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Pokémon Eevee Is Getting Another Evolution


Eevee is getting another evolution, based on a scan of Japan’s latest edition of CoroCoro Comics. Ninfia is its Japanese name, and it’s said to be one meter and 23 kilograms. For now, the new Pokémon creature’s type remains a secret, but, based on the picture above, what type do you think it is? Keep in mind that Eevee, a normal-type Pokémon, can already evolve into several different types, including grass, water, fire, psychic, ice, electric and dark.

122 thoughts on “Pokémon Eevee Is Getting Another Evolution”

  1. I wouldnt be suprised if it were a normal type.. I sort of doubt they would introduce the light type, as it would complicate an intricate battle structure… Still, anything is possible :)

    1. There is no intricate battle structure. Adding a new type or two isn’t going to ruin it, just change it, maybe even help balance it out, but that’s certainly not the only thing they need to do

      1. I don’t think adding a new type would ruin it, but it would be a very small option: how many steel pokemon were there in gen2 when they were introduced? 8 (including Magnemite and Magneton which were gen1already)?

  2. Looks cool but the coloring on it looks like Victini, but another Eeveelution sounds awesome. Hope it’s a dragon type or a new type altogether.

      1. Same here. Just last weekend, I was wondering when they were going to introduce a new eevee evolution. Seeing a dragon type would be awesome.

      1. That’s because it’s based on a Japanese legend of a carp that climbed a waterfall and turned into a flying dragon serpent

      2. Gyarados was originally ment to be Water/Dragon in Red/Green, however, that would give it no weaknesses (the only dragon move available back then was dragon rage), so they changed it, not sure why Water/Flying though.

          1. Charizard, Gyarados, and Aerodactyl were all meant to be dragon type actually. And resistances did work that way.

    1. Well, considering its design seems like it’s based off Skyla, a flying type gym leader, there’s a huge chance that this is a flying type Eeveelution.

      Also, it’s a Pokemon. It doesn’t need wings to fly. Geodude floats, and it’s a rock…

      1. for ppl that dont know, you can change your guns from auto to semi-auto by pseirsng down on your d-pad. this is far more accurate for medium to far range combat. i didnt know this until i had played like 8 games lol

    1. Point is we have much better tech now days and with what they are prinocudg seems truly lazy, Oblivion 6 year old game and better than all games DICE has ever made and DICE has the tech to make better games but they aren’t because well, whats the term, oh wait yeah, LAZY. They aren’t the only ones that are extremely lazy. Look at BF3, it’s graphics are at it’s best on PC but yet it’s best graphics aren’t as good as the Skyrim demos which is on the Xbox 360, lazy much?

  3. They’ve gone too far with all of the different Pokemon. I lost interest a long time ago because there was just too damn many Pokemon to keep up with or remember anymore. The first 150 are still my favorite. Along with some from Johto and Hoenn.

    1. They’re not running out of ideas at all. The designs are made by few people so of course some are going to look like others. Alomomola looked like Luvdisc but they aren’t related at all.

  4. Normal, Light, or yet another Psychic.
    Someone owes me a free copy if something that light-colored happens to be a steel or ground type, though. That would be HILARIOUSLY UNFITTING.

  5. It’s not going to be light type. The only reason new types were introduced in Gen II was to offset the power of the Psychic type. There’s not reason to add a light type whatsoever, so they won’t do it.

  6. Who other than some of you came up with the Light type?
    To me Psychic is considered the “Light” considering the “relationship” of Espeon and Umbreon

  7. cant believe some of you never quit pokemon games, in just maybe thinking about playing the new one because its changed and will have all pokemon in it, so it wont be weird, maybe my xbox absesed brotheer will bye it because he hates nintendo do much, then i will play it

  8. Am I the only one who thinks that it’s a possibility that it could have 2 types like Normal/Dragon, U never know. :/

  9. Probably Flying Type or it looks like it could be a Normal type evolution. Money’s on Flying though. It has “sky” blue eyes and long floating ribbons flowing behind it. Perfect look for when it is in flight.

