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Wii U Virtual Console To Be Revealed During Today’s Nintendo Direct?

Wii_U_GamePadBased on the source code for the Nintendo Direct page in the UK, NeoGAF member Aquamarine is certain that Wii U Virtual Console will be revealed today, during the Wii U-focused Nintendo Direct. Aquamarine claims that “Virtual Console (Wii U)” was recently added to the Nintendo web page. This is not too far-fetched, as Nintendo President Satoru Iwata yesterday confirmed that he will talk about Nintendo-developed services during the online presentation, which airs January 23rd, at 9 a.m. ET.

131 thoughts on “Wii U Virtual Console To Be Revealed During Today’s Nintendo Direct?”

    1. Bout Time…hope it’s not a let down… i want GC games…if we can’t get GC then at least MORE 64 titles

        1. Sly Cooper lust man

          But I love Game Boy Advance games like golden sun and Pokemon Ruby. The ambassador program had some really good games a while back

        1. There’s no way that Nintendo won’t include Gamecube games in it’s Virtual Console especially due to the fact that the Gamecube is 2 generations old. Most likely they’ll have the games upscaled in HD and they have already confirmed that the Virtual Console games will be transferrable to the Gamepad. I don’t really see them including GBA games unless they choose the Japan-only ones that never made it stateside updated in English. However, I think Nintendo will mention some surprise titles. A few that people didn’t see coming but they’ll save the megaton bomb games for E3

          1. Amaya-Chan (

            They may eventually have the GBA games on the 3DS eshop. If they could give GBA games to tpeople who bought the Wii3DS before the price cut, then the idea to offer them on the eshop has to be a possibility.

            I really hope they eventually do it… My aqua blue 3ds broke, so I took the ad card out to see if I could put all my downloaded games into my xl and nooope! I guess they could only work on the ambassador 3DS… Which realllly sucks :(

      1. Amaya-Chan (

        I’m really wishing for the mother games! Probably not, but it would be really great. They could at least do that for the Mother fans lol.

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      They’re just completely destroying the integrity of your comment section. It never had a lot of integrity in the first place , but this is an all time low…..

      1. I really would like to know what motivates people like N Runs It and Sly Cooper Lust Man to act like such brain-dead tools.

        1. They probably have some serious mental illness m which is harsh but probably true. Do they think it’s funny ? cus to be funny you actually HAVE TO BE FUCKING FUNNY.

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              1. This doesn’t help. Ignore them, or if you are to reply, don’t say crap like that. I support Nintendo but wouldn’t ever wish someone dead.

      2. whats ruining the comment section is the fact you idiots buy nintendo products. if this site was about playstation it would have way more integrity. You all are the cause of the death of sega but playstation is killing nintendo. jus tlook at the sales numbers

        1. What numbers are you looking at? Wii outsold PS3 by a landslide and aren’t they selling 4 3DS’ for every 1 Vita sold?
          How can anybody actually defend Sony? I dunno what happened to them since the PS2 days but since the PS3 launched, they’ve done nothing but bash Nintendo and then copy whatever Nintendo did the year prior, but some how still manage to mess it up.

        2. Its like the Vita is actually beating the 3DS, and the Ps3 sold more than the Wii. What sort of acid-trip world do you live in? Sony is hemorrhaging money and you’ll be lucky to see a Ps4 at this rate, the company is nearly bankrupt.

      3. Amaya-Chan (

        Ugh I know!!! That one Sly Cooper pervert dude is really creepy… I actually wasted my time asking it to stop in another post…. How foolish I was >_>

        1. You mean WILL be confirmed. :P But I don’t know, its just something that has to do with Nintendo Direct and rumors that just don’t bode to well with me. Of course, unlike the uncreditable anonymous source that spouted pure nonsense about the new Pokemon games; this actually has a credible source, and a good lead with the webpage source code.

          1. Whilst were still swearing , Get off the shitter and download the fuck out of that game immediately!!! Awesome 60FPS graphics , Dual screen multiplayer , Online scoreboards and is generally just a very good game for its low price.

                  1. I have it for the WiiU, I dont think it has anything to do with the platform it’s on. Maybe they can fix it with a patch.

                    1. Hopefully. There is litteraly nothing worse in gaming than framerate issues :/ . People shouldn’t even be aloud to release games unless they’re 30FPS locked , minimum.

                  1. I think it’s the code, not the platforms. Might have framerate issue on PC as well I would look into it if I were you. Still worth it though, kinda.

              1. Shit son!!!!! Yeah the cave looks like the sniznizzle. So far Trine 2 , MSFHD , Nano assault , Little inferno and the cave all seem to be worth downloading . Even chasing Arora is supposed shite fuckingly good.

        1. Amaya-Chan (

          They should range from 10 to 15 dollars each imo. N64 should probably be lowered a tiny bit too since they’ve been available for a while and the introduction of GameCube games may make them look a little overpriced. I guess it really depends on the GC pricing. If GCN gas where, say $13, it may make the 64 games look pricey but if they where $15, then the pricing seems balanced when looking at all the vc pricing for other platforms. :p

  1. Wind waker
    Tales of symphonia
    Paper mario thousand years old door
    Resident evil 4
    Luigi’s mansion
    Kirby air rides
    Mario double dash
    Just some tittles I would like to see in the futur

      1. Amaya-Chan (

        Oh yeah, I loved custom robo! Never played chibi robo though T_T they may not be among some of the first to he released, but if Gamecube games will be on the virtual console, then they’ll definitely come at some point! This is a bit off topic, but I would love the addition of Sega CD games just so I can play Sonic CD without pulling out Sonic Gems collection every time… On that note. Dreamcast games too!!! Like Shenmue!

