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Wii U Developer Shin’en Praises The Console


Shin’en’s Manfred Linzner recently took the opportunity to sit down with UK gaming publication GamesTM to talk about Wii U and development. The developer behind Nano Assault Neo said that the console’s development environment enabled them to make the game is a fairly short space of time. Linzner then went on to praise the Wii U GamePad saying that they were still able to maintain solid 60FPS without much effort on both displays. Here’s what he had to say.

“The Wii U development environment allowed us to go from zero to a great, polished game in only half a year. I think we never ever got so far so fast on a new hardware, and we’ve worked on a lot of platforms in the past decades.”

“We decided to add a local two-player mode where one player uses the TV and the other one the Wii U GamePad. That meant the complete game world would need to be rendered twice for the Wii U GamePad display. That nearly doubled the burden on the GPU and CPU, but even then we were still able to maintain solid 60FPS without much effort on both displays. Then on top we even added camera streaming, so that the TV player can see the face of the Wii U GamePad player, which adds a lot of fun. We expected the additional camera encoding and streaming would add noticeable strain on the Wii U, but it was almost free. All this proved the system is very well balanced and allows developers without much effort, to use all the unique features. Another benefit of the Wii U is that the system memory is so large that we never have to load an asset again. Everything can be cached and load times are almost gone.”

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224 thoughts on “Wii U Developer Shin’en Praises The Console”

        1. Just ignore him. Trolls are like stray hungry dogs; feed him and he’ll keep coming back. Ignore him and he’ll eventually walk off to lick his own arse.

              1. It has no problem running current gen games at all. You’re only saying that because of Batman , And batman actually has the same framerate as Ps3 and 360 version on average.
                And that game uses FXAA and streams a load of shit to the gamepad. it does suffer from a few minor glitchy framedrops but there pretty much irrelivant and excusable because it’s a rushed port.

                Trine 2 anihilates the ps3 and 360 version and people have been known to use Trine 2 directors cut as a PC benchmark test.

                Everything else runs fine.

                Don’t make yourself sound like a retard. You’re a fucking little kid who loves his ECSBWAWKS tree 6ty!!!!

                  1. Who cares bout Epic mickey ? The game looks like SHIT and it’s a rushed port to Wiiu. FAIL.

                    Blops 2 is the 360 version which looks better than Ps3 version and can run two screens at once.
                    AC3 is Native 720p , the Ps3 version is not.
                    Mass effect 3 runs the same as it does on 360 , th ps3 version …… does not.
                    SASRT has the best framerate and Graphics out of the console version , stated by the dev and noticed by reviewers.
                    Ninja Gaiden 3 has improved Lighting and a TON of new feautures such as Blood and dismemberment and still runs at 60FPS.
                    Trine 2 destroys the ps3 and 360 version in everyway.
                    Rayman , Monster Hunter , Puddle , Mighty switch force and Little inferno all run at native 1080p so will mutant mudds and Little inferno.

                    Sorry but you’re speaking shit. the Wiiu graphically is level pegging the 360 on Multiplats and has loads of aweome Unique features to boot.
                    So at launch the wiiu is on par , or better graphically has gamepad features .

                    And obviously if you think you have seen the wiiu maxed out by running xbox 360 ports you’re retarded.

                    The wiiu graphics this time next year will have DESTROYED the ps3 and 360.

                    Nuff said.

                    1. I feel the need to correct you on one small bit here;
                      Ninja Gaiden Razor’s Edge.
                      Yes, the majority of the game runs at a beautiful 60 FPS without issue.
                      However, don’t let others tell you that it never has frame-rate drops. It does, and they’re noticeable, especially in multiplayer.
                      Fortunately, the frame-rate drops outside of multiplayer are far reduced, to the point of negligible, so all in all it is most definitely the superior version.
                      The ones that a few specific trolls try to dismiss and damage control how much better it is than the other versions, when we ALL know they’d praise it to the ends of the earth if it were on any other system than the Wii U.XD

                      1. IKR ? the game averages like a 55FPS :/ AKA 60FPS….

                        It’s smooth as butter on my wiiu. Great game I bought it on UK release yesterday. It’s really really cheesey , but I like that! It’s just mindless hack and slash , just what you need with cold beer :)

                  2. I am not supporting the trolls, but Nintedward, you are overestimating the Wii U’s capabilities. Firstly, I don’t think the Miracast transmission actually uses much power. And Wii U does not really “annihilate” the PS3 and the Xbox 360 lol. But whatever, Nintendo has been the king of First party exclusives and party games. I view every third party release as a ‘bonus’ and nothing more.

