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Pachter Claims ‘Everything Nintendo Decides To Do Is Years Too Late’


Famed Wedbush Morgan industry analyst Michael Pachter believes that Nintendo are a few years late in everything they decide to do. Speaking during his Pach Attack show Pachter said that the Wii U was released three years too late, and is simply an HD version of the original Wii console. He then went on to say that the eShop is seven or eight years too late, and online multiplayer for Nintendo is seven or eight years too late. Here’s what he had to say.

“I just think Nintendo’s a few years late. So, the Wii U is the Wii HD, it’s coming three years too late. The Wii Mini was a great idea back in 2008/2009, they probably should have brought it out then – they’re way too late.”

“Poor Nintendo, I think they try way too hard to get things right and it takes a long time. “The eShop is seven or eight years too late, online multiplayer for Nintendo is seven or eight years too late.”

“Nintendo has got great ideas, it’s just that they’re great ideas from the last decade. The Wii Mini is one of them.”

243 thoughts on “Pachter Claims ‘Everything Nintendo Decides To Do Is Years Too Late’”

    1. The Wii Mini could have been awesome, even releasing now.

      If was actually mini!!! Instead of being just a couple of centimeters smaller. If it was more like the slim PS2, it would’ve been great, and I’d probably have bought one, for a collectors item if nothing else.

      But as it is, the Wii Mini is a bit pointless.

      Patcher is wrong about everything else though.

        1. The games would probs be, super patcher troll, the legend of trolling, patchemon and patroid other T, since u how everything happens to revolve around him…

      1. I don’t think he is capable of doing actual work. I get why it’s called pach attack. Cause all he does is complain about video games, like a little girl with a skin knee.

    2. This comment page contains: Serious discussion without trolls lurking and trolling! I love how Neutron even tried but got his ass handled :P

    1. The guy says controvertial lies to get hits. He can’t be serious. Whilst I do agree other cmpaines have done some cool things , Nintendo is in many ways , way ahead of the pack.

      They’re far from perfect but are ahead on certain things and behind on others.

      They still have the worlds greatest video game developer and the best IP’s in the industry.
      DS brought touch screen gaming , Wii brought motion . Were they too late ?
      Wiiu brings Asymetric dual screen gaming on a Home console , is that too late ? Nope they’re all unique innovations.

          1. If Nintendo decides to kill him tomorrow then I would have to agres that Nintendo decides to to things way to late… They should have killed him years ago… Otherwise: Never agree with Pachter.

                1. Poor little drones have to damage control the truth. He is pretty much right they are too late, not so late but still too late, the Wii U is not an HD version of the Wii. The Wii was a gimmick the Wii U on the other hand is just a big piece of shit. It’s a Nintendo version of the 360 plus the traditional Nintendo shitdesign and shitcontroller

    1. Just stop being a idiot

      About wii mini and nothing else. Do people think using fanboys as way of saying if anyone disagrees they are one is rational? Were did you go to school at in Cuba?

      1. IKR. It’s like when one side of a scientific discovery, like global warming, says, “Any responsible scientist would agree…”. It’s how everyone tries to discredit others nowadays. I am not a “fanboy”. I am a Sony fan since the 70s and I agree that the mini came too late, considering they released the WiiU (which is awesome btw) and discontinued all Wii manufacturing. As far as “everything they do is way too late”, I can’t agree. They had successful handhelds first, the NES was way ahead of everything else out there at the time, dual screens, motion gaming, 3D handheld gaming, now the touch screen in a console. I’m sure that if we go through technology with a fine toothed comb, we will find things they were late, or missed the boat on, like HD graphics, but, overall, they have been on the cutting edge of, or ahead of the game on, tech every step of the way. I am a Sony fan first, but Nintendo has always been a close second for me. I have all of their stuff, too and am always excited for what innovation they come out with next.

        1. I was going to leave my thoughts on this story, but you pretty much summed up everything I would’ve said. lol

          I think Pachter just doesn’t give Nintendo enough credit simply because Nintendo doesn’t follow the norm. He fails to realize that Nintendo is not the type of company to follow a trend, they never were that type of company, except when they countered the Genesis in the bit wars. Nintendo is the type of company that does what they think is best, not what everyone else thinks is best, and I think that’s what keeps Nintendo such a refreshing turn from the constant “HD graphics, online matchmaking, online horde mode, DLC”, so on and so forth. Nintendo keeps themselves seperate from the competition in order to stand out from the rest, and you have to give them credit for that. It takes a lot of balls to say “We are not following the current trend, we are going to do what we think is best.”

          Though it’s true Nintendo caved in on making sure the Wii U was a 1080p system with an online system equivalent to PSN or Xbox LIVE, it’s was simply because these are things that are standard, just like how the rumble feature in a controller is a standard, and how the disc format is standard, whereas when the Wii was released, HD and online were not really standard, it was still a trend. Now, however, you can’t imagine a new system without HD and online, so Nintendo had to do it, but Nintendo admitted that this was not even close to being enough for them to create a new console, they wanted more than that, which, of course, is where the gamepad comes in.

          So Pachter really needs to open his eyes and remember what Nintendo is all about. They are not about following trends, they are about standing out and creating something unique.

      1. Nintendo do what they think is right, not always is it the best but mostly it is. Miiverse is one of their best ideas, and the tablet idea for the console isn’t late at all, no one else has done it. Nintendo are very experienced so you have to let them do what they want, they know when they see the best time to announce/release something.
        Super mario bros 3 was released a week before the sega megadrive in Japan, as a result of this, no one took notice of the megadrive for a while because they knew mario would sell.
        I know that this has nothing to do with patchers comments but I’m saying that you should trust nintendo, they know what they are doing. They do things their way, if not the wii would have been in HD.

        1. Yeah,i agree that the Gamepad and Miiverse is great.No matter if they’re late or not Nintendo,exclusives will be flawless.My best experience to date with the pad is Rayman’s Legend demo.And Bayonetta 2,can’t wait to see the engine in action. :)

      2. How are they too slow to update things when they put out a new console before everyone else.

        Really all that matters is sales, and U/3DS/Wii/DS sales take up 60% of holiday video game sales. With a new Pokemon in october next year it could be 75%.

    2. The only thing i agree and disagree is the wii mini. The wii mini is a very good idea but it’s not for us gamers it’s the perfect console for your kid.

    1. He is even worse when you watch him. He never answers a question properly, he walks around the question and then say how he thinks what going to happen. And it’s not only Nintendo it’s about every flipping company out there
      (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    1. Nintendo have been playing their own ball since they started their companies. The biggest rival Nintendo ever had was Sega and we all know how it went for them

  1. I agree that they were late for hd and online stuff but Nintendo technically did motion controls first and the idea of 1 vs 4 with gamepad so I They are late for other things because they’re doing there own thing.

