its easily the most polished Zelda game.

      2. That doesnt make sense. A game thats better than OOT should be rated higher than OOT. The obly thing keep OOT up there is nostalgia and how much of an impact it had, both of which dont have anything to fo with how good a game is. Sonic Adventure is an example of nostalgia overrating a game drastically, its pretty shit.

        1. Ofcourse better games would rate bigger. but there is no better game than oot. it’s old but its story is still even better than any new games are!

    2. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS (AND WII U!)

      wind waker is better. but Skyward Sword isn’t, that’s kind of like saying Call of Duty is better than Goldeneye, Just because it’s more technically advanced doesn’t mean it’s better.

    3. While I do love Windwaker, I got a lot more enjoyment out of OOT for some reason. Its not a nostalgia thing either, I actually played OOT after WW. Don’t get me wrong, I adore WW, but I do feel OOT is better in most aspects. MM is still my favorite though. I hated SS though. Also remember, its an opinion. If you feel that a certain game deserves to be higher, that’s ok, this is just their opinion.

    4. SS is fucking horrible.
      Controls are iffy, theres only 3 fucking areas, the Sky is boring as fuck, the quests are fucking dumb, you go back to each area 3 or more times, all the side missions are shitty fetch quests and monotonous, the game decides to tell you EVERYTHING, and show everything you pick up that its gone into your inventory, the combat while pretty good is just sword play, no other items are useful in combat, the dungeons are shorter, fighting the Forbidden or whatever the fuck its called FOUR FUCKING TIMES is bullshit, and Fi, mother fucking Fi, shut that bitch up.

      SS is ass.

        1. Well there are some people that hate skyward sword, like me. If you like the game, thats fine, but we shouldn’t not be allowed to express ours because you like it.

          1. I don’t mean it like that. I said it because people who loves skyward sword will start a fight with whoever says its terrible. It’s something that always happens.

  3. i’m missing twilight princess in the top 10

    everything OOT did well twilight princess did well too.. some things even better :)

    1. yeah, but in some other aspects were worst, Specially with the items.
      The majority of the items were close to useless outside of where you found them.

      The Zora armor was the best suit ive seen in the entire series though.

  4. I think oot is one of the best games ever made at that time but I honestly have started to like the newer zelda games a lot more. I still think it deserves all the love it has received because the game was very revolutionary and it’s world is very beautiful and very well designed.

        1. Agreed, Metroid Prime is awesome…but where is Viewtiful Joe? That game is in MY top 5 easily, that game is one of my favorite all time games, and one of the hardest I have played in the last 3 generations.

            1. I can understand that, though it’s very doable on ADULT mode, but I think that was one of the reasons I found it so enjoyable, besides the amusing dialogue and corny story, beating that game was very satisfying…now V-MODE? That sh*% is nearly impossible! I also think(I haven’t seen the whole list, so I don’t know where they had it fall) that if it was just a little more polished Eternal Darkness could’ve been in my top 10, but it’s definitely in my top 20.

    1. Metroid Prime 1 is soooo overrated. Dont get me wrong, i love it, but 2 is better, and 3 is much much more better. 1 has so much backtracking bullshit, and annoyin things like constantly, and awkwardly switching beams, because enemies are coloured different (seriously?), then at the end it has the nerve to make you back track AGAIN, over the whole map, to fight Ridley, and the Metroid Prime, the easiest bosses ever. Also the fucking ghost Chozos were bullshit, constantly respawning in areas you need to go to about 3-4 times.

      1. While I agree that Prime 2 is better than the first, I cannot feel the same for Prime 3. The only real reason it got *as much* praise as its predecessors was because of the new control scheme, and it really becomes obvious when playing them all on the Trilogy. Not as good design, more linear and worse bosses.