                1. @Robson Jr. Oh Please. The Wii U launch games look just as good as the current 360 and PS3. Remember how the 360 Launch games and PS3 launch games looked like? They looked terrible compared to the stuff we have now. Now just imagine what will happen when Developers get used to the hardware for the Wii U. Games will look so much better.
                  I recommend you watch this video here.

                2. The reason why it has trouble running current gen games is because of the different architecture, it’s not always because of weak hardware. The PS3 had trouble running multiplats early this gen, and still does. Does that make it weaker than the 360? No. The Wii U is in the same boat, it’s a new type of alien. In the Wii Us case, the reason why current gen games don’t run as well most of the time is due to the Wii Us slower clocked CPU, and reliance on GPGPU technology for processing. Developers need to understand the architecture before making solid games on it, because though the CPU is clocked slow, the GPGPU technology inside it, long story short, is supposed to take strain off the CPU. In other words, it doesn’t need an extremely beefy CPU, because the GPU can do some of those tasks for it. However, since current gen games are very CPU reliant, the GPU was not being utilized properly, and therefore causes issues. The same thing happened with Skyrim on PS3, only it was because of the cell processor. Skyrim was not utilizing the cell properly, and look at how unplayable that game is on PS3. It’s a mess. This is common with new consoles though, it merely requires time to study the hardware to fully understand it.

                  1. only in case of the ps3 time only helped, but it never really managed to compensate for the cell architecture

                    luckily the wii us architecture isn’t quite as exotic and it shouldn’t take too long for developers to get used to it

            1. The word “butthurt” should only be used by homosexuals. Because it sounds SO gay. Every time I hear someone saying it, I think they’re gay.

        1. If you think the PS2 has better graphics, then you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. Even the GameCube is more powerful than PS2, just look at the specs. As far as graphics go: Wii U>Wii>GameCube>PS2>Nintendo 64>PS1

        2. That’s not true. Games gonna be great in a close future. Graphics are amazing but not the most important in this plataform. AND PS2 can do it in the same way, not even PS3.

            1. Do some more research and see that they’ve patented technology like this in the past and so have other companies. Doesn’t mean they’re going to use it; Especially when executives have expressed their disapproval of using such tech in their products.

      1. nintendo haters, why do u even waste your time to come here and post hatefull comments. seriously sad as fuck… get a life.. anyways been playing blops 2 .. current call of duty engine has been developed over what 6 years now? i can say that zombie u looks better in places graphically and thats a newly developed game rushed out for release.. i think we might see wii u’s full potential at e3 :)

    1. I posted this like a week ago lol. Oh well , When writing news about Awesometendo , I guess you’e always busy xD .

      Nano assault looks incredible. God knows how they crammed so much graphics into a 50MB eshop game. I dunno if the game runs in 1080p or 720p with full anti aliasing , but there is basically no jaggies what so ever. The bump mapping and what appears to be tessellation is incredible and the surfaces of the levels look real.

      Try running this game on last gen consoles haters and skeptics. You’re xbox 360 will cave in on its self.

        1. Oy, American. Try varying your posts a little bit, okay? You’re starting to get on people’s nerves.
          I’m going out of my way to ask nicely, so have the courtesy, if you please.

        1. I agree with you on that. Some of the people on this site are sensible…But Nintedward. he’s just a raging Nintendork.

          1. Eat dog shit Robson JR. You’re a Nintendo hate on a Nintendo site , Go figure. Only piss ants waste their time on a ite that they don’t even like.

            You and Bill are wierdo’s.

            1. By the way, I don’t hate Nintendo. I used to like Nintendo a lot, but with Wii and now Wii U, they have been cheap, casual, and gimmicky. I going to give the Wii U a second to chance to prove itself worthy of being owned by a hardcore like me..But if it lets me down this time I’ll hate Nintendo for eternity.

              1. Ok,but saying “used to like” suggests that you don’t like them anymore,which implies that you hate them or are neutral(more likely hate than neutral).

            1. Settle down ? Why don’t you fuck off and stop trying to force your horrible opinion down everybody’s fucking throat.
              Give it a rest.

              AT LEAST have genuine constructive criticism , coming on here and saying lies and abrupt points of view just make you look like a Spastic.

              1. And telling someone to cut their self because you have a disagreement over video games makes you look psychotic.

      1. Umm…. The game really doesn’t look that great man. The 360 could easily run that game at a solid 60 FPS. You underestimate what the 360 can do. Just look at Halo 4.

        1. Ummm… The 360 would have to scale this game down to run it. 100% .

          I know Halo 4 looks incredible , But still I don’t think PS3 or 360’s GPU could put out some of effects I’m seeing in Nano assault.