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  12. Judging from the way it looks, it appears to be a flying type. If they introduce a new type of pokemon then it’ll be a light to accomade this evolution

  13. Well, I did some research, and found out that “Nin” could be “人” in Japanese, which is translated with “people”…
    But I can’t speak Japanese, so it’s just a theory…

    1. that would give credence to the its normal type as people are well normal I wonder if the second one will be a normal type too and be a gender specific given well the new games names

  14. Pokemon X and Y ( X&Y = DNA = Boy/Girl)
    A female Eevee has the chance to evolve into this with a special stone. It will probably remain a normal type. (since there seems to be 2 new eeveelutions created in a gen, the other evolution will probably be the male version.

    My 2nd bet is Bug.

    1. Opposite of Normal would be fighting so I would guess Normal and Fighting. However I think the picture above is of the pure flying type evolution of eevee. Which means the opposite eeveevolution will be ground.

    1. The texture pack auhtor has provided a link for us to use here that is an link. The way it works if you have to wait for a certain number of seconds and then you should be able to skip the ad by clicking the skip ad button at the top.

  15. Definitely flying, but Y U no sky blue?
    Ah, Vaporeon… will it be an Attack or Sp Attack pkmn?
    I’ma go with:
    Aerial Ace (doesn’t look like a ‘Fly’ flying type)
    Dig (Earthquake won’t hit)
    Iron Tail (for those pesky Rock & Ice types)
    …and some status move.

  16. I thought there was going to be a 2nd new Eeveelution this gen. Lol.
    Still, this is good news I guess. Flying-type is the best bet.

  17. Apart from Pokemon Rumble U, Pokemon TV and Ninfia being announced today the CoroCoro magazine also revealed that Mewtwo will be in the 16th Pokemon movie which its Japanese title is Extreme Speed Genesect: Mewtwo’s Awakening.
    I think all those fans who like the original series of Pokemon will be pleased with this along with Ash’s Charizard appearing who will soon be appearing in the Anime as well as this movie.

    1. Nobody cares, fans of the game are sick of that stupid anime, it should have died with the hype and a real anime, not that tool of shameless promotion, should have surfaced.

  18. Or it could be a eevee with two types instead of one which would be awesome. Maybe ground and fight? Ghost and dragon?

  19. I’ve study eevee since its days in red/blue. I think it could be a possibly normal, poison or dragon type. If you look at the plates that were made for Arceus multitype ability it match some of those colors. I hope they bring out one more or three more eeveevolution to keep it balanced

  20. Could it be a NORMAL type evolution?!
    That would be interesting… in the sense that it would probably mean the END of Eeveelutions and about that, WHAT’S UP WITH HIS NAME?!

    1. It’s written on the japanese naming conventions for the line, the english name is gonna mirror the english naming conventions. Duh.

  21. Wow people’s idea of the light type is really cool I hope it’s that! But otherwise, it looks like it might be normal! It looks cool either way!

  22. To me that looks like a rather obvious normal type.
    Pink is kind of an indicative most of the time, I would rather have had a Ghost or a Dragon evolution, but whatever.

  23. Ninfia probably comes from nymph, the female spirits of springs in Greek Mythology. Nymphs are often stalked/seduced by a Satyr, a male spirit associated with fertility.
    Ninfia is probably an all female evolution of Eevee, and if this is true you can bet that it will have an all male evolution based upon the Satyr too.
    Also, stop talking about the name, it is the japanese name, not the english name. it accomodates with the naming conventions of other eeveelutions like Glacia. The name will be changed when localized, so stop b*tching about it.

  24. I think maybe a Fighting Type since her name is Ninfia, sounds like ninja, and the most recent Pokemon Legend have been Fighting Types!!!

