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Nintendo May Remove Office Space Restriction For Indie Developers


Nintendo is looking set to remove the office space restrictions set upon independent developers who wish to develop games for Nintendo platforms. One of the biggest problems for independent developers wishing to develop for Nintendo platforms is that they need to have a dedicated business place, such as a rented office, in order to receive a Nintendo development kit. With this hurdle out-of-the-way, presumably we will see a number of new eShop titles announced in the future.

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42 thoughts on “Nintendo May Remove Office Space Restriction For Indie Developers”

    1. Might as well have just wrote “First!”, as you clearly didn’t read the article.

      This could be interesting, but I’m afraid this might lead to more awful shovelware. Accessibility for developers is great, but too much could lead to disaster.

      Not to mention the amount of leaks with new hardware would be greater.

      1. Yeah, but when I go indie one day, I rather spend my time and money focusing on making a great game rather than paying rent for an office.

  1. Great news! Indie games are not usually developed in any office spaces. Heck, Minecraft was made by one guy in his bedroom. This would give a lot more freedom to indie developers. I really hope Nintendo ditches that Office Space restriction, because as long as it is there, Nintendo misses out on some fantastic indie titles.

      1. Mojang could have already developed Minecraft for the Wii U, they have an office/offices. Also, games created by Mojang aren’t really indie games.

        1. sure they are. indie just means developing without a publisher, indie being short for independent. they might make craploads of money with it and have an office with so many developers, as long as they don’t have a publisher, they are indie.

    1. You’d rather the news focus more on the mainstream of gaming that is the shooter fad? Besides, indie developers deserve recognition. There are tons of original innovative ideas being thrown out there by indie developers that don’t get noticed because it’s not mainstream. They deserve credit.

      1. The only FPShooter i play is Cod….that is it… I like an arcade action style shooter so yes I play one of the 2000 FPS…….

        I am not a kid nor child..I grew up with Nintendo since ’84…Im sure not a lot of people can say that on ( myninnews) I have played all genres and i prefer Action/Adventure games…..I remember when Duck Hunt was the first FPS…do you?????? Nosidda????

    2. All developers start from the bottom of the barrel. All your favorites today wouldn’t exist if they didn’t receive support.

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    That’s a pretty bold move by Nintendo! Though, one wonders if they’re doing it because they’ve released so many shovelware games in the recent years and are just looking for better blood with indie devs.

  3. I wish MORE game companies would set limits on the number of Office Space references you could make in a single game. Haven’t any of these developers seen Run Ronnie Run?

  4. *sigh* Nobody here realizes what the office restriction was in place for. Dev kits would be sent to a secure business only to secure that development kits wouldn’t be stolen and NDAs wouldn’t be broken by the SDKs and along with that, proprietary software getting in the wrong hands. Having games being developed at a secure location can still mean the games are pure shovelware, so we’ll still be seeing the same amount that’s going on at the moment until Nintendo makes the quality control even more strict.

    In fact, good homemade games are some of the best, most unique ones out there, as a small team of devs can pour so much heart and soul in to a game. Not requiring an office will reach out to even smaller indies, and give them that kickstart into making even better games.

    Great move, Nintendo!

  5. This is hard to believe, because World of Goo was created in various coffee shops, not an office space or studio.

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