  2. i can just imagine sickr thinking to himself: awwww yeah more idiots commenting on my comment section, while i get more publicity!

    kidding, kidding :D

  3. Actually from what the ps4 and 720 are going to be this will be a repeat if last gen. Nintendo is going to be far behind in terms of game quality.

    BUT the wii u is a big step forward, and isn’t that what is needed?

        1. if they wiiu can bring out quality games such as mgs4, skyrim, uncharted or gta5 than i really dont need an upgrade and i am perfectly happy

    1. There are so many things they did first. But lets ignore that and focus on the 2 things they were a bit late with. HD and online. Lets ignore absolutely everything else they’ve done!

    1. No you can not… You need to troll for it like this guy. I know this might appear as common sence but it is not. Nintendo could not make a HD console 3 years ago as that would be way too early, just look at SEGA. If Nintendo followed this guys advices they would truly be doomed.

      The only thing he says that I agree on is the Mini Wii part. But yeah… I think we have to look long to find someone who do not agree with that.

  4. he is sooo stupid, this isn’t a analist, he is always bashing nintendo. i am a fan of everything, but withhout nintendo game console wasn’t born, so please patcher wake up. the one who is to late is you patcher!!!!

      1. well nintendo was the first who bring games that are fucking fun fun, i don’t mean that there were no console’s, i have play on commodor 64, amiga. But i remember nintendo was the first one who bring games to another level!!!!!

        1. “well nintendo was the first who bring games that are fucking fun fun,”

          That’s opinionated. Some people may not have enjoyed them at all.

      2. Nintendo did not make consoles , but they made them popular, they are the ones who stopped the gaming crash , and without Nintendo , Sony would have never entered gaming , look it up , and yes I am twelve

  5. Japan is late period. Their fashion is still stuck in the 80’s. This guy’s article is a few years late itself. Honestly though, the 3DS is a great piece of machinery. Everything is late once you think about it. Once you buy a new computer a newer one comes out. Nintendo has a nostalgic feel from day one. This guy just needs to stop. Just stop. How dare he.

          1. My point is that if you don’t give normal response like now, more than once. Why don’t you just leave this site? i probably hate fanboys more than anyone in here but that doesn’t give me a reason to tell them to burn, suck a dick or whatever and is there anything i hate more than fanboys is haters. The hell do i even need to say why i feel like 800 but I’m only 20 you can probably figure this out yourself.

  6. I do understand what Pachter says, but I do not agree with him. Indeed, it is late to go into HD, but as they can not release consoles too often like a certain company did back in the days they had to wait until now to do it. I do not personally see any reason to go beyond HD now really as it is not supported by pretty much anything today, atleast not something the average person have or can afford..

  7. “I just think Nintendo’s a few years late. So, the Wii U is the Wii HD” huh and what are the ps3 and 360 if not xbox-hd and ps2-hd? at least wii u has new features

    1. People like to pick on the geeky kid which is Nintendo. While Sony and Microsoft have developed their Social skills and looks Nintendo has focused on their unique abilities and special knowledge.

      Guess who will end up with the biggest check.

    2. i posted this a little above but too hell with it. KeimaCorp: the guy doesn’t know that there doesn’t exist a list on how a console should be or what is should have

  8. how is the wii u late to HD, as of right now besides a PC its the ONLY HD console, ps360 was the biggest waste of money, i should sue for false advertisement, if its not HD you cant say it is, i want my money back, hell my flashlight has more hours played then my ps360

    1. I like what you want to get said, however I dislike the way you say it.

      The Wii U is indeed a true next gen console, but there’s no need to bitch about it.

        1. Not always , If you include EVERY SINGLE GAME in the 360 library it pans out like this.

          about 80% of games are below native 720p that includes every crappy , low budget game ever released on 360.

          About 15% of Xbox 360 games are rendered at Native 720p these tend to be more popular games or Triple A titles.

          And about 5% or less (mainly crap indie games) are native 1080p .

          Wiiu DOES have CoD which is SUB HD apparently on wiiu at 880×720 like the 360 version , whilst ps3 version is 800×720.

          But other than that it’s about 70% Native 720p 15% Native 1080p and about less than 5% Sub HD for every wiiu game launched.

          Obviously though Resoloution does not equal Graphical fidelity.

          1. “80% of games are below native 720p that includes every crappy , low budget game ever released on 360.”

            About 15% of Xbox 360 games are rendered at Native 720p these tend to be more popular games or Triple A titles.”

            That is a straight up fucking lie. Source. Now.

            …Or better yet, how about I just embarrass you instead?

            50 Cent = 1280×720 (no AA)

            Afro Samurai = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Alan Wake = 960×544 (4xAA)
            Alice: Madness Returns = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Aliens Vs Predator = 1120×630 (custom AA)
            Alone in the Dark = 1040×600 (2xAA)
            Arcania: Gothic 4 =
            Army of Two = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Assassin’s Creed = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Assassin’s Creed 2 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Assassin’s Creed 2: Bromance = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Assassin’s Creed 2: Revelations = 1280×720 (post-AA)
            Assassin’s Creed 3 = 1280×720 (post-AA)
            Assassin’s Creed 3: Don’t Stop Dancing
            Assassin’s Creed 3: Higher
            Assassin’s Creed 3: My Sacrifice
            Assassin’s Creed 3: One Last Breath
            Assassin’s Creed 3: With Arms Wide Open
            Avatar = 1280×696 (2xAA, black borders)
            Azura’s Wrath = 1280×720 (no AA)

            Backbreaker = 1152×640 (2xAA + blur filter)
            Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Batman: Arkham Asylum = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Batman: Arkham City = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Battle Fantasia = 1280×720 (no AA, toggable blur filter)
            Battlefield 3 = 1280×704 (FXAA) black bars
            Battlefield: Bad Company = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Battlefield: Bad Company 2 = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Bayonetta = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Beijing 2008 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Beowulf = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Bionic Commando = 1120×640 (no AA)
            Bioshock = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Bioshock 2 = 1280×720 (edge blur filter)
            Bioshock Infinite =
            Binary Domain =
            Blacksite: Area 51 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger = 1280×720 (2xAA background, no AA characters )
            Blue Dragon = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Blur = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Bodycount = 1024×720 (FXAA)
            Borderlands = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Borderlands 2 = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Brink = 1120×720 (FXAA, dynamic res)
            Brutal Legend = 1200×720 (no AA)
            Bulletstorm = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Burnout: Paradise = 1280×720 (2xAA)

