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Vigil Games Crafts A Fitting Tribute To The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword

darksiders_2_zelda_skyward_sword_tributeThe artwork above was crafted by Darksiders II developer Vigil Games. On its Facebook page, Vigil Games says it made the artwork as a tribute to one of its favorite video games, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Since its inception in 2005, the developer made two games – Darksiders and Darksiders II – both of which were inspired by The Legend of Zelda series. Although Vigil Games is defunct as of January 23rd, 2013, Platinum Games’ Atsushi Inaba expressed interest in purchasing the Darksiders franchise.

89 thoughts on “Vigil Games Crafts A Fitting Tribute To The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword”

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        ~The Real Bill~

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        2. Amaya-Chan (

          Ah, so you’re not only immature, but sexist as well I see? Though I should be offended, I can’t help but laugh at that comment :p

            1. Amaya Chan -

              Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with shooters, I’ll play them with my cousin sometimes. But yeahhhhhh he’s a little too obsessed with the manly thing :p

              1. He isn’t obsessed with the whole manly thing, because he’s trolling. He just wants to piss people off, that’s all.

          1. Since nobody claimed vigil who gets paid when I purchase their game? This drawing is going to be there reason why I purchase

        3. So you are saying you like cock in the mouth… You like full grown men grunting and groaning everytime they get hit… Oh yeah like that isn’t pathetic -_-

          Play some real games Bill because you pretty much suck at trolling plus, are you still butt hurt over the fact that your mommy and daddy never got you the Wii U for Christmas? I thought so.

        4. I don’t see it as women do not play video games, I see it as Nintendo people get there girlfriends to play with them, and you sit there all by yourself on your PS3/XBox 360 getting yelled at by 10 year olds.

    1. Yes, and i want another Okami for WiiU.
      Or at least give us a special version of the HD release so we can use the Celestial Brush using the touch screen.

      And maybe with the boss rush mode at the end removed -__- why must i fight Orochi 3 times -.- its even more annoying than the Forskane or whateer for Skyward Sword.

      1. A new Okami on the Wii U would be legendary. I’m getting a strange stomach ache thinking about. Seriously. It kinda fells good though- sort of nostalgia and anticipation.

      2. Amaya Chan -

        YES!!! That’s exactly what I think!! I was really hyped for Okamiden, but the ds visuals where a little grainy looking and it was not as good visually as the original. The WiiU would make the world look amazing, and the brush techniques would be wayyy freaking easier on the gamepad than trying to make a perfect circle or line with the remote 500 times :P I’m playing Okami again right now and I forgot how annoying the brush can be lol

        and I agree, the final boss in Okami was too drawn out. the Skyward Sword bosses where okay, but that one dude who makes the tongue movements at Link bugs the crap out of me ._.

        1. Ghirahim O.o, that weird creepy, narcissistic guy. lol The (kind of spoiler alert as in a character) thunder dragon calls him weird too haha.

      1. ‘Indeed. I loved Darksiders and they demonstrated the perfect way to draw inspiration unlike the total rip off which was PSASBR.’ THIS X900000. PSASBR was good but felt to much like smash bros and was ‘t as enjoyable.

  1. This is an extended hand of fellowship to Nintendo! Vigil is in trouble, seeing as no one picked them up at the THQ auction. If Nintendo bought them, they could add Darksiders to their arsenal, helping to appeal to more… “adult” gamers. Come on Nintendo! You’ve got nothing to lose with all of your billions in the bank. Listen to the voice of reason!

    1. Nintendo would probably make Darksiders into a colorful baby game and then rehash it over and over again. ~The Real Bill~

      1. Vigil would still be somewhat in control. Look at Monolith soft; they kicked ass with Xenoblade, and “X” looks to be fairly similar from the trailer. And now Platinum is working on Bayonetta 2 which certainly hasn’t turned into a “baby game.”

      2. majoras mask, herd of it ,huh, if your going to hate do something better, wii u is doing alot better in its library of games than ps and xbox for exclusives, and 3rd party games that arnt exclusive will be on other consoles to play,youll hate on everything no ,atter what, the wii u is starting to look good, uncharted sucks, god of war sucks, no they dont,

      3. You mean like they did with Zombi..oh

        Or Ninja Gaid..oh.

        Or Pandora Tow..oh.

        Erm…..sorry bro, you’re on your own.

