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Fast Company Ranks Nintendo As The Fifth Most Innovative Video Game Company Of 2013

angry_birdsFast Company made a list of the 10 most innovative video game companies of 2013. Topping the list is Angry Birds developer Rovio, Chinese media holding company Tencent, Skylanders publisher Activision and Microsoft. The world’s largest video game company, Nintendo, comes in at fifth for ‘asymmetric gaming’ with the Wii U console. On Fast Company’s list of the 50 most innovative companies of 2013, although it recently released a brand-new video game console, Nintendo isn’t ranked, but Rovio, Activision and Microsoft are.

62 thoughts on “Fast Company Ranks Nintendo As The Fifth Most Innovative Video Game Company Of 2013”

    1. Yeah, I went through a few of the other lists on that site, just to give them the benefit of the doubt – No. Just about all of their lists are whack. Not sure where they pull it all from.

      1. Eevee is but one pokemon in the entire pokemon franchise. Pokemon is but one franchise in Nintendo’s profile. Normal people with a brain that actually work will conclude that by adding one more evolution to a single pokemon does not negate the other innovative action of an entire company. Also, these list of “best of” are rather pathetic and based on hype.

  1. I don’t understand why Rovio takes 1st. I’m not saying Nintendo deserves 1st place either (only because I feel that recent indie developers have made some incredible stuff), but Rovio has made, like, 4 Angry Birds games that recycle a core concept. Actually, they’re all pretty much the same shit. Is Fast Company really that shallow?

    1. IKR ? If we’re talking about Generation 7 then Nintendo was BY FAR the most innovative.

      The DS and Wii blew everything away and made touch and motion gaming main stream. With Games like Wii sports , Mario Galaxy , Skyward sword etc etc etc being very very innovative games.

      Aparently flinging some angry birds around is more innovative than Nintendo land. I beg to differ.

  2. Angry Birds Most Inovative game of 2013(Which started just a month&1/2 ago)?. . . . . . . LMAO XD Fast Company are a bunch of F*cking Dumbass! XD

  3. This is stupid. Activision made another COD and rovio made another angry birds game. While Nintendo makes a whole new gaming concept with a whole new controller and console.

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  4. Ok, i know nintendo hasnt been doing good lately, but Rovio? REALLY!?! They keep rehashing the same ip, and not in a creativd way, all theyre doing is remasking the same damn fucking game.

    How is that innovating?

  5. Having Rovio anywhere on that list automatically invalidates it. Rovio at number one just makes it that much more of a joke.

  6. Activision on the list? Wow, really innovative. Cod, cod2, cod3, cod4, cod5. Hmm lets be innovative and give same game 2 different names: Modern warfare, black ops, modern warfare 2, black ops 2, modern warfare 3, black ops3, Resident evil 6 etc.

    1. Look at the full list, Apple is on 13th place. This IS a joke. Apple has never invented anything at all, they have just marketed what others (Microsoft) have invented so they can sell it to teenage girls (who only cares about what’s cool) and Hipsters (who think Microsoft products are too mainstream).

      1. This is not very true. Thay haven’t innovated anything in a while, I agree, but hey, graphical OS environments based on windows, mouse controllers, all this on mass production computers, this is Apple work.

  7. Any list that has “Angry Bird” on the top spot and ain’t named “Most overrated games” or “Best selling mobile games” is a joke.

  8. this should go to nintendo, look at what there doing, this is stupid, who doesnt, agree is stupid, look at the system that they have out, uuhhh, thats nothing new is it

  9. Complete bullcrap. I honestly cannot think of any major innovation in 2012 at all apart from the Wii U. Never heard of “Fast Company” before this, and I hope to never to hear from them again. Instant loss of credibility.

  10. This is proof americans are bribing the idiots like in everything they do.
    Lance Armstrong noob who cheats to win, Tonya Harding crybaby, Microsoft Kinect…and so on…

    I don’t think they know the words justice and fair

    1. I bought a NES from goiwdoll and didn’t know it had a red light issue. I was totally bummed and then I found this video and thanks to you I have a functioning NES to play! Thanks a thousand time Kain!

  11. Any list ranking anything that’s Angry Bird related on top should NOT ever be taken seriously.
    Therefore, I chose the ignore this article.

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