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Codemasters Producer Thinks Wii U Is The Future


Clive Moody, Senior Executive Producer at Codemasters, has told ABC News 10 that having played a Wii U console he is adamant that it’s the future of video games consoles. Moody also says that he is looking forward to the next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony and is really excited by what he has heard so far. He went on to say that while the next generation console will be great, his team are still managing to get quite a bit out of the current generation of consoles.

“I think we’re all waiting to see what the major manufacturers are coming out with. It sounds super-exciting, I have to say — if you believe some of the hype going on at the moment; but we’ll wait and see what comes out.”

“[Wii U] works brilliantly, having played it. I think it is the future. I mean, you’ve got to look at what’s happening in the world of mobile, you’ve got iPads, Surface just came out from Microsoft.  I think you’re going to see a lot more of that cross-over.”

“Speaking strictly as a developer, Moody said he’ll ultimately be happy with whatever the companies end up doing with their respective next-gen devices but pointed out they’re still squeezing a lot out of the current-gen consoles.”

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134 thoughts on “Codemasters Producer Thinks Wii U Is The Future”

    1. Shitty Rehashes you say? Ok

      Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars, Halo 3: OST, Halo: Reach, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 4.

      Wanna keep talking about rehashes BRO?

          1. Mario got sports games, adventure games, plataforming games, RPG games and party games, everyone of those are unique/diferent/ or got MINOR changes(NSMB series)…. and what got uncharted and kill zone? the SAME REHASHED games

            1. You’re not helping the ‘argument’ in the original image one bit.

              and please tell me how UC2 is the same as UC1 in that case

              1. Its not the same…. it just has very similar things but i dont see it as a huge problem. I still like the Uncharted series (mostly 1 and 2). The same happens with almost every game…. every game is kinda rehashed. Example, GTA… yep, all the same cars over and over again (just better 3D moddels), same citys all over again. Overall, thats why GTA SA is the best 3D GTA game ever made (isnt boring at all).

          2. Because Mario Party, the main super Mario games, Mario Kart, Mario Hoops, Mario Golf, Tennis, Strikers, and spinoffs with Mario and Co. look exactly like New Super Mario Bros, right? =/

            Granted, New SMB is the near-exact same formula, it’s not like it’s the ONLY set of games Mario has that defines him (unless you once again “suddenly forgot” about Iwata reassuring about a new Super Mario game incoming for the Wii U, which will be shown at E3 this year). Which is why the main Mario games were used since New SMB’s style is pretty fixed on 2D retro Mario-like gameplay, which shrinks the amount of creativity.

            Before your self-righteous ego retorts with something along the lines of a rubbish list as to why these other Mario games don’t count, even with that kind of rebuttal, you can see just how each of the main Super Mario titles per console can easily differentiates. Talk about the core gameplay’s similarities all you want (which have improved with each main installment instead of remaining mostly unchanged/unaltered like the Sony games shown), but they have their own unique spin (unless you somehow have proof that Sunshine Mario was the starting grounds for 3D Mario, that 64-bit Mario flies in space/uses spacial gravity to his advantage, or that Galaxy Mario relied on a FLUDD 90% of his time) that gives them a clear identity of their own. Hell, if it wasn’t for the captions, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3 to their predecessors (minus Killzone 1 for obvious, graphical reasons).

  1. I agree with Code masters :) Can’t get enough of my Wiiu! It’s growing on me day by day just like my 3DS did too. And when Wiiu gets games like Pikmin 3 everyone will stfu and realize it’s potential.

                1. it would just be a waist if they didn’t, metroid is still relevant in the gaming community, it would be a stupid mistake if nintendo or should i say retro made or rebooted starfox since since only core fans of the series would no wat it is, the sales would be poor, METROID FTW

              1. That would be fine and all, but if that’s what Retro is making and then another Metroid styled like Other M is announced i’m gonna lose it.

                  1. Why dont you like starfox? i thought starfox 64 and Assault were ok. but yea retro shouldnt waste their time with starfox.

                      1. Personally, I don’t think it’s boring and repetitive. I thought it was both challenging and incredible. StarFox 64 was one of the examples in that franchise.

                      2. Thank for giving your opinion in a respectful manner. I am glad you’re learning from past mistakes.

                1. actually Other M had a fantastic design with the whole switch from 1st to 3rd person, the problem was the scope of the game and the story, the gameplay was fantastic. I agree that Retro wasting their time with a only a decentish shooter franchise would be disappointing.