          1. They already have dude. I agree, the game looks fantastic, but not THAT fantastic. I have seen much heavier visuals in Crysis 2 for the 360. Current systems have been running games with visuals of this caliber since 2010. They wouldnt need to scale it down at all.

            1. I’m not comparing it to crysis or Halo. It’s a 50MB eshop game. Still YOU COULD NOT take this game and just make it run on 360. Like I said there is evident effects in Nano assault that are unseen on 360 or PS3 , as stated by Shin’en themselves.

              It’s an amazing looking E-shop game.

                1. Lol and you do? The game runs on1080p native 60 frames wen crisys 2 runs in way less than 720pand barely touching 30 frames.

                2. Neither do you hah… actually i know C/C++ language (still learning, i mean, you will never stop). For eShop game its cool, really just comparing this game to a big budget Crysis game is retarded. You do realize why most PS3/60 games are running at sub HD or native HD and 30 FPS? BECAUSE THEY CAN PUT MUCH MORE EFFORT IN DETAILS INSTEAD. You really think they will spend a lot effort in porting the game for Wii U? haha you are just BLIND! You dont know anything about business in games development world, MONEY AND TIME IS ALWAYS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.

                  look at Darksiders 2 for PC, look at DarkSouls for PC etc and i can name many games aka BAD PORTS FOR PC, PS3 AND NOW, WII U.

                3. I was quoting what Shin’en have said themselves nit whit.

                  ”The wiius GPU is from a newer generation than the ps3’s and 360’s. It can do things they simply cannot”

                4. shin’en already stated that with the wii us GPU things were possible that wouldn’t have worked on other consoles so yeah it’s not just conjecture

                  1. That’s nice. So tell me more about their development track record on either console again.

                    Oh wait, I found it!


                    All Nintendo devices too, and they’re here praising a Nintendo device again…yeah, they seem very legit and know their stuff about the competition.

                    The PR talk is strong in that statement.

                    1. yeah right.. developing for another console doesn’t hinder part of the development team of having come into contact with an xbox 360 devkit in the past but of course you know the xbox360 development environment better than they do, how could i forget that ;)
                      how’s your newest game creation coming along btw?

                      1. “having come into contact with an xbox 360 devkit In the past”

                        you’re doing a good job making their pr talk all the more stronger than ever

                        makes me wonder if they would even try to back up their talk of stuff that “wouldn’t be possible” on either console if pressured enough with questions

                        I smell a company of closet Nintendo fans wanting their e-shop game to sell, rather than developers with a proven development track record to come out and say statements like this. You can choose to believe what they say, but they’ve done nothing to truly prove otherwise in any way that actually matters.

                      2. their development track record is that they know their stuff when it comes to the technical aspects of a game
                        their heavy use of procedural generation proves that they do

                        what’s your track record again?
                        oh i remember now: truckloads of conjecture and stuff copied from neoGAF ;)

                      3. Which means absolutely nothing since they have not proven that they know either the PS3/360 hardware (let alone even create anything for the former) inside and out to make the statement they just.

                        I know what YOUR track record is though, sucking loads of Nintendo cock when the obvious PR spin remains extremely obvious. :P

                        How’s your permanent virginity treating you, by the way?

                    2. You’re a fucking failure, Meg. Your PR Talk is 100% Damage Control.. and it backfires. If you read Manfred Linzner’s comment, you should know the truth that he’s the CEO of Shin’en Multimedia.

      2. “God knows how they crammed so much graphics into a 50MB eshop game.”

        it’s not just god who knows why :)
        the secret is called procedural generation

        part of the games assets are not actually present in the gamecode but are rather generated with algorithms upon launch of the game (procedural generation is something GPGPU would be very effective at however i don’t know if they’ve made heavy use of it)
        the generated assests are then placed into system memory like normal assets would be and will remain there until no longer needed

        naturally code is much smaller in size than say, an image file

        procedural generation in itself is not that uncommon in video games but usually the content is “pre generated” using algorithms (such as the gameworld of oblivion) and placed on the disk as a complete asset so nothing has to be assembled and committed to RAM when the game launches.. the saving of space in this instance is 0 of course but it takes a lot less work than hand crafting a gameworld

        unfortunately this implementation is rather uncommon with games … if consoles had a lot more ram (like .. a LOT) it would be no issue to release any future game with large amounts of procedural generation

        i can recommend checking out kkrieger
        it’s free to download and shows just what can be done with procedural generation (it’s a hobby project however so don’t expect AAA graphics or sound)

          1. Have you see the YouTube video about the planet from space has it zooms in it looks amazing and shows the power of the gpgpu?.