            Call of Duty 3 = 1040×624 (2xAA)
            Call of Duty: Black Ops = 1040×608 (2xAA)
            Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 = 880×720 (2xAA)
            Call of Duty: Modern Warfare = 1024×600 (2xAA)
            Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 = 1024×600 (2xAA)
            Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 = 1024×600 (2xAA)
            Call of Duty: World at War = 1024×600 (2x AA)
            Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood = 1280×672 (4×2 custom edge AA + black borders)
            Call of Juarez: The Cartel = 1200×720 (custom edge AA)
            Castlevania: Lord of Shadow = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Catherine = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Cars Mater-National = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Club, The = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 = 1280×720 (no AA, blur filter)
            Conan = 1024×576 (no AA)
            Condemned 2 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Conflict: Denied Ops = 1280x720p (2xAA)
            Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Crackdown = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Crash Time = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Crysis = 1152×720 (TAA + edge post-process)
            Crysis 2 = 1152×720 (TAA + edge post-process)

            Dante’s Inferno = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Darkness, The = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Darkness II, The = 1152×600 (FXAA)
            Dark Sector = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Darksiders = 1152×640 (no AA)
            Darksiders II = 1152×640 (post-AA)
            Dark Souls = 1024×720 (2xAA)
            Dead Island = 1200×720 (custom edge filter)
            Dead or Alive 4 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Dead or Alive 5 = dynamic up to 1280×720 (no AA in-game)
            Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Dead Rising = 1280×720 ( up to 4xAA depending on frame rate)
            Dead Rising 2 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Dead Space = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Dead Space 2 = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Dead to Rights: Retribution = 1088×612 (2xAA) ?
            de Blob 2 = 1152×640 (2xAA)
            Deus Ex: Human Revolution = 1280×720 (FXAA)
            Devil May Cry 4 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Devil May Cry (DmC) = 1280×720 (post-AA -> FXAA?)
            Dirt = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Dirt 2 = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Dishonoured = 1280×720 (post-AA)
            Don King Prizefighter = 1024×630 (2xAA)
            Dragon Age: Origins = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Dragon Age II = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Dragon Ball: Raging Blast = 1280×720 (1×1 edge blur)
            Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 = 1280×720 (1×1 blur)
            Dragon’s Dogma = 1280×608 (black bars, FXAA)
            Driver: San Fransisco = ~1120×720 (FXAA?)
            Duke Nukem Forever = 1152×640 (no AA)
            Dynasty Warriors 6 = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Dynasty Warriors 7 = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Dynasty Warriors: Strike Force = 1280×720 (no AA)

            EDF: Insect Armageddon = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            El Shaddai = 1120×576 (2xAA)
            Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion = 1024×600 (2xAA) – Same for GOTY Edition!
            Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim = 1280×720 (likely FXAA, less aggressive edge detection than PS3 iteration)
            End of Eternity/Resonance of Fate = 1088×720 (2xAA)
            End War = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Enslaved = 1280×720 (no AA)

            F.E.A.R. = 1280×720 (2xAA) + slight blur?
            F.E.A.R. 2 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            F.E.A.R. 3 = 1280×720
            F1 2010 = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            F1 2011 = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Fable II = 1120×720 (blur filter, 2xAA)
            Fable III =
            FaceBreaker = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Fallout 3 = 1280×720 (4xAA, certain edges)
            Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Far Cry 2 = 1280×696 (2xAA, black borders)
            Far Cry 3 = 1280×704 (post-AA, black border on bottom)
            Fifa 2006 = 1024×576 (2xAA)
            Fifa 2007 = 1200×675 (no AA)
            Fifa 2008 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Fifa 2010 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Fifa 2011 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Fifa Street 3 = 1920×1080 (4xAA)
            Fight Night Champion Online =
            Fight Night Round 4 = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Final Fantasy XIII = 1024×576 (2xAA)
            Fracture = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Forza Horizon = 1280×720 (4xAA + FXAA)
            Forza Motorsport 2 = 1280×720 (2xAA in-game, 4xAA replay & vehicle select)
            Forza Motorsport 3 = 1280×720 (2xAA in-game, 4xAA replay & vehicle select)
            Forza Motorsport 4 = 1280×720 (4xAA in time trial, 2xAA otherwise, 4x in car viewing etc.)

            Gears of War = 1280×720 (HD), 960×720 (SD) (2xAA on static objects?)
            Gears of War 2 = 1280×720 (2xAA, certain edges unaffected)
            Gears of War 3 = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Ghostbusters = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Ghost Recon: Future Soldier = 1024×600 (FXAA)
            G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Godfather II = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Golden Axe: Beast Rider = 1280×720 (no AA, blur filter)
            Golden Compass = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Grand Theft Auto IV = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Guitar Hero 3 = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Guitar Hero Aerosmith = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Guitar Hero World Tour = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Guitar Hero 5 = 1280×720 (no AA)

            Halo: Anniversary = 1152×720 (FXAA remake, no AA classic)
            Halo 3 = 1152×640 (no AA)
            Halo 3: ODST = 1152×640 (no AA)
            Halo 4 = 1280×720 (post-AA)
            Halo: Reach = 1152×720 (2xAA temporal)
            Halo Wars = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Hitman: Absolution = 1280×720 (FXAA)
            HAWX = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            HAWX2 = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Homefront = 1024×576 (no AA)

            IL2 Sturmovik = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Incredible Hulk = 1280×720 (full screen blur)

            James Bond 007: Blood Stone = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights = 1280×720 (2xAA)

            Kingdoms of Amalur = 1280×720 (FXAA)
            Kung Fu Panda = 1280×720 (no AA)

            Left 4 Dead = 1280×720 (no AA, edge blur)
            Left 4 Dead 2 = 1280×720 (no AA, edge blur)
            Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, The = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Legendary = 1280×720 (no AA)
            LEGO: Batman = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            LEGO: Harry Potter 1-4 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            LEGO: Indiana Jones = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            LEGO: Star Wars III = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Lord of the Rings: Conquest = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Lost Planet = 1280×720 (up to 4xAA dependent on framerate)
            Lost Planet 2 = 1280×720 (2xAA)