  25. I thinks it’s like a “regular” evolution of Eevee, such as pichu into pikachu. Therefore, I think its probably going to be Normal, like Eevee

  26. I think that this is a normal type. However, i think that it will have its own evolutions, and eevee will evolve into this and then this one will evolve into either the light type, or the new sound type people are talking about.

    1. LOVE the texture pack i have a few sugnostiegs you may or may not have thought of already but here they are wolves maybe a growlithe or a poochyenna for a thought spiders definetly a spinerack (check spelling 2nd gen) for the cows a miltank (also 2nd gen) zombie (its a hard one i know) ummmm magmar maybe havent seen a slime but grimer or ditto if u havent already ghast maybe that dream mist thing from the latest gen munna also your birch tree sapling is currently nothing the adult tree is fine though not a bid deal but anything will do

  27. I think that because it looks a lot like Skyla, it is Nintendo’s subtle way of saying it is a flying type. Though a new type like light would be cool, it seems weird that they would choose Gen VI to make a light type when Dark has been around since Gen II.

  28. Since the new Eeveelution’s name is Sylveon, and silva means “forest” or “woods” in Latin, I think Sylveon may be a Bug-type or even the speculated Light-type, it can’t be Grass-type since we already have Leafeon. It may be based off a forest fairy, since its Japanese name is Nynfia, like a nymph.

  29. I’m leaning towards the Bug-type, with my back-up guess being Normal.

    Why would they introduce a new type now? It was one thing to introduce the Steel and Dark types in Generation II; they had 251 Pokemon and only 151 to go back and edit. Assuming that there will be at least another 100 new Pokemon added in Generation VI, then that makes a total of nearly 750.
    Yeah… I know that they’re taking the time to completely model all of these Pokemon in 3D, but it really is a MASSIVE undertaking to reassess the typing of all of those Pokemon. Plus, those who say that it won’t affect the battle mechanics are being silly because it really will. Why mess with what’s not broken?
    Also, the Psychic-type is the opposite of Dark. A new type being called ‘Light-type’? Pa-leeease…

    As for why I think it’s a Bug-type… butterflies, is my answer. The Pokemon’s design has clear butterflies on it.
    On top of that, there are other reasons for the butterflies.
    ~ Parthenos sylvia (or, the Clipper Butterfly), may be another possible source for the English name, Sylveon (not SYLPH-eon. So the name being derived from ‘Sylph’ theory is a load of balls).
    ~ P. sylvia belongs to a genus of butterflies called the Nymphalidae. This Eeveelution’s French name is Nymphali.
    ~ The German name Feelinara could be derived from the word ‘feelers’, which are on a butterfly’s head. Granted, this one isn’t quite as strong in the reasoning department. But, there have been worse names created and I for one can think of no other reason for a prefix of ‘Feelinar’ that also lines up with the names in other languages being what they are (for example, the Feeling = Feelings = Normal argument wouldn’t really work alongside the ‘Nymph’ name).

    My final point is this:
    People have argued against Bug/Flying by stating that the colouring makes no sense… Must I point out what Karrablast looks like? Or Gyarados? Yeah… colour schemes mean nothing.
    Also, has anyone else noticed that in the CoroCoro image with the rest of the Eeveelutions and Pikachu, Sylveon is surrounded by sparkles? Now, this may just be to highlight Sylveon more. But, I was around when all of the other Generations were introduced and I don’t remember them surrounding the new ones with SPARKLES before. Highlighting and colours, yes, but not sparkles. Me? I always associate sparkles with a shiny Pokemon, and in that case it would make SO much sense.

  30. ghast could be koffing/weeking, zobmie pigmen could be gary (pigmen could be ash), skeleton could be blastoise or lucario (both shoot things) Personally I like the slowpoke, though having arcanine as a wolf would be so much better then mightyena also, just saying but if you want you can just add the awesome bits of this to a texture pack you know works and see if that helps, i use repeticraft terrain with this so it workshope this helps

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