            1. chances are i have
              but there’s plenty of procedural generation demos out there.. while it’s hardly being used in the gaming industry it’s very common in the demo scene (just take a look at some 64k demo intros and you’ll be amazed by how much experienced coders can cram into 64kbytes)

              i still find kkrieger to be the most impressive however even though it’s now a couple years old because it’s actually a playable game
              when you let your PC generate all the assets and put them into ram the game is about 300MB in size.. however the file you download which contains nothing but code (even the audio files are procedurally generated afaik) is merely 100KB in size

    2. it wouldn’t be anything else the most effective and efficient consoles ever made are gamecube wii and wiiU all high efficiency high effective performance with blindingly fast latency (ram speed) high bandwidth low latency and a huge memory and a fast disc drive MAKES FOR A GREAT CONSOLE just imagine in a few years wiiu maxed out on the tv set and nintendo opening up more ram for devs also its only going to get better and better

      the same developers have already confirmed its low latency and optimized pre-fetch and catch memorys and high bandwidth

      ram alone wiiu has 32mb edram and 1gb ram and a disc system 2.5 x faster than ps3s

      vs ps3s 462mb roughly total ram for games ITS NEXT GEN END OF ARGUMENT

      1. The memory bandwidth speed is not “blindingly fast”. It’s slower than even that of the XBOX 360’s.

        The only advantage is the memory size, which is more than twice that of the XBOX 360’s. However, the 360 has a ridiculous amount of EDRAM as well, where as PS3 has none.

        It’s more appropriate to compare the Wii U to the 360; in that vein, it’s equivalent to about 1.7 XBOX 360’s in terms of overall performance power (CPU, GPU, RAM speed and size, overall efficiency, etc.).

        That’s definitely good, since the 360 is a very powerful console even still today (just look at how amazing Halo 4 looks and how smoothly it runs @ 720p natively, the first Halo game & one of the few 360 game ever to do so). However, being 1.7x of a 7 year old console is, when you put it that way, not as impressive as most gamers these days would like.

        When the next offerings from Microsoft and Sony come out in the next year or two, prices on hardware components will be cheaper and they will likely again focus more of their money on power and flexibility, and allow for tablet-like devices to integrate into it if the demand calls for it. Until then, having the raw power for not only graphics, but physics, sound, larger worlds, better AI, etc. will definitely separate them from Nintendo once again, and Nintendo will likely find themselves in a position of having to supply the majority of the console’s games themselves with first-party titles, while third-parties opt for the more powerful consoles for larger, more detailed games.

        This is fine for most “I only play Nintendo console” fanboys, because they pretty much only buy Nintendo consoles for Mario, Zelda, and Metroid and the like, but for omni-gamers like myself who love GAMES in general and don’t stick solely to one console out of some weird, silly loyalty that doesn’t mean anything… it means I will likely be skipping on a Wii U until it goes way down in price and is near the end of it’s life cycle.

        1. said a bunch of liasrs hell bent on stopping all of 2 wiius selling because of a anti nintendo article PRICE FUKING PLUMB THE WII AND GAMECUBE HAD LOW LATENCY RAM 1T SRAM DUFFUS







        2. I agree that the CPU and memory bandwidth are low, but Wii U can still pump out amazing visuals that put the 360 and PS3 to shame, thanks to the GPGPU functionality. The graphics processor in the Wii U is very beefy by console standards, and its architecture will be what developers are looking for, because next gen, games will be much more based on the GPU processing, whereas now games are much more CPU reliant. Also, though people compare the Wii Us 1.4 GHZ to the 360s 3.2 GHZ, people fail to remember that the 360 only runs at 1.6 GHZ when it multithreads.

          1. And the Wiiu has a Dedicated Sound chip , which takes a TON of strain off the CPU , and allows it to be sent to the Gamepad Speakers and TV speakers with different sounds on each.

                  1. He’s a troll, the fact that you reply back to him at all means you are feeding him what he wants. Attention. If people don’t give him the attention he seeks, he wil do one of two things. He will either leave and never come back, or he will start to show how much of a, as you put it “stupid cunt” he really is himself when he rages from lack of attention. At that point, anyone who is smart will realize he’s not worth the time of day, and he will eventually make himself look stupid. This is how you fight trolls.

          1. Pot calling the kettle black. You’re here in the majority of the threads and he isn’t. He probably has more of a life than you, pussy.