            Madden NFL ’09 = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Mafia 2 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Marvel: Ultimate Alliance = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 = 1024×576 (2xAA)
            Marvel Vs Capcom 3 = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Mass Effect = 1280×720 (2xAA, transparencies and effects not AA’d)
            Mass Effect 2 = 1280×720 (2xAA, transparencies and effects not AA’d)
            Mass Effect 3 = 1280×720 (FXAA)
            Mercenaries 2: World in Flames = 1280×720 (no MSAA, but depth/Z-based edge blur?)
            Medal of Honor = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Medal of Honor: Warfighter = 1280×704 (FXAA)
            Metro 2033 = 1280×720 (AAA)
            Midnight Club: Los Angeles = 1280×720 (2xAA?)
            Mirror’s Edge = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Mortal Kombat vs DC = 1040×624 (2xAA)
            Mortal Kombat 9 = 1280×720 (edge blur filter)
            MotoGP 2006 (screenshot) = 1280×1024 (framebuffer grab from AVS Forum member)
            MotoGP ’09/’10 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            MotoGP ’10/’11 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            MX vs ATV: Alive = 1280×720 (no AA)
            MX vs ATV: Reflex = 1280×720 (no AA)
            MX vs ATV: Untamed = 1280×720 (no AA)

            Nail’d = 1280×672 (4×2 custom edge AA + black borders)
            Naruto Ninja Storm 2 = 1280×640 (no AA)
            NBA Live ’08 = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            NBA Street Home court (demo) = 1920×1080 (4xAA)
            NCAA Football 08 (demo) = 1024×600 (2xAA)
            Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit = 1280×720 (2xAA on cars, no AA on environment)
            Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012) = 1280×704 (post-AA)
            Need For Speed: Pro Street = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Need For Speed: Shift = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Need For Speed: Shift 2 = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Need For Speed: The Run = 1280×704 (FXAA) black bars
            Need For Speed: Undercover = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            NFL Tour = 1280×720 (4xAA, 60fps)
            NHL ’09 = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Ninja Bladen = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Ninja Gaiden 2 = 1120×585 (2xAA)
            Ninja Gaiden 3 = dynamic up to 1280×720 (dynamic FXAA)

            Operation Flashpoint 2 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Orange Box, The = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Overlord = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Overlord II = 1280×612 (custom edge blur, black borders)

            Perfect Dark Zero = 1152×640 (no AA)
            Phantasy Star: Universe = 1152×648 (no AA)
            Portal 2 = 1280×720 (edge blur)
            Prince of Persia = 1280×720
            Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (demo) = 1024×576 (2xAA)
            Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Project Gotham Racing 3 = 1024×600 (2xAA)
            Project Gotham Racing 4 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Prototype = 1120×640 (2xAA)

            Quake 4 = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Quake Wars: Enemy Territory = 1280×720 (2xAA + blur)

            Race Driver: GRID = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Race Pro = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Rage = 640×720 up to 1280×720 (no AA)
            Rainbow Six Vegas 2 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Red Dead Redemption = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Red Faction: Armageddon = 960×540 (2xAA)
            Red Faction: Guerrilla = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Resident Evil 5 = 1280×720 (dynamic 0-4xAA)
            Resident Evil 6 = 1280×720 (Post-AA)
            Ridge Racer 6 (demo) = 1440×810 (no AA)
            Rise of the Argonauts = 1280×720 (2xAA, however post processing is likely interfering with the AA resolve in certain cases )
            Risen 2: Dark Waters = 1120×640 (no AA)
            Rock Band = 1280×720 (2xAA, post-fx or lighting usually resulting in “no AA”)
            Rock Band 2 = 1280×720 (2xAA, post-fx or lighting usually resulting in “no AA”)
            Rock Band: The Beatles = 1280×720 (2xAA, post-fx or lighting usually resulting in “no AA”)
            Rock Band: Green Day = 1280×720 (2xAA, post-fx or lighting usually resulting in “no AA”)

            Saboteur = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Sacred 2: Fallen Angel = 1920×1080 for any HD output (including PC res), 1280×960 for 4:3 output, 1376×768 for 480p widescreen (no AA)
            Saint’s Row 2 = 640p (2xAA)
            Saint’s Row 3 = 1280×720 (800×450 lighting)
            SCORE International Baja 1000 = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            SEGA: All Stars Racing = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            SEGA: Rally Revo = 1280×720 (4xAA, alpha to coverage)
            SEGA: Superstars Tennis = 1280×720 (2xAA, 30fps)
            Shadowrun = 1280×720 (2xAA) – Gamefest ’07
            Shadows of the Damned = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Silent Hill: Homecoming = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Simpsons, The = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Singularity = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Skate = 1280×720 (2xAA ? )
            Skate 3 = possibly 1152×640 or less (2xAA, super blur filter makes it difficult to determine exact res)
            Sleeping Dogs = 1200×720 (FXAA)
            Soldier of Fortune: Payback = 1280×720 (4xAA ?)
            Soul Calibur IV = 1365×960 (no AA, software scaled to 720p)
            Soul Calibur V = 1280×720 (FXAA?)
            Sonic Unleashed = 880×720 (2xAA)
            Spec Ops: The Line = ~1200×680 (light FXAA?)
            Spiderman: Web of Shadows = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Splinter Cell: Conviction = 1024X576 (2xAA)
            Splinter Cell: Double Agent = 1280×720 (full screen blur, 1-pixel horizontal & vertical)
            Split-Second = 1280×672 (2xAA)
            SSX = 1120×585 (FXAA)
            Star Ocean 4 = 1248×702 (2xAA + edge blur/DOF, in field), ~936×512 (no AA, in battle)
            Star Wars: The Force Unleashed = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Stormrise = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Street Fighter IV = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Super Stars V8: Next Challenge = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Super Street Fighter IV = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Syndicate = 1280×720 (FXAA, dynamic res)

            Tales of Vesperia = 1280×720 (2xAA + full screen blur)
            Tekken 6 = 1024×576 w/motion blur, 1360×768 w/o motion blur (no AA)
            Tekken Tag Tournament 2 = dynamic 720×720 to 1280×720, mostly 1024×720 with 2 characters in-game (with motion blur), max 900×720 with 3 characters, max 800×720 with 4 characters (no AA in-game, 2xAA for character LED background or no-characters-environment-only/rankings view), more often 1280×720 with 2 characters no motion blur
            Terminator: Salvation = 1152×648 (blur filter)
            Test Drive Unlimited = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Test Drive Unlimited 2 = 1280×720 (custom edge filter)
            Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’09 = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’11 = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Tomb Raider: Legend = 1024×600 (2xAA)
            Tomb Raider: Underworld = 1024×576 (2xAA) – depth buffer is 1040×576
            Tony Hawk’s Project 8 (screenshot) = 1040×585 (2xAA)
            Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground = 1280×720
            Top Spin 3 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Top Spin 4 = 1280×720 2D, 640×720 3D (both 2xAA)
            Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen = 1120×720 (blur filter)
            Transformers: War for Cybertron = 1024×600 (2xAA)
            Tron = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Turning Point: Fall of Liberty = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Turok = 1280×720 (no AA)