              1. Well no wonder you have nothing to play XD.

                Ninja gaiden 3 Razors edge
                Nintendo land
                Blops 2
                Mass effect 3
                Darksiders 2
                Sonic Racing
                Tekken tag 2
                Trine 2
                Batman Arkhum city armoured edition.
                Nano assault neo
                Mighty switch force
                The cave

                I have bought all of those , Sold Sonic racing , Tekken tag 2 and batman AC3 now. But all easily get a strong recomendation from me. I understand some people are younger and only buy like the most MAJOR titles available. But I can assure you ALL of those games are pretty awesome :)

                As you can see I have been spending A LOT of time playing my Wiiu and abandoning my PS3 , 360…

                1. I’m also saving my money for all the games coming later this year. Retro Studios’ game, 3D Mario, Wind Waker HD, Wonderful 101, Mario Kart and if anything new is announced at E3 that catches my attention. And all I have currently is $102.

                  1. Also Pikmin 3 and Aliens! I hope BF4 will be released as well, but too early to tell. Regardless, a fantastic lineup this year. :D

                    1. Already have Aliens pre-ordered and i’ve never played a Pikmin game before so I might get the first two before getting the third.

                      1. Yeah my first experience is with the mini-game in Nintendo Land. I loved the E3 videos as well and picked up Pikmin 2 for $20 and love it. They’re originally GC games so they might be a tad shorter in length, but still worth the money in my opinion.

                  2. Yeah , there is a few Wiiu games I want this year. I usualy spend a lot when I get a new console , then in a couple of years I slow down and only buy the big games or the cheap used games that I never picked up…

                    Have you got Trine 2 directors cut ? If you’ve never played that , i recommend that strongly!

              2. ZombiU, NSMBU, Batman Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed 3 and Trine 2 are all good games. I’ve heard great things about Puddle, Little Inferno and Nano Assault Neo as well.

                I know that the current Wii U library is limited, but recommend you try out some old Wii games or something off the VC until some more titles are released. I’m currently buying up tons of old Wii games super cheap and am having a blast. I have enough games already to last me the year and there are loads more I want for both Wii and Wii U.

                I highly recommend you get out of your comfort zone and at least try one of the games I mentioned or spend some time with older games. You’ll find tons to do like I have.

                1. I’ll be getting $20 in eShop credit soon and will be getting most of those 30 cent VC games and maybe Little Inferno. I want to play Batman but I would prefer to play Arkham Asylum before Arkham City. I’m just like that.

        1. Yeah. For Wii U eshop: The Cave, Little Inferno, Nano Assault Neo, Trine 2: Director’s Cut, Chasing Aurora, and Might Switch Force HD. For 3DS eshop: Unchained Blades, Crimson Shroud, Pushmo, Crashmo, Liberation Maiden, all the 3D classics, virtual console, the list goes on and on…..

        2. Wiiu – Nano assault , Mighty switch force HD , Trine 2 , the Cave

          3DS – Pushmo , Crashmo , Liberation maiden , Crimson shroud , and many others !

    1. You mean someone is actually saying something good about the Wii U other than Ubi-Soft? Wow!

      Every time I hear the word Codemasters, I think about the Game Genie. My favorite cheating device ever. I still use my Game Genies all the time with my retro games.

    2. Well im hoping they are right, I love the Wii U :)

      Wii U and PS4 are my 2 next gen console pics, don’t think ill buy an Xbox again, atleast not until its extremely cheap, not the biggest fan of the 360.

          1. Plus with the rumors about the 720 having no disk drive and requiring internet connection
            But the PS4 may not have a disk drive
            If that’s the case, then I’m sticking with Wii U all through out

      1. Watch out for the troll zombie. I know this seems random but see the Tiger Woods article comments and you will know what I mean.

          1. Haha yeah no problem. I did find it rather easy to burn him calling him a no life since he himself proclaims it by going under the alias zombie.

    3. Even though i don’t have faith in Codemasters credibility xD it does raise a point.

      People can talk about how they think digital, or cloud gaming (fuck that), and free to play (definitely fuck that), is “the future” but in reality, it still changes nothing, the only thing it does is benefit the developer, and save us a bit of money, but still benefits the developers and publihers 100%, and opens ALOT of doors for abusing peoples rights to gaming and quality content.

      But it still changes nothing, its still games, on standard controls, with no innovation, just “more power”.
      We need new controller ideas, user inferface, online features and thing we dont expect, and far as i can see, Nintendo has already done that.

    4. he really didnt say that the Wii U IS the future, but rather of the NEXT consoles by Sony and Microsoft. Now if he said he played a game on it and love the way the controls are, ect.. Nah, just states hes looking forward to what the future holds in next-gen, the story is misleading

      1. Title of the Article: Codemasters Producer thinks Wii U Is The Future

        Clive Moody: “[Wii U] works brilliantly, having played it. I think it is the future”

        Yeah. Completely misleading.