      4. Yeah, seeing as they published Razor’s Edge meaning it’s a Nintendo exclusive, that big R18+ sticker really shows they will not tolerate extreme level violence exclusively on their system. GG.

    2. I don’t know. Buying a franchise that resembles another established franchise doesn’t sound like a smart business move.

      Case and point: DK and Mario. DK fell into obscurity for away is just now clawing its way back.

      *Disclaimer: I’ve never played Darksiders*

      1. You have a good point. And I haven’t played Darksiders either, so i’m not sure just how similar they are. I think Darksiders fits a slightly different niche though, and maybe Nintendo could help steer it a bit further from the traditional Zelda formula. Plus Vigil said they are working on a brand new IP. So that’s good I guess.

        1. You could roughly describe it as “a Zelda with blood”. But all the enemy types, boss fights, moves, weapons and plots are pretty different. The similarities are more in the gameplay style section like the visits of dungeons, finding of objects and doing sidequests (altough they haven’t been introduced by Zelda).


          1. I almost picked it up for the Wii U around launch, but maybe I’ll get it after all. It’s definitely a series I’m interested in.

          2. What I hate about it is how fast you can die and how little opportunity you have to heal yourself. At least Zelda played it fair by making sure to remind you that if you’re ever in a position of near-death, it’s totally your fault for being careless, but in Darksiders, I spend a long time just trying to find health. I guess your offensive power makes up for it.

            1. I duno, i found healing myself easy, the combat is completely different too though, its more Devil May Cry than Zelda.

      2. Case and point: DK and Mario. DK fell into obscurity for a while and* is just now clawing its way back.

        Sorry for the bad grammar.

        Also, I think N could just as easily create mature IP themselves without buying a new one. They have the brains, creativity, and talent. So it isn’t a stretch by any means.

        Again, I have no idea how good or bad darksiders is.

      3. Darksiders and Zelda share similarities, but really only in the fact that you have dungeons. And a horse.

        Combat is more like Devil May Cry, there a big emphasis on platforming, it has a level up system, a great loot system to acquire new weapons and armour. Also has side missions to do as well.

        Even in terms of the dungeons, some of the ideas, in particular the portal puzzles put Zelda to shame, they’re really great, very creative.

  2. I believe that Nintendo has already passed up the offer.
    But really, they COULD change their mind.
    As for me, I don’t care if it’s Nintendo or Platinum that buys the franchise, I just want it to live on.
    This series has so much potential. It would be positively criminal to let it die so soon…

    1. Amaya Chan -

      LOL it’s so easy for anyone to be Bill because he fails to enter an email and have a different icon… but then Bill would probably come back with “why would I put my email on a crappy Nintendo site blahblahblahblahblahblah”. BUT then that raises the question of why he’s on this site at all lol

  3. And what’s touching about this picture is that even in THQ’s death throes, they still went out of their way to make this. Or, they probably already made it and then presented it at this moment. That takes some soul to do. You may run out of money, but that won’t bring your soul down…unless you let it.

    1. Honestly, i think everyone at Vigil wants Nintendo to do buy them, Vigil and Darksiders wouldn’t exist without Zelda, its obvious that if they had a chance to work with them, they’d take it.
      I do want Nintendo to buy them though, yeah some people might be pissed about it becoming an exclusive but in the end, the end result is an overall better Darksiders game. Bayonetta 2 is going to have an amazing polish just because they can optimise the hell out of it, id love Darksiders to do that. Plus, with Nintendo being much more open about development, Vigil could really let loose.

  4. Would be cool if Nintendo bought them. A great series that’d fit perfect with Nintendo. I hope they go cheap and Nintendo gets them. :)

  5. I doubt Nintendo is going to buy them. I don’t see why they would if they already have so many franchises that aren’t even being touched.

  6. Maybe it’s an invitation to Nintendo… “hey, why don’t you buy us instead?”

    honestly, i wouldn’t mind if Nintendo buys Vigil’s Darksiders. They can make an awesome studio out of them.

  7. They are calling for nintendo to aquire them so that they can capitalize off what they already built… it wouldnt be a bad idea…

    1. nonspecificactionfigure

      Agreed, right now Nintendo is grooming them…..if they turn out hits with Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2……I could see them being interested in adding them to their portfolio. They have worked with big companies such as Sega and Konami, so you know people have faith in them.

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