            UEFA Euro 2008 = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            UFC 2009: Undisputed = 1280×720 (custom edge AA with 2 colour gradations like 4xAA)
            Unreal Tournament III = 1280×720 (2xAA ala Gears…)

            Vanquish = 1024×720 (2xAA)
            Virtua Fighter 5 (demo) = 1024×1024 (4xAA)
            Virtua Tennis 2009 = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Virtua Tennis 3 = 1920×1080 (2xAA)
            Virtua Tennis 4 = 1280×720 (4xAA)

            WALL E = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Wanted = 1120×640 (no AA)
            Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine = 1200×720 (post-AA)
            Wheelman = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Witcher 2, The = 1280×672 (FXAA)
            Wolfenstein = 1280×720 (no AA)
            WWE All-Stars = 1280×720 (no AA)

            XCOM: Enemy Unknown = 1280×720 (FXAA)
            X-Men Origins: Wolverine = 1280×720 (2xAA)

            Zone of the Enders HD = 1280×720 (no AA)


            1942: Joint Strike = 1280×720 (4xAA)
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            Bionic Commando: Rearmed = 1280×720 (no AA)
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            Hard Corps: Uprising = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Hydrophobia = 960×672 (2xAA)
            Ikaruga = 540×720 (4xAA, centered on 1280×720 frame)
            Invincible Tiger = 1280×720 (4xAA, classic mode), 640×720 or 1280×360 (S3D mode), see here for more.
            Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light = 1024×576 (2xAA)
            Nexuiz = 1152×720 (no AA)
            Puddle = 1280×720 (post-AA)
            Quake Arena Arcade = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Red Faction: Battlegrounds = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Resident Evil 4 HD = 1280×720 (half-pixel offset blur?)
            Rez HD = 1280×720 (4xAA)
            Rock Band Blitz = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Serious Sam HD = 1120×630 (blur filter)
            Sine Mora = 1280×544 (4xAA, black bars), 3D: 640×544 (2xAA, black bars, full res HUD)
            Splosion Man = 1280×720 (2xAA)
            Stacking = 1200×720 (custom edge filter)
            TMNT: TiT Re-shelled = 1280×720 (no AA)
            Trials Evolution = 1152×648 (FXAA)
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            Trine 2 = dynamic 1280×720 (FXAA)
            Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown = 1280×720 (FXAA)
            Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 = 1280×720 (4xAA)

            If you ctrl+f, you’ll find that your statistics on 360 games running natively at 720p are completely incorrect, and you are a lying asshat. :)

              1. “And At least half of your list is SUB HD.”

                Please, go on and point out “half” of these “sub HD” games. let’s see if you’re actually able to count.

                hope you know what “half’ means, btw.

                1. Aelous is right on this one…. yeah, there are many sub HD games but Nintendward, just look again, there are more 720p native games (1280x 720) in this list.

    2. First off the PC is not a “console”.

      Secondly both the PS3 and 360 have had games rendering natively in 1080p.

      Lastly, the very meaning of “HD” is any resolution above standard definition (480p).

      Learn your shit first before looking like an idiot.

      1. TRUE HD is 1280x720p or above. FULL HD is 1920x1080p .

        Anything below the former is SUB HD , or at least that’s how everyone refers to it as it’s below the native resoloution of a TRUE HD television which have been out for years and years.
        540P for example is QHD not HD.

        1. HD is fucking HD, marketing buzzwords say nothing when it boils down to facts. Marketing contains shit like “true hd”, “ultra hd”, stuff like that. What’s worse is you’re using TV standards in an argument involving what is HD and what is not…dumbass.

          Virtually nobody even uses “sub-hd” besides retarded fucks (like you.) with no grasp of resolutions. that’s not even a proper term to use when discussing anything technical involving display resolution.

          QHD is quarter of full high definition (1080p). 960×540. It is goddamn HD.

          I really wonder if you know how stupid you’re looking right now.

          1. Also, 720p (180×720) is half of 1080p…so don’t bother contradicting yourself if you want to talk about “full HD” and suggest anything that isn’t 720p or 1080p isn’t HD.

            1. Lol explain how he got owned? :) Also, explain why Nintendo fans (The terrible ones) continually make references to vagina’s when insulting someone? It’s extremely immature.

                1. Nintedward did not use actual facts, he NEVER uses facts. In fact it looks like he has fallen to PR bullshit, YET AGAIN.

                  Marketing buzzwords =/= facts.

                    1. But it does take a dumbass to suggest Nintedward was using actual facts when he got tossed around in virtually every direction.

                      How convenient you show up when he disappears too. ;)

                    2. Aren’t you the guy who said Kairi lacks intelligence because she said logical points that make sense and were completely true? You have no credibility in any argument. Also I laughed when you said Nintedward uses facts too.

                    3. there isn’t a reply button under your comment so I’ll just reply under this comment. No I am not Nintendward, you need mental help if you actually thought so

                    1. OriginalUNation. You accuse anyone who doesn’t agree with you, of being a troll and make immature references to bloody vagina’s.

                1. “you got owned go by some tampons because your vagina is bleeding now”

                  You say that, and you’re accusing someone of being highly immature? Holy shit.

            2. Bill, yes the real Bill

              Fuck that. Sony is the the industry bleeding vagina (vaaheenaaa). The only thing they have is going is everything… Oh fuckballs

    3. Are you stupid or something? There may not have been.a lot of 1080p games, but there are a lot of 720p games. 720p is still HD, so therefore they were HD consoles. Nintendo is the first to have consistent 1080p graphics. Have. Fun sueing, and losing.

  9. 1. He is wrong about everything except Wii Mini which I also think is pointless.

    2. Microshit and Sorny only copies Nintendo which is embarrasing, Sega always did their own thing while bashing Nintendo, Respect.

    3. Cuba has alot better health care system than Usa and most western countries and is not only for the rich and stupid.

    1. 1. he is right and wrong about the mini

      2. if nintendo isn’t angry about it why should you. Sega the true and only rival for Nintendo so sad they lost

      3. defuck?

    2. 1. Wii mini is late

      2. Sega is the only competitor Nintendo ever had, they don’t copy each other. Respect to Sega.

      3. Canada has better health care (free) system than most of the Western Countries.

  10. I agree here about some things, there’s no denying the lateness. What he doesn’t mention is the fact that Sony and Microsoft has copied many of Nintendo’s ideas. Now there’s been rumors of Sony doing the gamepad thing. To me as long as the games don’t lag behind then I’m good. Remember, more PSPs have been bought each month over the Vita still. It’s in the pricing and the games.

  11. No im serious. Fanboys everywhere (And i know what the word means). Nintendo IS late with good Online Modes and an Online Shop. Theres is no way you can argue over that.