        3. That’s right…lets say Sony/Microsoft make a console identical to the Wii U in power. They don’t have to worry about a gamepad (unless the rip-off ninty again) so logical more power (to do graphics; processing, etc) will be put on the tv graphics and not have to be burneded with w/streaming to the gamepad etc

          Makes we wonder if the wii u will ever have Gamepad-less games? to fully utulize the power of the console to tv graphics. maybe SSB4? you don’t really need the screen for ssb, maybe menu or stuff.
          just thoughts

    3. Shin’en Games have done an outstanding job in making Nano Assault Neo for the Wii U. Although the memory size is less than 1GB, the HD graphics and incredible play control pack a MEGATON… especially playing it on the GamePad as well as 2-player asymmetric co-op. They need to make a sequel for Neo.

      1. Aeolus seems to me more like he is trolling than anything. The fact that he claims he is being paid to say the things he says pretty much screams that fact. I say ignore him. If you ignore a bee, it will eventually go away.

    4. What has this loser ever done for bis opinion to be posted on a shitty Nintendo fanboy site? What a pathetic attempt of praise towards a shitty system.

    5. Someone tell Ubisoft about the “load times are almost completely gone” part. They seem to have missed that memo when creating ZombiU; the load times are worse than almost any other game I’ve played, even in the original PlayStation.

      Aside from that, I’m certain Nintendo had a hand in making sure this “praise” got the attention they wanted it to. It’s just good business.

        1. I think it will man. It is going to take a little while though, because there has been bad blood between Nintendo and 3rd party devs for years due to Nintendos “Our way or the highway” attitude back in the 90’s, but Nintendo is showing that they are more open now, and I think that might help get rid of the bad blood. It’s definitely showing too, so many companies who didn’t like developing on Nintendo before are showing praise for them now, and the Wii U is getting some games that Nintendo would never allow on their consoles back in the 90’s.

        2. I’ll be lying if I said that I’m not worried about third party support. More and more we are hearing about different developers already developing for the next gen consoles.

          1. Third party support on Nintendo platforms have always been bad post-SNES. The most you get is the usual cash-in games that bank on a casual audience, rather than the meaningful releases that people actually care about.

            I don’t see any reason why the Wii U will be different.

              1. Are you seriously surprised? That’s die hard fanboys for you. The game is decent and a bit repetitive, I just see it as a semi fun eye candy.

          1. Looks like fun to me, plus I’m hearing some gaming journalists say it’s pretty good, though reviews are still mixed.

    6. Remember when people used to….oh what’s it called….play games? Is that what it is?

      These days it’s just some poxy fake “war” between, “who has the better tech”.
      Who cares? You spent money on something, who gives a fuck? Nobody, or nobody that isn’t a moron.

      So i guess if i buy a Subway, everyone who eats at a Burger King, or any other food place has to take arms and do battle as to why their food is better.
      You know what i have to look forward to this year?
      All the games coming to WiiU, 3DS, PS3, and any next gen system, Steam Box whatever that gets released this year.

      Oh man, i must be fucking dumb, not taking sides with the morons waging fan wars, and instead, enjoying all the games that deserve the attention, how stupid of me -__-

      It’s fucking embarrassing, bunch of dumbasses squabbling over bullshit.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. Honestly, I would much rather just express my excitement for upcoming games than argue with people. Now if someone tells me they don’t like a game I like, I do get interested to know why, but not for the sake of arguing, just for the sake of expressing an opinion, which I love to do as well. The problem is there is no way to have a community like this publicly because of trolls, fanboys, and so forth. It’s sad, but it’s very hard to find anyone to have an intelligent conversation with about gaming.

        1. You know what I don’t like? Is the fact that the new KOTOR is an MMO. They were doing fine as a single player rpg.

      2. You’re 100% right. I get quite defensive when Snot nosed kids start saying their xbocs is more powerfull than wiiu though , it pissed me off , especially when the wiiu is potentialy 2-3 times as powerfull overall when maxed out…

    7. anyone beleieves anandtechs bandwidth figures is suffering from anti nintendoitus blatent made up numbers and clockspeeds no fsb speed no explenation of how wiiu works a TOTAL LOAD OF BOLLOX ABOUT WIIS GDDR 3 RUNNING AT 1.4GHZ THATS TOTALLY MADE UP AND ITS BANDWIDTH FIGURES ARE TOTALLY WRONG TO SO THEY MADE UP WIIS GDDR3 FIGURE AND WIIUS DDR3 FIGURE ALSO PATHETIC FOOLS




    8. Wii u is a brilliant console,just hate the slow OS,but the console has great potential.

      clearly a 8th gen leader.

    9. any developer who puts effort creating a game for the wiiu has nothing but praises for it, which makes sense. it’s next gen motherfuckers!

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