        1. No I agree with Dragon 1 had you back track if you didn’t know about the artifacts on top of which that FP perspective really gets annoying due to it causing me to get sucked into the ambiance of the world and getting creeped out when I didn’t need to be also if you got all the artifacts before the freaking fight with ridley you cheated or played with a guide that mentioned it before the fact that they are needed so don’t start that I never played mp2 or mp3 but if they we’re from the same people they all had backtracking

            1. And no, there are segments of the game where the artifacts are that you can access until you get a power later on, and on a first playthrough, you have no idea where each artifact is, or if they’ll even be needed. Prime 2 had backtracking at the end, but the game didnt go back and forth through the whole game, over and over like Prime 1. Prime 3 is the best, backtracking is very limited, and its no way linear, it’s just more digestable, because you stick to 3 main areas, one at a time, but you still go back and forth to them all, but its not tedious, because of the multiple landing areas

              1. Are you kidding me? MP2 had loads of backtracking. Yes MP3 had very little backtracking but IMO it was the least fun, there wasnt much to explore and the levels seemed a bit bland and rushed. Also the voice acting was pathetic. Still a good game though.

  5. All the 3d Zeldas should be on the first place, you can’t decide that one is better than the other they are all awesome in there own way. where it comes to 2d Zeldas you can start to argue cause the capcom Zeldas are good but not NintendoZelda great.

    Goldeneye and SM64 should be in the top 5 and yes SMW is and will allways be the best 2D Mario.

  6. although i do wish the oracle games were higher on the list, i am happy Seasons beat Ages, No because i think its better, but because i bought Seasons before Ages.

    Great list overall though, and Long Live Ocarina Of Time.

      1. funny I would agree but at the same time I don’t know I mean 4 of the games up on the list are SNES games that counts for something

    1. Game wise, id say Gamecube.

      Gamecube has Wind Waker (and OOT/Master Quest with the special edition), Resident Evil 1 remake, 0 and 4 (although the Wii has all those in better versions, plus no memory card crap), Eternal Darkness, Pikmin 1 + 2 (on the Wii too though), Mario Sunshine (i guess), Fzero, SF assault, and one of my favourite games ever, Paper Mario TTYD.
      Probably some others i missed.

  7. My personal top games of all time, No particular order…

    Super Mario Bros.
    Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    Final Fantasy VII
    Final Fantasy IV
    Goldeneye 64
    Mario 64
    Mario Kart 64
    Pokemon Red/Blue
    Street Fighter II
    Legend of Zelda
    SSB: Brawl

  8. In every top list I’ve seen from them there’s always just Mario and Zelda in the top. Like here; 6 Marios and 5 Zeldas in the top 16. It’s completely biased and just ridiculous.

  9. Though I never played any Final Fantasy game and never had any interest in the Metroid series, I can’t really argue with that list. However, I have this issue of Nintendo Power, and I feel that Earthbound should have been WAY closer to the first of the list than 156. That’s an insult to my favorite RPG of all-time! There’s a LOT of games on the list that I would never consider best of ANYTHING.

  10. Am i the only one who think Link to the Past isnt that amazing. Its great, but the dungeons are boring, basically just different coloured cookie cutter dungeons, and as much as i like the theme, the overworld theme is pretty annoying after a while.

    1. no i agree i think its very overrated, Miyamoto says its his favourite game but I dunno why. It wasn’t very innovative like it didn’t do anything new that the original nes version didn’t. It was an amazing game by all means its just not “the greatest”.

      1. also the game only used a 2mb cartridges meaning they couldn’t fit much dialogue or content on the game as they should have. In comparison star ocean, tales of phantasia used 6mb cartridges and games like donkey kong, supermario rpg, ff6, and dragonquest used 4mb.

    2. I didnt really like it either. i can see how it would have been pretty good back in the days of snes, but definitely not worth #2

  11. Are they serious? Cooking Mama is better than Donkey Kong, Mortal Combat, Residetn Evil, Super Mario Bros and much more?

    Zelda (NES) is better than Zelda Majoras Mask? Sin and Punishment better than Metroid Prime? wtf

    Their taste is quite strange…for me it looks like they just put every game in an empty hat and just pulled the names randomly.

  12. No love for Just Dance….. hey…. like ir or not, this franchise actually made all its sucess on Nintendo platforms and have a lot of fans around the world.

  13. Personally, having played the games I am about to mention in the last 3 years for the first time, I enjoyed LttP more than OoT, Sunshine more than Galaxy, and Super Mario World and Mario 3 are tied, and about equal with Sunshine. That’s on a scale of enjoyment I had with them.

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  15. i love how Super Mario Galaxy was rated higher than its sequel, even though EVERYONE likes the sequel better. Awesome to see they don’t care about the public, and were (mostly) unbiased when choosing these.

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