    1. Yes, they are. At least when you compare them to their competition and the long established networking world. I guess Nintendo had a good thing going and they just simply didn’t need those things to compete. I think now they realize that they can’t really keep going without.

    1. Even though it would be sweet I do not agree. We all remember the way SEGA went and that was partly because the hyperspeed in which they released new systems. Most people have limited wallets and I do find it hard for many kids to justify buying a new home console so soon after getting a sparkly new Wii.

  12. Man desperate for publicity says things to get publicity. The sooner people stop being outraged by his bullshit the sooner sites won’t report it and he’ll disappear.

  13. Pachter’s comments are generally way off base or typically generic statements that can be applied to other companies. It seems every analyst these days say the same obvious remarks.

    “If they are to survive, they must have enough 3rd party support as well as 1st party exclusives.”

    “If they want to stay competitive, they must innovate!”

    “In order to sell hardware, they must make good games!”

    Nintendo wouldn’t still be around today if they didn’t provide a good product to begin with. It can be very annoying reading stupid statements like above and yes, I’ve seen all of those recently worded differently, but the message is all the same.

    For once he goes outside his bubble and does have something significant to say. The Wii Mini is a lousy idea for a wide demographic and is more suitable as a collector’s item than a competitive home console.

    Nintendo’s stance on online multiplayer is also dated and I agree this needs to be addressed immediately. Fortunately for us folk that own a Wii U, Nintendo met us half way and at least provided us with a great browser and Miiverse. Local multiplayer is fun, but online play is more relevant today, providing more player interaction and access to a wider audience.

  14. while Pachter is whining, Nintendo systems are flying off shelves while forming a mountain of dollars. Poor Pachter, Microsoft should hire you for your great ideas.

        1. Incomplete game/garbage games? Skyrim, Assassins Creed, Sonic The Hedgehog, Far Cry 3, Dishonored, Black Mesa, yup garbage games.

          1. skyrim never came to wii, sonic please the 3ds ver does not have a lot of stage compare to mario 3d land, and the rest those game are not on a nintendo system so why bring that up?

  15. Cortez above stated a fact. It is not that a majority of American fans also like sony, it’s because Nintendo a foreign company has dominated a technology avenue for eons, on innovation intelligence and common sense. Someone at microsoft is butt hurt the are being out shined again, ala apple. Look at how apple stayed leaps and bounds above microsoft even when gates flooded the market with windows.

  16. Although I’d have to say the wii u should have been released in 2011 and Sony and Microsoft should have announced their consoles by now. This is a long generation and its about time they end it.
    I don’t think anyone expected it to last 8 years. I thought 2010-2011 for this gen. 2013-1014 is far too long.

  17. The only thing Nintendo needs to improve is their marketing in most of Europe!
    It’s like they give Europe the leftovers of what Japan and Usa gets…sometimes…;p

  18. Yep I agree with this guy. Nintendo is always late which means the people who play the wiiu could have had the same experience when the ps3 came out.

      1. hahahaha you are funny,just like patcher. i got a ps3 and xbox360, but i can tell you the wii u have better grafix. the ps3 got 228 glops,xb0x360 got 240gflop, you don’t know what youre talking about. Cause the wii u got at least 600gflops, and maybe 1 teraflops, we don’t know yet what for kind of gpu it use!!!!

    1. Completely agree. I like Nintendo, but they are slow at times. They seem to live in the past. They don’t realize that people want things such as online multiplayer and downloadable titles.

  19. Pachter seems to only care about graphics and definition and not about gameplay experiences.
    That’s why he hates Nintendo. The fool. How does he keep his job anyway, does Sony hire him? LOL

    1. “He then went on to say that the eShop is seven or eight years too late, and online multiplayer for Nintendo is seven or eight years too late. ”


  20. I simply can’t understand how this man stays employed. He was the same person talking trash about the Wii. What happened? Sony and Microsoft adopted motion controls. What happened? Wii outsold the other two consoles. Nintendo been surviving for over 25 years, it’ll survive another 25 more. Isn’t Sony in financial trouble? Give them some advice!

    1. “I simply can’t understand how this man stays employed.”

      Just think about it, I can understand 100% fully why he is still employed. Just don’t think about what he says, but what comes as a result of what he says.

  21. Nintendo is like Gandolf, a wizard.
    They’re not early or late. They arrive precisely when they intend to! :D

      1. for who it is to late???
        the wii internet sucks but why did the wii sold almoste 100 million??
        i think the internet service from nintendo is to late for him and you, but the other 100 millions who have a wii don’t care about it!!
        you can’t talk for everyone patcher!!!

    1. you mean when they nintend to right?

      jelly is right tho they were terribly late with jumping on top of the online train

      they did a decent job of it though with the wii u

  22. Nintendo isn’t late. Everyone else rushed. I’m sure Nintendo wasn’t in favor of releasing products that burned up every ten seconds. The Wii in a sense was a healthy evolution in terms of graphical power, and it allowed Nintendo to not immediately spend all their money on an HD console right off the bat.

    1. ” The Wii in a sense was a healthy evolution in terms of graphical power”

      With no 3rd party support and by far the worst online I’ve ever seen. Face it, the WIi wasn’t great, Nintendo’s previous consoles were way better.

  23. Pachter being an idiot again.
    Also he’s forgetting wii mini is exclusive to canada, it was never SUPPOSED to be a significant revision that would take the world by storm or anything

  24. The original Wii design was getting boring, and many people probably don’t need the online functions. The Mini is a way to get people interested in the Wii again.

    As for the lateness thing, everything Nintendo has ever made (except the Virtual Boy and a few other minor things) has sold well enough. Maybe not always INSANE amounts, but well enough. The company’s stock has never been in crisis, and they have a ton of cash on hand…

  25. The Wii mini was a very dumb idea. It’s not really that Much smaller and no online. I can see trying to take out the online abilities to save money ey nut not allowing a lan adapter on the lone usb port on the mini was dumb. How could that have hurt anybody.

    1. yeah right, because the N64 never had a graphic perf better than PS1
      and because the Dreamcast and Saturn where such a big hit
      When you post, try to be more clever

  26. the wii mini in its current state would never have been a good idea.. only if they’d released it around 2000…
    way i see it the wii mini is just a way of making some money with the chips that didn’t pass QA for the wii u

  27. oh yes! nintendo is always late for everything. Leave it to the other consoles to bring us new technology!

    yeah, right. Still going to stick with Nintendo since his arguments do not convince me and wether Nintendo releases something late won’t affect the way I’ll play video games. I want to see what he has to said about Playstation All-stars Battle Royal from Sony.