    5. We think so.
      Nintendo definitely thinks so.
      And if rumors are true of the competition’s plans, both Microsoft and Sony think so too…

      1. The Wii is the current and the future. If developers had have the creativity Shigeru Miyamoto has, we would see Wiimote and nunchuck greatness, such as was with Redsteel 2 and Zelda skyward sword.

        1. Not really, it was a great concept, but it became a gimmick. Remember Moto and Eiji said all future zelda titles would be motion? Yeah i remember to, Now do you remember what they just said about the new upcoming zelda? Incase you werent paying attention, they said it would have traditional controls.

          Nintendo tends to do different things every gen, and the Next Gen will be the same, they’ll innovate again. I know i came off as an asshole, but im just stating my opinion.

          1. Great opinion. I actually agree with 68% of what you have stated. Nintendo innovates and allows third parties to emulate or fall flat on their faces, depending on who the said third party might be.

      2. Nintendo didn’t invent motion controls, but their competition probably wouldn’t have done anything with them had it not been for the success of Nintendo Wii.
        If rumors are true, Microsoft (already) & Sony are both copying the Gamepad in some way, so Nintendo greatly influenced the future of gaming with both Wii and Wii U.

    6. Pingback: Codemasters Producer Thinks Wii U Is The*Future

    7. In America we can be dusches sometimes. Only reason xbox xbots and grown nerdy Atari lovers hate nintendo is because it obliterate any American video game company ever founded, without even trying. Face facts there is more to life than just money and power, when you have no creativity or wisdom alá Microsoft and their stupid Kinectimals and kinect. Sony is lucky they actually make genre defining games like nintendo.

        1. Try to disprove my statements. No truer words have been spoken lately. Study your history objectively and you shall see that what I say it true. So then ignorance is you not knowing where my evidence commeth from. Nintendo is gaming as gaming should be.

          1. ” Sony is lucky they actually make genre defining games like nintendo.”, That’s an opinion.

            “In America we can be dusches sometimes.” Isn’t that the same with any other area?

            “. Only reason xbox xbots and grown nerdy Atari lovers hate nintendo is because it obliterate any American video game company ever founded, without even trying. ” In terms of sales yes, in terms to the hardcore gamers since the Wii, not so much. There are many factors to
            “obliterating any American video game company ever founded”.

            ” Face facts there is more to life than just money and power,” Yes, there is. ”

            “when you have no creativity or wisdom alá Microsoft” I can agree with that, though I would consider it an opinion.

            ” and their stupid Kinectimals and kinect.” Another opinion.

    8. I don’t really give a fuck about all this shit, I only care if there will be any good games that I can play in the future

      I honestly just don’t give a fuck about what will be the next big thing ever







    11. Nintendo Wii U is getting shafted by third party publishers. Third party publishers are not making games for Wii U. I feel like all I like on my Wii is NSMB Wii U and Nintendoland and Black Ops 2. I am interested in Sonic Racing Allstars and Zombie U, but if Zombie U was that good, it would be selling much more. Also interested Batman Arkham City, but not for $60.

      1. Completely agree here. My Wii U won’t be getting any new games till March when I’ll be picking up Lego City Undercover, then during the spring for Pikmin 3. I only have Nintendoland and Scribblenaughts unlimited (which I could have gotten for much cheaper for the PC).

    12. Are they still making Dirt 3? Anyways it’s always nice to see developers say nice things about Wii U when we have been receiving so much negative information lately.

    13. thats some god news, fucking nintendo fan boys will take this way to seriously, they said the same thing with the wii, look how that turned out, lets hope not and nintendo doesnt fuck every one over

    14. You gonna see the future on 20th February

      System Memory: 8GB
      Video Memory: 2.2 GB
      CPU: 4x Dual-Core AMD64 “Bulldozer” (so, 8x cores)
      GPU: AMD R10xx
      Ports: 4x USB 3.0, 2x Ethernet
      Drive: Blu-Ray
      HDD: 160GB
      Audio Output: HDMI & Optical, 2.0, 5.1 & 7.1 channels

      And about your Nintendo i doubt they gonna make you game with graphics like Uncharted or Heavy Rain or Killzone or The Last Of Us

      1. Ass Hurt Loser… who the fuck cares?! Specs don’t matter… the future of video games matter. Nintendo will deliver the best coming to the Wii U this year. And about your Sony… I doubt they’re gonna make games with graphics like The Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Bayonetta 2, or MonolithSoft’s newest JRPG– X!
        (early demo)

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