    1. You are a headache. Reading your comments is the same as using heroine every day for 3 years and then just all of a sudden giving up and then going into the most extreme of cold turkeys.

  2. Direct copy-paste from the page’s source code:
    wiiu_virtualconsole” : ‘Virtual Console (Wii U)
    Also found this, there might be a Pokemon mini Virtual Console too! :
    “pokemonmini_cartridge” : ‘Pokémon mini’,

    1. Amaya-Chan (

      Like new IP’s? I agree! Though I’d be happy of I just saw something Smash Bros related lol

  3. I hope they make something similar like 3D classics but instead have HD Classic where the games would be formatted to 1080p or 720p and have a gamepad functionality, and it could even have the original game booklet that came with it, but in a digital format, or better yet for an extra $6.00 it will come with a digital guide book which you can look at when u pause the game… well i can always dream :)

    1. Let’s hope your dreams come true because that sounds like an awesome idea. I also would like to see Nintendo let you transfer your games from Wii VC to WII U VC and add in off-screen play functionality.

      1. Amaya-Chan (

        I thiink Sega is making an HD Sonic Adventure too, so maybe Nintendo will be doing something similar? I would LOVE that!! My only thing is that some fans are getting a little mad at all the remakes… :(

        By the way, cute dog! It reminds me of a Beagle I once had named Yoshi lol :D

    1. AS much as I would like it Melee on the VC will not have online. VC games are ports and are changed as little as possible from the original form.

      1. Well you’re prob right but I think Nintendo really needs to up thier online mp support, VC is a perfect opportunity for them. Would attract a lot of attention if they did this.

  4. Wow now we not only have to deal with current nintendo crapware, but not we have to deal with it from the past, and way over priced as that. Ohh goodie maybe they will release the care bars

        1. Amaya-Chan (

          All trolling representatives are currently busy. Please hold until one of our troll becomes available. *insert cheesy hold music*

    1. Amaya-Chan (

      Right you are Amy Rose :P they feed off the attention like a pack of rabid wolves…. *shudders* O_o

  5. Amaya-Chan (

    Perhaps there will ne both GameCube AND Dreamcast games??? I mean, it’s not impossible since there’s already Genesis and Master system games for the Wii VC. :D who else would wanna see some DC games available?

    1. Me! I figured though that the rereleases of dreamcast games that were ported to Gamecube will be GC only games, while I’m sure Wii U will take the eshop approach to some DC games that were rereleased in HD to 360/PS3, examples including Jet Grind Radio and Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. But yeah, bring on Shenmue 1 and 2! They may even put Saturn games on VC

      1. Amaya-Chan (

        Oh yeah! I totally spaced out on the Saturn!!! It had some good games like night’s into reams :D but yeah, I would love to see Shenmue and the SA games! :D

        1. Amaya-Chan (

          Oh and maybe even Sega CD games! The only one I care about is Sonic CD, but I should really be available on the vc as well!

  6. Just what I figured. The whole stupid thing will probably be all about this. Instead of some much needed game news.

  7. I think when Iwata was saying they will talk about Services they meant Miiverse coming to PC and the 3DS. All though if the Virutal Console gets up and running I want GC games and more SNES games. Namely Spike Mcfang.

      1. Yeah, EARTHBOUND is the game I want to hear about. In fact, that’s the only Virtual Console/eShop game I intend to download if it ever becomes available. I wanna show my Earthbound love and support.

  8. Agreed, I want releases I can’t already/didn’t already get on the Wii VC service. And for crying out loud, if they are going to recycle releases (I’m looking at you, 3DS VC offerings) I’d like to at least see tweaks. I had hoped the 3DS 8-bit classics would be reformatted to fill the entire upper screen or at least have some sort of border on the sides of the 4 x 3 image. 3D Classics Twinbee made this small yet appreciated effort.

  9. I predict that once the 3DS gets the Miiverse that can be linked with a WiiU account, we could see an option to transfer some 3DS VC games to WiiU and vice versa. I would say that for games that will transfer over to 3DS will be NES,SNES,Genesis,N64, TG16, and SOME arcade titles.

    1. N64 probably won’t since there arealot of n64 remakes on the 3ds and ds like, sm64, goldeneye, oot3d, mm3d, sf3d and so on, tho Ames seen like the likely one

  10. The thing is though, if you go to any page on the Direct site and bring up even an archived Nintendo Direct and check the source for that page, you will find that same section of code.

  11. I hope we can use the Wii U pro controller so I don’t have to buy more of the classic controllers to play multiplayer! Already owns a pro classic controller and a wii u pro controller!

  12. man i hope we get Mario Parties 1 & 3 cuz they released 2 on Wii VC but not 1 or 3.

    mp1 i heard they couldn’t release cuz the whole N64 joystick lawsuit against nintendo thing, but mp1 still could of released cuz the Wii Pro Controller/ Classic Controller Pro has soft joysticks and u could use the GCN controller so thats why i don’t know why we never got mp1 on VC.

    But MP3 we could of got cuz it never had the joystick blister problem so i dont know why nintendo didnt put MP3 “Mario Party 3” on VC, does anybody know why?

    1. Well, im not sure why, but maybe because Mario Party 2 was the best critical recieved, that it was actually put on. The Third title wasnt the best in the series. I know these arnt the most reasonable arguments, but they are the only ones i can really think of.

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