    Poor Patcher…

  28. actually I can agree about how the Wii U was a bit late but then again it might’ve been to advanced for the time anyways

    now the eshop and the better network system yeah I can agree that it was very late. That much I can agree on.

  29. Well wii mini is dumb if it was sold only in africa . With availability of old wii games ok but that not there priority. HD…. How are they late is there a rule book on how to make consoles the wii sale tell differently. And the eshop, is just an improvement of wii shop/wiiware/dsiware. Online multiplayer was on the wii heck the ds had it with mario kart pokemon smash, it was not the best but it was there. The fact is he is just biased like you jellybean trying to come from a neutral standpoint even though it clear he just does not agree with there policy ( just like u) and wants them to follow the trend not that he is a fanboy of the hd twins. But its wrong to act like the all the great things like 3d motion controls and miiverse are great and if something like that appears on other next gen systems it proves them right. Not all the gaming companies need do the same thing let them do what there good at and work on improvements. Xbox best online, wii best gameplay, ps3 not sure. Nintendo have found there strenght and are working on improving the rest

  30. Patcher reminds me of this kid at school who tryed to beat me at killer Instinct like 60 times and never won a single fucking match. Now he is fucking pissed off for the rest of his life.

      1. and you reminds me of the other kid who was standing behind me … dreaming to be good at killer Instinct like me.

  31. d-pad, analog stick ,rumble pak,shoulder buttons,motion controls,pointer mouse,gamepad with touchscreen,dual screened handhelds, no glasses 3D , multipul controller support per console ,4 controller port wired pads ,moving camera in 3d space ,player camera control,


  32. Nintendo sold more than Sony or Microsoft has ever sold. Nintendo successfully brought to market and supported four systems. All of which sold well. The 3DS that Pachter said was a big fail, sold 1.25 million December, almost as much as Xbox which sold 1.4 million. Put 3DS with DS, Wii, and Wii U and Nintendo blew away the competition. The Vita bombed, the Wii sold more hardware and software in its life cycle than either PS3 or Xbox 360 and they will never catch up, Nintendo already moved on to their next Generation because they totally dominated this generation. DS sold way more hardware and software than PSP. What would Nintendo ever do without analysts? This guy is paid to talk crap about Nintendo.

  33. It honestly can feel that way sometimes- that Nintendo’s always late to the party. But they can’t be good at everything! Its EASY to be negative, to be a Troll, and to point out everything that’s wrong with [insert anything you want].
    .Sony are so mechanical and unimaginative that they copy what Nintendo does. Their pride has led to huge financial losses.
    .Microsoft don’t know what they’re doing and also sometimes copy Nintendo. The RRD should have been handled better and arguably would never have happened on a Nintendo system.
    .Nintendo is… um… Oh! Ok, I got one: Nintendo needs to grow. Get more talented, bold and creative people working on your 1st party games so more of them come out sooner… which isn’t really a negative.
    Pachter isn’t all wrong, but when Nintendo does everything these people want it still won’t be good enough because its Nintendo, the industry’s scapegoat.

    1. Nintendo aren’t always late to the party, what are you talking about? they’ve always been one step ahead since the NES to the gamecube, innovating in new gameplay possibilities, only time they slowed down a bit was with the wii but only because it was a system not as powerful as its competitors.
      And they also don’t need to grow, at all. They have tons of studios already working on enough IPs.

      1. I wrote ‘it honestly can FEEL that way SOMETIMES’. Their holding onto cartridges a bit too long and unpolished online isn’t exactly staying one step ahead. And growth is kind of the idea when you’re a successful business.
        Do you honestly think it wouldn’t be nice if they had more talented people working on games like Zelda and Smash so they could be released sooner rather han later?

  34. There’s one thing that most people don’t think about, and that’s the NINTENDO ONLY fans. Anyone who’s only interested in Nintendo (like I am) doesn’t give a crap about what the “competition” is doing or has done. For myself, I’m just happy to see whatever Nintendo brings to their new consoles that hasn’t been done on their previous consoles before. Just having HD graphics alone makes ME happy. And I don’t compare them to Sony and Microsoft’s consoles, and claim they’re too late. So even if Nintendo DID bring something too late, I myself won’t notice or care. Because it will be brand new to me. When I get a Wii U, it’ll be my first HD experience EVER. Nothing will be spoiled for me, since I’ve never played the PS3 or 360. It will all feel new. Who cares about the dumb Playstation and Xbox consoles. Nintendo marches to the beat of their own drum. And I’ve always been behind them, even though I don’t always like everything they do.

  35. For the first time in my life I agree with mister Patcher, Nintendo start keeping years behind the competition since the N64, first keeping with cartridge, they got 2 generation later to a good online service, a generation late to HD graphic, and the Wii mini should have been the Wii revisited that launch insted of that Wii with no retrocompatibility.

    But that was because they were more concentrated in changin how to play the games, but I have to say, that it´s not excuse for ignoring so many important things; the Wii would have dominated the last generation from start to end (and not just in hardware sales) if Nintendo have made a good account online system and give the Wii enough power to run some of those amazing third party game that jump the Wii for their limitations (you know wich game are those).

    Lats hope with the Wii U they come back to track

  36. I don’t mind if they are years late… I’m going to be years late playing the first halo… lol..
    I don’t want to spend too much money on the “latest and greatest” technology

    1. Well that’s fine, as I was years late getting a PS3 (got one last year), and an XBOX 360 (got one in 2009 but a friend always came over with his before). But as a business, for Nintendo, it’s bad. They’re always late with things and problem is, many gamers move on quickly to other things, leaving only die-hard Nintendo fans and casual people to support Nintendo products.

      That is the case with Wii U. Friend of mine that used to bring his 360 over before I got one? He got a Wii U Delux set; regrets it now because ZombiU isn’t nearly as good as it sounded at first, NSMB U is too similar to the Wii game from years ago, and there are hardly any other games that are any kind of decent and have good replay value.

      I played it too and I agree. Once the “ooo, ahhh” factor of the tablet contoller wears off, it not only becomes like an XBOX 360 with far less games and not-as-good games, but for some games it’s also annoying (e.g. ZombiU).

      No doubt Microsoft and Sony will do something similar, but they’ll likely improve upon it, have a much more powerful console (but not so powerful as to raise the price way too high, but still more powerful than Wii U, especially since tech will be cheaper then), and they’ll likely learn which applications of the tablet functionality work and which don’t/seem forced or annoying, and therefore the games will be much more enjoyable.

      Or maybe they’ll do something different and more engaging, who knows. Point is that Nintendo was hoping the tablet functionality would distract core gamers from the fact that the graphics aren’t any/much better than current consoles, and for most gamers, it didn’t work. If 3 or 4 years ago they released the Wii U, even core gamers would be STOKED and would likely buy it if there were good enough games; but that the other problem: current games and near-future games are just terrible and/or are being released on other consoles that most people already have. So why invest $350?

      P.S. You’re in for a treat with Halo, it’s an amazing series. Halo 2 is my fav, other than the remake of Halo 1. Halo 4 that just came out is amazing too. Campaign is fantastic, and multiplayer is at least better than Halo: Reach which was terrible. Halo 2 and Halo 3’s multiplayer is the best ever. Halo 2 basically launched online console multiplayer gaming. I hope they remake that one as well, but this time use the multiplayer from the game and not just release a map pack with remakes for Halo 4 like they did with Halo 1’s remake for Halo: Reach.

  37. Yep, Nintendo are always out of date.

    They are known for their non-innovation and copying the ideas of their competitors.

    …Oh wait.

        1. The Wii Mini is a piece of shit thats decorated with red platic … i thought nothing could be worse than the wii … guess i was wrong

      1. What? Seriously what? The Wii games look better on the WiiU, It has no online and have fun playing on a dead system when zelda hd hits. Its not a better value, its a better collector’s item than gaming device.

  38. Pingback: Gaming Charged » Nintendo is a (At Least) Year Behind: Pachter’s Opinion

  39. I agree, Nintendo just feels behind when it comes to home consoles. I’m not talking graphics, because they could make fantastic looking games with some string, a paper clip and a goddamn cardboard box. But they’re products are starting to feel dated, I don’t own a WiiU yet but Im sure the next consoles will outclass it, not that it matters when it comes to games, but that doesn’t make it not true.

  40. I’d say Nintendo does whatever works for them, Just improve the online aspect and you have nothing to worry about.
    Most of these 3rd party games ppl love so much, I’ve seen gameplays of most of them, I don’t get why you think they are so great.
    1. Compared to Metroid Prime and Zelda Bosses, these 3rd party game’s bosses are so damn repetitive.

    2. It’s always about guns.

    3. Always Hollywood crap

    4. OVerrated and overhyped.

    5. Combatsystem in most of these games are monotonous and boring

    6. Most don’t play these games again after completion

  41. I want to know what idiot pays this guys salary? It must be Sony or MS since he’s always bashing Ninty but I think someone hit it right on the head a few posts up….he’s still reeling from not getting a NES when he was younger!!!

    Seriously Pachter……if u don’t have anything nice to say………..stick your ugly head in a grinder and do us all a favour!!

  42. Though i find it funny that he JUST talks shit about nintendo …why isnt he talking about sony blocking used games and how much of a massive failure the kinect was?

  43. Reading some of these comments, many of you are right. But I want to clarify something to Pachter: Sir, you are short-sighted by limiting your arguments to simply one generation of gaming systems, rather than seeing the entire scope of it. The reason the Big ‘N’ appears ‘late in the game,’ is because they’ve learned from the Ghosts of Gaming Past, following the trend does not a successful system make.

    Case in point, remember when the CD-ROM came onto the scene with the Sega CD for the Genesis? Everyone hyped the technology, but if you recall, there weren’t very many games for it, and the Super NES was still going strong at the time. That was because most game developers did not know how to truly develop games for the system. And, believe it or not, Sega didn’t exactly support the Sega CD as strongly as it was hyped.

    The entire myth of Nintendo being ‘behind the times’ started when the Big ‘N’ made the Nintendo 64 cart-based, and scrubbed their collaboration with Sony. Ironically, when Sony debuted their CD-ROM based system, the Playstation, do you recall how many other disc-based systems hit the market? The 3DO, Phillips CD-I, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, the Neo-Geo System as well as the TurboGrafix-16’s CD Drive. By your statement, Mr. Pachter, these systems should still be thriving and dominating the market. But as many of us know, they soon fell into obscurity. Mainly because despite the ‘cutting-edge’ of technology, unless one does something ‘innovative,’ people will immediately lose interest in the novelty of it.

    Sony knew this when they realized the next system had to offer something than just play games, and put in a DVD drive into the PS2, then later, a Blu-Ray Drive in the PS3. Whereas, Microsoft simply attempted taking PC Gaming to the console with the Xbox and 360.

    But what Mr. Pachter fails in realizing is, the Big ‘N’ did once attempt getting the jump on new tech with gaming. The result was catastrophic where Nintendo doesn’t even acknowledge the fact the Virtua Boy ever existed. This was due to the fact the VB was not only bulky (think of a View Master set on a stand), but the system was outrageously priced ($300) as well as the few games that came out for it ($60-70).

    Afterwards the Big ‘N’ began cautiously watching the competition and seeing what they were doing, and attempted in doing innovative spins on what was there. But the reason he presumes they’re behind the times, is the fact Nintendo doesn’t quickly jump on the tech just because it comes out. Case in point, when the Wii was coming out, many griped over the lack of HD support. But what they forget is, back then, HDTVs were expensive, and just because you have something with state-of-the-art graphics doesn’t necessarily ensure you’re going to get excellent gameplay. In fact, what made the Wii so appealing was this: low price point and it was fully b/c with classic games from consoles past (including those which once competed with Nintendo).

    I could endless go on about how Pachter assumes Nintendo will always be ‘too late,’ but here’s the thing, I’ve noticed whenever the Big ‘N’ comes out with a new product (console or handheld), they do come out with innovations as well as improvements on the recent items out there. And what he fails taking into consideration is this, if Nintendo is so ‘behind’ with the times, then why does the competition keep copying the Big ‘N’s innovations?

    Think about it, sure 360 and PS3 are way ahead of the Wii and Wii U went it comes to Internet Gaming, but you’ll note about one year of the Wii’s launch, Microsoft and Sony came out with their own motion sensor devices, the Kinect and Move respectively. And now, as this site has indicated, Sony’s PS4 will have controller similar to the Wii U’s GamePad, while Microsoft’s 720 will incorporate their ‘SmartGlas’ technology for their controller.

    Therefore from that perspective, Mr. Pachter, I consider that it’s not Nintendo who is ‘too late’ when it comes to innovative technology, but rather Sony and Microsoft.

    But then again, that’s just me.

  44. Because the point of the gaming industry is to be on the bleeding edge 100% of the time. Seriously? This guy has no idea what he’s talking about, cherry picking data to make it look like Nintendo’s always outdated. Does he not realize how far behind graphically the consoles generally are when you compare them to PCs? If I compare consoles to PCs then you’ll see that they’re also “seven or eight years too late”. And maybe being “late” is for the best. We all know how well the 360 did when it came out “on time”, right? Idiot.

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